Daily Mail: ‘Gwyneth’s Bikini Body Screams of Neuroticism, Men Like Lumps, Bumps and Wobbly Bits’

guess-bikini1 - Daily Mail: 'Gwyneth's Bikini Body Screams of Neuroticism, Men Like Lumps, Bumps and Wobbly Bits'

Ouch-worthy title! The Daily Mail wrote a detailed piece on how men aren’t fans of Gwyneth Paltrow’s fit and thin bikini body and how they prefer softer, curvier bodies with ‘lumps and wobbly parts’. Considering that our Gwyneth’s bikini body post received an overwhelming and atypical number of highly positive comments, I thought that you guys might be interested to read a completely different perspective:

Let me tell you, ladies, we men are turned off by skeletal chic…

While Gwyneth, with her willowy figure, exercise addiction and macrobiotic fussiness, seems to drive most ordinary women insane with resentment, most men are oblivious to her wan perfection.

We happily flick through the paper until we hit upon a small shot of Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks’ ample bosom, or Kelly Brook buying wallpaper while wearing a large sheepskin coat.

While Gwyn is proud of her taut, yoga body, men aren’t enthused. Men don’t hang around in pubs talking about how many sit-ups their wife can do. While shots of the stick-thin Gwyn might appeal to women, men prefer lumps, bumps and wobbly bits.

Gwyneth, bless her, has no jiggle. She is gawky and rake-like; puritanically thin.

To a man, this screams of neuroticism, a fear of being out of control. This is the opposite of all the qualities that make a woman attractive; confidence in her body, a love and lust for life, and sensuality – rather than an obvious terror of being even the tiniest bit out of control.

Definitely a debatable piece, must share your thoughts!

You can read the entire article HERE!

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613 thoughts on “Daily Mail: ‘Gwyneth’s Bikini Body Screams of Neuroticism, Men Like Lumps, Bumps and Wobbly Bits’”

  1. Yeah, men want “normal” women- just like Kelly Brook. Man, chicks like that are everywhere!

    Seriously: Most of Gwyneth’s remarks annoy me and maybe she is too obsessed with being perfect, BUT she looks good! Not too skinny, fit and rather healthy.
    Isn’t Fashion Week in London right now? Why not raise question about healthy, “normal” women there?

    • agree. this article had no value what so ever. and its offensive.

      there are lots of women who love to work out and take care of themselves and are built like this with the genetics to STAY this way for a while.

      • ya this kind of offends me, because if it is true, that sucks for me. although i think they’re exaggerating a little, cuz everyone has their own preferences. but i’m built rather like gwyneth, not super thin, but slim and more muscular than a lot of women… so is my mom. i would love to have big b❆❆bs and a big butt to flaunt but i don’t and i hope men don’t have just one standard of beauty.

        • @bd53 – No we don’t have just one standard of beauty, and please don’t take what this guy is saying as proof that you will not find a man who finds you attractive and will want to be with you. If you are obsessive about your figure and don’t know how and when to balance life out, let your hair down and have fun, then you might have a more difficult time, because that type of attitude is simply a turn off. That’s part of what the article is trying to get across.

          • I like this comment. One thing men really hate is an insecure woman who obsesses over her body. It really is a turnoff.

          • I understand and appreciate what you’re saying, but this article assumes that women of Gwenyth’s size or smaller are neurotic and terrified. Which is offensive. I don’t know why I made myself sound unsure in the last comment… I know for a fact that many men don’t find this type of woman “rake-like” and neurotic. Like I said, everyone has their preferences.

      • I don’t think the article was meant to insult women. It was actually trying to give a confidence boost to women everywhere, and let them know that men are attracted to women who can relax with a nice, full meal and are not constantly obsessing over their body images.
        From experience, I truly know that the vast majority of men are NOT attracted by obsessive behaviors or insecurity. It is far more appealing to them to be around women who are comfortable with themselves – because only when you are happy with yourself can you truly be happy with another person.
        I don’t believe that the purpose of this article was to bash skinny women. It simply encourages women to be at ease with themselves and their bodies, and if they want to enjoy a chocolate bar, they should!

        “I’m a man. I want to go out with a girl who’ll let me eat a steak in front of her, without staring at me as if I just punched Nelson Mandela in the face. I want to go out with a girl who’ll eat her own bloody steak, with chunky chips on the side, without having to go on a ten-mile run and beat herself with organic birch twigs the next day.”

        I myself am actually probably thinner than Gwyneth, yet I still interpret this article in a positive way. I have struggled with an eating disorder twice – relapse – and frankly, reading an article like this makes me feel more comfortable with my body. The man’s point is that women deserve to indulge in all the same things men do, and not fret about their bodies and punish themselves for indulgence.

        THANK YOU, critical dude. 😛

        • Well I hate steak, and I love running, does that mean I’m neurotic? I actually love salads and healthy food (although I have the occasional indulgence!) – that’s just the way I was raised, I come from a super healthy family. Does that make me less attractive to guys? I don’t think so. I hate how guys automatically think a girl who eats healthy is neurotic and weight-obsessed. Maybe we just prefer it! The last time I forced myself to eat a burger I felt positively sick!

          • Yes actually it does. You are hijacking threads with talking about yourself. It comes off as obsessive and it’s not attractive in the least. It’s so off-putting that I’m coming to this site less and less. Do you have anything better to do than talk about yourself all the time?

          • hi mel, ignore kimberley, is she doesnt like your comments then she doesnt have to read them!

            kimberley, you want to start fights, go to a bar or just go away.

            thank heavens people never react to this nonsense.

          • I agree with nina. I think you’ve been vocal about your opinion, but so have many others on here. It seems that the above user disagrees with you and therefore is singling you out, when right below any one of your comments is a person doing the same thing, but they just happen to hold a different opinion. I’m kind of shocked because that user is usually one of the more open-minded and respecting people on here, but whatever.

          • Thank you so much Nina and Casey! I will try to discuss myself less because I don’t often realize I bring myself into it as an example. But I really didn’t mean to come off as self-absorbed, and if I do, I wish you knew me in real life so you could judge me better because that’s not how I am at all. And Kimberley, if you don’t like my comments, sorry, but I won’t stop posting just because of you.

          • Honestly mel, reading your comments, I didn’t get the feeling that you were being self-absorbed.

            I think people are trying to police this thread and saying things like THAT’s OFF TOPIC, or YOU TALK TOO MUCH ABOUT YOURSELF, more as a way to criticize differing opinions than out of any legitimate reason for saying those things.

            This thread has almost 500 posts. All sorts of points are being made, and a lot of people bring up personal experiences to kind of explain their point or where they’re coming from. And sometimes little side notes and side conversations. I don’t see this as a bad thing. Any good discussion will have such things. Both sides of the argument have done it and talked about themselves, and what their boyfriends like and don’t like, and their bodies.

            I don’t see why, if you feel the need to say something that is kind of on topic but not completely, you need to censor yourself, and I don’t understand why we need to censor our comments where we talk about our experiences. That is how people learn and relate.

          • Sometimes people don’t understand the way you do, which is unfortunate. And I did look back on all my comments and I do realize how they could be interpreted that way, even if that was not at all my intention. It’s hard for me to remember sometimes that people don’t know me besides my comments on here and that’s only what they judge on. In particular, this article really got to me because I felt personally offended, and thus felt I had to individually justify myself. I do try to stay relevant to the topic though, and thanks for the reassurance Casey 🙂

          • I kind of agree with Kimberly. I am probably hypocritical, but it seems Mel whenever there is a comment about what men like and it doesn’t fit what I know from many a comment your figure is like, you get very defensive. I understand why you do it, and I probably do it to in defense of my own body type. But I can see where Kimberly is coming from.

          • Well, aj, I think I am actually pretty tolerant. Kimberly is addressing me being obsessive and self-absorbed. There’s a difference between being conceited and defensive. I admit I am a bit of the latter, but I don’t think I’m self-obsessed.

            Also, have you ever seen me bash a curvy woman? I have yet to have someone point that out to me. I appreciate a wide variety of figures, most recently I commented that I liked Kelly Brook’s body and expressed appreciation for Rihanna. And if I don’t like someone’s body, I never say they are ugly, I just say they are not my cup of tea or they are not attractive to me. So you really can’t say I have no tolerance when others appreciate a figure that is not similar to my own.

            What I DO have problems with is people stating this offensively. If a man pr woman says he or she likes curves, I mostly leave it at that, and if I do add on, I don’t attack him or her. But if he or she says it in an offensive way that is derogatory towards thin women, yes, I have a right to be defensive, and you can bet that I will be. But you don’t see me jumping all over people just because they like a certain body type. It’s when they’re trying to prove that a certain body type is more desirable, in general, that it gets on my nerves.

          • No I’m not saying you aren’t tolerant. You come across as defensive about slim people, and again I’ll say I understand why you do it, because you’re slim. I was just saying I understood where Kimberly was coming from.

          • OK, I understand what you’re saying now. As long as you’re not trying to pin me as obsessive, just defensive, I don’t really take offense with that. I can comprehend that, and even admit it’s true to a good extent. At least you had the tolerance to not phrase your comment like Kimberley did.

          • I totally agree with you!!! I mean I love veggies and stuff lake that and I hate people who say you don’t enjoy ur life if u eat like that, but u know what, they’re only jelous because u have a better body. At school in the morning (in Italy we’re at school from 8 to 2) I have some fruit, and everyone talked abt me and said I was obsessed… And now everyone in my class eats fruit!

          • I totally agree with you… Why can’t I just enjoy the food I like (salads and healthy food). Do I have to eat something I don’t like to not appear as a neurotic person? There are people who enjoy healthy food and exercise just as there are people who enjoy junk food and watching tv.

      • I don’t think this article has no value, but I do think that it’s misguided in the idea that women base what they want their bodies to look like solely off what men think of them. It seems the writer is saying that Gwyneth Paltrow shouldn’t be so skinny and fit because men don’t want her to be, and Kelly Brook and Christina Hendricks should stay the same because that’s what men want a woman to look like.

        When are men going to wake up and realize that not everything we do is based on what they think of us? 🙂

  2. Christina Hendricks and Kelly Brook are hardly body types that all women can aspire to either. Unless you’re a natural hour glass, most women won’t look like that. And they might be curvy, but they’re still slim – no wobbly bits there. I hate articles like this… I think women look best at their natural weight and shape… it shouldn’t be about looking like someone else. Gwyneth looks great and so does Kelly Brook, but you don’t have to look like either of them to be attractive.

    • @Callie – Don’t think the article said that women should all look like Kelly Brook and Christina H. His point is don’t obsess about it, carry yourself with confidence and sensuality, and you won’t have much to worry about. Obsessive and neurotic behavior is a turn off for many guys.

        • i have to agree with callie. he definitely insinuates that men like women with meat on them. well for some woman it’s impossible. i have a figure like gwyneth’s and for me to get wobbly bits it would look bad. i don’t get it in my b❆❆bs or butt, i get it in my gut.

          • exactly. if you’re built like kim k, you might look good gaining weight… just more voluptuous. but if you’re built like gwenyth and gained weight, your probably wouldn’t look like the marilyn monroe type, but your natural muscles would just get flabby and your weight would be less likely to go straight to your b❆❆bs or making your butt look better.

          • Yeah but you forget that some women WOULD gain in the right places and just CHOOSE not to. My weight probably would go to my hips and b❆❆bs (as I have the basic hourglass shape), but that doesn’t mean I’d want to gain weight any more than if I was a ruler!

  3. The article is just downright mean. I think GP looks amazing and healthy. They also wrote really nasty things about Olivia Palermo recently. They are really harsh. GP doesn’t look any thinner than VS models. I’m sure if the Daily Mail snapped Alexa Chung in a bathing suit they would have a field day.

    • I know, it’s incredibly mean, I’m amazed they would publish something like this, it’s totally uncalled for. First of all, I find the article totally insulting towards Gwyneth, she isn’t even that skinny, she’s just normal slim, there are tons of women her size. Yes, she does have small boobs, but so do most women. Are they trying to get everyone to buy huge implants or what? And her body does not scream “fear of being out of control” or anything! She is rich and has tons of free time, she can totally afford to calmly take care of herself… And it’s not only insulting her, it’s insulting any woman her size. I mean there are so many things wrong with this article…. And by the way, this very “unattractive woman” is married, and she’s had Mark Whalberg, Ben Affleck and BRAD PITT, among others, so I have my doubts that men are disgusted by her.

    • i think it’s mean as well. i don’t happen to be blessed with b❆❆bs or hips and this made me feel like i am unattractive at all to any man because of it. naturally, my body is not the “soft curvy” type. im more athletic and muscular by nature. believe me i have tried to gain weight in all the right places to be that perfect hourglass looking shape, but it just won’t happen. having felt pretty bad about my natural athletic build and lack of b❆❆bs lately, this article made me feel really bad actually. just like we shouldn’t shun larger women and say they need to lose weight and start working out more, we shouldn’t tell thinner girls that they are ugly because they dont have hips and boobs. i know a lot of girls who don’t have the curvy look that many men obsess over, and we do feel pretty bad about it, so there’s no need to shove it in our faces…

      • I’m sorry this article made you feel bad about your body BUT! I don’t think you should feel bad at all! You’re lucky to have body type that is usually idealized by popular culture =).

        But I think he was pointing to the fact that Gwyneth goes to extremes to keep her trim figure and tries to go against nature’s aging process by doing extreme diets and hours of exercise. So I guess you’d be going against your own nature if you tried to gain weight by eating loads of junk or binging! I wish this article had been written better or not written at all!

        • I totally agree with you. The intent of the article seems to be pretty good, but the writing makes it seem a bit to generalized. If the writer had mentioned more than just women with an hourglass figure it would have come off better. I think what he was trying to point out is that Gwyneth Paltrow’s main focus in life seems to be diet and exercise to the point of obsession. From the way many of my guy friends speak about ladies I have gathered that they are ok with wobbly bits. Not heavy, unhealthy bodies, but they don’t seem to notice or care about the little bits of fat that many women think the whole world is looking at on their bodies. I think the idea of extreme anything that takes insane effort to maintain is silly to most men. And this picture of Gwyneth may not show how extreme she is, but her GOOP website and many interviews or articles about her show just how much attention she pays to her body. It borders on narcism. She’s very extreme and that doesn’t seem fun to deal with at all.

          • Yeah, I got that from the article as well…I doubt a guy or a girl would care if their significant other had a bit of pinchable fat unless they themselves were very strict about their lifestyle as well and same goes for the fact that if they didn’t have any fat at all and were just slim by the blessings of nature as long as they weren’t obsessed with either gluttony or with superhuman health lol. I think the main point I got from the article besides the superficial crap was that don’t become a crazy nit picky mess over your body or somebody else’s!…from GOOP Gwyn seems super restrictive and down right unforgiving of having a few indulgences every now and again.

            I wonder how she raises her children??

    • “I’m sure if the Daily Mail snapped Alexa Chung in a bathing suit they would have a field day.”

      That made me lol. I’m sure they would. Probably would go completely crazy too with every chance they could to bash her. Well, she’s a celebrated fashion icon and you’re a ….??

      And I can see this from both sides, because I’m thin AND somewhat curvy (as in, if I gained weight, I would probably be an hourglass). But I DON’T CARE if that’s what men prefer (and it really isn’t!) because I would prefer to be slim and athletic. I mean, I could probably attain a soft hourglass figure, but I would have to eat really unhealthy and stop working out. Do I want to damage my body that way? NO!!

      • I thought being an hourglass was something that was maintained even at a lower weight? For me, I can be very thin and still be a visible hourglass, because I have big boobs/hips/butt/small waist, and that doesn’t really go away. And if I gain weight, I still look like an hourglass. Actually, I think it’s more apparent when I’m thinner, lol. Anyways, I was just wondering, I’ve never heard that before! 🙂

        • Yes, I see what you’re saying, and you’re right! I should have phrased it better. Atm I look more like a vase even though my basic shape is probably an hourglass, but I don’t really look like one because I don’t have large b❆❆bs or a huge butt! You’re lucky you still have that a low weight, most hourglasses can’t maintain their boobs/butt after a certain point.

      • i totally agree wtih you! you know once a man told me something like “your b❆❆bs could be bigger” and i told him theyre fine the way they are, then he said “well thats what a man wants” I really hate it how guys think that women are living just to please men’s ideas of sexy, i want to look the way i want, not every woman wants to have huge b❆❆bs and butt, thats a stereotype

      • Mel, I’d just like to point out that you would’t necessarily have to eat unhealthily and stop working out to become a full hourglass. Just as it is ridiculous to assume you need to starve in order to lose weight it is also ridiculous to think that KFC is the only answer to weight gain.

        Healthy and substantial weight gain takes healthy diet an exercise as well. You need to gradually increase your calories, eat nutritious food and protein and work out with weights. I’m not saying that you need to gain weight (I don’t even know what you bloody well look like) but I’m just rectifying the insinuation that weight gain is an unhealthy process.

        • Yes, I agree with you Nkeon, as I usually do. But I think for me it would be a bit unhealthy because I am already eating the recommended amount and distributions for my body type. But I do agree, for certain people, it really isn’t unhealthy! It’s all down to body type.

  4. @Versus – Pleasantly surprised to see such a thread, and I can’t wait to see the responses.

    This article reiterates what I have been saying for a while now. Of course it’s not ALL MEN that feel this way, it’s the MAJORITY. So get that right ladies before you start going off on the writer for painting with too broad a brush.

    • The majority feel what way exactly?
      That they like boobs? Of course.
      That they like Kelly Brook? Probably.
      That skinny and/or fit women are unattractive? NO. That is not a majority, at least not where I live.

    • But the thing is… WHO CARES WHAT MEN WANT?
      Don’t you think women should try to please themselves?
      Should women change their bodies, healthy, self- esteem to please men?
      What is this ? Why should men opinion be put in such high position?
      Why some “journalist” felt he was entitled to criticize this woman’s body as an example of what is wrong with women?
      Why would Gwyneth care if some ignorant dudes in a Pub doesn’t find her attractive?
      Some women are lesbian, some women are assexual, some women DO fin men who loves skinny girls, some women Do find men who loves fat girls, some women die virgins, WHO CARES. Is a women only worth how sexual attractive she is to MEN?
      Why this article tries to denies Gwyneth’s right to feel sexy in this skinny/toned body? You/the “journalist” may not find her body sexy but that doesn’t mean she is silly for think about herself as a sexy woman. (The same goes for fat, physic disabled, old women, etc..).

      • I do agree that all women should do what they feel is right for them. I think that maybe the writer was just trying to say that women shouldn’t obsess about looking like Gwyneth Paltrow. And that while being healthy and fit is great, being obsessive or feeling bad about your body shape just because that is what is in magazines and ads is not. I don’t think the writer was knocking skinny women or telling people to stop eating healthy and working out. It seems like he was just saying don’t get so hung up on looking like the women you see in media that are spending half their day on their appearance. While his examples were a bit limited I do applaud the writer for sending the basic message that this obsession with appearance to the point of extremes is just not necessary and frankly not any fun to deal with. Exercise and healthy eating is important, but it’s not the only thing.

      • Male speaking. Hi, ladies. Let me first say that my sister and I are both ASTONISHINGLY skinny. I’m 21, 5’9, and the heaviest I’ve ever been is 111 pounds. Yes.

        Now Priscila, I’m sure you mean well (‘SING IT, GIRLFRIEND!’), but I got probs with your comment. You say, “Who cares what men want…why should men opinion be put in such high position?” Well, it’s not that MEN’S opinions are so important, but rather that, believe it or not, the opposite sex’s approval is universally sought (psst, if you didn’t realize, this is why our species hasn’t yet died out). These days, however, it seems like common knowledge that men care for their appearance to impress women, and women care for their appearance to impress…women. Culture dictates this ‘rule’, and your statement supports it quite readily.

        And I think you may be fooling yourself with all this WHAT ABOUT WHAT I WANT stuff. See, you’re implying that, if GP or a like-sized woman were to change for these men, she would be lowering her self-esteem (and health). I could be wrong, but I would bet that her self-esteem and her “right to feel sexy” are based on none other than peer pressure from men, women, and the culture/industry in which we live/make a living.

        What I’m saying is, WHAT YOU WANT (i.e., what women want), overwhelmingly, is approval from other women. You may think being thin is your choice if you want, but you only choose it because of the influence of others. If our culture didn’t push the thin model, and instead went the opposite way, women as a whole would follow the trend, and thus Gwyneth Paltrow, in her current form, would be left feeling none too sexy by anyone’s standards.

        Good night.

        • HI, your first argument were discussed by another person (Casey) in this post and I couldn’t say it better:
          “A lot of men think that women think like men, that women are obsessed or strive to get all the men. This is a male-dominated view…it’s men that try to get all the women, but women…we just want one, high-quality man. That’s all we need to make us happy. I could care less if 99% of men found me unattractive as long as I knew that one man did, and he was a good man, a man that *I* find attractive.
          Men can try to turn this around as much as they’d like, especially insecure men, but girls, remember, in our species, it’s you who is the selector. Meaning, it’s men who strive to get OUR attention, NOT the other way around.”
          I rather find a man that think I am attractive for who I am, than becoming what people say “most men” find attractive. Also, as I pointed in my original comment not all women wants a men, and men are not the center of the female universe, we have lots of concerns in our lives. I believe women try impress other women as much as men try to impress other men. I see men who buy cars, computers, iphones, xbox, playstation,shoes, etc and adore to show them around to other men. But at the same time, I’m sure that those men and women are capable of having their own ideas, are capable to accept friends with different ideas, etc…
          Beauty Standards, there are so many right now, and it’s hard to keep up with them, but one beauty standard that is basically a myth it’s the “model thin” one, trough the years “model thin” has only been desirable by the fashion world and very few people. What many people praise is what models were in the early 90’s and that’s what this journalist praises, hourglass figures, toned tummy, big breasts, large hips, and medium-sized ass, Kelly, for example (and it’s pretty obvious she has to work hard to be that way).I don’t think that today there is solid rules of what is “right” but there is too many “wrongs” : Too thin, too muscular, too fat, too healthy, too flat chested, breast too big. Everything is wrong. There is no way to impress everyone, because we are exposed to so many images/magazines/people/ ethnics everyone has their own beauty standard.
          But, what bothers me the most about this article is the objectification of the female body by men. I have never seen an article or heard anyone saying ” women prefer men with X body type”. People always talk about what women want from a man’s personality, financially, etc… We never see people objectifying a man’s body, discussing how everything he is (his body, his life style, with big pictures of him half naked),is so wrong and unattractive, because for starter we don’t put pression on man to always be what is currently believed as sexual attractive. This article talks like if Gwen does everything (eating healthy and exercise) to be sexually attractive to ALL men, then he invalidates all her efforts because he doesn’t find her the “ideal”. Excuse me, but maybe Gwen wants to be healthy, maybe she eats organic foods because she likes to help the environment, maybe she enjoys yoga, maybe she is not a obsessed b*tch and can talk about various things besides being “skinny and hot”. This “Journalist” concludes that her purpose on everything she does is being sexually attractive, sure she may like to be sexy, wear nice clothes, please her husband, but do you think that EVERYTHING she does is about impressing other women (or men in the journalist sexist mind)?

          Sorry about this long comment, lol
          Good Morning, Marc.
          Ps. I’m also incredibly, naturally, skinny, it wasn’t an option to be born this way, but I opted to accept myself even if other men or women dislikes my body.

          • Agree 100% Priscila. Maybe attracting men isn’t her #1 lifetime goal? And it’s not like she’s incapable of attracting them either …

      • @Priscilla – Women are in constant competition with each other over body image (as we see on this site), clothes, sense of style etc. One of the things that they also compete over is the attention of men. Is that not true? So at some stage in their lives, maybe not all the time, they do care, and care very deeply.

        Correct me if I am wrong, cause hey, I’m just a guy right.

        • Well, how I see it is, body is not everything. I don’t want to be the person who goes “the majority of men like blah” or whatever, but I think most men prefer face over body. So when it comes to competition, as long as you have a decent bod, a killer face pretty much wins it for you.

          Right now, I’m lucky enough to be in an environment that appreciates and celebrates my type of body, so I wouldn’t say I care too deeply.

        • You are wrong.
          I’m arguing with you about body image. Are we competing to get men attention? Are you discussing with the only purpose to prove that you can attract more men than me?
          I already argued with men about fashion, sense of style, etc.. were we competing to get more male attention?
          If you can discuss body image just because it’s an interesting subject why do you think women are so simply minded and sexually motivated that they can only be arguing because they want men?
          Also, you forget many women are lesbian, celibate for religious reasons, assexual or maybe, although they want to have a relationship with a man this is not the center of their lives. Maybe finding someone is what happens while they are livings their lives and not the reason why they live.

    • Curves rule- Most of your comments that I’ve read (on this post and some others) seem to generalise men’s opinions and put all/most men in the same ‘box’. For example you seem to use the word ‘we’ a lot in referral to men- “We do generally prefer curves…” and you stated that “The majority” of men prefer ‘curves’ to a slimmer figure. How do you know what ‘the majority’ of men prefer- unless you make a point of conducting large scale surveys on men’s opinions on women’s figures? Asking a few of your mates whether they prefer skinny or curvy women does and them giving the latter answer does account for ‘the majority’ of men’s opinions.

      I’m 5’10, around 140 ish- which seems quite heavy but I still get people making comments about how ‘skinny’ I am. According to many people, men don’t like women who are taller than them- and this article suggests they don’t like women who are ‘skinny’ either- so if you’re on either side of the scale (or on both like myself), where exactly does that leave you? Gwyneth looks like she works for her body and she looks great in my opinion but there are also a lot of women who are naturally thin- people need to understand that in the same way that it’s basically impossible for me to lose inches off my height to be the ‘majority’ of mens’ ideal, it can also be near impossible for a naturally thin woman to gain weight, especially in the ‘right’ areas i.e. b❆❆bs & bum to look like Kelly Brook or Christina Hendricks, just like it may be near impossible for these two women to get Gwyneth’s figure.

      On first read, I found this article quite offensive (and still do) but one thing that’s pleased me is the shared opinion from women- “who cares what men think?” I totally agree with this question- why should any girl give a toss what this ‘journalist’ or any other chauvinist, over-generalising male thinks of their body? We should decide to work out, lose weight or stay the way we are for US as individual women- and not for anyone else.

      • @Zoe – I can use the expression “the majority of men like curves” because it is backed up by scientific surveys. Here is one of many links that you can find on the internet.


        Many on here interpret this to mean that if you don’t have a curvaceous body with a whr of approximately 0.7, that you are somehow doomed to never be attractive. If they would only stop and think about the fact that there are millions of men in the US (for example) and even if the minority of men is represented by say 30 or 35%, that is still a large population of guys who would find slim bodies attractive.

        But of course the emotions get in the way of logic and research. And some don’t like to concede anything, even if it makes sense.

