Serena Williams Gets Naked on the Cover of ESPN Magazine

Serena-Williams-Gets-Naked-on-the-Cover-of-ESPN-Magazine1 - Serena Williams Gets Naked on the Cover of ESPN Magazine

Serena Williams Gets Naked on the Cover of ESPN Magazine… and brings the quote(s) of the day:

‘My thighs… I think they’re too big,’ she has said. ‘And also my arms. I think they’re too muscular. They’re too thick.

‘Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and am, like, I want to lose my inner thigh. I’ve got to do an hour of cardio today, or whatever. I try not to do it, but the insecurity comes back sometimes.

‘I want women to know that it’s okay. You can be whatever size you are, and you can be beautiful both inside and out.’

So we’re looking at a voluptuous, athletic and not-so-photoshopped woman on the cover of a magazine… wow, all these at once – it doesn’t happen very often.

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22 thoughts on “Serena Williams Gets Naked on the Cover of ESPN Magazine”

  1. Versus, I was waiting for you to pose this cover! Unfortunately, Serena just cant win (with her critics, that is!), even if her body is curvy, strong and athletic. I would much rather look like her than Ana Kournikova, who sucks at her "sport" anyway!

  2. I love her body. She is so curvy and strong! I've always been jealous of women who can carry their weight or muscle as well as this .. being as short and small framed as I am, I can look bulky so easily. Serena is beautiful though and a great role model for healthy bodies and for women in sport.

  3. She looks like she can kick my a– and rock a dress at the same time. And I agree with Gina, usually you see light skinned African American women like Tyra on covers, but Serena's skin looks beautiful and flawless as well.

  4. She looks great! Her body isn't that voluptuous anyways. Yes it's thick, but it's hard! She's athletic and it's just the way she's built – it's the way she's meant to be.

    • Oh please, do you watch tennis? A lot of them have hot tempers. She's was just caught up in the moment and it's just words.

      Move on.

  5. shes absolutely flawless, gorgeous, strong, etc….i wish i looked the tiniest bit like her…i love her and even more so for her to pose nude on the cover despite the fact that impotent people might criticize her and for being able to kick anyone's a– while looking sexy!!!

  6. I love how she tells women to be proud of their bodies and feel beautiful right after she mentions before that how she wants to lose her inner thighs and not be so muscular.

    What's up with that?

    • yeah i noticed the same thing. and it isn't it sad that a pro-athlete even thinks about adding an extra hour of cardio to her daily workouts just to fit what our society values as attractive?? I can't even imagine how much exercise she gets on a daily basis with her tennis training alone.

    • Just because she knows how things are supposed to be (women appreciating their natural shape etc.) doesn't mean she doesn't suffer from insecurities, right?

  7. She's gorgeous. We all come in different shapes and she's healthy and so toned. She's athletic so should have an athletic body.

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