Sharon Stone Brings the Quote(s) of the Day

Sharon-Stone-Brings-the-Quotes-of-the-Day - Sharon Stone Brings the Quote(s) of the Day

Sharon Stone nearly ‘killed herself’ making ‘Casino’.

The actress didn’t eat for a week before filming a crucial scene because she was so desperate to impress director Martin Scorsese by looking ‘skinny and out of it’.

Recalling her preparation for the role – which saw her nominated for the 1995 Best Actress Academy Award – Sharon said: ‘I nearly actually physically killed myself making ‘Casino’

‘We did the death scene on the last day because Scorsese knew I wanted to get just so completely skinny and out of it.

‘In the final week I didn’t eat, I didn’t do anything, I just made myself a complete wreck so that I could get skinny, skinny, skinny, skinny and down to nothing. I lost so much weight.’

Since she entered her 50s, Sharon is far more relaxed about her body and thinks she is getting sexier with every year.

The 51-year-old blonde star explained to Prestige magazine: ‘You should just be confident and comfortable and at ease and OK to be sexy in middle age as a woman. It’s fun. And not a big deal.

‘We should be able to appreciate that sensuality and sexuality go along with this motto of wisdom and intelligence and dignity and elegance as a goal.’

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6 thoughts on “Sharon Stone Brings the Quote(s) of the Day”

  1. She looks good for her age. I never saw Casino, but did she starve herself to try to look attractive-skinny or deathly ill-skinny?

    • I haven't seen the movie but i watched a clip and she looked basic skinny, not overly scrawny (i thought maybe she'd've played an addict or such and hence had to look skinny) So seems just pure vanity, but maybe someone can correct me? She has always seemed quite self-centered to me, and vain, so maybe she's now learning to let go.

  2. I haven't seen the movie either, but she says she starved herself for the death scene so I'm guessing she wanted to look ill-skinny. She looks fine for her age though, and I like her outlook on aging (although I'm not sure if I actually believe that she embraces growing older!)

  3. On the date of this post, Sharon’s now 60. As a lifelong fan and unintroduced friend, I feel she’s
    an awesome person. She’s not only earned her place as an American Icon. But also they couldn’t
    have picked a more apt person to play the role of the Muse. I only wish she’d incorporate a teaspoon
    of Cod liver oil into her diet every day to preserve her essential life force until time can be rolled
    back to position her to 30. ” For the fault lies not in us, but in our (celestial) stars that we are their underlings ” Shakespeare

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