        If you have read most of my comments as you say you have, you would know that I simply state my preference, back it up with the research if I have to, and leave it at that. No personal attacks, no name calling or labelling. That is what blogs are about, stating your opinion. I have never tried to tell anyone here that they should look like someone else. Naturally thin women don’t have much of a choice, and they should not take my statement of preference as some kind of attack against them. I often wonder about those that take offense to such statements. Life will be very challenging for them if that is their attitude.

        So even if you don’t have the curves, living a balanced healthy life while having fun will make you more attractive than many hot women with foul attitudes.

        • You seem to contradict yourself a lot, no offense. First off you say that around 30 or 35% would find slim bodies attractive. OK, but all your points have been about guys NOT liking slim bodies.

          You seem to be addressing me when you say that some women think this is a kind of attack against them, and let me clarify: I only think this way because of the way you phrase it. I do think it is true that most men like the .7 WHR. But that is a shape, not a size. And you don’t have to keep shoving in our faces that that is the only desirable thing.

          You make it seem that naturally thin women have a handicap, that they have some sort of deficiency. Um, I know a lot of naturally thin, curveless women, and they are perfectly fine in getting men. A lot of them have nasty attitudes, sorry, but they still get all the guys.

          So only by having a super nice attitude can a thin girl ever hope to achieve the attractiveness level of even a curvy girl with a bad attitude? That seems like that’s what your implying. And that’s not true, from what I’ve seen.

          Again, I’m not attacking you or even refuting your basic points, but I just don’t like the way you phrase things. I really would not take issue with you saying you like curvy girls, thicker girls, whatever. But your manner of saying it, as if thin girls need some sort of consolation or compensation, is kind of offensive.

          • Mel, my point was basically that there are a lot of men out there who will find slim women attractive based on a first impression. They are in the minority according to the studies, but lots of them exist. No contradiction there.

            In terms of the rest of your comment, and I know you will not like this, but it basically boils down to the truth will offend sometimes. And this is one of those cases. Sorry.

            Based on those studies Padma Lakshmi, and Maria Menounos will get more admiring looks than GP and Olivia Palermo, if they were all on the same beach together. Again, this is just if men are seeing them for the first time, nothing to do with getting a man. I know that is now what slim girls like yourself want to hear, but it’s the truth according to the studies. Going back to my earlier point, it’s not that slim women are going to notice a huge difference in the attention that they get, because again, there will be guys that like them too. Hope that is a little clearer.

            And by the way, nothing personal as we debate. You don’t like my research oriented approach and use of “majority”, while I think you should mix up your viewpoints a bit and not simply use your friends stance on the issues all the time. Different approaches I guess.

          • CurvesRule,

            This is what I mean when you contradict yourself.

            You’re having a really, really hard time differentiating between SIZE and SHAPE. The research study you keep mentioning, talks about SHAPE, not SIZE.

            Olivia and GP wouldn’t get as many looks in a bar as Maria Menuelos, not because they are SLIM, but because they don’t have the right WHR. Likewise, if Maria Menuelos lost a whole dress size, becoming the same size as Oliva and GP (because really, they only differ by one dress size), she would still get a majority amount of looks in her direction, because she would still be the curvy hourglass that is favored, according to the study findings.

            You cannot keep using the research findings about SHAPE to support your PERSONAL VIEWS on SIZE. YOU may not like women who are a slimmer size, but that is NOT what the research has shown, and NOT the majority opinion. The study you keep referring to, said 2-6 dress size, is what most men prefer at an average height. GP falls into that SIZE range. She’s just not the right SHAPE.

            When you keep using research that talks about SHAPE, to support your opinion about SIZE, you are misusing scientific research.

            Also, according to Mel’s comments, she says she is a vase, which means, if she had just a teeny smaller waist, she would be exactly what is preferred by the study so I don’t see why she would take that much offense to it.

            I don’t think the study is offensive to slim people, because the study actually favors women on the slimmer side (2-6 dress size). I think it would offend those who are not hourglasses/vases/curvy pears.

          • Casey you nailed it. If you look closely, CurvesRule, we do agree that WHR is attractive. But you seem to be associating slim with curveless, which isn’t necessarily true.

          • Ok. So I needed to clarify my use of the word “slim”. I am in deed referring to women who don’t have the hourglass figure. As I said in a previous thread, size 2 to size 16 women have caught my eye because they have the curves in the right place. So I stand corrected on that.

    • That’s so true, its a fact of life, men prefer women who have meat on them. I don’t know one man who finds super skinny women sexy, maybe they think they are cute, but not sexy. Curves are sexy, bones are not.

    • curvesrules, no matter what you say the article was offensive. if this was the other way around you would not like it and defend the curvy girls because that’s what you prefer. but when it’s thin women, you tend to generalized and think that’s what a man wants. i’m like a lot of women here, who cares? i’ve been thin all my life and still had men trying to talk to me so all that b.s on what men want is crazy. it’s like when a thin woman express her opinions about something she’s been through we’re constantly shut down or told to get over it. no i’m not because articles like this is the reason why young girls have issues with their bodies. just like the majority of men love curves the same should be for thin women. and the women on this site like GP’s figure and didn’t see anything wrong with it. i think what a man wants is confidence because you can curves all you want but you’re not confident in your own skin then you won’t stand out. and i could care less what science says because at the end of the day, men will like whoever they like.

  5. A bit to read, but here it is!
    I do think that her figure is quite thin, too thin in my opinion. The reason alot of women will compliment figures like hers and even underweight figures like Miranda Kerrs, is because women strive for this- alot of men do like that feminine look, like Christina Hendricks! We as women are our own worst critic…men see a little pooch on our stomach, and most don’t care! we see it and think it is the end of the world. We have wide hips…we freak, men see it and think dang, bet she can move those! haha.
    I found this website, and while I don’t quite agree with “Rating” women… AskMen is intersting, because it “rates” the figure, face and etc of these “hot” celebs…and most shocking, it is the face that has the high appeal of these shockingly thin leading ladies…NOT the body! I always wondered the appeal of ANgelina Jolie…granted her face is lovely, but her figure is shockingly thin these days! Suprisingly to me, it was her face that had the “leading” appeal…NOT her thin figure. Then when you check out Christina Hendricks…it is HER figure with a high percentage next to it!
    But overall…we seriously need to be more open about what beauty is! while beauty comes in all shapes and sizes… it does not have to be a size 0, which many think it does.

  6. Well it’s scientificly proven that men prefer bigger b❆❆bs (because they recognize quicker it is a women, since men don’t have them 😉 )
    But I can’t speak for all men, so I don’t know. I love her body, men may prefer her body to be a little softer, which I can understand..

  7. it seems to be now a days women who are in great physical shape are being attacked, also here basically the daily mail are just saying men dont like women who are in control/ are power driven…. dont listen to a word of it gywn- girl power!

    • I don’t think its an attack, it’s a statement of preference. I think the women who have thin bodies feel attacked when numerous people don’t prefer their body type.

      • “Neuroticism”? Sorry, it sounds like an attack to me. That’s like calling a fuller figure woman gluttonous or something. I think you need to get over “I think the women who have thin bodies feel attacked when numerous people don’t prefer their body type.” Heavier woman probably feel the same.

        • I think half of the article was very sexist. Almost like “wow this woman is controlling, men do not want, we like soft/easy/nice women, do not became a b*tch”.

          • Priscilla, I agree. I don’t know if sexist is the right word for it, but that’s what I was trying to say below when I said this man is insecure. Because he lacks confidence in himself, he wants his women to be down, less independent, more submissive. He is threatened by women who take action and put in effort to do things they want to do. He may actually find soft figures more attractive, but now he feels the need to make sure all women stop working out. Why? There aren’t enough soft women in the world that we need more of them? Is being fit really a widespread problem in most countries today?

            Anyway, as soon as I got that impression the rest of his post became irrelevant to me. I could never be with a man that is threatened by my independence and my will to do things that go against what he prefers. I want a man confident in himself, not threatened by me, and thankfully I have found one.

            A lot of men think that women think like men, that women are obsessed or strive to get all the men. This is a male-dominated view…it’s men that try to get all the women, but women…we just want one, high-quality man. That’s all we need to make us happy. I could care less if 99% of men found me unattractive as long as I knew that one man did, and he was a good man, a man that *I* find attractive.

            Men can try to turn this around as much as they’d like, especially insecure men, but girls, remember, in our species, it’s you who is the selector. Meaning, it’s men who strive to get OUR attention, NOT the other way around.

          • CurvesRule,

            I’m reading into the writer’s severe case of a-holeness. He put himself out there, so I am commenting on his opinion, which I have expressed: he’s an insecure man who tears down women that threaten him so make himself feel better. There are men like that who attack women of all body types, and all of them irritate me because I have seen what it does to women.

            I don’t know what it is that men value about themselves…intelligence, p—- size, whatever, but if someone constantly told you you were inadequate in whatever you value, until you felt like sh**, then you would see why people like this writer piss me off.

          • Casey and Priscilla – you are both spot on. The man who wrote this article is obviously threatened by women who don’t fit into his ideal of “soft, supple and there to serve the needs to men”. Women should look good to make themselves happy, not to please some ridiculous commenter on the Daily Mail. Urgh. The whole article he wrote makes me incensed.

      • Yes, but see, that’s the thing, I don’t think the majority of men are turned off by a figure like Gwyneth’s. We are not talking about a high fashion model here, where it is obvious that the majority would favor someone larger.

        Comparing Gwyneth to Kelly Brooke is also not fair. Kelly wins, not because she’s larger, but because she is blessed with a small waist, big hips and big boobs.

        I see a lot of times you use studies to back up your own taste, but, it seems to be that what your taste actually IS, is a little outside of what the studies found attractive. What the “majority” of men found attractive is a woman size 2-6, C cup boobs, and a 0.7 WHR (not more, not less). You seem to take said studies and argue against women who fit into this category, which would be misuse of that research.

        Gwyneth doesn’t fall into this category because she is a little too toned, does not have C cup boobs, and doesn’t have the right WHR. But in terms of size, yes, she does qualify.

        • “A lot of men think that women think like men, that women are obsessed or strive to get all the men. This is a male-dominated view…it’s men that try to get all the women, but women…we just want one, high-quality man. That’s all we need to make us happy. I could care less if 99% of men found me unattractive as long as I knew that one man did, and he was a good man, a man that *I* find attractive.
          Men can try to turn this around as much as they’d like, especially insecure men, but girls, remember, in our species, it’s you who is the selector. Meaning, it’s men who strive to get OUR attention, NOT the other way around.”

          AGREE so much! I bet Gwyneth couldn’t care less about this dude. She already has a nice,intelligent and talented husband.

          • Yeah men just like to play with our minds and of course some fall for it, but Priscila is right its us women that choose not the men, remember that.

      • ????? it’s a statement of preference ?????


        sorry – this is not an attack? – what else?

    • No I agree. There’s still this mentality that being healthy means you’re one of “those,” a crazy gym rat who eats only salad and drinks protein drinks. I think the modern world – not just the US – has a really skewed perception of wellness and fitness. I don’t like Gweneth, but her body is just fine!

  8. Well, it depends on the guy. For example, the men I know don’t really care if a woman has extra fat or a little stomach pooch. They can’t stand when women are constantly belittling themselves and are obsessed with being thin. That being said, I know a guy who prefers very thin, model-tall girls because he’s a very gangly, 6’5″ thin dude. Also, I remember seeing an article in Cosmo about the difference between “guy hot and girl hot”. All the women that other women voted as hot were much, much thinner than the ones the men chose. Do I think we are our own worst enemy? Definitely. The thin standard is mostly kept up by other women.
    My take on this article is that guys prefer when being thin isn’t a woman’s number one priority.

      • Thank you. It’s not that thin is a bad thing, at all. It is whenever you have to force yourself to be thin to fit someone else’s ideal. Screw what the guy wants. It’s your body and your life, and therefore your decision.

          • The writer’s body type preference aside I think the underlying message is a good one. Whatever size, body shape or weight a woman is they should be happy in their own skin. We should be able to enjoy all aspects of life and not hold back because we fear something. Especially, if the thing we fear is not meeting the crazy standards media has placed on women today. Everyday skinny women are told they aren’t curvy enough and curvy women are told they would look awesome if they lost a few pounds. The writer’s comments on control didn’t seem to pertain to the average person concious of their diets, but rather the women who have become completely constricted in order to maintain a crazy ideal put on us by society. Just as many women are saying we shouldn’t try to change just to fit men’s sexy standards we shouldn’t change just to look like the people in a magazine. I hope that regardless of what the writer stated as the archetype for sexy that underlying message won’t be lost.

          • “ajt” thats not the message of this article at all! its basically bashing all women who are athletic and if theyre not “curvy” or whatever the author said, then men dont like that, let me tell you theres plenty of men who would prefer an athletic body and that would catch their eye, the author is trying to make his/her opinion a fact

          • Mel – I think the article speaks to women who are already softer and curvier. He is clearly saying that based on male preferences women in this category should attempt to do the relatively excessive things that GP is doing in order to obtain her figure.

  9. I wanted to write a angry comment first (pointing out that not all men like the same features in women and that the writer of this article must be a very inpolite man) but then I read the whole article and once you ignore the polemic, it’s great.
    What I get from the article is that women should be more relaxed, because men love us regardless of our looks!
    BTW, I think her body looks great 😉

  10. If a woman is OK and feels good with her figure, WHY THE HELL a man has to go and tell her that he likes her this or that way?? one word: machism. What they really are saying is that women should conduct their lives and selves by men’s taste. And that is objectifying women. What other reason would they say that about Gwyn if she, in many interviews, showed she’s happy with herself? And if they love those lumps bumps and wobbly bits so much why do they drool about skinny models or look aside when their woman is full of courves? This only demonstrates that they really don’t know what beauty is

    • i kind of have to agree… in newspapers theres always talking about womens bodies for the men, page three for the men…. i either want this to stop, or some kind of media where girls can criticize men’s bodies for a change, see how they like it when they start worrying they don’t look like some guy or need to change!!!!

    • agree.
      And the part where once again ~fashion world and their gays are the ones to blame for those silly ideas women have~
      First they assume every men in fashion world is gay and hate the shape of a woman’s body, then they say women are so stupid that they would accept anything a designer would tell them to be.

  11. that is not true!!! men prefer Gwyneth’s body over Christina’s. Well, the biggest part of men.
    and guys do care when women put on weight, they really care!
    in my opinion, guys would like to date a girl , who takes care of herself, dont eat like man, and looks good.

    • how would you know who the larger part of men prefer? no disrespect intended, just saying.. however, i definately hear more men saying how hot christina hendricks is.. cant remember ever hearing about gwyneth paltrow..

      • I agree, men talk more about Christina than Gwyneth, but that’s just because she’s less…how do you say it? eye-catching? But it has nothing to do with her being thin and fit, as this article says. There are other thin women, who men mention more often than Christina, like Adriana Lima. Honestly, I would never have heard of Christina if it wasn’t for this site.

        • I agree. Christina has more sex appeal than Gwyneth, but that has nothing to do with weight. I can think of plenty of skinny actresses who ooze of sex appeal and men LOVE them (Alyssa Milano comes to mind, also Mila Kunis, Jessica Alba, the list oges on…). There is something very cold about Gwyneth, which is possibly the reason she isn’t considered a sex symbol in hollywood.

    • men would prefer gwyneths body with bigger b❆❆bs and bum, they want the barbie doll ie. skinny with curves, but that doesn’t really happen that often in the real world.

      • Yes, I agree! I’d even go so far as to say that THE MAJORITY of guys (at least in my experience) would rate skinny and curvy over every other body type.

    • I can name at least five guys I know who find Christina Hendricks unattractive. I know my brother was actually more attracted to Gwyneth than Scarlett Johansson in Iron Man 2! This is just an example of how there is NO way to determine what “most” men want. “Most” men want a healthy, attractive, woman who looks womanly. Thin women fit into this category. Curvy women fit into this category. Two extra cup sizes does not instantly make a woman more of a woman, or more womanly. Women have a distinct look that can be quickly separated from the way men look, even if they are thin. This is why this article annoys me, because it makes thin women sound inferior or as if they are doing something wrong.

  12. PS: and if gwyns body screams neuroticism, if we follow that sequence of thought, everyone who takes good care of themselves is neurotic. Then, Megan Fox, Miranda Kerr and other women men , in general, consider hotties are neurotic. why do they like them then?

    • I’ wondered once, why in the world Miranda Kerr was so popular, especially after those pictures surfaced of her that sparked anorexia questions…and one boring day I looked on askmen…and to those men polled, it was her face that took the lead, not her strikingly thin frame.
      Models are fantasy…I think that also is the appeal to alot of men, not necessarily their figure. Granted, yes there are some men who prefer that long lanky look, but it is not the norm amongst every male. It is my knowledge however that most men do like softer curvier looks.
      Whatever though! beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

      • I agree, i really was shocked that miranda was so popular with men (not saying shes ugly but i was just shocked cuz i didnt think shes a choice that would win polls like that) but they put pics of her in a photoshop lingire shoot with a push up bra and guys were like shes perfect, so basically girl in lingire + pretty face will be popular with men..

  13. I can cry of happiness right now.
    I’ve had an eating disorder and I’m really recovered for like 8 months. It started when I was 15 and right now I’m almost 23. I’ve always thought that female in media (Hollywood girls, high fashion models, etc.) had a normal body. In those years of my ed I’ve seen women in the media shrinking. So when I lost weight, it wasn’t enough, cause they also lost weight and I didn’t come close to their bodies (in my mind).
    Sometimes I didn’t dare to go out because I was afraid that people would think I was gross. I was never overweighted or close to that, but I have felt like it.

    Why am I telling this? I’m just so happy that men prefer a bit more meat on the bones over superskinny bodies. It’s still about the charisma and glow and shine of a woman, but when she’s comfortable in her skin she’ll look better than with dropping 2 sizes and struggling with herself, having no energy and no spontaneous smile.

    • Oh and btw, I actually love Gwyneth’s body. But when you have to do a lot to own a body like that (to make it your lifestyle and when you have to give up a lot) I don’t think it’s worth it.
      It’s easy to say it’s all about the inside, but actually that’s what it is. When you feel comfortable on the inside, it will be shown on the outside.

      • @Sanne – Glad to hear that you are recovered, and I totally appreciate your honesty in describing the negative influence that stemmed from the media. I am a guy, and would reiterate that it is all about balance and confidence. We do generally prefer curves to the thin and straight figures that are common in the media.

        • Just sayin’, not all thin figures are straight. You can be a thin hourglass too. I hate how thin and curvy have to be mutually exclusive. You can be BOTH. And I know a lot of guys like slim and curvy (Megan Fox, Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel) over thick and curvy (I don’t know any guy I’ve talked to who likes Beyonce), but then again this could just be my area.

          • @Mel – Do you actually expect posters (especially the ones that disagree with you) to address your particular situation in all of their posts? Because no one has time for that.

          • OK, sorry, I was not attacking you, I was pointing it out. And no, it’s not just me, from what I’ve read there are plenty of girls who are skinny and curvy on this website, so I was speaking on their behalf as well.

  14. I think the last line to thi article is very true: “To a man, this screams of neuroticism, a fear of being out of control. This is the opposite of all the qualities that make a woman attractive; confidence in her body, a love and lust for life, and sensuality — rather than an obvious terror of being even the tiniest bit out of control.”

    This article is really not all that bad. I completely understand how he says women (most) strive for this look: abs, thin, etc and exercise a lot and eat “perfectly” to achieve this look. Us women saw Gwenyth on the beach and thought she looked AWESOME, I showed my boyfriend and he didn’t care at all (he didn’t say she looked bad or looked good).

    I once was OBSESSED with exercise and eating a perfect protein to fat to carbs ratio. My boyfriend hated it. I would not eat what I wanted to eat at restaurants and that is completely crazy, just like the last quote says. Now I exercise when I want to, eat fresh foods 80% of the time and the other 20% (when we’re out to eat or celebrating) I order craft beers and duck leg confit, grass fed hamburgers, french toast, whatever my little heart desires!

    Nothing worse than a woman (and man) exercising too much and only eating specific foods that keep them thin.

    • I totally agree with you! I think I’m still trying to find that balance between eating healthy and letting loose! I used to be overweight in high school and changed to a lifestyle of very particular eating habits and lived off granola bars, nuts yogurt, salads, and fruits for a couple of years in my early 20s. I wouldn’t even touch any type of beer…then I had a complete change of heart. I got bored of the monotony. I was also in grad school and was in a new relationship so I started eating out and drinking out. I put on about 15-20 pounds. I’m not overweight again, but am on the higher end of the scale for my height. I’m having more fun now, while out with my bf, but I do feel I need to find a better balance btw the fun foods and the healthy food. Hopefully with my gym membership and the arrival of spring I will find a good medium!

      also, about gwen, IMO the writer is a bit harsh, but I doubt gwen would care…I think if a man wrote this, he may be saying that a woman who is so particular about her eating habits and exercise regimens maybe neurotic and obsessive compulsive about other things in her life? IDK I guess she’s been vocal in the past about how she eats and her fitness regimen? maybe other women such as miranda kerr and a. ambrosio don’t come off as snooty in their interviews about their bodies or fitness habits?

    • But what would he say to Alessandra or Miranda, even Adriana? So many guys are in love with Adriana, and she doesn’t exactly have “wobbly bits.” And there’s a difference between being not interested (like your boyfriend) and going out of your way to completely target an entire sector of women. Your boyfriend didn’t feel the need to go on a tangent about how Gwyn was horribly unattractive and neurotic, whereas this guy did. This DM writer obviously has some issues.

  15. Honestly, how many women do you see that have the bodies of Kelly Brook or Christina Hendricks? I haven’t seen one. I’ve seen many women that are thin and curvy, but they don’t have extreme curves like the women mentioned in this article. It’s understandable that many (not all or most) men like curves, but I don’t believe women should base how they look on what men want. That’s just pointless and a waste of time, and the woman herself will most likely not be satisfied because she is attempting to please someone other than herself. And how in the world does body reflect personality? Some women may be obsessed with their weight, but that isn’t always the case. There are many thin, athletic women that are beautiful people inside and out. And what if a woman wants to be healthy, and that is the point of her exercise? Is this article also saying that if a thin, beautiful, athletic, charming woman with slight curves would not be desired by most men? I doubt that a thin, charming woman < a curvy, self-absorbed woman. I'm not bashing either body type here, I'm just saying that when it comes down to it, body type is just body type. Different body types are attractive to different people. It's not as important as many people make it out to be.

    • I agree. Very curvy hourglasses are uncommon and shouldn’t be pushed as ‘ideal’ any more than tall, thin model types should be. Ultimately it doesn’t matter, just as you said, body types don’t define a person!

      • There are also thin hourglasses, which the author seems to forget. I don’t mean bones sticking out or anything like that, but there are women who are toned (not overly so) and curvy. They can still be soft without going and gaining weight to reach Kelly Brook or Christina Hendricks size.

  16. I couldn’t care less what they think of Gwyneth’s body, if they prefer “wobbly bits” and frankly just curvier bodytypes, but the part about neurotism and such is complete bs imo. Loving life… I can love life and myself whilst maintaining a fit body. And i certainly won’t be hating on men if they want to excercise and take care of their body. But, all in all, when i feel good about myself and like i’m doing my best, i don’t fret over what men think, it would be pointless, and i hardly think that is high on Gwyneth’s list either. And hey, she even found a man, lucky girl.

    • Well,Paltrow is known for strict fitness-regime ( it s not healthy if it s done too ifte and excessive) and her neurotic behaviour with food.So I think they talked about the personality they associate with women like her.And I gotta say,they have a point.

      • who isn’t? I read on Health.com today that 51% of polled women would give up a year of sex in order to be thin… another study revealed that something like 90% of women think mean things about their body (aka “your thighs are hideous” or “you’re such a fat pig”) every single day. so I think that well over 50% of women in america are obsessed with their body, not just GP.

  17. Its funny bc men dont criticize bodies like Miranda kerrs, Alessandra’s and all the other skinny VS models, which are skinnier than Gwyneth. Miranda looked anorexic at one pt, but w.e

  18. women come in all shapes and sizes, just like preferences for them do. I am tiny (5 foot, 94 pounds, little boobies and little booty) and my boyfriend loves my body!

  19. That article was either written by an overweight, jealous woman or an ugly, single man who could only dream of being with an attractive woman. Because finding fault with a person of any gender who chooses to keep him or herself in top physical shape is simply ludicrous and base.

    • @Annie – While some of the comments in the article may stoke resentment among many women because of the way that it’s written, I don’t think that you can deny that there is a lot of truth in the actual content.

      For example, would it be more fun to go to a nice restaurant with your girl and be able to select anything on the menu, share great tasting entrees, and not have to worry about the calorie count….hell yes. Can you definitely say that neurotic and obsessive behavior is not displayed by some women whose lives are all about being thin….not really. Do we men prefer something a little more substantial than a sack of bones beneath the sheets…definitely.

      So lets take some time to comment on the actual content and not speculate on what the writer might look like. And remember, the writer is not finding fault, he is simply stating a preference for a fuller body as opposed to a thin one, and trying to convince those who already have fuller curvier bodies than GP, that there is no need to desire that body type, as far as men go.

      • But just because someone is slim doesn’t mean they’re neurotic. I’m slim but if I went to a restaurant I’d eat whatever I wanted, as would every girl I know. It seems that the whole world has bought into this idea of two extremes – skinny women with eating disorders and overweight, ‘normal’ women. People come in more sizes than just fat and skinny. Just because a woman doesn’t have massive b❆❆bs and bulges doesn’t make her skinny/

          • I think neurotic in a sense that if they miss a work out …they beat themselves over it or if they have to absolutely eat a certain type of food all the time idk it’s like asking for guiliana asking for egg whites without butter because she has a butter allergy when she def doesn’t! that’s pretty freakin crazy! not sure what gwyn does everyday but I do know she went on fast that consisted of eating only one meal a day, which is somewhere on her GOOP website. I don’t think all skinny women are neurotic or obsessive ;a lot of them have great discipline (in a moderate sense) and some are lucky enough to be naturally that way, but there are a few like gwyn that go to certain extremes.

        • I agree Jen, I am naturally skinny and eat quite a bit. AND I don’t like unhealthy food. Why are you trying to force me to eat a burger if I PREFER the salad? I LOVE salads, actually. I could eat them everyday. Avocado, Asian dressing, wontons, yum yum … back to the point, don’t judge because we’re skinny, love yoga, and eat salads. We’re not neurotic, it’s just our lifestyle.

          • You know what mel, I thought I was the only one to actually prefer eating salads. For the longest time all I did was eat burgers and pizza so when I allowed myself to eat salad, it was just so tasty and fresh.

            I can’t believe anyone would say it is neurotic to watch what you eat. There is a difference between completely flipping out over a drop of oil, like Guiliana Rancic. But it is not neurotic to keep tabs on how much you’re eating, what you’re eating, what nutrients you’re getting and cutting back/including more when needed.

