Serena Williams: “Everyone Called Me Fat”

Serena Williams Everyone Called Me Fat

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Serena Williams has one of the best bodies in sports, but she has still been called fat.

“I went through a really tough stage that took place when I was No. 1 and I had surgery and fell to almost 200 in the ranking,” she told Tyra Banks in an interview to air on her talk show on Thursday (watch video above). “Everyone called me fat, saying I was really unfit. Every [news]paper, the headline was ‘fat, fat, fat.’”

“You have to enjoy what you look like,” she said. “Sometimes I read things [that say] I’m too fit or my arms are too muscular, but that’s how I am. This is me, I love me. I think every person out there – man, woman, regardless of age or gender – needs to love themselves.”

Source: US Weekly

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20 thoughts on “Serena Williams: “Everyone Called Me Fat””

  1. Being a professional female athlete often means you need to compromise on femininity. It's more about function than aesthetics. Besides, athletes are not models and they shouldn't be expected to look like them.

    She doesn't have my preferred body type, but who cares? Good for her.

  2. she is FAR from fat, she has in my opinion the best bod out of all the female sports athletes!she has no cellulite,unlike alot of a list celebs

  3. I like her. She seems like a sweet person. Don't sweat it Serena, they call EVERYONE fat.

    You're a nobody until the media has called you fat. (kidding, of course.)

  4. i think she has a nice body. although i do think she's overly muscular but hey she's an athlete, not a model. i think it's sad that women are pressured to be a certain way, whether it's skinny or have an hourglass shape. women can't help how they are and how they're shaped and like serena said men and women need to love themselves, and others will love you.

  5. Serena and her sister Venus have really come into their own, you can tell they're comfortable in their skin. Serena's skin looks flawless here, and she's been looking hot on the red carpet as of late.

    Her body is her machine…and it's beautiful.

  6. I would never venture to say she's fat. She's clearly no size 0, but her weight is all solid muscle. I'm not her doctor, but if she's healthy, I don't care what her size is.

    Besides, her career isn't based on her appearance. If she was a model or an actress, I might be a lot harsher, but she needs to have big muscles so she can move around and hit the ball. I doubt she would be as successful as a tennis player if she was as big as Olivia Wilde, although I consider Olivia a lot more attractive.

  7. she is an athlete. that is what athletes are supposed to look like. she looks amazing. people kept making fun of shawn johnson as well but same thing she is an athlete who is all muscle.

  8. She has a big bum, but that is so common among African-American women! It's beautiful. I'm glad she embraces it. I'd like to see some of those people who called her fat in a tennis match against her!

  9. People are just idiots (and jealous) if they're saying Serena's fat!

    First they should get their lazy asses up from the sofa and try to get on that shape.

  10. far from fat, but i kind of hate it when ppl say thins like "it doesn't matter if she doesn't have all that gorgeous a body b/c it's her tool and needs power", or that sort of things. It's like a healthy, muscular body is only tolerated if "it's" winning huge prizes, if it's necessary on some ways. Like that body Serena has wouldn't be a great thing to have for non-athletes (professionals). Of course one can have preferences when it comes to looks, but having a strong and defined body is just as good (and lots of times healthier) than skinny/curvy, untrained one.

    • I was one of the people that said that her body brings her power. I refrained from saying what you said for the following reasons:

      1) I don't see her body as attractive outside of sports

      2) For the majority of people to get as fit and as muscular as she is, they would need to take s—ids or create long term damage to their joints and muscles. I'm sure Serena has some damage to hers' already.

      I'm all for being fit, but Serena's level of fitness is overkill if you're just going to be walking around on the street and not getting anything out of it. For Serena, tennis playing is her job, so it makes sense for her to risk some of her joint/muscle health; that's how she gets payed. For an average person, not really.

  11. She's not fat.

    Maybe she does look kinda heavy but you can see she's got muscle; and an amazing butt!

    I think her tennis career speaks for itself that she's in good enough shape

  12. This woman is NOT FAT and her body definitely deserves to be on a category all of its own: Women that are really curvy (big boobs/butt) plus strong AND muscular. Muscles do not equal fat!

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