            We are so fortunate to be born in today’s times when we can pick and choose our food and give ourselves the best nutrition possible, as opposed to cave people who only got what they found. People who don’t make an effort to take advantage of this baffle me, whether they are fat or thin (cause God knows being thin doesn’t always mean you eat right).

          • i feel like the author is talking more about women that go out eat a steak or burger or chocolate dessert (whatever) and then talk about how they need to work it off and oh i never shouldn’t have eaten that i’m going to get so fat. things like that annoy guys (and girls to listen to). if you prefer salads, eat them. i think guys just don’t wanna listen to girls talk obsessively about food.

          • @Mel, Casey, lc – Maybe I asked too many questions in the post above, so I will ask just one.

            Can you definitely say that neurotic and obsessive behavior is not displayed by some women whose lives are all about being thin?

            Try to stay on topic ladies. One thing that is common about your posts on this thread, you are not addressing the content of the article.

          • “Can you definitely say that neurotic and obsessive behavior is not displayed by some women whose lives are all about being thin?

            Try to stay on topic ladies. One thing that is common about your posts on this thread, you are not addressing the content of the article.”

            I am staying on the topic of this article, I just don’t agree with you, and am drawing what appears to be a different conclusion from the article than you, and am talking about it from my standpoint and how I see it.

            I can say neurotic and obessive behavior is displayed by women of all sizes and all shapes, including thin, overweight, curvy, and shapeless. Even when talking about diet obession and neuroticism, it is still not as clear as skinny = neurotic, overweight = lax. That would be a stereotype. Like edith the elf above stated, how does the writer know that Christina Hendricks and Kelly Brooke, the women he lists as desirable, are not actually going to be the ones who are neurotic and annoying at the dinner table? Likewise, how does he know that women who hold Gwyneth’s shape aren’t just women who take care of their bodies but have no problem sitting down with you and freely chowing down on a burger every now and then?

            A stereotype is an erroneous conclusion made by generalization, not some objective fact. I myself am guilty of perpetrating this stereotype. Working in a psychiatric office, there have been numerous times when women came in and I presumed they were there for something like depression when they were actually coming in for disordered eating. But I didn’t see that because I didn’t see starving written on them.

          • How’s this for staying on topic?

            “Try to stay on topic ladies. One thing that is common about your posts on this thread, you are not addressing the content of the article.”

            LOL. Are you for real?

            I am going to try to evade responding to you now; what seems to be common in YOUR comments on this post (and many others) is your need to be chauvinistic and condescending.

            I do agree to mel’s point though:

            “don’t judge because we’re skinny, love yoga, and eat salads. We’re not neurotic, it’s just our lifestyle.” Period.

          • My point here was simply that there is some truth to the article. I also acknowledge that neurotic behavior can be displayed by women of all sizes, not just skinny women.

            Mel – as we all know you are a naturally skinny girl. So this article was not aimed in your direction. You did not need to take it so personally.

          • Sorry, but I DO feel as if it was attacking me. I mean, the writer called Gwen gangly and puritanically thin, and I look to be a similar size. That is insulting, naturally thin or not.

      • I agree about the obsessive behavior, and I have no problem with him stating his preferences, but he (or she) does so in a very rude way, towards Gwyneth and women in general, and acts as if he speaks for all men (pretty much the same than yourself). Personally, I like men to look like Brad Pitt 20 years ago, should I now write a rude garbage-like article about how unattractive most men out there are to all women?

        And by the way, women aren’t just here to be underneath your stupid sheets and please you.

        • @Sharen – Go ahead and write your article. You will quickly learn that we are not as emotional about such topics as women are. And that is just a fact.

          And I don’t think the article or any of my posts ever said that women simply exist for men’s sexual pleasures. It’s used to educate female readers about how we make choices. How is that offensive?

        • Thank you for that comment! unfortunately, some men think that our desire to lose/gain weight is only to please them! but why should women care about what they think? If I want to look toned it’s because that’s the look I like, thus I will be more confident in my body.
          it saddens me when women say “men prefer softer, curvier” or “thinner and fit”, who cares what the majority of men prefer? state your opinion as an individual, whether you’re a male or a female, regardless of what the “majority” think.
          and LOL at the Brad Pitt part:P so true!

      • Not all skinny women are a sack of bones, I have plenty of muscle and a fair amount of curve, thank you very much. And why do you think skinny women would be no fun to take out to a restaurant? I ALWAYS eat the most out of my friends. I even ordered six desserts at one sitting. How do you like that?

        • Stop explaining every little thing. And anyone who has to say “I ordered six desserts at one sitting” has issues. If you like how you look and what you eat to acheive it then so be it. Get over yourself.

      • When I go out to a restaurant, I enjoy my food immensely. My family of four just spent almost $200 dining out on Sunday at a top-notch restaurant. I’m in my forties and in the best shape of my life.

        You’re confused about taking care of yourself and being neurotic. There is a balance, you know. For the writer of this article to classify a woman as neurotic because she cares for her physical body displays his own inadequacies and ignorance.

        Let’s not forget that Gwyneth is payed handsomely to look a certain way, and if she doesn’t look that way, well, then, she doesn’t get work. There is still a massive double standard in Hollywood between men and women in this respect – aging, balding, fat male actors can and do still book jobs at a dizzying rate. Then they’re paired with women who are young enough to be their daughters. Women over the age of 40 are still viewed as box office poison.

  20. That article makes me feel sick. It’s not about thin or thick or curvy, not really. It’s about policing women’s bodies and confirming that their SOLE purpose is looking attractive to men. They don’t give a hoot about whether or not Gwyneth – or any woman, for that matter – is healthy, however they try to frame it; they only care about whether she looks what they deem to be sexually appealing.

    I’d expect nothing less from the Daily Mail.

    • hardly. its more discussing how women shouldn’t care if they’re not as thin as gwyneth, clearly? how women shouldn’t feel like they should work so hard to attain such a body?

    • Peach, I agree. What right does he have to A) judge what women are attractive or B) assume she is fit because she thinks it’s attractive. Perhaps (and in her case, I believe) she is thin because she cares about bein fit, healthy and happy. That’s how it manifests itself in her.
      Though I am on this site and can’t comment about publicly judging a woman’s body, I will say I hope a strong woman’s response to a comment telling her that her body isn’t what most MEN would want, would be “who cares?”

      • Agree with Peach and Chelsea — the social control of women and their bodies should stop. Women should have the autonomy to make their own choices and their own descisions about what they look like, free from the moral condemnation of some ignorant and chauvanist-pig writer.

        • Edith the elf- i agree with you. But i also think that women make it worse. This is also what I have talked about before regarding the sexual equality of women being taken too far. Now mens mag models and p— stars and singers baring all are the norm. They are more popular than ever. It’s past the Madonna liberating stage, and is now all an act for men. Every woman (pretty much) could get into a mens mag and that seems to define which women are ‘hot’ and therefore ‘more worthy and wanted.’ There is a fine between liberation and exploitation, and i think we have well and truly crossed it. GIRLS are sexualised from the ages of 14/15 now! imo thats AT LEAST 4 years too early.It always gets brushed off with the ‘men are visual’ garbage so therefore people think that all men want is for a woman to look good and they want the ‘sexiest’ woman out there. It isnt so literal. We are MAKING society that way by succombing to it

    • that is exactly my point! If there is anything that makes me furious is when men try to tell women what they can or can’t do, especially regarding their figures. There was a guy , some time ago when I was a little above my normal weight, who, ironically when he was trying to date me, told me to go eat a salad instead of a steak, because I was getting a little chubby. Of course he never had a chance with me again, and that’s not because he called me chubby, but because of his attitude. For me, it only shows they think of women as sexy objects. It’s so unfair, women are still mostly evaluated by their looks everywhere, and not by their personalities or accomplishments. And I hate that, more than expressing their preferences between hardly attainable bodies like kelly brook or christina hendricks..

  21. I think the guys who wrote this are being harsh/overexaggerating on purpose, just to get a point across; especially wen most men feel women exaggerate/ are too harsh about expectations for their bodies.

  22. Honestly, I don’t see anything new, interesting and intriguing in this article.
    Because I have read this. I have read this comments and it doesn’t inspire me anymore.
    The writer is obviously against too thin women – but I don’t think GP is too thin. She clearly has muscle and is toned and fit and the fact she’s at the age she is and has the body she has, is admirable.
    I am not the fan of these cliche Hollywood diets, of course, nor am I a fan of the exhausting and painstaking workouts everyday. But GP has always been thin, so I think it is partially her natural frame. So yes, maybe she works out a little bit too much and she obsess with food at times but overall, this is the way nature has created her and this is the way she will always look, probably.
    What I mean to say is, this article is against this kind of bodies but as passionately it rejects them, it praises another body type as ultimate. Well, I find it ridiculous, ’cause honestly, not everyone is made to be stick-thin, but not everyone is made to be curvy, too.
    So, whatever. If the point of the article was that whatever body type you have, it’s OK – then, well it should’ve be stated more articulately.

  23. Evey man has a different taste.Some like it skinny,some curvy.But it is a scientific fact that,when men are ready to settle down,they tend to find a curvier one attractive than a skinny one – because they usually connect a woman with hips and a waist wih children-material and with their own mother.

    But every guy finds it more attractive if you can enjoy food -not salad,food – because a woman which can enjoy a parfait without freakin out or instantly thinking”how many minutes on the treadmill is this” are sensual,not so controlfreakish,they can enjoy life.

    And some friends of mine (men) who do look very good-thanks to a good diet and the gym- say “If she has a bit cellulite or not or is a bit jiggly , I don t care- it s the package.If she has a great a– it s very likely that she has a bit cellulite.But who cares?”.

    The thing is,lots of people seem to think that the opposite of a controlfreakish,skinny woman is a woman who lets herself go.But it s not like that.

    Beauty is still in the eye of the beholder and nobody can tell me that Demi Moore (out of context I know) is looking like that without surgery.Honestly,especially not in comparison to how she looked before her cameo in this last Charlie`s Angels movie.

  24. Well I dont like Gwyneth but I would choose to have her figure over Christina´s.I would hate to live with those massive boobs.

  25. Oh please. When they say they prefer ‘wobbly bits’ they blatantly mean b❆❆bs and bums (that wobble and jiggle even more than flab). If Gwenyth Paltrow was her current size but with massize b❆❆bs and a big butt men would love her as much as they do Meagan Good and Jennifer Metclafe (she doesn’t really have b❆❆bs but she has the waist and the booty).

    We always hear these statements about preferring women with curves but what they really mean is that they want hourglass figures. Most men really don’t have a clue and seem to think all women put weight in their b❆❆bs and bums so all they need is a good burger to have curves. kmt.

    Why won’t they just say plain and simple that they want women with hourglass figures? I mean if Hendricks had the same face and size but a ruler shape she wouldn’t be the bombshell that she is and her wobbly bits wouldn’t be as appealing. I mean Lara Stone gets all these media for being a healthy looking model but really she’s as thin as the rest but with an hourglass figure.

    • because you are right- men really don’t get the shape thing. they do however get the difference between big b❆❆bs cause you are fat as opposed to being like Kelly brook. in fact I think there is a charming group on facebook highlighting this difference. men in my experience are as varied as women in their tastes, but if i were to generalise i would say they like the obvious. take your top off and let them take a picture of you and most men will appreciate it 🙂 do serious films and talk about macrobiotic food and they probably won’t notice you’re alive.

    • Yes, but unfortunately most women would probably take this as a cue to eat that extra burger and not hit the gym. Not saying they should be obsessive about it, but still, it’s promoting the wrong idea. And I completely agree about the hourglass figures, although not all men love big b❆❆bs or big butts – some like small boobs, some like small butts, some like long legs, some even like feet, etc. etc. I think women who are overweight and ruler or apple-shaped will take this the wrong way and think that even that extra pudge around their middle can be counted as a “wobbly bit” to make them more appealing.

      • mel that’s exactly what I’m getting at!

        Men don’t all lean towards one ideal – hence why I wouldn’t encourage any woman to take this article to heart – however, the men here that are supporting this dude’s idea about not minding wobbly bits are clearly pointing at curvy proportions hence the mention of Hendricks and Brook. And you are right: women that don’t have small waists and curvy hips must be fed up with men and the media saying that they prefer women with meat yet they only feature the Beyonce’s and Hayek’s of the world. I don’t even really have qualms with what this dude prefers but it’s like he’s proclaiming to be a ‘real man’ that appreciates women with a ‘natural look’, yet the truth is that he is just as picky with taste as a lot of women are with their looks.

        • you’re completely right. he really just should have either phrased things better or kept his mouth shut. saying that he prefers a more natural look is insulting if thats not your “natural” look. i am one of those who doesnt have a super defined waist or curvy hips and this really did offend me personally. i’ll try to take it more lightly next time. not that any of this garbage should be allowed to be published again…

        • Nkeon – Your comments are always insightful. I must confess that I am one of those guys that uses curvy and hourglass interchangeably. I don’t really like labels so I don’t pay too much attention to them.

          I have one question for you though. Don’t you think that this message of “men preferring meat” is becoming more conspicuous because of the strangle hold that the “thin at all costs” message has had on many young women? And this is not about the naturally thin girls, it’s about those girls who are average in build and weight thinking that they have to go to the extremes to achieve what they see in movies and magazines. A couple of those ladies have been honest enough to post their experiences on this thread, and they see this article as a very positive message.

          • i think it definitely has something to do with wanting to get people away from being obsessive about losing weight. it is obviously a huge problem with a lot of women, and there have been a lot more movements to encourage being natural and unconcerned with a “perfect” body in the last few years. i think there is definitely a connection

  26. Men can have as much body issues as women, so I hardly give a damn what a “man” would think when “he” is criticizing a woman who looks hardly unhealthy but looks like she takes care of herself.

    If it bothers these “men” so much that a woman cares about her health and makes an effort to live longer, if they’re so insecure about themselves that they can’t handle seeing that in someone else, then quite frankly, they are not “men,” and I’m pretty positive women like Gwyneth would not even look twice their way because they would not be up to their standards. That’s where this backlash comes from…the fact that these “men” are really not up to these women’s standards, so they feel the need to lash out because they are intimidated by these women who take control of their lives, who strive to be above average, etc.

    And before anyone jumps at me, no, I don’t look like Gwyneth. I am not nearly as athletic as her and I doubt I eat as cleanly as her. But I have seen the effects of insecure men, and how they lash out at women, and the above is it. The extreme would be the controlling man who doesn’t let his woman leave the house because he’s afraid she will leave him. This is the mild version, but it all stems from men who are intimidated and unconfident by their female counterparts.

    Many men I’ve known actually go against their personal taste, and get a certain type of less attractive girl just to feel like the more attractive one in the relationship, and like they’re doing a woman a favor by going out with them.

    I would say to this man, deal with your own issues first, before speaking on the issues of other’s.

    • I agree with all of your points. It only reflects the insecurity on his part. And trust me, DM writer, have no fear, for the neurotic Gwinnie won’t ever look your way.

    • “That’s where this backlash comes from…the fact that these “men” are really not up to these women’s standards, so they feel the need to lash out because they are intimidated by these women who take control of their lives, who strive to be above average, etc. ”

      Honestly, you can’t speak for all guys. And if Gwyneth is really as obsessive about her diet as some commenters have said she is, then I can get how that can turn a guy off. I know a lot of guys who would prefer a laid back girl with confidence rather than a girl who wasn’t confident with herself and policed her eating habits to the point of obsession. Not always about intimidation, although I can see where your anger stems from, seeing as you are the thin type that he’s bashing. I’d take his comments with a grain of salt; he doesn’t speak for all guys.

      • “Honestly, you can’t speak for all guys.”

        Who said I was speaking for all guys?

        I specifically, repeatedly stated that I am talking about a particular type of insecure male that the writer of the Daily Mail article represents. No, the majority of guys are well-adjusted, confident in themselves, and therefore do not feel the need to tear women down as a way of getting women. Really, if you’re defending tearing down women’s self-esteems as a commendable dating strategy, then I don’t know what to say.

        • You shouldn’t get on me for putting words in your mouth if you turn around in put words in mine.

          Where did I say I’m defending tearing down a woman’s self esteem? All I said was yes, some guys can get turned off by obsessive behaviors and 0 confidence. Just because they state that they don’t like it doesn’t mean they’re all pigs and are insecure and purposely want to tear women down. I wasn’t defending the writer, rather I was trying to defend men against your rant… which, by the way, I re-read your comment and you never explicitly stated that you were only talking about the daily mail man. Looked to me like a full on man-hating rant.

          • Then perhaps you should reread. I love men, most of my friends are guys, I have a loving boyfriend of 3 years now. But I have little tolerance for men who don’t fix their own issues but instead transfer them onto others, in this particular case, against women, taking advantage of the fact that women fret over body image and using it against them.

            That’s why I repeatedly used phrases like THESE men, and I even put men in quotation marks. How you interpreted this as a tirade against all men is beyond me. I specifically made it clear that I was not talking about all men, and I don’t even remotely think all men are like that.

          • My apologies. I can see where you’re coming from, but at first (and apparently second) reading it I just got an overwhelming man-hating vibe. I would still put the notion out there, however, that not all men who proclaim their disdain for “neurotic” women and their eating habits are automatically insecure. Obviously, this douche mover is. But what I was saying in my comments is that some guys don’t know how to articulate it because it is a touchy subject, but most guys I know don’t like it when a chick is obsessive about eating habits. They freak out about it and I even know a few people who consider it a deal breaker (which I honestly don’t agree with in the slightest). Not all guys who think this are insecure; perhaps it is just that they don’t understand what we have to go through in terms of body image. Who knows..

            But again, sorry that I got on you.

          • It’s okay Ellen. Sorry I snapped at you. Maybe you did get a man-hating vibe, but, at least, that’s not how I feel. What I do feel is extreme irritation and anger for people like the writer. I’ve written two stories already about people like that, one a personal experience, one a friend’s experience. I have hundreds more, and it just makes me so angry when I see/hear women feeling like crap because they were told they look bad, not because those people actually think those women look bad, but because they intentionally just want to bring them down.

            I do agree with you, excessive dieting and freaking out about eating is not going to be an attractive trait to most people. For example, I feel sorry for Guiliana Rancic’s husband, I can’t imagine what it’s like living in her household…it can’t be pleasant. I wouldn’t want to date a guy that was an exercise/gym freak, for example.

          • Generally why I avoid sites like “the superficial” and apparently this site like the plague. I’ve read the most horrible things said by guys. And I’m sorry that you’ve had to deal with stuff like this that is so personal. I actually was one time able to get a guy to admit that he was hating on this one girl’s looks just because she had turned him down for a date, so I do think you have a point about the insecurity thing. Hopefully it’s just the major douches like him (and this one) that are capable of that.

    • @Casey – So can you actually discuss the content of the article instead of trying to paint the writer as some insecure man not worthy of female attention?

      Are you ok with “detoxing” after a family vacation? Is it ok to b— and moan about the slice of cake you ate yesterday? Is it ok for a woman to turn her life inside out, simply to obtain the body of one of her favorite movie stars? Isn’t the article providing a positive message to women who don’t have what many in the media would call an “ideal body”. Are you fine with obsessive compulsive behavior?

      Is there any truth in the article in your opinion, or is it all lies?

      • CurvesRule,

        I am discussing the content of the article. I’m choosing to address a different point from it than the one you are addressing. This doesn’t mean I am not on topic.

        I am also not trying to paint the writer as anything. The writer has put forth a certain part of his personality, a part that I don’t like, with good intention and good reason.

        As for the rest of your comment, no I am not okay with any of those things and for you to imply that I am okay with any of those things is ridiculous as I have never even implied support for any such thing. In fact, you’ve probably seen my comments a few times on here, I’m a firm supporter of a healthy and balanced diet, where things like fat and sugar are not seen as evils, where you can eat McDonald’s every now and then, where you should eat all your fruits and veggies. Detoxes to me are nothing but pseudoscientific garbage, but you know what, it’s a current health fad. Does Gwyneth detox…has she said so? She’s not the only one. Beyonce has openly stated she does detox diets, as have many curvier and larger celebrities, yet the writer seems to wrongfully associate thinness with support for these pseudoscience fads and neuroticism, when these traits can occur in any shape, any size, including his coveted Christina Hendricks figures.

        Also, I don’t believe the writer has written this tirade with the best interests of women. It is a rant, a rant that is made to express his opinion and demean the object that bothers him. I don’t think he gives a damn whether women will feel good about themselves or not…if he did, he would have written his article differently. Or he would have refrain from comparing Gwyneth to a woman like Kelly, seeing as how the only way Gwyneth could ever hold Kelly’s figure would be to subject herself to plastic surgery. No, he is doing what a lot of people do, which is, hold an opinion, and shove his opinion down everyone’s throat, at whatever cost because they are blinded by their own self-importance to notice the negative effects of their opinions. Or even worse, maybe he wanted women who care for their bodies to feel bad for doing it, because he feels that women should be soft, so how dare these women go contra to his beauty ideal, crazy neurotics!

        • Casey – I never implied anything. I simply asked article-specific questions to try to focus the discussion on the content as opposed to the writers character. A common tactic used when people don’t like a message, is to attack the messenger, and I think you are doing a little too much of that. Just my opinion.

          This guy did use harsh polarizing language, but that is to be expected because he works for a tabloid. That’s how they sell their paper. If you could look past all that tabloid fluff and simply focus on the message to women, I think you will find something positive. I am sure you have seen the few posts on this thread from posters who said that it was a positive experience reading that article. What would your response to them be?

          • CurvesRule,

            I like the message, I don’t like the messenger or the delivery.

            There are positives in his message, if it had been worded the right way. But because it wasn’t, there are negatives as well, and in my opinion the negatives outweigh the positives.

            I feel that because you agree with the general premise that the writer is supporting (curvy is better), you are arguing for him in all respects, at the expense of the damage that the other side of his message is sending. I feel like you are failing to see that my backlash against the author is positive in a different way. After all, what have I said besides the fact that women should not allow men who don’t feel good about themselves to tear them down, should focus on being happy and confident with themselves, and should not fret over majorities.

            You argue that a neurotic woman would not be very attractive and not a very good mate.I argue that a woman who lacks confidence and self-assuredness is even worse. Neuroticism is annoying and a deal-breaker, but trying to be intimate with a woman who has self-esteem issues and will not let you be intimate with her out of fear, is probably an even bigger one. And as long as messages are delivered in the style that the writer is doing it in, or the two men that I have mentioned, self-esteem issues will rise in women. This is something that I wish would be limited, not applauded and it bothers me to see it applauded.

          • The thing is Casey I don’t think the article provides enough evidence to prove that the writer is a man who does not feel good about himself. Correct me if I am wrong, but you have placed him in that category simply based on this one article. I think we can agree to disagree here.

          • Yes, we can agree to disagree.

            But the thing is, I feel like you are trying to convince everyone that the article is right, good, etc.

            Earlier you told me to take a look at all the comments where women have expressed how good the article made them feel. I looked at them…all 15ish of them.

            Now I urge you to take a look at all the comments where women were hurt or offended, one way or another, by the article. I’m going to guesstimate, but there’s 100 unique comments expressing that.

            Can you really say that the article is something that should be upheld, when it has hurt or offended at least 7x as many people as it has helped?

            And I know you think, “Well those people just misinterpreted the article,” but in their opinion, it’s you that’s misinterpreting it. And if we want to go by majority ruling, like you do about body type, then they’re right and you’re wrong (note, I don’t actually feel this way, but I do want to point out what’s wrong with toting the majority ruling in all your arguments…because you make people with valid but differing arguments feel invalid, inadaquate, and inferior).

            We can agree to disagree on the intentions of the man writing the article.

            But I think we can both agree that he has done more harm and created more hurt than good. I really don’t think you can make a valid argument that he has sent a good message. If he had, less people would be hurt, less people would be offended.

            You agree with his basic premise. To an extent, I do too. No, neuroticism is not attractive, and it’s not healthy either.

            But that shouldn’t be reason enough to praise his article, considering the other messages he has also gotten across, including perpetuating stereotypes, encouraging a misogynistic view of women, making a group of women feel inadaquate for posessing a certain body type and (in my opinion), expressing a hateful view for the intention of bringing a group of people he dislikes down aka controlling, bullying. You can disagree with me on the latter point because it’s not outright expressed, but the other 3 are.

  27. I agree with Casey. This is BS. Who are these men to say; they kind sound insecure to me. I don’t like Gwyneth, but I say, go Gwyn! Keep up with your healthy lifestyle and you look great.

    • It is insecurity. It reminds me of an ex-bf. When we started going out, he was really fit and athletic. A lot of things happened and basically he became kind of depressed, and got a little chubby. As he got a little chubby, he couldn’t stand seeing me talk to other guys, and proceeded to insult my slimmer-than-his body.

      Eventually one day, when he said I needed to gain weight and he should give me some of his, I straight up said, “I look good, why would I want your extra weight.” And that was the end of that.

      Same with some of my girlfriends around me, with men who think they’re too “chubby” when they’re obviously not chubby at ALL and actually very ideally curvaceous. And my male friends who date less attractive women…it’s just a behavior pattern that is used to limit rejection.

      It’s kind of funny because he is criticizing Gwyneth for being too controlling in her life, when the behavior pattern he is displaying is one of trying to control his surroundings as an attempt to deal with his own insecurity. If you’re a happy, well-adjusted person, comfortable with yourself however you look, women like Gwyneth shouldn’t bother you at all.

      • Exactly. I’m guessing these men feel threatened by Gwyneth’s discipline and fitness or something, as did your ex-bf. In bashing her figure and proclaiming to want flabbier figures, they are displaying the controlling behaviors, not the woman.

        • Exactly. But it works the other way around too. My friend’s ex was this scrawny guy. And I say scrawny because he had no muscle because he was a major cokehead (probably not the best choice of bf, but love is love) and lost most of his body weight because he did drugs all the time.

          My friend has the figure that seriously looks like a reincarnation of a Greek statue…really long shapely limbs, small waist, soft curvy figure, porcelin skin.

          This guy launched an attack on her, starting with alienating her from her friend’s, alienating her from her family, and finally, destroying her self esteem by telling her how fat she was. She was a 5’8, a size 8, and I knew her…she didn’t eat clean all the time but she was cleaner than even me.

          Really, any time I see a guy attacking any woman’s figure…I just have no patience for it. That’s why I tend to snap on men on here that criticize women’s figures. Most of the healthy men I know, like Christina Hendricks and Miranda Kerr, because they like women. Any time a man starts dissecting and criticizing, that just shows me that man has issues of their own, and it bothers me to high heaven.

        • I’m not arguing with your point, but I do know plenty of guys (and this may not sound believable, but it’s true) that think size 8 is fat, but they aren’t verbally abusive/don’t attack people who are that size. Does that still make them insecure? I don’t really think so. It’s just their opinion, and they would never be outright offensive about it to that person. It’s just like some men think size 0 women are too skinny, but are nice enough not to call them emaciated prepubescent boys. I think it’s not the opinion that makes you immature, because a guy could see even a size 4 as fat and I wouldn’t have a problem with it as long as he didn’t go around insulting people for it.

          • Oh I know a lot of guys that would consider a size 8 fat too, although I will say that the friend in question, because of her height, carries it very well, she looks normal, like Gemma Arterton, not actually fat by any means.

            My point was not the a-hole guy’s opinion, it was the fact that he repeatedly told her she was fat and unattractive until she believed it, when before she had no trouble getting guys’ attention. He tore apart her self-esteem because he was a failure at life and because she was better than him. He was afraid she would leave so he made sure she couldn’t.

            I’ve said it and will say it again. ANY man, ANY, that feels compelled to insult a woman’s figure, feels the need to get defensive over the habits of females taking care of their body, ESPECIALLY when the woman falls within a normal weight range, is

            1) not going to be a good man, ever
            2) has body issues of their own
            3) is not well-adjusted
            4) is trying to control you, tear you down, so you are an extension of his belongings and not your own person

            There’s men with all sorts of tastes in women, but really, I’ve never heard of a confident, well-adjusted man, who takes care of himself get all pissy because a woman works out regularly and eats healthy. Why that should offend anyone to the point of writing the above tirade is mind-boggling to me. ESPECIALLY a man. Really as if women like Gwyneth are in the majority of something…if you don’t like women who make effort to take care of themselves, go find one of the many others that don’t, that will let you and make you feel better about yourself because they have low-self esteem and their entire self-worth and identity is linked to your opinion of their body.

            A man like the above doesn’t deserve a woman at all, whether it’s Christina Hendricks nor Gwyneth. He clearly does not know how to respect their independence nor appreciate them, so likewise, any women with any self-worth would not settle to be that man’s verbal punching bag whenever he feels bad about himself or threatened.

          • NOOOOO I thought that “guy” was gone forever!

            Just a curious question… how long has everyone been on SvC? I’m familiar with the regs, but it’d be interesting to see how long we’ve been doing this

          • Hmmm I started commenting probably one and a half to two years ago, but I’ve been browsing this site for a while, probably 3-4 years. It’s unfortunately become a bit of a habit with me haha 🙂 I spend way too much time on here! I still remember when bigV and Anya were pretty much the only regular commenters. I know bigV and Casey have been around here for a while, others have come and gone.

          • I don’t know many men who know about women’s sizing from my brother and his friends who are all late 20s to early 30s to my bf and his friends who are in their 20s as well.

          • maybe more so on just their overall appearance and size? Like if a size 8 is equated to a 28 inch waist and 38 inch hips then they might think that is too big but wouldn’t really equate that with the size itself.

          • “maybe more so on just their overall appearance and size? Like if a size 8 is equated to a 28 inch waist and 38 inch hips then they might think that is too big but wouldn’t really equate that with the size itself.”

            On paper maybe, but a 5ft8+ woman with those measurements would certainly look slim. And tbh, guys that think a woman with a 28 inch waist is too big tend to be pretty scrawny themselves and don’t like the idea of women being the same size or bigger than them.

          • agreed kate1st, i think people who see someone that is a normal weight for their height as being fat and actually being medically “fat” are two totally different things! And some guys can distinct btw the two while others can’t!

      • I wonder why he chose to pick on gywneth as opposed to someone like cameron diaz who looks like she is more controlling …just if you compare their figures side to side

        • I think he’s basing it off of how she comes off when she talks about food to the media. I don’t think the author meant anything about size, but about attitude.
          I took it to mean that men look for a girl that’s warm and fun as opposed to being cold and rigid and attitude towards food and body are major indicators.
          I don’t think the author is insinuiating women shouldn’t be healthy, but he is saying be healthy, but reasonable. How’s a guy going to take a girl on a romantic vacation when she’s more worried about her yoga session back home?
          cam, while extraordinarily fit looking, looks like she enjoys herself and gets her fit body through fun activities like body boarding. I think the author’s point is that it’s less about looks and more about attitude.

          • I agree, I’ve been commenting on this post a lot. i read up on gwyn from her GOOP website and she seems so out of touch with reality…but I guess she is a high paid celeb and can afford to get cardiologists to monitor her diets and cleanses heh…

      • Casey – So that’s where those opinions come from. But please note, just like there are skinny girls and overweight girls, and many many in between, there are insecure guys and well adjusted confident guys, and a whole bunch in between as well. Your experience may have taught you otherwise, but it doesn’t mean that some of the well adjusted confident men in the world don’t have these opinions.

        • CurvesRule,

          What opinions would those be? That neurotic dieting is unattractive? I can honestly say the majority of men don’t find that attractive, with confidence that I’m not exaggerating statistics, whether or not they are insecure. It’s annoying. It’s annoying when someone goes, “Oh, I can’t have a bite of that cake,” because to anyone who has knowledge of biology and nutrition knows that one bite isn’t going to kill you.

          Or do you mean that men prefer curvier women with meat over women like Gwyneth? Aside from size, Gwyneth doesn’t meet the “ideal” characteristics shared by 60% of men so I agree with that as well.

          I think men do hold these kinds of opinions, that women who are neurotic about food are annoying, that someone is too skinny, that someone is too fat. But well-adjusted men, men who I think would be good mates, do not go around using these opinions as verbal tools to bring down the person whom they have chosen to be in a relationship with. Whatever opinion you have of me, you cannot tell me that’s something I should be in favor of. When it happened to me, I wised up pretty quickly and ended the relationship. My friend? She stayed with the mentioned guy for a year, finally got smart enough to dump him, and proceeded to live damaged for the next 3 years.

          I am not criticizing the opinions. I am criticizing men that willingly use their opinions to hurt others to make themselves feel better or to control the relationship. It’s the same as being the bully on the playground.

          • Casey, In terms of the opinions, yes, I meant those that were expressed in article, and which you quite rightly stated. Based on previous threads I knew that our opinions are not as far apart as you were portraying in previous posts on this thread.

            One thing that I am trying hard to understand is the idea that the writer totally bashes, or tears down GP. Outside of referring to her as thin in multiple ways, and using what she put on her website to highlight the extreme nature of her regimen, where do you see that he bashes her, or is excessively mean?

          • Um, I think the fact that he says she is “neurotic, rake-like, skeletal, and PURITANICALLY thin” is just uncalled for. He also says she is “macrobiotically fussy,” “addicted,” and “fears being the tiniest bit out of control.” Wouldn’t you agree that that’s more than a bit degrading? Maybe you don’t see that as an insult, but I think it is. Would YOU like to be called a control freak? I don’t think so. He could have said she was too thin for his preference and left it at that. I don’t see how anyone could not find this a bit excessive.

  28. At the end of the day one figure is not better than the other. Men and women both have preferences! My bf loves my curves and told me is going to find me less attractive when I become a size 4 at 5’9″, but his best friend thinks I’m fat right now at size 6.

  29. At this point i think i do not care about mens opinions anymore. i aonly care about how i feel about my self and my boyd. slim women look alot better in clothes than chibby ones and thats a fact we have to live with. in order to be confident in my looks, i know i have to lose a couple of lbs, not because i care about a mans opinion of cellulite on my hips.
    Also i do not understand why they always say men like chubby girls when all men love victoria secret models and claim the models are ” curvy” (????)

    • Agreed in the VS part, i think it’s bc many VS girls have boobs, and they’re strutting in their underwear so men tend to think they are sexy more easily. And just a personal note on the chubby thing, many have commented that the men in their lives have said to prefer just a bit of meat and softness, but in my experience, it’s more often than not been the fittest, thinnest girls that get the hottest guys, in school and in bars, if you rule out the ones with very visible curves who also get hit on, but that isn’t such a common bodytype at least where i live. Actually we have even talked about this amongst our friends, how the smallest, most fragile looking friends we have usually draw the most attention. Maybe it’s just where i live..

      • Yes, I completely agree Sidney! Maybe I live in the same area as you because it is ALWAYS the slim/skinny/athletic girls who get the hottest guys, or else a skinny-Kelly Brook type. I mean, aren’t wobbly bits an average woman’s trait? And by nature, we don’t equate average with desirable. I get guys might be into that, but only if those bits are attached to 36-23-36 frame, not your average 40-35-40 frame.

        • but not athletic in a sense of madonna or say even cameron diaz???

          I would say athletic like anna kournikova….

          and slim and soft definitely I got hit on the most when I was a size 6 (US) but I was still soft and had bit of a tummy…i had gone down to a 2/4 a one point but found it hard to maintain and it didn’t make a huge difference in attracting men…if that’s all we’re going by

          I sometimes think men like women they can toss a few back with and toss around (not in a derogatory sense!) but in a kind mischievous and even wanting to be the protector kind of instinct sense.

          but I see where you’re coming from because to me one of the women with the least “feminine” bodies out there right now has reeled in a very attractive man (renee zellweger is dating bradley cooper isn’t she?) and that blows the soft theory out of the water!!! i just don’t know!

          • Haha yes Bradley Cooper 😉
            I’m not talking about Madonna or Cameron Diaz, I’m talking more about the Anna Kournikova type. Athletic and muscular yes, but to a certain extent. Not to say there’s anything wrong with looking like Cameron, she could probably beat me up I’m pretty muscular myself lol. I get hit on more than my friends and I’m a size 2, so I don’t know if there’s a general rule, but it seems like in my area/age group/people I hang out with, skinniness is valued highly. And that is so true about men liking women who can hang – it’s all in the personality!

          • definitely depends on age group, area and lifestyle! I tend to forgot that people usually hang out with others they have stuff in common with and that can probably mean looks and fitness as well =)

    • Oh, Alia, you think this way only because your culture tells you to…
      I somehow have a feeling that these comments here are as insulting as the article itself.

  30. Huh, you know what they are saying really is kind of true. Not that men do not appreciate Gwyneth or find her attractive, but men in general do seem to gravitate towards softer, curvier bodies. I have many guy friends who will actually go out of their way to point out when girls are too thin. They make comments about how a girl is very pretty, but too thin. (not saying they don’t complain about thicker girls also, but they just don’t seem to appreciate very thin girls). In fact, one of my girl friend’s has the most enviable body. Tall, thin, toned and very small framed. However, all of our guys friends are always telling her to gain 20 pounds or so. I’m sure any girl would think she has the perfect body.
    I remember reading somewhere once that said women diet and dress for other women, not men. I’ve always kind of agreed with this comment. It doesn’t hold true in all situations, but for the most part it does.
    Guys do not even seem to actually notice when girls put on a few pounds. I don’t think guys really dissect a girls body like other girls do. Sure they like someone who is generally fit, but I don’t think they are super carefull when it comes to being a little soft. I also think to begin with, their perception of thin, is slightly larger than what our perception of thin is.

    …however i do think the article is being a tad harsh…i’m sure there are men out there who do find Gwyneth’s body desirable.

    eek sorry for the essay!

    • I agree with you Bri. There are certainly men who prefer thin women who are very fit and toned – but the majority of men do like women with a bit of ‘meat’. It’s been studied many times across the world and the whr is the most important thing in a man’s visual attraction to women. Of course, thin women can have a good whr, but it is often more obvious in voluptuous hourglass women, rather than thin ones. Big breasts are not universally important – in some cultures they are not desired. But many cultures in the modern world and historically have celebrated fuller female figures as a sign of fertility and good health.

      Having said that, this article is the usual alarmist, generalisation that one can expect from the Daily Mail. Yes, I do believe that many men prefer a curvier, softer figure than Gwyneths, but I don’t think many men would kick her out of bed! She is beautiful and although I do think she is a little obsessed with weight and diet, she looks great and healthy.

      There is no one body that all men will find attractive, so articles like this just play on women’s insecurities about their bodies – men are generally just happy to get close to any woman and are not as critical as we women are about ourselves! All this talk about which body men prefer is ultimately demeaning – who you are is what counts, not your dress or cup size.

    • Hi. I just walked in the room as my wife was reading your comment and others. Well, aside from not being tall – she’s 5’6″ – your friend’s description could be my wife’s too. To go on, there are guys who like women who are thin or, as my wife is, super thin, toned, defined and fit. Yes, and with six pack. Everyone to his own taste, but I have a feeling that guys who put women like this down are afraid they can’t live up to this standard themselves. Chalk that up to insecurity. Or laziness. My wife and I made a decision to take care of our bodies long ago. Guys don’t know what they’re missing not working out with the girlfriends or wives. We love it and it is actually fun and can be intimate as well. It seems some guys think they can be slobs and still expect their mate to take care of herself. Not a fair deal for a woman.

      • Yes, thank you for providing an example of guy who DOES like toned women. I thought I was living in some alien world out here because a lot of guys I know (especially if they are super fit themselves) love a thin, toned woman. I think people generally search for someone somewhat similar to themselves – for example, I wouldn’t want to date a guy who was a slob because I love working out and playing sports, which he wouldn’t be able to do if he wasn’t very muscular.

        • People always cite hippiness as a sign of reproductive health, but I think a woman who is toned and muscular is a better indicator. Skinny chicks can have hips, too (ask mine. lol). If there’s a ton of fat covering those hips, it’s not indicative of health, period!

          • I really don’t get this “thin and fit” or “slob” thing. I am a true hourglass, with the b❆❆bs and butt. Even when i was underweight I still had the b❆❆bs and butt and the same whr but i was sick. I LOOKED “thin and toned” but also I looked sick. Most people told me I looked sick and skinny. I wasnt even that light! I was 100lbs at 5’3 (only just underweight). I have a full and curvaceous hourglass figure right now. I am toned. I workout pretty much everyday and I eat well. I will never look like Gwen- does that make me unhealthy? NO! People need to realise that just because you look a certain way doesnt mean you are more or less healthy. I am probably just as neurotic as Gwen at times, and I can assure you I have a lot more curvature going on no matter what. Doesnt mean im a slob?

          • Solaxia, I definitely did not me to offend you. I am sure you are in great shape! What I’m saying is women should not take the author’s message to stop working out, since the author says that guys do not like the toned look, and I do think they appreciate that look, as well as a softer look. I did not mean to say softer, curvier women were slobs at all. But at the same time, we should not become too soft to the point where it becomes unhealthy. I was saying that women who are in good shape and have a healthy lifestyle – and that can be without looking like Gwen – will attract guys with a similar attitude. I did not mean to target a body type, shape, or size, and I’m sorry if it came off that way.

    • @ Bri: I’m curious, where do you live? Because most of my guy friends like thin women. I am thin myself and I’ve never lacked positive attention from men. I’m European by the way.

      Oh, and it’s pretty rude of your friends to point out when a women needs to gain weight. Imagine they said the opposite to a fat girl.

      @Rocky: that’s interesting, most of my guy friends are fit themselves.

      And I’ll add that on a few occasions, specially when I was growing up, some guys did point out that I needed to gain weight (rude random strangers) and they were ALWAYS fat and out of shape themselves.

      • well Sharen i am a college student, in America. I mean yeah my friends appreciate slim bodies it’s not like they seek out “chubby” girls, but they just don’t idolize overly thin bodies like women tend to. I have noticed that they are much more lenient as to what is classified as a nice body than girls are. What they think of as thin/slim girl with a nice body is not necessarily same as what we think of.

        It’s just something I’ve noticed. (these guys are all thin, athletic guys too, I definitely wouldn’t say they are sloppy)

        And I mean yeah, I have always thought it was a little rude for them to tell her she was too thin, since that really is her natural body shape, but it is always done in a joking manner, and she knows she has a slamming body, so I really don’t think she ever takes it to heart. Like I said, they will make comments to/about slightly overweight girls as well. They aren’t completely one-sided.

        i am a slim girl myself, so I am in no way putting down thin women or anything, I’m just saying that guys are definitely not nearly as hard on girls as girls are on themselves.

      • I am also an American, and I have to say, the guys around me are similar to what Sharen described. Perhaps it is the specific area in America. Or perhaps it is your friends – Sharen, if your guy friends are fit and enjoy working out, they probably like women who can share that experience with them.

      • thanks for the answers, girls. Brit I never thought you were putting down thin women, just talking about your experience with your friends, that’s why I asked you.

  31. oh thats crap!!! who cares what men want… its her body they not gonna touch it anyway… her body is insane and shes healthy and beautiful thats her body type and its sexy, yes so is christina’s but in a different way

  32. I think the main problem with this piece is that it’s conflating mental health with physical health. In terms of what men are attracted to, there is are a variety of tastes, some want a thin and muscular woman while others prefer a softer and fuller figure. However, what men univerally do NOT want is a woman who is obsessive about her weight! Who wants to sit around and listen to someone complain about every pound or inch of their body they are unhappy with? Who wants to hear a woman talk about how many calories she burned in her last workout? But those latter points are more indicative of one’s mental health than the way they look. Personally, as a woman I like my husband to be in shape because it looks good, but if it turned into an obsessesion with him I would be turned off.

    And I would also like to add that since I started running, my husband ALWAYS tells me how proud he is of my running accomplishments (running a marathon, finish a 5K in 3rd place, etc). But he rarely comments about how running has changed my body…he cares more about my accomplishments I’ve achieved, which is is nice 🙂

  33. Tje guy who wrote this hates mes has much has women. Not all women have the same body and there still can be gorgeus. Not all men are generic minds who think the same.

    (Sorry for my bad english)

  34. This article has perfect timing. I am a curvy girl who normally fits a size 4 jeans sometimes less sometimes more. But whenever my waist creeps around 28 inches I feel panicky and self conscious. My husband always says he can’t tell but I never believed him till today. I saw the aforementioned bikini picture and had new inspiration to live a super healthy lifestyle after our baby is born. I would love to look like her. Ever! But today as I Skyped with my husband who is deployed and tried to show my husband my 5 months pregnant belly he couldn’t tell! Here I am worrying about his reaction to my belly when he arrives and he doesn’t see any of the baby belly that makes me feel so self conscious!

  35. There’s a reason why we call it the Daily FAIL.
    They’ll criticize anyone for anything, especially if they can approach from the pearl-clutching conservative angle.
    Yeah, men love “wobbly bits,” until a photo of a celebrity with plenty of wobble comes out, and then suddenly it’s “someone needs to get in shape!”

  36. Furthermore, I submit that you could not get even 50% of the entire male population to agree on ANYTHING. Life is a good thing? Nope, some men are suicidal. Democracy and freedom are good? Not as long as the males Qaddafi and Mubarak are alive. Food is tasty? Not to the poverty-stricken men of the third world, to whom “food” means sawdust mixed with water and baked to make “bread.” It hurts when you smack someone across the face? Not to the men who have CIPA (insensitivity to pain).
    The point is that you can’t assert that “men like” ANYTHING. However, 100% of intelligent people agree that the Daily Fail is nothing but sensationalist garbage.

    • Interestingly, the OkCupid blog found out that men are more interested in women on whose looks they cant agree, than on conventional beauty.

    • Alexa, exactly. Geez people act like men arem’t human or something? Like us women all are individual and in control and have our own opinions. But men? No way! they are all just one type. One species. On mind. Like animals! Sure, some men perpetuate that stereotype but I think most people on here are doing a pretty good job of that themselves.

    Who in the world said that Gwyneth Paltrow (or any woman) was trying to mold her body in such a way as to attract a man? Do lesbians, asexuals and already-attached women not exist in the Daily Fail’s world?

  38. I think this writer must have been biased from the get-go…because some men don’t want a girl like Christina Hendricks with her huge floppy rack; lots of men like the SI or “All-American, athletic beach body” just like Gwenyth and like Jessica Alba. It’s just a matter of freaking opinion…whatever gets that guy going. I know for a fact my husband would rather be with a girl like G than a super-curvy girl like say Kim K.

    • i completely agree. after reading the full article he really seems like he is incredibly biased and defensive, like he is trying to stick up for women and tell them personally that they don’t need to be thin because its unnatural. as many people have said on this site A MILLION times before: SOME PEOPLE ARE NATURALLY THIN! it happens. you shouldnt be punished or ridiculed for being naturally thin. if you dont need to workout to stay in shape, great for you. you shouldnt be made to feel ugly and unappealing to men because some women can’t lose weight. everyone is different but skinny girls shouldnt be made out to be an enemy of all that is “good and right with the feminine female form” just because their body doesn’t fit the curvy is beautiful ideal.
      i am all for curves and think they really can look beautiful, but i think my body is fine as it is and i am really pissed off to hear this guy tell me im basically ugly and gross and “awkward” because i dont have D cups and a 40 inch waist
      he’s very biased and stubborn and this article is disgusting

      • Agreed!!We’ve gotten so lost in this ‘curvy women RULE!’ attitude that we tend to look down on naturally thin women now. I know a lot of people who are thin by nature accused of having an eating disorder. That’s just as damaging at poking fun at someone who may be a bit overweight. It’s not right. Some people are naturally bigger, some naturally smaller. I feel now that a lot of sites bash thin women & that is just a wrong & disgusting as bashing heavier women.

    • While I understand your point and your anger I don’t think the way to go is to hurl insults in response. You didn’t like what the author of this article was saying about thin women and the insulting terms he used. Yet, when you talk about curvy women like C Hendricks, you talk about her having a ‘huge, floppy rack.’ Isn’t that a bit insulting too? Floppy? Big b❆❆bs may naturally sag more but floppy seems a bit harsh.
      It’s only when people talk about all figure types with respect that we’re really getting somewhere.

      • Hunny, I guarantee when she’s in bed with a man her b❆❆bs are flopping around…and not in a good way. That’s just my opinion! That’s why we’re al here, to post our opinions. Lots of men think b❆❆bs can be TOO big; also a matter of individual opinion. I preferably do not think Christina Hendricks has anything special…hello, of course your breasts are going to be bigger if you gain a lot of weight (like she has for Mad Men). Remember the Playboy post on here awhile ago of her? She was much smaller chest-wise as well as all over. And I am 23…age has nothing to do with my perception of what a woman is; I think curves are sexy and feminine, but not when they are huge and unporportioned. Porportion is really what I care about (and my husband for that matter).

        • What I’ve heard from men is that big b❆❆bs are “fun” – but they do not always prefer it. There are some guys who ALWAYS prefer it, but a lot of guys actually like it for maybe one night and then would love a more average size. The most people I’ve heard state a preference for breast size said C cup, not EE. And you’d be surprised at how many men think Bs are perfect. Not to say that men don’t like big boobs, if you have them, you won’t have any shortage of attention. But b❆❆bs aren’t all there is to the hotness of a woman, and I think b❆❆bs that are TOO big can be a turn off, just like guys tend to like rounded asses, but some think Kim Kardashian’s is TOO large for their preferences. There is a limit to everything.

          • totally! my guy freind says that he gets pissed off when guys tell girls they need implants, and he said he cant think of anything more than a C cup to be attractive, i dont think guys want the too big to handle type of boobs, maybe medium, to fit their body type, they dont want them to look like theyre tipping over -_-

    • lol…big floppy rack? Her chest is very enviably actually! How old are you just wondering…alot of grown men would love her huge rack right next to their faces. Just sayin…

        • True! Big b❆❆bs are enviable until ohh you have back problems or want to wear something non-formfitting and then you look like a sack…wonder why girls like Kim K dress tightly? Because they have to! Curves make you look bigger than you are anyway (i.e. Kendra Wilkinson trying to wear a babydoll top, not a good idea)!! Big b❆❆bs are only enviable if you want to show them off like a hooker or have nothing else to offer.

          • Really? I guess every woman that goes to VS to buy push up bras is aspiring to be a hooker? Or what about the plastic surgery industry where women pay thousands to get a large chest…NO, they don’t aspire to be hookers…they want big b❆❆bs because, like it or not, it is associated with “being hot”

          • MEL,

            Ummm, nooo. I am saying as one matures, usually there views on things mature as well, opening the mind to a broader spectrum of beauty.

          • Ones age does have something to do with perception…because as you get older and mature, you, and usually your mind mature as well.
            For example an adolescent boy will chase after the skinny cheerleader in HS, but usually at age 14, skinny girls is all there is. Now that boy is a 30 year old man who finds big b❆❆bs and shakira shaking hips HOT; and then his wife has a baby and now her stomach is soft and sensual and her b❆❆bs have settled at a larger size. People grow up, and mature.
            Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one. BUT, if you want to go by research, polls and etc. the lot of men do like a curvy woman; not one that resembles them in the body department.
            As for big boobs…the majority of male surveys; they are a b❆❆b or butt man.
            P— stars, models…these women get big fake b❆❆bs or wear push-up bras to make them look big and fake…and if it wasn’t what was so wanted, I doubt it would be so displayed as such.

            AND, not all “large chests” are low and “floppy”

          • Brittany,

            Not all women that get implants seek to look like a hooker; Maybe in the p— industry. Alot of women do it to heighten their self esteem, and as for clothing that is low cut or form fitting…who cares! if you have it flaunt it ( and no I do not mean your b❆❆bs hanging out for the world to see, there are different extremes of “low cut” ) As for push up bras and the women who wear them, your comment sounds so immature. Plenty of women who wear them are not, how you said it? Hoochies?
            Do not lump every woman with a larger chest or a push up bra or a b❆❆b job as a hooch/hooker; grow up.
            Have some class…

          • Lol, well someone that wants plastic surgery to have huge fake b❆❆bs and then wear low, tight tops is A HOOKER!! And girls that wear those huge, fake padded VS bras do so to look like little hoochies and act like them too! And yes, even women with big natural b❆❆bs that push them up for the world to see…they are cheap looking hookers too lol. It’s a matter of class vs. trash not whatever the heck you’re talking about.

        • O my gosh, no, the immature one is you. Grow up and thouroughly comprehend that what I was saying is that in HS most boys are surrounded by girls, yes girls…who some don’t even “blossom” until after 16-18…and atmosphere plays a role in what you like. As a boy matures, he realizes there are more than girls that look like 14 year olds from their HS days, and their ideas on beauty perhaps broaden.
          Similar to this maybe;
          If you lived in japan all your life and saw pettite, brown haired,women…well what do ya know? that would most likely be what you seek, don’t ya think? So when you move to America…where not all women look like that, perhaps ones mind broadens and preferences widen.

          Do not make replies if you do not fully get the comment.

  39. Oh come on… Men don’t like skinny women? Just look at high school where the skinny popular girls get all the guys… Seriously which guy would say GP looks bad in these pictures?

    • You are talking about boys in HS, not men! Girls and boys grow up. There are many men who would tell you she looks too thin; there are also men who like this look too; I would say the first would outweigh the later though…

      • I actually do not think many men would say she is too thin. Yes, she may not be their ideal, but I don’t think she would qualify as emaciated by anyone’s standards, unless you’re a 200-pounder writing for the Daily Mail.

      • Mrs L – You are quite right. There are quite a few posters who are still in HS. Once they grow up they will realize how much these perceptions and preferences change.

        And yes, Gwenyth does look a little too thin, not bad, I’ve seen thinner on this site, but she might definitely look better if the bones were a little more covered.

        • “Once they grow up they will realize how much these perceptions and preferences change.” Ageism? Wow….I for one have not been in HS for a long time.

        • Does being in high school mean we are not qualified to have an opinion? I think I experience a lot of the world outside of school as well (extracurricular activities, travelling, daily interactions). It’s not like a HS student doesn’t have any connection with the outside world. I do know a lot of people who are not in high school. It’s really not as much of a bubble as you think it is. I’m not saying preferences and perceptions won’t change, but to say that we still have to “grow up” and “realize” the world around us is a bit derogatory. I’m almost a legal adult, you know. You don’t have to treat me like a child and discount my opinions!

          • Mel,
            Not sure who you were directing this at; regardless…HS is a very different place…a world in it’s own, yes while you do experience other things, that is not the point. The point is, as you age, most often, your perception, thoughts, views, ideas, likes…etc. they change and age along with you.
            As a HS student, if you were put in a room with middle aged women and the subject of topic was, marriage…your views/ opinions might not be as relevant as 25-35 yr old woman sitting next to you
            And for myself; I was not speaking to you like a child; even though you are not an adult.

          • I was addressing mostly CurvesRule with that, but I see that in another post you mentioned the majority determines what is attractive. I really don’t think so. My HS has plenty of non-skinny girls, yet most guys pursue the skinnier ones. And while Asia views light skin as very attractive, you’ll see the majority of Asians do not have that gleaming-white look. I just don’t think it’s what you’re surrounded by that determines what you find attractive.

          • Mel,

            Nothing implying majority…but being surrounded by something your whole life, does affect your mentality/view/thoughts etc.
            As for the boys in your HS, well…I am not having that conversation agin.
            And as far as light being considered beautiful in Asia…and most not being so light…no, but they spend countless money on skin bleaching, and cover themselves up in the sun…so, yea…there’s that.

    • And not just high school, my friend gets a LOT more attention than i do, she is 5’6 very thin legs and arms average bust no butt, i am 5’1 hourglass shape b❆❆bs and butt small waist usually uk size 10, and i don’t get the same attention, also she is 8 years older. We are both outgoing, but i have put i down to her being skinny and taller, so think this guy is talking for himself and not many other men.

  40. AND PS- If men liked “wobbly bits” so much how come every Playboy model (and the like) are totally airbrushed and plastic surgerized to look perfect?! GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

    • I’m sorry, but as a whole, our perception of beauty has become skewed over the years.
      Playboy models are an unatainable fantasy to most men; they see large chests slim waists…tan, tone…and the airbrushing, well…that’s just making it even more unrealistic. Most men, if you research it, do like a woman that has curves. And most women do have “wobbly bits”…if a man is getting what he wants from his woman…I guarantee you he doesn’t care!
      Go look at askmen website at Miranda Kerr or Jolie…next to first impression attractiveness…it is not there lacking womanly physique…it is there face that is why they are “hot”.

        • Well, when I looked at the website…there was a percentage next to categories…and the highest percentage of what was appealing at first impression was FACE…so I guess what about that does not make sense?

          • I wasn’t saying her face was most attractive, I was saying that her body obviously was pretty appealing if she was ranked so high, because body does factor into it a lot.

            But go on believing that guys don’t like MK’s body, I know plenty that do …

          • Well,the little chart on askmen, where the men surveyed put what they found desirable most about her, was her face at 59%, her body was at 22%. Soooo…okay. Go argue with them! lol.

            If you are a toothpick in a pushup bra with a lovely face, you can model in VS…

            What happened to face, and a healthy body like Cindy Crawfords?!

          • Are you really upholding the opinion of AskMen?

            Have you read some of the comments spewed forth by these “men” who appear to be nothing more than geeky teeangers?

            Do you honestly value their opinion so highly that you quote it? Is their approval really something you value that much?

            After reading the comments by those who frequent AskMen who determine who’s attractive on their list…I can honestly say that I completely do not care what their opinion is on anything. You couldn’t even pay me to go out on a single date with any one of them, and I find it horrifying that people actually care what their opinions are.

          • CASEY

            Ummm, the men polled are that of over 10 billion readers. The comments that are made on the website could be from an 8 yr. old boy.
            But I doubt they are the ones polled. I am not upholding anything…I am making a referance to males that have been polled, and what was found desirable about those women.
            Many men that participate in surveys do look at the face first, and a skinny coat hanger of a body is not usually what they say they go for.
            People on here are so hot to trot about why someone is or isn’t “hot” Well, I’ll play the game too, and use statistics and male surveys; a hot bodied woman with boobs, hips and arse…lucky for them that men seem gravitate to that.

          • Well, your points still don’t prove anything other than that 59% thought her face was more attractive than her body. Does that mean that her body is not attractive to them? No. It just means that her face is so stunning that it ranks even higher than her body, not that her body isn’t hot.

          • Casey, Mel – We have been through this before. You both know very well what the research and surveys say about what the majority of men (not HS boys) like in the female figure, and that is the curvy woman with the 0.7 whr. So why would Miranda Kerr’s 22% body approval from whatever source be such a surprise? It totally corresponds to the other surveys.

          • Yes, CurvesRule, we have been through this before.

            But since then, you have chosen to use the research we originally talked about to support your personal opinions when the research actually doesn’t correlate entirely with them, have chosen to employ fallacies in your argument such as, “As a man,” as if that make your opinion any more worthy than anyone else’s on here, and have chosen to abuse the term, “The majority of man,” to lead credibility to your arguments.

            So, because of the above, I am just not going to see things your way. Even the single study that you keep mentioning has its own problems, which I enumerated to Mrs. L below.

            Likewise, you also seem to be guilty of applying male-style thinking to women. You seem to think women strive to get approval from as many men as possible, a view that is typical of the male gender because they biologically strive to increase the number of mates.

            The truth is, women, strive to increase the quality of the males they attract, not the quantity. You all bring up the majority of men. The truth is, I, and every other woman on here, would not like to be in a permanent relationship with the majority of men. So this whole, “What is attractive to men,” “What most men like,” is irrelevant, because when it comes down to it, it is the women who chooses who she will be with, and who she will sleep with, and who is good enough for her, not the other way around.

            I have a very loving boyfriend. As long as I am attractive in my eyes and and his eyes, I could care less about the opinions of any other male, even if it is the majority view. I have chosen him as my mate, because he has shown himself to be good enough for me, and as long as he looks at me and goes, “Wow,” and as long as I feel confident about how I look, everything’s fine and dandy in my world.

          • Basically, to put it more concisely,

            If we’re going to discuss biology and evolution, and say that men have inherent attraction towards curvy figures,

            Then we do have to bring up the other aspect which is that on the big scale of attraction, what a man thinks is attractive is not very relevant. Straight men are attracted to women. It is the woman that is given the responsibility of being selective and determining who will be her mate, and when a physical act will take place. So all this fret about what the majority of men like is really not necessary (the fret would only be worthy if men were the selectors). Want it put even more concisely? Take off your shirt and boom, you just turned on 90% of straight men. Take your pick.

          • Curvesrule, 22% preferred her body over her face – she didn’t get 22% approval. It’s different. Whatever, I don’t really have the energy to debate with you, but no matter what you can’t really represent the entire population of men. Like, are you representing France right now? China? Canada? Australia? Russia? If we take it from a global viewpoint, suddenly everything changes. And even within the western world, it’s hard to pinpoint. Yes, men might find WHR attractive, but Miranda Kerr DID have that kind of WHR when she was fuller.

          • @Casey – Wow….wow don’t know where to start with this one.

            “As a man…” – Simply used on a female dominated website to let readers know…….well…..I am a man. If I am giving a male opinion, ahhmmm, who else would be more qualified to give that male opinion. Would that be you?

            “The majority of men…” – should I post the survey link again? if you don’t like something about that one there many others you can simply google.

            Casey you know what the real fallacy is, you on the one hand basically agreeing with my fundamental premise (the majority of men prefer curvy/hourglass figures, healthy balanced living etc), as you do above and in earlier threads, and then coming here and saying the following:

            “So, because of the above, I am just not going to see things your way.”

            So because I used those phrases mentioned above, you are not going to see it my way even though you said so elsewhere.

            Is it that you have to be seen as the one who put the guy is his place? Or is it that one of your goals in life is to now diminish male opinions with statements like:

            “So this whole, “What is attractive to men,” “What most men like,” is irrelevant, ”

            I understand from your posts that you have had negative experiences with men, as most of us have had negative relationships in the past. Only makes us stronger once we have the right attitude, but we don’t need to interject it into every conversation. There is a time and a place for everything.

            As far as this whole male/female sexual/relationship dynamic goes. Again this is for another blog. You are going too deep. This site is about body types presented in a few pictures. My comments are based on the male first impression to those pics, not on relationships, which are totally different.

          • Woah, Curvesrule, I think you’re making Casey out to be a bit too much of a man-hating feminist. I really don’t think she is. And honestly, I don’t even think past relationships have to do that much with this. Almost every girl I know has had some bad experiences with men, not only Casey.

            Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think her main point is you always feel the need to “validate” your opinion by saying the majority of men like this or that … which by all means, may be true, but you don’t really need to state that to prove your point, because we do get it 🙂

          • I can honestly say, if CurvesRule is making me out to be that, that would be the first time someone has perceive me as a feminist.

            I usually dislike feminists, BECAUSE of their man-hating attitude.

            I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t feel I’ve said anything bad by saying women, whether curvy or skinny, should let themselves be subject to and torn apart by men that could have an equal amount of body and other confidence issues.

            I feel that CurvesRule keeps missing that point of mine because he inherently agrees with the writer that curvy is better, but there are two messages that the writer is sending, and one of them is not good at all.

            I don’t like bullies, and no one can makes me like bullies, and I do feel the writer is being a bully.

          • I don’t think I did make Cassey out to be a man-hating feminist. If that is the way it came across, my apologies.

            Mel, I know that you and Cassey get it (even though you don’t admit it very often) because we have had this discussion before, but there are many posters who don’t. I have seen many comments that state that “men just want a skinny girl with big boobs”. What is so wrong with me educating that person by telling them that their opinion is not quite accurate, and here is the evidence to prove it?

          • lc, she was responding to Mrs. L, not Casey. I do agree with Casey, but that wasn’t who she was responding to. Jillian has attacked me on many other points, so I doubt she would hold similar views here.

        • well lets just say if miranda had an average face with her body, would she be so high on the list? hmmm nope, now look at girls like kim kardashian, who many men say her face looks like a wax figure, but openly say something like but who cares her body is hot

      • Mel, I think that you are not understanding and mistaking every word I say. My point regarding all these “hot” starlets and models that are sooo thin and lacking curves, is that according to “these men” surveyed, it is not the body that is so enviable and noticeable, as it is their faces. We as women see them and think that “damn, these guys think they are so smoking” and we relate that to their physiques…when most men look at the faces of women first. And THAT statement is from a scientific study.
        Hope that makes more sense…if not I guess our wavelengths and opinions are not meant to be understood by one another.

          • Yeah, well Men also gush over Kelly Brook’s frame all the time. She is constantly in magazines targeted for men like Playboy and MAXIM. Miranda Kerr, however, is always displayed where the target audience is women.

          • I never said Kelly Brook was not celebrated. In fact, if you go to the post before this, I said I thought Kelly Brook had an awesome bod. And no, Miranda Kerr has been featured in GQ, Maxim, and Mens’ Magazine, so she does cater to a masculine audience.

  41. I’actually suprised that nobody had mentioned this is total Bull**** really! is this even written by men? Because I don’t know men who bashes on slimmer women like this. Some men like their women fit, Some like ’em a little more wobbly, some like blonde, some like brunette’s and looks obviously don’t really matter when it comes to love — My sisters boyfriend likes brunette’s with a less curvy body and he’s married with my sister who’s a blonde and an hourglass. I think confidence and taking care of yourself really is the key. -put some make-up on, comb your hair, wear some nice lingerie: I don’t mean this in a sexual way but actually your underwear really helps you to look good in your clothes and feel good in your own skin. This article is one big FAIL. The next time i’d like to hear something positive about all those different bodytypes! Just imagine everybody having the same body… wouldn’t that be boring?

  42. I think it’s really harsh for women [since I’ve seen a few comments] to subliminally bash thin women by saying ‘oh yea, SEE! Men want CURVY women!’ as if women who are naturally thin are not ‘real women’ because we lack the curves, the breasts, the butt, everything. Not all people are built the same. Just because someone is thin doesn’t make them any less a woman as one who is curvy. why we must constantly be this battle of thin versus curvy is beyond me. Why don’t we just embrace ALL body types?

    Yes, some men may enjoy a more curvy, soft woman. On the other hand I’ve dated PLENTY of men who like a slim, athletic body. It’s not that cut & dry. I agree with the post above me [or a few above me] that said this must have been written by a man. It isn’t that simple to say they prefer one body type over the other.
    Also, if you have a body like mine that is mostly straight & narrow, are we supposed to feel bad that we aren’t ‘desirable’ by nature by not having the ‘wiggles & jiggles’? That’s why so man women who were just fine before go out & get insane surgery such as breast implants, or butt implants. That is rather sad to me that we have to go out there & do that just to please.

    Some bodies are thin, & some are curvy, & some are athletic or in the middle. This constant battle of one being superior over the other is sad. I just feel offended when I’m constantly being reminded that i’m ‘too thin’ [I am small by nature], & that I’m not a woman because I don’t have curves. Gwyneth looks fine how she is! Why punish a woman for trying to keep in shape at her age? Would it be better for her to just let herself go? Hard work should be admired. The amount of exercise the average person gets is minimal at best, so I think it’s admirable when women can achieve these shapes. Good for her!

    • Also, remember that men can prefer BOTH. I’ve known guys who love soft, curvy women AND lean, toned women. Actually I think as many like soft, curvy women as lean, toned women (not too skinny, but good muscle tone and some curve). I’ve heard more guys (just from my experience) say they prefer athletic and curvy than soft and curvy with “wobbly bits”. I think Jessica Biel would be a good example of the former, and she is pretty well liked.

      • Yea that’s kind of what I was getting at. I know some prefer softer women, but a lot of men I know do like that a girl works out & takes care of herself. Not to say that curvier women don’t, but having a more athletic body like Gwyn’s is not easy to accomplish! they probably like the dedication to being healthy & hard working along with the athletic/thin build. It just really gets under my skin that now everyone is against thin women & that we aren’t sexy anymore because we may not have huge b❆❆bs or a larger butt. That’s not true. Plus, not to be offensive but it’s my opinion, I think that clothing…looks better on a smaller bust. When it’s larger, you have to find clothing that will suit it without looking too ‘risque.’ smaller breasts are easier to deal with, just from personal experience haha.

        • I completely agree! One of the reasons why I would never want to be anything bigger than a large B/small C … I love fashion too much! And yes, contrary to popular belief, guys DO find muscle tone sexy, I’ve heard it reiterated time and time again. When they say “meat” they aren’t necessarily talking about fat, they are talking about lean muscle, which imo is a good thing. Just as long as you don’t look like a body builder! Athletic girls are really hot too, and I think most girls can get away with being really skinny by being athletic. Most of the posts where guys said a girl looked emaciated was when she was skinny-fat. I agree that working out most likely means you take care of yourself, and health is sexy 🙂

  43. well picked Versus!!! you know your readership very well. and so does the daily mail. I don’t think this was written to insult, control or demean women, nor to be particularly inflammatory. I think in its usual over the top, ham fisted, tacky style it is trying to appeal to women and it will. Not most of the ones on this site admittedly 🙂 but I guarrantee you tomorrow shows like Loose women will be saying, ‘hear hear. just as we always said, men like women with meat on their bones.’ It is designed to appeal to the average woman so she feels better about skipping the gym and munching through a packet of biscuits- something I have done on a number of occasions- i just didn’t delude myself into thinking it was making me more attractive. I wish it was that simple- I’ve got the disproportinately big b❆❆bs nailed!

  44. Ahh the Daily Fail/Wail/Heil. It’s a ‘special’ publication isn’t it! It’s completely ignorant to generalize like that; ALL men want this, ALL men like that, blah blah yada frickin yada.

  45. Men like women. Sure, a lot of men prefer women with big b❆❆bs or butts but some men prefer smaller girls. I highly doubt men look at Gweneth and find her unattractive. I’ve never heard a guy say “she has small b❆❆bs so shes gross.” Women come in all different shapes and sizes and just because you are skinny doesn’t mean you work out more and eat less than a woman who is curvier. Gweneth is not “skeletal” by any means!

  46. Excuse me, when the hell did Gwyneths body ever resemble anything close to fit? Just because one is skinny does not make one “fit”, hell just because you workout doing something as inane and ridiculous as a Tracy Anderson workout doesn’t make you fit. I really wish people who write about celebrities would STOP calling skinny celebrities “fit and toned” there is NO SUCH THING AS TONED, they are either just skinny or skinny fat. and Gwyneth is just plain old skinny.

    • Lani, I agree with you only in the sense that there is a big difference between having very little body fat AND having actually built muscle, and I think a lot of people don’t realize that. Most people see celebrities with very little body fat who appear to be mascular, but they only appear that way because they don’t have the prerequisite layer of fat us mere mortals do. On the other hand, someone who is indeed fit and muscular looks much more built and bulky (like Madonna).

      But, I do think Gwyneth is pretty fit, in the cardiovascular sense of the word…She works out almost every day, and I don’t believe it’s in vain. I guess it also has to do with how you define “fit”,..

    • You don’t have to be completely muscular like a professional athlete to be fit. For most people, being fit is doing 30 minutes of moderate working out a day. That is all that’s required to prolong your life, and increase your health. Anything more than that can either be posistive or negative, depending on how you do it.

      Gwyneth to me is fit. You may disagree, but I do see tone on her muscles which means she uses them regularly in some form of work out where she has to challenge them past their normal boundaries. And I do believe there is such a thing as toned…it’s the thing in between Serena Williams and Micha Barton.

      • Um…yea, that didn’t make much sense, kind of offensive too. Not super offensive, but just to say that ‘Skinny people aren’t toned’ & ‘there’s skinny & then skinny fat,’ that makes zero sense whatsoever. You can be thin because you are toned & fit. Look at Rene Zellwigger [sp] or Eva Longoira, or even Ellen Pompeo [sorry, I know I spelled some wrong]. They are all smaller but toned! ‘Skinny fat’ is just when girls have no muscle tone & most times rely on metabolism, which slows with age. Being fit includes people actually going out & excercising. Maybe they aren’t going to look like body builders, but just look at some of the VS models. Yes, they are thin, some maybe too thin, but Miranda Kerr & Alessandra are both very, very toned. Marissa Miller was also very toned. How can they not be anything but that, & also be thin? This statement was just wrong on all levels.

  47. Wow, this really really gets on my nerves. The DM are f-ing ridiculous. 90% of the guys I know prefer skinny girls, and a little quote from my ex to prove that this article is BS.

    Me: I don’t really think Angelina Jolie is attractive, her hands look so old.
    Him: Huh?
    Me: I mean, she’s just SO thin.
    Him: You think that’s a bad thing?

    Case closed.

        • Thanks lc, all I meant was that some men do prefer skinny girls. No one can claim ‘all men’ like anything. You can’t put your own opinion forward as fact, like the author of the article.

          • Jessica: when someone comes with affirmations such as 90% of the guys prefer skinny women, a quote to prove it and case closed, excuse me for not being receptive and sympathetic towards latter affirmations that she said some men do prefer bla bla. If you say something, have the decency to stand up for it. And are you her lawyer or something?

          • i stand by the fact that she said “guys she knows”. don’t really see what the problem is here. she explained herself and i was just clarifying more in case it wasn’t clear

          • Cristina/Sen, I said that 90% of the guys I KNOW prefer skinny girls, therefore some guys on the planet do, therefore the article claiming that all men prefer wome with “wobbly bits” isn’t true. I was simply saying that some guys (a large proportion in my area) prefer skinny girls, not larger ones, case closed. At no point did I claim that 90% of guys in the world prefer skinny girls, that would be ridiculous.

            How about having the decency to properly read my comments before being rude to me or people that back me up. At least lc and Jessica understood my point.

          • Does that mean that your friends would tell to a normal-weight girl to become underweight? I am just scared of this trend…
            And I dislike the article. It is insulting.

  48. My weight fluctuates a lot, I’ve weighted 55kg but also 75kg, and honestly, I didn’t notice any difference with guys, they don’t really care about that,… What makes a huge difference the way I present myself, I’ve noticed that men prefer or find me much more “attractive” when I’m happy, smiling, confident, when I take care of myself and I’m feeling pretty, no matter what my size is..
    It looks like this article was written by a jealous fat girl whose man fantasize on GP

      • Come on. I’m not insulting anyone here, the article was written by a guy, I just meant that “attacking” skinny girls and talking about “what men like” doesn’t make any sense, it sounds just like when jealous frustrated women talk bad about other women they wish they looked like, it’s just BS, we can generalize what’s attractive and what’s not

        • I’m positively sure you would say the same thing it things were vice versa. If this article would be bashing dangerously overweight women and praising thinness. Right? I mean we cannot just decide what’s attractive? Everyone is so disgustingly defensive on this topic, but anytime Khloe Kardashian is posted is fine to call her all the names. Not to mention really bigger girls, who were bashed and insulted to no end. But someone dares say that a thin woman is unattractive, bam, hell breaks lose. I hate hypocrites. And this site is full of them. This thread proves it.

          • Actually this is one of the very few times on this site where I’ve seen a majority of the people collectively standing up to a thinner person, aside from the usual 4-5 people. I don’t think it’s necessarily even about the man’s opinion and whether or not people agree/disagree with him…it’s the way he said it, in that misogynistic, attacking, and inflammatory, self-important sort of way. That’s what it seems like most people have a problem with.

            And if you look back on the recent Jessica Simpson post, although it’s just a rumor and in my opinion bs, you will see the same support towards Jessica Simpson regarding her boyfriend who allegedly told her she needs to lose weight or she’s getting dumped. Most of the people on that thread also said she should be the on dumping him.

            Women have an issue with the way some “men” act towards women and their views on female body image, rightfully so. Like I said, I could care less that this man likes curvy women. If he said, “I like curvy women!” good for him. But the way he said it makes him sound like a straight up a-hole, who no woman, curvy or not, should settle for. Either that or he’s a decent guy who’s writing an article that’s bound to piss off people to get more views. But the way he worded everything…he just reminds me of little insecure sob’s that I’ve repeatedly seen rip women’s self-esteems apart, so, like a lot of women on here, I have little tolerance for it.

          • It only seems like the same 4 or 5 people stand up for skinny people because the same 4 or 5 people usually comment at least 3 or 4 times in the same thread. There are a lot of people who praise skinny and thin bodies on here, just as there are a lot of people who praise the curvy ones. But there are also a lot of negative comments for both. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I don’t think there is a curvy bias on here. Everyone gets bashed just the same. And I tend to agree with Cristina, there are some hypocrites on here, but that’s just the way it goes I guess.

          • MMmm.. If some article was saying ‘men don’t like curvy girls, they prefer skinny one’ in the same way this one was written, which is misogynistic and offensive to women, then yes, I would have said the same thing. People can’t decide what’s attractive and what’s not, no wonder why so many girls feel pressured and have eating disorders.
            NB: I’m not defending thin girls only.. I’m big (over 150 lbs), it would be easier for me to just agree with this article and feel better about myself not being skinny, but it would be stupid too, I don’t need to bash skinny or thin women to feel better about myself, I seriously believe that all sizes can look nice as long as the person is healthy

          • hypocrites? please thin women are just as much as criticize as the bigger ones. look at victoria models or any woman that’s thin who’s been called “boyish”, “no man would want that” etc.

          • I love it how each and every one of you assumed i commented on this ’cause i was fat. When in fact i am thinner than most of the skinny team over here. Unlike them i have a brain, though.

      • i actually think mimi said what a lot of skinny girls on here wanted to say. it sounds very defensive and vicious towards thin women, i completely see where mimi is coming from

        • yea that’s what I meant, but not only to thin women, but women in general. I’m 72kg for 1m70, my BMI is around 24, so im not thin at all, I should actually lose weight, so I’m not on the “thin” or “curvy” side, I don’t care, I think anyone can look good as long as they’re healthy, I was just commenting the way the article was written, I think it’s just total BS, people can’t say “men prefer [adjective] women” it just doesn’t make sense

  49. Oh yes, another article written by some misogynist who feels the need to tell women how we should look, what we should weigh and what body type we should strive for.

    I couldn’t give two sh*ts what this writer says or thinks; I workout and take care of my appearance for myself, not to be pleasing to males.

    • Spot on! I work out to feel good ABOUT ME. And the guy who is next to me, loves me when I put on weight for x-mas and when I lose weight.
      I may add, that whoever this person is, is probably a loser who can´t even dream of breathing next to a woman as beautiful as her. Unless, that is, he is breathing next to a collection of women´s magazines.

      • My bf is attracted to me at a variety of weights (I gained 20 lbs when I quit smoking for about a year) as well but my happiness with my body is more important to him 😉 than what is aesthetically pleasing to his hormones or biological urges.

  50. Women will never get it: men don’t like stick figures. And as I’ve stated on this website before WOMEN are far harsher on women than men are. Plain and simple.

    The bottom line unfortunately is men like the KiM Kardashian look (big boobs, big butt, tiny tummy). And most do no posses it, and it cannot be achieved through exercise and starvation – like Gweneth’s look can. Kim’s look can only be achieved by genetics and plastic surgery. 🙁

    • “The bottom line unfortunately is men like the KiM Kardashian look (big boobs, big butt, tiny tummy).” LOL!! That’s all men like, huh? For a fact? How ever did Gwyn find a husband? Miranda Kerr? Nicole Richie? Please think before you type something so ignorant next time.

      • it’s a miracle 🙂

        I dont know what “men like”, but I can tell you that my husband thinks Kim K is scary looking, so that doesn’t bode too well for KMJustice’s theory.

        • Kim K took the wobbly bits thing a bit too far. She needs an a– reduction. I’m waiting for the day she gets diagnosed with a huge a– tumor and its splashed across Star Mags front page…

          • However funny this may be…she is a sex symbol because of her figure, and is plastered all over mens magazines and her latest this hot superbowl add…so her huge a– must be desirable to a huge amount of men, because it sure is making here huge money!

          • “be…she is a sex symbol because of her figure, and is plastered all over mens magazines and her latest this hot superbowl add…so her huge a– must be desirable to a huge amount of men, because it sure is making here huge money!”

            So are VS models, some of which have been featured in SuperBowl ads as well, but yet you seem compelled to repeatedly imply that only kids and not actual men like their figure.

      • @lc – Finding a husband or a boyfriend is a different ballgame. Put Miranda, Nicole Richie, Gwyn, Kim K and Hallie Berry together in a club wearing the same style of dress, or at the beach wearing the same style of bikini. MOST guys seeing them for the first time will be totally be looking at Kim K and Hallie.

        Attitude, personality etc. play a major role in choosing partners. Based on that Kim K would lose out here. Hallie would be the winner based on what I know of her today.

          • @lc – Because you obviously are unable to have a civil debate about the issues. If you think I am wrong, say so, then outline why I am wrong. As you see Casey and I are going back and forth on this topic, and I am sure we are learning much from each other.

            Your contribution: “Yes Casey” – “Agreed Mel” – “Right on Casey and Mel”

            Go right ahead and tune out.

      • Um, I think most people on this site know their measurements …

        How is that pathetic? If I want to find clothes online, wouldn’t I have to use my measurements? If I wanted to find the right pair of jeans, wouldn’t I have to know my waist/hip circumference? It’s completely practical.

        I think it’s pathetic that you have to dig for reasons to insult me due to your unreasonable fetish for Kim K.

      • removed by admin*

        Additionally, VS girls are adored by men ONLY because they aren’t wearing any clothes. Period. They aren’t wearing any clothes. Men like sex. Period.

        • There are SO many things wrong with this I don’t even know where to begin. So many things. I am actually embarrassed when I read this comment. I’m ashamed not for myself, but for you.

        • KMJustice, you are absoultely right.

          Clearly, anyone who has posted evidence contrary to your view is either making it up or has been lied to.

          Guys and gals, we can stop discussing this. KMJustice has figured it all out, no need to keep arguing. We only need to wait for her, in her infinite wisdom, to let us know what it is that is found ultimately attractive. Because you see, unlike the rest of us who make up stuff, KMJustice has personal experiences that have led her to believe she is right, unlike the rest of us who have made stuff up or have been lied to. The rest of us don’t have any personal experiences that contradict her view. She is right, and we are all wrong.

        • Dude, get yourself a therapist. You’re pathetic. And while you’re on that, either go back to the 1600s or work on racial acceptance. Wake up, it’s the 21st century.

        • KMJustice. You are an absolute troll. Most of your absurdly insulting comment has now been removed so it will no longer prove to be an eyesore to other visitors but I have to say you really are an idiot- what right have you got to slate anybody’s appearance because of their nationality and how dare you pick on Mel because she is ‘pathetic’ enough to know her measurements??? I cant’ be bothered to respond to all the bigoted points you made but I only have one last thing to add: You had a go at Mel for not using her own photo as a display picture but by not having one yourself, I must say, you’ve got it spot on; the reason you’ve got a blank as your display picture is because you’re exactly that- a coward and a nobody. That’s not to say that anyone else without a display picture is hiding behind their computer screen, just nobody else is idiotic and worthless enough to make the comments you have about somebody else. To everyone else- sorry if my comment comes off as a little harsh but I’m actually FUMING for you, Mel!

      • Um, I DID have my picture up as my profile for at least a month. Pity you didn’t notice that. And on top of being painfully ignorant, you’re extremely bigoted. Are you seriously going to pick on me because I’m Asian? Do you have nothing else to pick on besides that? That makes you a truly pitiable person if you have to resort to someone’s race to elevate yourself. Oh, and for the record, I know Asians who have J. Lo booties and D cups. I only feel sorry that you’re so stereotyped and shortsighted. Did you even read my posts on Kim? I’ve said before that I like her face and I think her eyes are gorgeous. So no I don’t hate on Kim K. Please, if you’ve read my posts as you claim you have, you know I’m not exactly curveless. Jealous of whom? I’m the first to admit I’m jealous when I truly am – Candice Swanepoel, Miranda Kerr, I am truly envious of those girls. Insecure? I wouldn’t think so. Do I feel the need to uncontrollably bash others? From my comments you can see I’m quite tolerant and have room to appreciate almost every body type. I don’t spend my life on here, that would be sad if I did. I don’t think anyone on this site does. And you’re really insulting not only me, but the rest of us and Versus as well, by treating this site in such a derogatory fashion. If you don’t like this site, you can leave. Then you don’t have to worry about being “pathetic” anymore.

    • How sad that you prefer a worthless, vacuous pseudo-celebrity who’s only famous for having a cartoonish a– and a sex tape over a person with real talent.
      Is this what the future of America looks like?

      • Alexa, nowhere is it stated that I prefer ANY thing about her; I made a statement that her figure obviously is making her money.

        Casey, I did not imply only boys like skinny girls…I stated that boys do grow up into men, most who can appreciate a more curvy womanly look; and prefer to look at a woman who does not have a figure so similar to theirs in shape.

        Mel, Miranda Kerr is medically underweight…Her face is and b❆❆bs in a push up bra is why she’s considered “hot”

        • Um, women who are underweight can be healthy. I am slightly underweight, and my doctor says I am very healthy. So there you go. And there have been candids of her topless/without a push up bra, and guys still commented that she was really hot.

          • Good for you.
            I do not find the visibility of womens ribs hot, you can see hers. B❆❆bs are boobs, and men are visual creatures…of course naked b❆❆bs would be appealing…bigger the better is what alot of men will say.

          • Actually, what I’ve heard most often is the phrase “perfect C cup.” So not always bigger the better. I think it may be a difference in area. 9 out of 10 guys here would probably prefer a skinny, toned girl, but I live in a suburb of West LA so it’s the norm. And no, it’s not just because she was topless – like I said, when she was in a bikini (no pushup) guys thought she was hot. But you seem stuck in your belief that bigger is always better and more appealing to guys, so whatever. At least I live in a place where that’s not always the case.

          • Mrs. L, I really don’t get your comments. They’re so unnecessary and, well, frankly, they’re wrong. I don’t know why you think bigger is better, but I know my boyfriend really dislikes b❆❆bs that are over D size. He doesn’t find them appealing or attractive. It’s the same for countless guys I’ve met. There are the occasional who like huge boobs, but it’s not really something they desire living with daily. They may want to experience it for a night, but 99% of the guys I know care about proportion and how something looks on a woman. If b❆❆bs look too big on a girl, I know many men would not find it attractive.

          • Halle,
            To tell anyone on here their comments are wrong, is of no point. MANY men DO like large breasts. Playboy and p— are billion dollar industries, and the majority of those women have LARGE chests. And plastic surgery to get large boobs, is also increasing in numbers. As for you bf and many men you know finding it un-attractive…I can find just as many if not more that love huge boobs. The only place where small chests are the wanted/ the norm is on the runway.

          • Wow…
            Well, Mel,
            I am not stuck on anything. And I stated that’s what alot of MEN would say from my experience. In my opinion, a runway model at 5 10 and a size 0 looks unhealthy. I do not find their ribs, hip joints and protruding shoulders “hot”. Women, if you look it up, are suposed to have more body fat than a male, and a different skeletal structure as well.
            If there is a skinny chic in a bikini bottom with her top off…I am sure there is a male somewhere that will say she is hot. I am also sure there are many if not more that would sit there and say she is too thin.
            As for the perfect C cup…ok? In the plastic surgery industry, the most requested size is usually a D cup.
            I don’t think that making assumptions of what I say makes very much sense…

          • Let me quickly rephrase what I said: I perceive them as being wrong.
            Yes, I never said they don’t like large breasts, BUT, many do not like “huge” ones. At least, not abnormally huge. The guys I was talking about that I know do like large breasts, but when they are disproportionate…no.
            Er…how are small b❆❆bs only wanted on the runway? How are they only the norm there? Countless, countless women have small breasts. Other hundreds of thousands of women wish they had smaller breasts, so they get breast reduction surgeries. Why don’t you mention those as well as augmentations?

          • Actually, to prove you wrong, I read in countless magazines (among them Allure and Elle) that a C is the most requested size. Just look it up if you’re so convinced.

            From Celebrity Beauty Buzz:

            Plastic surgeons reveal what Hollywood celeb body parts are the most requested, and how much it costs to look like them. Gisele Bundchen has the most requested breast size, “They’re not too big and not too small. They’re symmetrical – the perfect size being a C cup – which most women long for” says Dr. Rizk.

            And also, we’re not talking about 5’10” size 0 runway models, they are a different story. I could understand if many guys do not find that the ideal. But Gwyneth Paltrow is nowhere near that level of skinniness, so it doesn’t make sense to talk about it in that context.

            You seem too fixed on extremes – the size 0 runway model with A cups, or the Playboy girl with D cups. There is a middle ground, and a lot of guys seem to prefer that. I do agree that many men like large breasts, but like Halle said, I don’t know about bigger is better. Whenever guys see pictures of Coco (Ice-T’s wife), they say that they are honestly a little freaked out. And not everyone loves Christina Hendricks either.

          • Halle,

            Yes women have reduction surgeries…mostly do to back pain…not because they don’t wan’t ample busts.
            As for small chests being the norm on runways…YES it is, the designers want the garment to fall a certain way…and it will fall that way on smaller busts. That is what I was trying to get across.

          • Mel,

            You are not proving me wrong by citing a magazine article. Medically from a surgeons mouth, the most requested size is a a FULL C/ small D (same diff.)
            And the guy writing his little article may have not been talking about 5 10 size 0, but I brought it up, so I was talking about it, I didn’t realiz that was not permited in these posts.
            And..NO I am not fixed on anything. 0-20, someone will find something beautiful about any of those numbers.

          • Okay, well, I have read 3 magazine articles stating a C cup was the preferred size. I don’t care whether it’s a large C, the fact is, it’s still a C cup. I’m not debating this because it has some personal significance (I really couldn’t care between a large C or small D), but because it has factual relevance.

        • “her arse may be ghetto,”
          GHETTO? Can’t believe you said that.
          Also why do you think women care so much about what men want? Don’t think about your opinion as it is something sooo important.
          So many talented and sexy men date really skinny women (Alexander SkarsgÃ¥rd, Orlando Bloom, Chris Martin..) , fat women (Pierce Brosnan), etc… Women may or not find a nice man, but I hope it will be independent of their weight. (considering they want a man anyway…)

          • haha it was not an insult…and it is my type of humor. And my opinion is important, maybe not to you but I am entitled to it. Thanks.
            As for women caring what men want…if they didn’t most wouldn’t be trying so hard to look a certain way.

          • Mrs. L.- WOW I NEVER said that NO man likes Kim. Just that obviously, not 99.9% of the male population, which is what you seem to think.

        • I asked my two brothers what they both thought of Kim K. They BOTH said she was fat. I asked them who was hotter out of her and Adriana Lima. Again, they BOTH said Adriana Lima, practically in unison.

          • But medically, Kim is not fat. And it is unhealthy to think so. People are haters, I think it is sad. It would be much better if we did not create this “ideals”, “the most desired” concepts…

          • Yep, TWO of them. Showing that they aren’t ALL crazy over her like you say. I think next I’ll poll male friends…a lot of whom like thin women.

          • And don’t you think that is a bad thing? I have a feeling that people often judge women’s look mainly on the basis of weight. Maybe your brothers are very much under the influence of media. Media often promote that women should be thin, resp. underweight…

          • I never said “ALL” men, get it right.
            And…yes, some men do like trim women…guess what, others like Kim Kardashian type! what a thought eh…

          • Let me break it down for you , since you seem to not understand.
            I nowhere said 99.9% of the male population like Kim Kardashian. You however said your two brothers both said Lima was “hotter”…as if accounting for every man out there.
            All I said was Kim Kardashian is hot to alot. She is plastered on mens magazines, t.v., everywhere…so her huge ass, ample bust, and tiny waist and gorgeous face…must be desired by quite a few.
            And you need not tell me that Adriana Lima is advertised too, I am aware.
            Some men like K.K. and some like A. Lima…and alot like both.

    • And where exactly did I say “ALL” men?

      I’m short with small boobs, I found a good husband. You missed the point completely – therefore YOU, my darling, are the ignorant one!!!

      Pssh. I turn my nose up at you. You bore me.

  51. I just read the full article and I actually like it! I don’t think he’s bashing thin/slim/skinny women. I don’t even think he’s bashing a healthy lifestyle full of the right amounts of protein, fat and carbs. I think his point is that Gywneth comes off as a health snob from her website. What she does to achieve her body is unattractive (she went on a 7 day juice fast) etc etc… I don’t think he would’ve written this article if it wasn’t for the personality that comes along with the body.

    • I agree but at the same time he is saying men prefer women with lumps and blah blah.
      Really? Most men I know drool over VS models. And I am sure this loser does too.

      • Agree completely, maybe he was turned down by a thin girl at one point in his life and has harbored complete resentment towards them since? I can understand people preferring curvier bodies, but this kind of bashing is just completely childish. Dude needs to grow up and move out of his mom’s basement.

      • I don’t know about the author himself, all i saw that he was chubby and had a few kids…. but I guess I some men wouldn’t prefer lumps over a slim body, but maybe he would prefer his gf go out to the restaurant and have burger with him instead of getting the salad? then again i guess it depends on the type of guy cos maybe he wants the salad too! it’s really all relative in the end isn’t it…

  52. LOL! This is the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. Come to Manhattan where men expect their woman to be yoga queens with abs like steel…

    • Yes, in LA there is a big preference for that too. Not sure where these Daily Mail writers are from, everyone I speak to here loves VS models and Megan Fox.

      • Hahaha, I live in the Southbay and totally know what you guys are talking about except for the Megan Fox part (all the guys I know thinks she is overrated) as there are so many girls that look like her in Orange County, it’s not really special.

  53. Yeah men consider us women sexy if we Have big boobs. I couldn’t care less! Gosh give me a break. Listen up if you feel sexy and confident you will appeal to anyone. And men like him who write this s— are stupid! Who is he to say things like that? Back Off, you Make me sick!

  54. I agree with you on that for sure! VS models might be most people’s (not just a man’s) ideal body type? I can only dream of having Candice’s figure and I’m sure she works hard for it, maybe just as much as Gwyn does? But for some reason Gwyn just comes off as more anal? IDK but a lot of women in hollywood probably do what she does…personal trainers, cleanses, fasts, but I guess she just comes off as a neurotic because she has been so vocal about it?

    Maybe the writer should’ve voiced his opinion better…like all women can be beautiful at any shape just don’t forgo your sanity or health to achieve ideals not meant for your body???

    • I’m sorry…but I do not aspire to be underweight, as most models/celebrities are…to be VS model, tall and lanky with no hips/waist ratio…and needing a VS push up bra for boobs…NO thanks! And, that is not “mosts” ideal…

      • Adriana Lima and Marisa Miller have boobs, what are you takling about? And Candice has a pretty killer WHR, so do some research before you go around insulting them. And what is wrong with having small boobs? Tons of guys find that sexy too!

        • wow…sorry to offend you so. I did not INSULT them…did I say Marissa Miller, you b❆❆bs are too small and you have no ass! you are gross! Ummm, no I did not. As for research, I have plenty of knowledge regarding allof this! I had to do a report when I was in college on the female form dating from the greek godess days to now.
          And as for small boobs, there is nothing wrong with them! and I think it is crazy that so many women pay to get bigger ones! So, do not make assumptions based of of a brief comment I have made.

          • Well, I’ve been reading your comments, and I think most of them could be found offensive. You are kind of insulting VS models in a way by talking about their bodies negatively, and they are actually some of the healthiest models that can be observed. They exercise and have no bones or ribs sticking out. They have healthy enough bodies, maybe somewhat underweight, but I’m underweight as well and I most certainly don’t look like it. And most VS models have some sort of curves. They’re not crazy curves, but really, how many people have those types of curves? Most of the VS models have good-sized b❆❆bs and butts. They are athletic, but Candice has an AMAZING WHR, like mel said. They show how you CAN be womanly and fit. I have to completely disagree with your comment, sorry.

          • Halle,

            You are entitled to your opinion…but I will disagree. First I am not insulting VS runway models. And as far as them being “healthy” I beg to differ…in the fashion industry, the weight and size of models has drastically dropped over the past 30 years. Alessanda Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr, Gisele…I am sorry but they look far too thin, with bones visible, from back to hip, to rib. And no, they do not have an ass. Now, Cindy Crawford…she was slim, and her weight wasn’t so low for her height…Now-a-days, your long lanky VS model wearing a size zero, could wear the average 10 year old girls jean. They are not “athletic”…Athletic is Cameron Diaz, or even Doutzen Kroes…where you can see the muscle. And, the most healthy looking model out there in VS world, is Doutzen.

          • I agree with Halle. I am sure none of them, at 5’10” are a zero. And what do you have against size 0 women? I am a 0, occasionally a double 0, and I am perfectly healthy. And just because someone lacks a six-pack doesn’t mean they are unathletic. I know plenty of skinny girls who are amazing runners, swimmers, tennis players. I am also quite athletic, and athletic-looking, although smaller than Doutzen or Cameron. I am in no way slating athletic as negative, actually I think toned women are the most gorgeous. But you don’t have to look that way to be equally beautiful.

          • Huh? I haven’t seen any bones sticking out of Candice Swanepoel or Lily Aldridge in their bikini posts. Maybe Alessandra, but I think she may be the thinnest VS model at the moment. Well, yes, they do have an ass, lol. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has a bigger bum than many women. Candice has a muscular, somewhat big bum. All of them have muscular butts, so they are pretty good-sized. I don’t really believe you have to have huge, apparent muscles to be considered athletic, that makes no sense. What if someone works out daily or plays a sport weekly and they don’t have abs or biceps? Does that mean they’re not athletic? I’m sorry, but no.

          • Halle
            In my saying they have no ass, I mean they do, but they are rather flat. Candice, I notice her hip bones often.
            As far as HUGE muscles no, but the definition of athletic is “Physically strong and well-developed; muscular” So…maybe they are into athletics but not so athletic in stature.


            You apparently misunderstand what I say…so IDK what to tell ya…

  55. Didnt read all you guys responses yet (but I will) but just wanted to write first – I hate the daily mail it is such a sexist trash tabloid and the “men” (pigs) that “write” this rubbish all of them can go jump. Oooh yeah its all about what men “prefer” right – god forbid any woman make a decision for HERSELF to be HEALTHY and fit because these fat old men with beer guts sitting behind their desks “prefer” us wobbly. I couldnt give a rats a– what they prefer.

  56. To put things in perspective,


    This is the woman that this “man” is saying most men will find unattractive. I’m sorry, but I call complete bs. That is a figure that a lot of men and women could appreciate.

    Like I’ve said before, most of the well-adjusted men that I know appreciate both the figures of VS models, SI models, and women like Beyonce, without feeling compelled to choose one and then hate on the others. It was only men with issues that felt the need to call normal women chubby, or tell thin women to gain weight.

  57. UGH! Who cares what men like? If she is happy with herself, then that is all that matters. Not to mention, I’d rather be strong, active, healthy, and in great shape like gwyneth than have “lumps” or “wobbly parts”. I don’t work my butt off to please my husband, but to please myself…to see how strong I can be, and how good I can feel about myself. And the funniest part? My husband DOES brag about how many sit ups I can do…he is proud of my hard work, and loves me regardless of what my body looks like. What a terrible message to send to women. What men supposedly like or don’t like should never ever equal your SELF WORTH. i think ms. paltrow looks FABULOUS. strong, lean, fit…. i hope she comes back with a nice snarky comment for this self-important writer.

  58. I don’t find it offensive. It’s actually nice to hear that Being skinny isn’t the most attractive trait or most important a women should have. Why isn’t it okay to be as curvy as scarlet, sophia, or even a little curvy. People forget that women are not meant to be bony or stick figures.

    • Didn’t you hear? If you are not stick thin means you are not taking care of your body and you are unhealthy and will die. And you are disgusting.

      Sue me, but most comments over here bash everyone and anything and how all those commenting act mighty and holly as someone dared disagreeing with brainwashing hollywood. Just suck it up, everyone has different tastes. Maybe try using your brains to get men.

  59. Is this before ‘men’ saw her in these pics? Gwyneth looks a lot more shapely in a bikini, I was surprised cause she looks better than i expected.

    Also Padma in the other post looks just as good as Gwyneth and Im sure Men would love her body! These 2 woman are not ‘too’ thin imo.

    I do agree men don’t care about wobbly bits and like woman to be softer than what woman like ( well not all women, I like the soft not too toned look)

  60. it’s really annoying when women talk about ‘real women’ being curvy or whatever, but it’s even more annoying when men do it and think it’s a compliment. It’s not fair. Women aren’t ‘supposed’ to be anything other than the shape they were meant to be, to take care of themselves as best they can. I agree that when Gwyneth speaks in public a lot of what she’s says is super annoying, but her body looks AMAZING. Anybody resentful of her for that is just crazy. She has always been tall and slender, and she obviously takes very good care of herself. Her personality is a different thing altogether, but she appears to be very healthy physically, and after two children, she looks incredible. There is nothing wrong with working hard to have a good body.

    I think she looks fantastic! There are also a lot of curvy women who I think look fantastic. As long as you take really good care of yourself, there’s no reason why you can’t be your sexiest self, whatever your body type.

  61. I find it amusing how women on here get defensive. This guy has his opinion. Good for him.
    I asgree. I mean.. there isnt anything feminine about her here.,.. she looks like a rake, muscle legs. You can still be skinny and soft, and im not talking about hanging flab. Look at rosie from VS she is skinny but soft.

    She looks like she cares more about working out and her body than enjoying her life. Now Nigella Lawson looks like she is enjoying life.

    I am skinny but soft, I have an hourglass shape but I am still smal built. It is very possible. and plus its easy to maintain 😛

    • “Look at rosie from VS she is skinny but soft.”

      She’s also blessed with a vase figure while Gwyneth is not, so no matter what Gwyneth does, she will never look like Rosie. Body shape and body size are two separate things.

    • Um, so just because I’m skinny and toned, I’m masculine and don’t enjoy life? Geez, some people are really narrow-minded. Like you, I have an hourglass shape. But I don’t choose to let myself “go soft” although I could – I like a more muscular physique better and pride myself on athletics. So should I give up the sports I love just to conform to your stupid beauty standards? No thanks.

    • I think i should re word what I mean.

      This guy has an opinion, he rudely states it, but thats his opinion.

      The VS girls are considered very sexy by the guys I know, they are all skinyn some very skinny. but the they seem happy! and like they are having fun! thats soft and feminine!

      Gwyneth just seems so sterile.

      • OK I get what you mean now, but I love Gwinnie! And yes, I always think Miranda Kerr looks like she is enjoying herself, which is one of the reasons why I like her so much!

    • Yeah, what do those stupid ladies need muscle for, anyway? It’s not like putting dinner in the oven requires much strength. Thus, women should be soft and squishy.
      Forget you and your sexist bulls—, I’m going to continue maintaining a toned and athletic (and totally not feminine at all, despite the presence of a v—-) body.

    • you sound silly.

      and have fun when youre old with frail bones and a hunchback. because that is what easy maintenance brings along.

      • Working out daily and taking care of your body will NOT, I repeat NOT, give you frail bones and a hunchback. Science proves it will do the opposite. PLEASE.

          • No, you didn’t. You said “and have fun when youre old with frail bones and a hunchback. because that is what easy maintenance brings along.”

            Okay, actually, um, I’m not sure what you were trying to say. But it did not sound like you were implying anything about not working out and eating healthily. So, yeah, I can read.

      • LOl.
        I didnt say I never worked out. I am healthy, I eat healthy and excerise on a regular basis!

        I just dont kill myself over it. I let myself enjoy food and some days if I dont want to go for a run im not going to beat myself up for it! thats what I mean by easy to maintain.

    • Listen I’m a pear or skittle and I have a great hip to waist ratio that is considered “feminine” but my body naturally puts on muscle really easily because of my body composition, so I would have to live a super unhealthy lifestyle and take exercise out of my life in order to be soft in the way you are talking about.

      Women’s body compositions and the amount of muscle they can put on is different to each individual so your “way” and the look you are talking about isn’t possible for everyone without resorting to unhealthy measures.

  62. I don’t think GP is too thin, I think she has a very elegant figure. But, when I ask my husband what he likes more (tall thin figure or softer curvier), he will ALWAYS say curvier. It’s his taste and that’s sure what he got when he married me!! lol. But, the sad part is, we can’t choose our body type. Sure, i would love to have mile long thin legs, but i can’t because i have short legs. Let’s not attack other women because of the body that God has given them. First we need to start accepting ourselves. I can’t starve myself and strive for those mile long legs, because i will NEVER have them, but if i’m unhappy with my cellulite, that’s something i can help. Don’t strive to be something you fisically can’t be. I was 110 lbs on my wedding day (i’m 5’5) and now after 6 years of marriage i weigh 120, and my hubby loves me just the same! It’s about personality and confidence!!!

    • No offense, but if you’re saying your husband chose you because you are curvy and soft and then you’re saying you’re 5’5′ and (WAS) 110, you’re lying about your weight or you just aren’t that curvy…which leaves us with not a good example. I’m 5’5 and 115 and have small, toned, tight curves. I am by no means considered “curvy” though. I’m more like a Gwenny myself.

      • I’m 5’5″, have been everywhere from 110-125 and I’ve always generally maintained the same curvy-ness.. but that’s because I’m a pear shape. Waist is 27, hips 38. So it is possible to be that way and be curvy.. some of it depends on your body shape. Like my hips will NEVER be smaller than 37-38 because it’s in my bone structure. And I gain weight to my thighs and butt, so my waist and tummy will always stay about the same size too.

        • Thank you Ellen! You and i must have identical body shapes!!!lol. I have short legs, so my bum and thighs will always look curvy. I didn’t mean to set a bad example, it’s the truth. I never said that 110 lbs was a good thing. I was thin due to health problems, i lost 15 lbs in 2 months right before my wedding, i am now at my ideal weight (at least for me).

  63. Here in the UK The Daily Mail newspaper is known as “The Daily Hate Mail” because of its racist bigoted views it’s a disgusting little tabloid rag that hates everyone.

    • I can see why it would be called that! I’ve read so many of their articles, and I have never once seem them promote a tolerant, diverse, open-minded viewpoint. Sounds like a bunch of jealous b*tches on their staff board who always have something to pick on.

  64. Haha seriously …… some of you really need to not take everyones opionions to heart so much.

    Everyone is different, not everyone in the entire world will find the same person attractive and that counts for men.

    In my personal OPINION you mostly want what you dont have, skinny you would rather be curvy, curvy you want skinny, small b❆❆bs you want big boobs, ect…

    Finding someone who is completely content and happy with thier bodies is hard to come by.

    She looks hot, shes confident and has obv put alot of hard work into the way she looks, theres nothing wrong with that.

    You cant say all men prefer one body shape just like you cant say all women prefer one body shape on them.

    • If there is a pretty naked woman if front of them, they arn’t going to be focused on the details.
      All their thinking blood has headed to an, ahem, different region.

  65. This article is bullsh*t. You know what, Daily Mail in general is bullsh*t. You might think that sounds like a lot of hate, but every single one of their articles on beauty targets skinny women. I’ve read at least ten articles like this one on that website. It’s just gotten absolutely ridiculous. I don’t know who on the Daily Mail has a grudge against skinny women, but please, get a life. I suspect a bit of jealousy here, and I’m usually not one to play the jealous card. But I really do think the Daily Mail has an obsession with bashing skinny women, and it’s plainly offensive. Please, Kelly Brook is one post before this and she certainly does not have “wobbly bits.” I think Daily Mail is just trying to make the average woman feel better. Just a while ago there was an article on Megan Fox and let me tell you PLENTY of bashing was going on. I’m fine with celebrating curves, but really, do you have to put it this offensively? I manage to celebrate skinny women without bashing curvier ones. Can’t Daily Mail do the same, considering that they are pretty widely read? These articles don’t even have a point. What’s the point of telling women Gwyneth is unattractive? How is that benefitting anyone? And while I’m not pro-ana or anything, I don’t think women should aspire to “lumps and bumps” of the traditional kind, although of course Kelly Brook’s are very enviable. But they really are sending out the wrong message here, and I am completely livid. I cannot see how an authentic news source such as this could put out such complete and utter trash. Shame on you, Daily Mail. Not that I ever read you anyways.

    • go mel. GP may not be the look i want because i prefer thin and curvy looks but she looks good at where she’s at. i know people want to sit here and defend him but the point is he was wrong for what he said and had this been about a bigger woman everyone here would have a fit. i have flaws on my body but i still try and work on them instead of complaining. and i know plenty of men who find meagan good, gabrielle union, aaliyah(r.i.p), kelly rowland attractive and they’re all thin. although meagan has more curves but the point is men have different tastes when it comes to women. besides gweneth has a man in her life so she probably could care less.

  66. You guys are focusing to much on that one comment. What he’s saying is Men prefer natural girls. Belive it or not guys are more attracted to girls with bigger chests and what not. It’s genetically wired. What he’s saying is that women should not hold this as the ideal to aspire to because it’s obsessive and annoying and not all that attractive to men anyway. It’s the personality behind the looks, like how freakin’ annoying GP is about her fitness as opposed to how she actually looks. It will turn a guy off more if you spend all your time at the gym and eating protien shakes then taking time to enjoy yourself.
    Both standpoints are ridiculous, though the mans is more reasonable than GP’s.
    GP looks good and healthy, maybe in more moderation, it would be better. Regardless, she is beautiful and talented yet still to obsessive about her looks and being everyone’s ideal. He should have left out the bit about looks. His point would have been made better.
    Yeah, sorry for the rant, i just thought the poor guy deserved an explanation.

    • No, it is not “genetically wired.” Neither you nor the sexist POS who wrote this article know what “men like” and what “men find attractive.” All you can do with garbage comments like this is insult women who do actually bother to take care of their bodies. It reeks of jealousy and resentment.

      • @Tara, except they really are genetically wired to appreciate larger breasts. It’s actually psychological thing. Unconsciously guys gravitate towards bodies that have a low WHR and larger breasts. Studies have shown that these qualities may be a sign that women are more fertile, healthy, and able to bear children. I remember learning that it has to do with the fact that these women produce higher levels of reproductive hormones. Also larger breasts sag more later on in life, and therefore makes it easier for men to judge age by just looking. (Men also tend to gravitate towards younger girls even when they are older for the same reason, they are seeking fertile, healthy women)

        It’s an unconscious thing that they can’t help. I’m sure there are exceptions, but for the most part guys can’t help but gravitate towards women with larger breasts.

        • Larger, maybe, but some on here imply that bigger is always better, which is just ridiculous. Still, you can’t pin down the entire male population. And even if they do generally gravitate towards larger breasts, again, it would be more like a C cup, and not like an EE, although there are some gargantuan-boob lovers out there. Also, it’s about proportion. Larger breasts in proportion to one’s body, not larger breasts, period. A skinny girl with full B cups could be very attractive because although her breasts were not technically “large,” they are large for her frame.

  67. You see, ladies, it’s really quite simple: None of the male-approved activities for you to engage in require you to be in good shape. Neither putting dinner in the oven, nor lying passively under your thrusting husband require you to use muscle. Therefore, you have no business being anything other than fat and squishy.
    /Daily Fail

  68. It’s absurd how often one man thinks he speaks for all men.

    When I was much thinner, 5’7″ and 120, my boyfriend loved how easily he could pick me up and carry me, how flat my stomach was, and he bragged to his friend how he could almost fit his hands around my waist

    Yet I still had nice C b❆❆bs and a butt.

    Fit and healthy is ALWAYS sexy. Unless the man himself is a fat blob and is afraid of being showed up by his girlfriend.

    • “It’s absurd how often one man thinks he speaks for all men. ”

      Amen. Every time anyone, male or female, begins their post with one of the following phrases: “all men” “majority of men” “most men”

      …I just tune out. If your opinion can’t rest on its own, and you feel the need to include such phrases as a way of making yourself sound more legitimate, then, honestly, you really have nothing valuable, insightful nor important to say. Any opinion that begins with those phrases in the end is nothing more than a single man’s, or a single woman’s, opinon.

  69. Hello everybody! The writer of this article sure got you good, didn’t he? Here you are, arguing amongst yourselves…too thin, not curvy enough…why do you care? Gwyneth is a public figure and she gets paid to obsess about her body, but most of us do not. The point of this article is to just RELAX and enjoy life, because confidence and happiness are what is TRULY sexy to ALL MEN. If you asked my boyfriend what my “body type” was I’m sure he would reply, “sexy.” Whatever body type you were born with is perfect just the way it is because life is beautiful. Just relax and enjoy the moment.
    Have a nice day.

  70. I think this article absolutely has some truth to it. However, Gwyneth’s legs are AMAZING. haha. I, personally, find guys like girls with some meat on their bones (i.e. Brooklyn Decker, 2009 Megan Fox, etc.)

  71. Christina Hendricks and Kim Kardashian are corsetted to the max and would look downright fat without all their Spanx and girdles and s—.

  72. I haven’t read every single comment here, so forgive me if someone has mentioned this, but:

    Why does the author presume that Kelly Brook et al. AREN’T neurotic about their bodies? I would almost guarantee that KB and CH will be striving to maintain their looks just as much as Gywenth – their careers depend on them looking that certain way, perhaps even more so than GP’s does.

    Curvy women and muscular/thin women can be just as neurotic and obsessive about food as each other. There’s absolutely no correlation to do with size.

  73. I love the amount of self-objectification going on in this post, in both the article and the comments. Who cares of what guys think? Hell, why care what anyone thinks so long as you feel good? Some women like being thin because it makes them feel good; others like being curvy because it makes them feel good. So why criticize others’ bodies on the basis of “health” or “aesthetics” and assign moral/value judgments on physical appearance when it’s just a bunch of judgmental sh*t?

  74. just stupid! its not like we can just wake up and have “curvy parts” lol some people are born flat chested . what to do with that? get plastic surgery!?

    the only point that hes making thats at least making some point is that you shouldnt aspire to be super thin. not that gwyneth is. but for me healthy weight is the best and maybe proportional to what you do have naturally.

    either way i find this article pretty offensive.

  75. I can see what the writer was trying to get at, but I think he definitely missed the mark by using one actress to personify his point.
    I think he meant to say that women don’t need to go to extremes to impress most men. Men want to have fun with you and if you are obsessed with exercise, dieting, anti-aging and esthetics to the extent that it impinges on “couple-life”, it no longer becomes attractive. It is important to be healthy and confident without it ruling your life. Too much “control” over appearances can negatively impact other areas of your life.

    However, this writer wasn’t very eloquent in expressing his point and it turned into a piece that can be interpreted as being anti-thin, anti-health conscious, anti-women’s-right-to-choose-about-their-body.
    The writer doesn’t know Gweneth Paltrow personally. She may be obsessed about her appearance or she may be far more balanced and “normal” than what we interpret from the media.
    It’s impossible to tease out genetic factors and lifestyle choices from a paparazzi photograph to ascertain whether a woman is too “controlling” of her appearance.
    Frankly, this guy is a douche for not thinking these things through. He is not the mouthpiece for “all men”. Different men prefer different physical qualities in a woman. Try to generalize men and you will only hit a percetage of them that it applies to.
    Stay healthy, work with your own body and make sure to find men who will appreciate you for the way you look. Don’t try and change for a man. Who wants a guy who only likes you because you look like “Actress X”? That guy can kiss my ass.

  76. I’m 20 and, while a man’s perception of a woman may change as they get a bit older, I’ve heard lots of guys talk about how ‘fit’ a girl looks. They find it hot.
    Lots of men find a toned, fit looking woman attractive. It doesn’t mean you’re obsessed at all, it shows that you look after yourself and your body.
    This article is very offensive. Some women have naturally slim bodies or more muscular bodies… are they saying men don’t find them attractive?
    Gwen looks great here!
    Men may not talk about ‘how many sit ups their wife can do’, but i’m sure if their wife had a body as hot as Gwen’s they would be proud of that.

    • Agree, I’ve even heard in the UK “fit” is sometimes used as a synonym for “hot,” but idk if that’s true anymore. The point is, I think fit women will always be considered attractive to a large degree because they show they take care of themselves. Even very skinny, fit women will probably attract a lot of guys because although she is very thin, she is healthy enough to gain some muscle tone.

      • Yep, you’re right. It’s sort of a word that’s died down now but when I was 13/14 ‘fit’ meant attractiveness more than fitness level.

    • I also think that it’s kind of…funny & ironic in a way that the author describes Gwyn’s want to be thin/fit/whatever as having some issue with control, that’s she’s somehow narcissistic. How is trying to keep fit being a control freak? The woman isn’t in her 20’s anymore, so she obviously has to do more work than someone half her age, so i think it’s to be applauded. I just love that it’s a ‘control freak’ issue when someone her age still wants to remain thin/fit, as if that’s a bad thing. It wouldn’t be entirely healthy for her to let herself go either…bleh, this author has no idea what in the hell he’s talking about.

  77. I totally get what he is saying, even if the writer did not convey it in the best way. After spending most of my twenties obsessively dieting and exercising I have finally come to peace with my body. I totally agree that as women we believe that being super thin is the most attractive way of being. And yes I was underweight for many years, but was I happy? No! I was totally obsessed with not gaining an ounce. I couldn’t enjoy meeting friends for dinner where I couldn’t ‘control’ what I was putting into my body. For me, it took having a child to finally love my body and what it could do. Now that I’m older and at a healthy weight I am so much happier. It is all about balance rather than obsession. I now eat healthily 90 percent of the time and indulge without freaking out about it. Work out three times a week instead of seven. I think what the author is getting at is that obsessively worrying about remaining thin is not attractive. In terms of men’s preferences for size, I do believe men really aren’t as hung up on the perfect size as we are. If you are healthy, happy and confident that is the most appealing thing to men.

  78. I don’t get what all the fuss is about. The writer stated that men prefer a woman with flaws who can unwind and is confident in herself over a woman who is “perfect,” but is so uptight about keeping that perfection that she is never able to fully accept herself and just have fun. And I think the sentiment rings true. I don’t care if you look like gynn, if your entire life resolves around how you look in a bikini and the number on a scale, then perhaps you should sort out your priorities. Life isn’t meant to be on a strict diet to look “good,” it’s to enjoy it and make the most out of it.

  79. I have to say that some of the naive narrow-minded responses people come back at when you make a comment they don’t agree with or understan…was the main reason I stopped posting too much on this site.

    Skinny, and bony and a size 0 does not equate to beauty. THAT is what is shoved down womens throats these days; and it is horse s—. Models went from a slim but healthy weighted Cindy Crawford to Miranda Kerr, where she is so thin that candids spark anorexia questions amongst the “world”.

    I am so tired of women belittling women!

    From survey to survey that I have seen, done by men, yes…they did like that curvy look; chest, hips, smaller waist, and an a– you could serve coffee on. GREAT, okay, whatever. Studies however show that men look at the faces of women first…but as women, we think guys are going after there boyish, yes olive oil ( via popeye, not cooking) bod.
    So when there are these shockingly skinny runway models and celebs, we don’t think they are shockingly thin, because it is what we have been made to believe a woman should look like. I’m sorry but your thighs should touch at some juncture, and they should not be the same size as your calf! Damn.

    For every guy that likes a waify underweight girl, I do agree with most male surveys, that there are more that like a woman with more meat to her body. WHATEVER though…seriously.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The man writing this article I think meant to imply that her skinny minnie body is not usually a preference amongst the vast majority of males, and that her focus is misplaced. There is beauty in flaws. “wobbly bits, a poochy tummy, cellulite, stretch marks” who deemed these flaws anyways?

    Many a husband and father will tell you his wifes extra weight, or wider hips or softer belly or stretchmarks represent beauty to him. Sadly, women find them to be flaws.

    Eat some damn pasta, don’t kill yourself on detox diets, buy a push up bra and call it a day. ENJOY life a bit more than trying to be look like some waifishly skinny unrealistic runway model.

    We are more than our bodies, our bodies are just a vessel for the beauty of our souls.

    • I actually do agree with some of your points, I think we just do not understand each other. See, I agree that most guys would not prefer a size 0 or “olive oil” bod, as you are saying. But at the same time, as long as that girl is naturally skinny and looks healthy, there are always going to be men there to find her attractive. And not everyone can be Cindy Crawford. Is it a problem that my thighs don’t touch? I don’t think so, and I don’t think they will ever touch unless I become quite overweight. It’s just my bone structure. There is no “should” to womens’ bodies – some women naturally have skinny legs – how are they supposed to change their bodies? Just like I have defended Rihanna’s legs because there is nothing she can do to change their size, so I will defend the skinny-legged woman who cannot pump up her thighs. Not all size 0 women kill themselves on detox diets. I am a size 0 and I eat a lot, although healthfully, and have never watched my calories. Not everyone who is that size leads a miserable life – some of us are happy, you know. I understand that you are sick and tired of the media shoving this image down your throats, but it is not our fault that the media chose to promote this ideal, and you really shouldn’t be taking this out on thin women. You are right, size 0 does not equate beauty. Health does. But if you are a size 0 and healthy, who is to say you are not beautiful?

      • No, we can not all be the gorgeous Cindy Crawford 🙁 unfortunately! lol
        If your thighs don’t touch at the highest point on the inner thigh, then you are amongst the few women whose don’t.
        My issue is that, who decided to promote this one idea of beauty? Why do we airbrush skinny women skinnier? ample busts bigger? tiny waists tinier?
        If you are naturally thin, and I mean for real…then more power to you! but I do not think that most models, starlets are…if they were I don’t think that there would be so many articles about how they have to diet and kill themselves at the gym.
        I don’t want my daughter to see these 5 foot 10 size zero models and think she has to be that to be “beautiful”
        Robyn Lawley for example…the woman is gorgeous, and at a size 12 I think, people think she is “large” however, for her frame and height, she is not! now, throw her size 12 dress on a 5 foot tall small framed woman and YES, that is large.
        I am not taking anything out on thin women…I have been slim, just right, and overweight…while maintaining my curves, and I have to say that I got more compliments being “thicker”. Do I like being any of those yes, one more than another? nope.

        And as for women who look anorexic…they can do something, it’s called eat.

        I am sorry if you found offense in anything I wrote. I had a gf in colleg who ate like a man, and was always a size 2, at 5 foot seven and medium frame, that was very thin! I also had a gf who was 5 foot 5 with a ghetto booty and wore a size 13…I will tell you that we all hung out and all got attention from the same males. So, who knows…
        Ultimately, if a woman is not pleasing her partner…I don’t think it really matters what her pant size says! haha

          • I so apologize if you took offense. The way it is read, does not convey my sarcasm; I am not stupid, do not make me out to be. I understand that it is a disease and usually therapy and hospital time is the remedy, as well as nutrition. Thanksss

        • Your comment that people who look anorexic should just “eat” is simplistic and naive. If psychological issues are the cause of such behaviours, then you can’t just “get over them”. It’s not that simple. To suggest otherwise is kinda offensive IMO.

          • I apologize if you took offense. The way it is read, does not convey my sarcasm; I am not stupid nor am I niave, do not make me out to be. I understand that anorexia is a disease and usually therapy and hospital time is the remedy, as well as nutrition. As for you assuming that I was either…it is not appreciated.

    • Sorry if I came off as naive or narrow-minded, I’m not, but maybe I understood some of your comments in a different way than you intended them to come across. I am not influenced by the media because I am confident in my body. That was just the way I was raised. My parents were very confident people, not arrogant, but self-assured and strong. Because of this, maybe I lose track of what others see. I can’t really relate to someone who has extreme body issues because I myself am very satisfied with my body.
      I just wanted to say…I enjoy my life very much. I don’t restrict food unless it is horrible crap or something like that which has no nutritional value whatsoever. I hope that my comments show one thing: that I want all women to be happy and accepted, not just one type of woman. You can have your opinions, I can have mine, we can agree to disagree. I don’t want to offend anyone, that’s for sure!

      • I am easily misunderstood 🙂
        “Props” to you for having the confidence in yourself that so many do not!
        You know, I think I read that 97% of women are unhappy with how they look! The media certainly can’t help with that problem.
        Sadly, alot of young girls grow up with moms who have self image issues…lucky for you yours didn’t!

        I think some of these comments from people on here also go back to the whole “I have straight hair and want curly, or having no a– but wanting to shake one like J.Lo’s” haha…

        I am 5 foot 9.5 with a medium/large bone structure…I will never be a size 0…even if I was anorexic, for it is just not my bone structure..and I am okay with that because I know it is not how I am designed! However, me, at a size 7…I look quite thin…even with my boobs, booty and hips…but perhaps it all looks nice because of a small waist…IDK, but I do agree with whoever keeps saying it is all about proportion/ waist/hip ratio!

    • “Skinny, and bony and a size 0 does not equate to beauty. ”

      Maybe not bony, but skinny and size 0 does equate to one beauty out of many, and as long as it’s natural, there is nothing wrong with it. Not everyone can be a size 0, but likewise, size 0’s cannot be size 8’s.

      “THAT is what is shoved down womens throats these days;”

      If you are in high fashion, but high fashion is not what most people are exposed to each day.

      “I am so tired of women belittling women!”

      I am too, but do realize that you are a part of it. Whether you are posting because you’re angry at what others have posted, you are contributing to the cycle of hate on thin women which then hate on larger women which then hate on flat chested women which then hate on large chested women.

      “From survey to survey that I have seen, done by men, yes…they did like that curvy look; chest, hips, smaller waist, and an a– you could serve coffee on.”

      The only truly legitimate study, of thousands of men, with controlled images, has determined that most WESTERN men do like curvy figures, curvy meaning having an 0.7 whr (not less, which was seen disproportionate, not more, which was seen as too shapeless), a prominent but not large butt, C cup breasts, and dress sizes of 2-6. By majority of men, it was around 60%, which means, even then, 40% disagreed with the conclusions of the study in some way. And even with the attempt at random sampling, this study was unable to be replicated in different cultures aside from Western. So if you’re going to argue the, “Men like curvy women!” standpoint, then you must give up your standpoint of women who are VS models are unattractive, as most of them are size 2’s, and you must give up your standpoint about bigger breasts being always better, as the majority of men in that study were found to like C cups the most.

      “I’m sorry but your thighs should touch at some juncture, and they should not be the same size as your calf! Damn.”

      Whether thighs touch or not is mostly due to hip width and how the leg bones meet with the hips. My boyfriend loves gaps in women’s thighs…it’s probably the third thing he likes most about a woman’s figure, after butt and small waist. It indicates wide hips, something that it is speculated that men are inherently attracted to since it’s a trait that is particular to women and not men.

      “My issue is that, who decided to promote this one idea of beauty? Why do we airbrush skinny women skinnier?”

      The whole skinny movement was in response to the one idea of beauty that came before it. It was actually a revolution and seen as a openness to more beauty ideals when it first started out. I don’t know who decides to promtoe a single idea of beauty, but I agree with you that it’s dumb, and honestly, they can promote it all they’d like but it still doesn’t make it true. This is why you will never hear the phrase most beautiful woman in the world without tons of people complaining.

      I kind of get where you’re coming from, but at the same time, I think the way you are arguing about it is the way mel said…you are making it out to be that there are only two extremes: either you are a size 0 high fashion model or you are a larger woman with wobbly bits. There is an in-between. And also, being thin doesn’t always mean you give up eating what you love to eat. Maybe you watch what you eat, but that’s not necessarily neurotic, and, if done in a moderate manner, is a postive thing and something that everyone should be doing because what we crave eating and what we love to eat doesn’t always deliver all of the nutritional requirments that our bodies need.

      And as someone brought up, body size isn’t always indicative of neuroticism about food. I know women larger than me who obsess over food, eat salad, just basically don’t enjoy eating…and then there are slimmer people who eat like pigs, and then there’s in-between…people who balance both, which in my opinion is the best way to go.

      I don’t know why you are adamant about your belief that anyone remotely thin is neurotic and depriving themselves of the pleasures of food, and likewise, anyone who has DD cups and wobbly bits has a healthy relationship with food. I’ve worked with women with eating disorders. If you think disordered eating doesn’t occur in people who are not a size 0, let me tell you firsthand that it does. There are many forms of disordered eating that are not anorexia, and not all anorexics reach a size 0 weight before they are diagnosed.

      • Sorry for the long comment.

        I also wanted to say something else, regarding the picture you posted.

        I don’t know. Sometimes I do find myself wondering why high fashion is so adamant about using such thin models…it is a little weird (bizarre even), when you think about it. Sometimes I think high fashion models are like caricatures. The whole industry is kind of bizarre to me.

        But do remember that high fashion really doesn’t have much jurisdiction outside of it’s own little bubble. I would say Hollywood has more of an impact, and most of Hollywood, especially women of Hollywood that are praised for their looks, are a size 4. Not everyone can be a size 4 either, but it’s definitely more attainable for a lot more people than a size 0 at 5’10.

        • Don’t apologize for your comments. You and I are on the same page and you almost always say everything I want to, only more eloquently.

      • Size 0 does not equate to “everything” that is beautiful. Is that better said?

        I am however not “hating” on any type. I believe I have stated that there are men that prefer thin, curvy etc.
        I call BS on that survey…because really a size 2-6? a size 2 on someone 5 foot 5 looks far different on someone size 2 at 5 foot 10…so do C cups. And I never made a “standpoint” that I myself find “bigger b❆❆bs better” I implied that women go to VS to flock after bras that will increase their smaller bust, and women pay thousands each year, motly requesting a D cup, at the plastic surgeon.

        haha, I am sorry but when a woman stands with her feet together, a womans thighs touching at some point is usually what happens…Shakira had 39 inch hips at one point and her thighs touched.

        I have never intended to say that there is nothing but 0 and wobbly bits…if it were up to me the “runway” would be full of short tall, small frames big frames, healthy thin and healthy thick and everything inbetween! All with hourglass shapes would yes be my preference but, alas that is not everyones reality…whatever.

        And, I certainly NEVER became adamant about believing anyone thin is neurotic, or vice versa, that is what the man writing the article said.

        I am quite picky about what goes in my body, very picky…and I am not a size 0 so….yup.

        • (shrug)

          It’s the most legitimate survey done on beauty ideals so far, and is the main supporting evidence for the belief that men favor curvy figures over any other. I can’t remember exactly, but I do think men also prefered women of a certain height…not too tall, not too short. But don’t quote me on that…it was either that or height was held constant. The survey didn’t say that 60% of men favored size 2 on a 5’10 frame. Maybe they favored size 2 on a 5’4 frame, size 4 on a 5’7 frame, and size 6 on a 5’10 frame, if different heights were used.

          I’m not arguing one way or the other in terms of the survey, I’m just quoting it. I don’t know how I feel about it, because to me, 60%, although technicality a majority, is not really a real majority. It still means nearly half of people don’t agree with the above things, which means half of men hold different preferences. And this was just a study of looking at images of women’s figures side by side…it’s kind of hard to say whether you can extrapolate the findings to real life, in real settings, in real interactions.

          If you have very wide hips, your thighs will not touch unless you happen to be pear shaped with thicker thighs. But if you are vase or hourglass, and you have wide hips, your thighs will probably not touch and there’s nothing wrong with it, just like there is nothing wrong with thighs touching. I’ve seen very slim women whose thighs touch so it’s really mostly to do with body structure than body weight.

          Like I said, I know what you’re trying to say and I get where you’re coming from and I agree with you, I’m just saying how your comments come off. I wholeheartedly believe you when you say you watch what you eat and are not a size 0, but do you believe when people say that they eat like pigs, have no frets about what they eat, and are a size 0? Because that exists too.

          • I am 5 foot 9.5, I have a medium/large bone structure…I have a booty, I have Shakira hips, I have a small waist, and I wear a full c small d. My bone structure will never allow me a size 0 jean, even if I was anorexic. I am tall, and have been told to have an enviable figure. I am not dissing size zero women or size 20 women.
            If you eat like a pig and are a 0 great for you 🙂
            I do not know what else I can say…but apparently what I do is mistook.

            So ladies, embrace what you’ve got, and fake what you wish you had.

  80. Everyone has their own opinion about prefered body type. This guy is just ignorant saying all men prefer this or tha, I mean who the ff— is he anyway? No one truly important or worthwhilefeels the need to pull apart others.

    I know guys who love kelly brooks shape and alessandra ambrosia. both are beautiful women and I highly doubt there would be any complaints if they decided to get into bikinis! Beautiful women come in all shape and sizes and most men (worthwhile anyway) know that!

    I am petite 5’2 with 34-23-35. I have never had a complaint with my full B’s breast size. I would look rather silly with DD on my frame! Proportion really is the key.

    Guys that I know sometimes dont give a damn about breast size and its all about the butt, just the same goes for legs and breasts! Everyone is different!

    • As women we should be encouraging each other to be comfortable, happy and healthy. not comparing! We all face the media and ‘what is hot’ and we are never going win the game because it ALWAYS changes and everyone is different in their opinions!

    • agreed. i don’t have really have a “type” when it comes to guys, and i’m sure it’s the same for a lot, if not most, guys with women.

    • Those women look sick! I can’t believe they are still using models like this – it is very obvious that these women are not naturally this skinny, they are starving themselves! Especially Chloe Memisevic – you just need to look at her face to know she is not healthy.
      It is beside the point what men prefer when we see images like this – this shouldn’t be considered glamorous by anyone!

    • I was ready to take issue with the comment about being able to count ribs (you can count mine, big deal), but that Chloe Memisevic… whoa. THAT is certainly disturbing. I know models work on that detached stare, but she looks really sad and unhealthy.

  81. Haha, I knew this would have a bizillion comments by the time I got off work. I never comment and only really come to look at the gowns, but may I make an argument?

    Let’s switch genders in this discussion for a moment. I like tall men. Really tall men. As in 6’4 to 7′ tall. Does that mean that all other men are unattractive? That George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Daniel Craig et all should throw in the towels? Heck no. My best friend calls my preferernce weird and only dates guys under 6′. Does that mean Gerard Butler, Idris Elba and Channing Tatum should go into hiding? And really, if I wrote on some blog somewhere, omg tall guys are so hot, do you think hundreds of short men would need to vehemently debate this. Uh… no. See, it’s all just silly, irrelevent preferences.

    If this guy likes wobbly bits, fine. If some other guy likes six pack abs, fine. Your preference doesn’t matter to me unless I’m in bed with you. My 36 DD rack which would be described by many women here and probably many guys as floppy and gross is all some men can stare at and some girls can envy. The same way that my big, jiggly a– would be called disgusting by many has also caused two car wrecks.

    Whatever will be will be, ladies.

  82. this is f ing stupid. first off, the bikini pic of gwyn is the worst pic for this. at the grammy’s, she was rail thin and this picture does not highlight that. second, all men like different types. some do like skinny models. get over it. some like big butts, big boobs, some like small boobs.

  83. Kelly Brook and Christina Hendricks work out! I bet on some days they look at a picture of someone like Gwen and envy her. Because of their body shapes they can’t lose that much weight and still stay within normal range. Can you picture a skinny skinny Christina? I think she’d topple over from the size of her breasts.
    And Kelly brook has wide hips (like me), if she tried to lose weight those hips would stick out like mad!
    I went a bit crazy dieting a couple of years ago, and in jeans all you’d see is these scrawny legs and very wide hips. You just have to work with what you’ve got.
    And they do work out! When you don’t your body gains weight, even to maintain what you’ve got you have to work for it!

  84. Maybe a very young man doesn’t appreciate a woman taking care of herself so well but a mature man certainly does. Whist someone may not particularly like a certain woman’s figure, I think that praise should be given where it’s due. I don’t like Gwyneths figure much and I dislike her as a person but I sure can appreciate her hard work. I don’t like Christina Hendricks figure either and I don’t think it’s healthy that she doesn’t work out but I can understand when someone else appreciates her figure. This article was stupid and speaks for only a certain percentage of men.

  85. well I dont agree with the article wat so ever.. my bf actually likes small boobs.. not flat.. but normal B or C cups.. he thinks huge b❆❆bs are s—ty and said If i ever got a b❆❆b job he would break up with me.. lol.. he even like tiny cute asses and infact says Kim Ks body is nasty… lol.. I wouldnt wanna be with him if he didn’t like me the way I am and asked me to change.. each person has someone for them… and ppl have different opinions.. I couldnt care less wat anyone else says as long as I have my own ppl that compliment me and like me for who i am.

  86. It always makes me pretty angry to hear or read that men think all our thinking and acing goes towards beinig the most perfect woman, in behaviour as well as in looks that men sees as ideal. Like all our beiing is directed towards pleasing men in every aspect.
    i can only speak for myself, but in first instance I try to meet my own idelas in order to feel as good and be as happy as possible. If there in second instance is a man who thinks this is desirable… great, could be the ideal man for me 🙂

  87. This article is so stupid! The only thing “wrong” with Gwyneth are her natural boobs! Men have nothing against skinny women as long as they have fake boobs! They’re hypocrits! And it’s not true that all men want the same, I know MANY GUYS THAT PREFER SKINNY GIRLS EVEN WITH NORMAL BOOBS!

  88. Sounds like this was actually written by the Real Women Have Curves Brigade over at DM. Doesn’t sound like it came from a man. All this high fiving Christina Hendricks and slagging off slim women. I am almost willing to bet that if anyone were honest the majority of men would prefer the slim woman. The only people who would choose Christina Hendricks are the guys that have a big b❆❆b fetish, cos lets face it that is all she has going for her. And if most women had to swap figures with Gwen or Christina, I am sure most women would rather have Gwens figure, if they are being honest.

  89. Also, how can they put Kelly Brook in the same bracket as Christina Hendricks? Kelly is slim, she is much much slimmer than Christina Hendricks is. I would say she was closer to Gwens size than Christinas.

  90. I am really shocked that there are actually some commenters who are not appalled by this article. It certainly has misogynistic undertones but it openly abuses one woman for her body and lifestyle choices, which essentially boil down to exercising and eating healthy.

  91. Reading this article, the comments with it- whether we find curvy, skinny, fat etc attractive or not, I have come to a new realization about it all.

    Who are we to judge people by their size? Sizes don’t make people attractive. Inner beauty does. The beauty of a soul seems to be completely forgotten by the over glorified view of skinny.

    So, thank you to the Media for mind-f*cking us all. You can’t win if you’re skinny, you can’t win if your a bigger woman. We’re all screwed because according to the Media, neither skinny or fat is good enough.

    So maybe one day, one day… We will fit into your idea of “perfection”. But I highly doubt it.

    • I wish there was a “like” button on this site because I love this comment. Our society so often overlooks inward beauty and amazing character traits that will far exceed the existence of any outer beauty that may be present.

      • Thank you!!
        100% agreed with your last comment. You summed everything I whole-heartedly believe as well.

        Though I was initially outraged by the sexist, arrogant and negative views on “waif thin women”- I had an epiphany about it all. Women (and men included, of course) will never be able to win. As soon as someone gains a few pounds, they’re labeled as “chubby” or have “love handles”.
        It seems the “norm” to put a label to weight. I can’t STAND the word “fat” or “skinny”. Maybe it’s because they’re thrown at people like an insult, or because it’s SO over used in the media.

        If the media stopped trying to convey their idea of “perfection” across to the public, we may not be so warped in our thinking. At the end of the day we’ll never be able to fit into their unrealistic idea of beautiful perfection.

        I could write essays of what *I* believe is beauty. But it seems no one really cares about a beautiful mind & soul. I wonder what the world would be like if the media aimed their spotlight on inner beauty. Either way, they manage to mind-f*ck our perception of inner or outer beauty. I would rather they screw our perception of outer beauty then inner, because that’s probably the most sacred part of the human race.

  92. My husband likes skinny women. I am 5’5 111 and he likes my body. He likes it even beter when I am 107-108. He gets totally turned off by the Kim Kardashian body type. So you can not categorize all men together.

  93. The man is right. Men like jiggle on a woman, but women prefer their bodies to be skinny. it depends who you want to look good for – men or women

  94. @Mrs. L… you’re link scared the crap outta me. Seriously, that is scary. I´m gonna be totally honestv here, when i flip through a VS mag, i like to see fit and thin models. Not grossly skinny, but i appreciate a thin, trim body. But, what´s going on with these models? That one girls legs on the far left, my chin just dropped. I would be very surprised if a man thought that was attractive. I say that because they DO NOT look healthy. GP looks healthy as does Christina and Kelly. I think a mature man appreciates a woman who takes care of her body and respects herself.

    • PERFECT! thank you for posting this! This is what I ramble about ALL the time, but nobody seems to understand it! *sigh* I just fell in love with Adam Hill.

  95. I think the turn off in this man’s opinion is a woman who is so body and diet obsessed that she loses her ability to relax and have fun.

  96. I don’t think he’s necessarily talking about those women who are naturally skinny. He’s talking about the women who’d rather spend their time in a gym, then to spend time with their man.

  97. CurvesRule,

    Since you have asked me questions, can I ask you a few?

    #1) Why do you always bring up what the majority of men like, and research studies, when discussing your preference?

    Please note, I am not attacking you at all. You do, do it. I’m just wondering for what purpose. Do you feel that it lends credibility to how you feel? If so, why do you need the credibility? Isn’t how you feel credible enough? Why the need to have a “majority” standing behind you?

    The reason why I ask is that I have noticed when my boyfriend speaks about preferences, he just says them. Oh I like (blank). I don’t like it when (blank). It is usually I who then bring up research studies usually to say, “Oh a lot of men feel that way. This research said that (blank).”

    Also, I wanted to ask you, do you genuinely feel that women want to and strive to be attractive in the majority of men’s eyes, and if yes, why do you think women would want to be seen as attractive in the majority of men’s eyes?

    Likewise, how do you then feel about the other research finding, by the same people who conducted the above study, that women value quality over quantity of mates, while men value quantity over quality? According to them, it seems that women “preselect” potential mates and strive to attract them, but do not go out of their way to attract all men (as a woman, I find this to be true based on my personal behavior.) It also means that this talk of majority of men like this and that is irrelevant (at least, when it comes to how women feel and how they feel about their bodies), because to each woman, what matters is what the majority that she preselected like, and interestingly, usually the preselected majority like what the woman is, since its one of the prerequisites of being preselected. I am wondering how you feel about these findings, especially in comparison to the other findings by this research institution.

    3 questions. 🙂

    • Casey – “If so, why do you need the credibility”

      Is that a trick question? If your statements aren’t credible, how can anyone else take you seriously. How can you even question that method of debating an issue is beyond me. We all have our preconceived opinions about issues that have been developed by our experiences and our environment, so taking any one persons feelings as credible evidence is not the most appropriate thing to do if you really want to know the truth. Reason is, you never know what they have been through in their lives that would have skewed their opinion.

      Quality over quantity for females, totally agree. All women want a good man. In my experience, single women do put themselves out there when they are ready for a relationship, hence the whole dating phenomenon. You make yourself attractive to as many males as possible so that you can get dates, you go out on dates so that you can eventually pick a partner. Is that not logical?

      Finally, I just want to clarify that you are still mixing what I consider to be two different dynamics. My opinion and that provided by the studies is all about the first visual contact. As I said above, skinny women may not want to hear that, and I think that is what is driving the resistance to that opinion and research. But it’s the truth, and the truth offends sometimes. When it comes to selecting partners, it’s totally different, and I think you are mixing the two, so we will always have disagreement because of that. Again, nothing personal.

      • Ugh I hate writing long responses, I feel like no one will ever read them.

        Let me put it shortly (hopefully). You keep quoting results of a study but you are taking the results out of context. As soon as you do that, the results become null and void, and your opinion goes back to being nothing more than an opinion, not something supported by research.

        The only study that was done that shows men like curvy figures (NOT SIZE), was done on 18-50 year old men looking at pictures of women side by side. You cannot use these findings to talk about real life settings, what live men looking at actual live women prefer (no research on that yet, but hopefully someday). You cannot use these findings to talk about men outside of that age range. You can’t use the findings in ANY way except say, if a man was shown two pictures of women, one with a 0.7 WHR, and one with an 0.8 WHR, 60% of the time he would go with the WHR 0.7 woman.

        Although logically it seems like you can, as soon as you do, research = null and void, and your opinion is no more supported than one with doesn’t quote a research study. The scientific method is very strict, for good reason.

    • Like I said CurvesRule, you are mixing two different things (shape and size). I know what the study said, and you know what the study said (I think), so I don’t understand why you keep making it about size, when the study was about shape. (And PS: There are no studies. There was only one peer-reviewed and legitimate study).

      “My opinion and that provided by the studies is all about the first visual contact”

      The study you are referring to is not about the first visual contact. Both men and women judge people on their body language and face in first visual contact, not their body.

      The study that you keep referring to discusses innate preferences towards an hourglass figure, not attraction at first visual contact. You are extrapolating the results to explain something that the study itself has not been able to cover.

      I’ve worked on writing research papers for journals with my professors. It takes a lot of thought, consideration and argument for the selection of pretty much every word in the Conclusion section…it is very, very specifically stated. While in everyday conversation you can hear a sentence and make conclusions and insights into it, you cannot do the same with sentences in the Conclusion section of a peer-reviewed research paper.

      Any interpretation of the findings that is not stated is wrong, otherwise, it would have been listed. If it was not stated, it was left out intentionally because the study has either not looked at that, or has not concluded that. The findings are only relevant in the exact context that they are phrased in.

      In your study, the phrasing was something like this:

      “In a study of randomly selected heterosexual men at the ages of 18-50, when placed with images of women side by side, 62% of men favored women with a WHR of 0.7.”

      There is no mention of first visual contact. There is no mention of an in vivo setting (people actually seeing women side by side). So technically, you cannot use the findings to theoretically predict an actual situation (you keep mentioning a bar setting). Another study would have to be done where men are actually presented with live women to see what their preferences will be like. And you cannot use the findings to talk about first visual contact. The study can only be used to predict men’s preferences if they are shown two pictures of women, and which one they would typically choose. That is all. You can’t even sue it to explain men who are 55 or 16. More research would need to be done on those age groups. That’s how scientific research works…it’s very limited in its uses.

      Studies on face and studies on body language do mention in vivo settings and first visual contact in their conclusion, so you can only use them to make conclusions about what would occur in a theoretical setting when a man first looks at a woman. There’s certain faces that gain more attention, and there’s certain body posture that gains more attention.

      I don’t mean to sound like I’m lecturing you, but this is actually a really important thing to understand about scientific research. For everyone here. The conclusions are very, very literal and very limited on how much you can use them. Do not believe the news when they say things like, “New research shows that eating chocolate helps cancer.” If you read the actual findings, you will see that it will say something like, “Eating one gram of (insert one chemical found in chocolate) once a day reduces the risk of colon cancer in women who are over 60, not including women with risk factors for cancer growth, at a rate of 1% decrease.” It’s very, very specific, and very easily and often misinterpreted.

      • Thank you mel!

        Yeah, that’s why when I hear things like, “Oh (insert opinion here). Research supports it,” I’m always a teeny bit irked because I know that the person has usually misinterpreted or generalized the research in a very wrong way, and I know the limitations of research studies in general.

        There really is no “evidence” to show what it is men prefer. Maybe someday we’ll get there, but we’re not there today, and to claim that we are irks me because it’s wrong, much like it irks me when people say stuff like, “I’m on a 1000 calorie diet and I’m perfectly fine.”

      • Casey – I understand the confusion over size. As I said above, once curves are in the right place on a woman, then she has my attention. I should qualify “slim” or use a different term so as to avoid confusion. But that is why I use examples like Maria Menounos so that you guys get an idea of the type of women I am referring to. So curvy without protruding bones or obesity is the preference I am talking about.

        To address your research point though: Hypothetical situation: I am a guy who took part in the survey. I am part of the 60% of guys who selected the image with the 0.7 whr after seeing it for the first time. So I am out at a bar now, and I see two women at the bar for the first time, from behind so I don’t see their faces. One has a body like Alessandra, one has a body like Sofia V.

        Which woman would I prefer, be more attracted to?

        • @Casey – No response? You are a regular here, so I am going so assume that you have seen my last post. No answer to the question simply means that you have probably realized how illogical and rediculous your last comment on research was.

          You made sense about my use of the word “Slim” and I conceded that, but I don’t think there is anyone that could see the logic in that last post about using research results to predict what would happen in a real life situation.

          Studies, surveys and research are done to simulate real life. Plain and simple.

          • Sorry curvesrule, I missed your comment, so that’s why I didn’t respond to it. I just read it now.

            “you have probably realized how illogical and rediculous your last comment on research was.”

            Once again, please understand, I was not trying to lecture you. I am literally explaining to you how research works. That IS how it works, it’s not my opinion on it. “Research supported” is a very strict term, and to have a claim be research supported, it has to obey the exact context that the research is done in. You can draw insights and inferences from resaerch to other situations, but it does then become just another well-informed opinion, not something that is “research supported.” Illogical and ridiculous are quite heavy words to attribute to me explaining how research works…that is how it works, whether or not you agree it should be that way. There is reason for it…it’s the way the scientific community maintains its credibility, and why we treat the term “research-supported” as something more than just someone saying whatever comes to mind. It is important, if you’re going to use the community’s research, to respect this view and to not abuse the meaning of the phrase.

            “Studies, surveys and research are done to simulate real life. Plain and simple.”

            Yes, but often times, simualting real life is impractical, too confounding, unethical, or impossible. For example, the same study could have been done with live women to make it more applicable, but that draws too many confounding variables…where would you find women with different body shapes whose only difference is body shape and nothing else about their appearance like skin texture, hair, BF%…etc? These people don’t exist. If you can’t get rid of confouding variabels, then your study has failed to follow the scientific method, and is therefore meaningless. That’s why a lot of studies start out lower, to test theories, in theoretical and laboratory settings that are not real life, and then move up to simulating real life. Thus the terms in vivo and in vitro. Most research is actually done in vitro (lab settings). And to generalize lab settings to live settings before a study has shown the connection is wrong.

            To answer your question, I would think that your hypothetical man would go for the curvy figure, because he is a man that has voted for women pictured as curvier in the study. However, the point I am making is that, this would still be just my opinion, not something that is research-supported. Is it a well-informed opinion? Absolutely. However, I could also be using biases to reach my conclusion, like a personal bias because I too like curvy figures more so I might want the guy to choose the curvy figures, expectation bias (because the man acted one way, I always expect him to act that way), anchoring (I’m relying too heavy on the piece of information of what he chose in the picture study), confirmation bias (trying to find/force evidence of my own views), simplification bias…etc.etc.

            Now if there was a study done where men in a bar setting were asked to choose women who all looked the same, had the same body language…everything the same except for their shape and 60% chose curvy women, then I can say this man would probably choose a curvy woman, and it would be a research supported opinion, because 60% of the time, I would be right.

          • Casey, we have both overdone it in a big way on this thread. So I am going to try to be as brief as possible.

            I don’t doubt that you have some knowledge about the use of research, but with all due respect, I am still not convinced that me directing some of the female posters who think that skinny, straight, ultra fit with big b❆❆bs is what men want, to research that shows otherwise, is somehow some misuse of that research.

            You talk about “confounding variables”, but the thing is men are very simple visual creatures. There aren’t many “confounding variables”, if any, that can change our preference of body type. We like what we like.

            I didn’t mean to come across as harsh in my previous post or any other. I think now that we have both driven all other posters away from this thread with our lengthy discussion, we can call it a day on this one.

  98. The ff— is this, I can’t even…. UGH not even going to read the comments. Thank god there are over 400 and I can use that as my excuse.

  99. Some men do prefer women with lumps and bumps and wobbly bits, good for them. Gwyneth is nowhere near skeletal or neurotic. God forbid a woman exercises and eats clean, because she wants to be healthy and feel good from the inside out. I work out 5 days a wk and eat a vegan diet. I am very slim and toned, and could care less if a man likes it or not. (obviously my man does) Every man has a different preference, so this guy is a total ff— for writing any of that article. (i bet he has lots of wobbly bits)

  100. I always enjoy your comments Mel. I actually like it when posters speak from personal experience as it adds background to the opinions expressed.

  101. CurvesRule,

    I can’t find the post that this is in resposne to because there’s too many comments, so I’m just going to do it here:

    It is the self-importance that I feel describe your comments that bother me, not what you have determined to actually be bothering me.

    For example, the as a man thing. Why do you NEED to tell us that you are a man before you begin your post. Yes, obviously this is a female-dominated site. Why do you need to make the distinction, every single time? Why not just present your opinion in anonimity? Or state that you are man when it is relevant to state it, and not start off all your arguments that way before you make any point?

    I don’t start all my posts as, “Well as a white, female, mid-twenty year old, graduate student…” You cannot tell me you don’t expect to have your opinion be taken differently, otherwise, you wouldn’t feel the need to point out you are a man.

    Negative experiences? I’ve had one minor experience ever by one man who I don’t think is reperesentative of even a significant portion of male population. All my relationships except that one ended on happy terms, which, honestly, is an accomplishment.

    I agree with your fundamental premise to an extent, but, I also know its limitations, whereas you seem to tote it in all your comments as if it is a law. Notice that when I say I like curvy women, I don’t need to add the, “the majority of men also like it,” or, “research has found this is the most attractive.” I don’t undestand why you feel compelled to every time and cannot let your opinions stand on their own, as if they are wrong unless they are supported by the majority or if research has been done to back it up.

    Maybe it is your style of speaking, but it’s just unnecessary in my opinion. We are here to express our views, no one is wrong because their opinion is not something research supports or because they don’t fall into the majority, and no one should be made to feel that they are wrong.

    I feel like if you become so preoccupied with what the “correct” opinion is, you close yourself off from differing views.

    I’ve also seen you contradict yourself and kind of skew these findings, intentionally or maybe unknowingly, to support somethign that the reserach does not actually support, or to argue against figures that the research actually does support.

    As for the dynamic, I’m not going deep. We are talking about the initial and automatic stages of attraction. I only brought it up because it is another piece of research that has come out recently in the field of human behavior. Appealing to the majoirty of men doesn’t seem to be a real concern for most women.

    But, at least with the way you phrase your comments, it seems like you think it is or you want it to be. Which is why I percieve your comments as self-important. Maybe you don’t intend to come off like that, but sometimes we come off the way we don’t intend to.

    You think I’m defensive and angry at men and I think you think you’re self important. (shrug). It’s hard to get all our messages across perfectly since all we work with is text.

    But I do feel strongly about bullying and controlling behavior, and I really don’t like that you are attempting to discount those opinions of mine, and invalidate them by attacking my personality (saying that I’ve had negative experiences which I have not dealt with and need to get over). I feel like you argue with me as if I had said something grotesquly wrong or inappropriate.

    Damn, all I said was women shouldn’t let themselves be bullied, whatever they look like. If this opinion bothers you, I don’t know what to say.

    • Casey – If I am responding to someone that I have never responded to before, yes I will identify myself as a guy because the expectation is that the comments here are from women. I am sure that I did not use the “as a man” phrase while responding to you or Mel, because you know me. Sounds to me like you are concerned about how my male opinion is received. You know my stance, is that viewpoint going to harm or benefit some of the posters?

      In my opinion, and I think you know this as well, scientific research bolsters any position. When someone talks about their experience wherever they live (like skinny women get all the attention), and then draw broad conclusions about it, I think it’s ok to let them know that there is a whole world out there that has a different opinion. What better way to do that than to show evidence from worldwide studies. Yes, no survey is perfectly accurate, and I am sure there is some percentage of error, but conclusions can still be drawn. I have only posted those links on 3 occasions out of my many posts on this site, however. So I am by no means overusing them.

      Are you actually questioning that method of debating an issue? Because I think anyone you ask would tell you that this is best method to use.

      “I feel like if you become so preoccupied with what the “correct” opinion is, you close yourself off from differing views.”

      This statement baffles me. I don’t ever close myself off to anything, but knowing what the right thing or prevailing trend is, is very important. Would you like to go through life not knowing what the truth is?

      In terms of contradictions, you are going to have to highlight examples. Can’t expect me to take that seriously if you don’t quote it, and I am very open to people correcting me. That’s how we learn.

      You talk about this “self-important” thing like it’s some kind of psychological phenomenon. Never heard of that, and not quite sure what you are talking about there. I think all posters who spend their time and energy to come to this site and express their opinions do so because it’s important enough to them to do so.

      You are quite right in terms of conveying our exact thoughts in this media. Some things will be lost and misunderstood. But I think we can both handle that and move on. Not sure about some of the other posters here. Nothing personal.

  102. I study gender studies and I think if we read this in class people would say this article is really oppressive or something.

    MEN want an easy going girl who enjoys her steak, doesn’t worry? How nice for men. The thing is, unless you are naturally slim, you can’t just go around eating steak and pizza or whatever and not worrying about it! I am tiny and curvaceous, and I watch what I eat like a hawk.

    I have a feeling my boyfriend wants me to be easy going, well that just makes me really mad because for many women, you CANNOT have your SLIM AND PRETTY girlfriend +++ easy goingness about food! Some people actually gain weight quickly duhhh.
    It’s not fair to expect that! Some guys want it both ways, and this article is just oppressive.

    Also, this article is oppressive in that its pitting women against each other. Women care what men think, they want men to think they’re pretty. And here we are, arguing with each other because the slender ones are no doubt feeling uncomfortable about it. This article is just crap basically, and if they want women to be happy with their natural size, here’s an idea: stop talking about weight all the time. Shut up about it and don’t fight the “slim-ideal” with the “curvy-ideal”. Leave women alone.

    • I totally agree. You don’t see women writing articles about whether we prefer tall or short men, beefy or skinny men… we are too busy caring about all of the conflicting messages we get from men, the media and each other.

      I wonder what all of these men who want slim and curvy and laid back girlfriends who manage to gain weight to only their b❆❆bs and bums after scoffing pizzas and cheeseburgers look like. My guess is they don’t sit around drinking beer and eating steak and somehow manage to maintain a perfect six pack.

    • You are awesome for this comment! It’s so obvious how unrealistic gener desires are for the opposite sex. Men desire a girlfriend who is easy-going and naturally toned and pretty without makeup etc. Meanwhile women desire a man who is simultaneously dependable, stable, unpredictable, spontaneous, responsible, ruggedly masculine and psycically sensitive etc.

      I’m sure some men grumble about how they could look fit, too, if they had hours to train in the gym instead of having to work late for the financial stability so many women expect from them!

  103. damn over 500 comments?? now i see why after reading this piece of crap. why can’t a woman want to be healthy or stay in shape? i’m not saying she has to over do it but there are women who like to be healthy, including me. i love burgers but i also love eating salads and fruits. it’s one thing to state a preference for what you like but why is it that every time someone has a preference, they find some way to bash a different body type just to make a point? i guess thin women are supposed to feel bad because she’s thin and don’t have curves. whoever wrote this must be insecure and must use his insecurities to make thin women feel bad. women should be happy with their bodies regardless of what it is and i’m tired of people telling thin women to “get over it” or “stop making excuses” because we have feelings so what makes it right to attack someone because they’re different? you can say i repeat myself all you want but i refuse to change myself over some damn man. a real man would love me for me. leave a woman’s body alone because we have to deal with enough as it is. to hell with this article.

  104. haha!
    “whole lotta rosie” by ac/dc just came on my itunes. gotta love shuffle’s sense of irony.

    (if you haven’t heard the song before, google the lyrics)

  105. That article was really mean. I want to believe men prefer curvier women, as I fall into that category, but sad to say, most of the men I know – while finding model skinniness unattractive, still want women really thin. Like they find pictures of models unattractive, but if they see a really tall, thin woman walking on the street, they DROOL. It’s such a contradiction. Maybe because I’m in a city, I don’t know, but it seems like if you’re not really thin (at least here), most attractive guys here aren’t gonna be interested.

    • I do not need to clarify anything to someone who isn’t adult enought to ask for clarification on what I posted, before sitting there and assuming what they think I meant to say…
      The only thing I did, was give my opinions, as did everyone else. If you too offense especially to mine, then don’t read my posts.
      I remember your name from a long time ago, and having similar issues…so how about just skipping over my posts when you read, you obviously are not mature enought to correspond maturely; if I am wrong, prove it.

  106. Oh this is completely ridiculous. Men love women period. I am 21 and you can’t tell me that if that picture was on a girls facebook men wouldn’t be gaga over the girl’s body. And a “normal” woman like Kelly Brook? Yes, because women everywhere look like Kelly Brook. Do we honestly think that she doesn’t also have a healthy lifestyle??? The article says something about oh Gwen may be healthy but who wants that over being happy… healthy for her is that thin, for others it is a couple pounds more and curvier. My body wouldn’t look like that no matter WHAT I did, even at my skinniest I still had curves, at 117 pounds and 5’5″ I still had an hourglass shape. Get off her, my God.

  107. The rhetoric is a bit strong in making it’s point and comes across as aggressive, aside from that I never find my friends paying attention to Gwyneth I don’t think many men would put her in a personal top ten list.

  108. This is absolute BOLLOCKS!!!! Oh why would anyone read the daily mail. Guys stare at girls who are skinny, the skinnier, the more stares. No. Matter. What. She has a KILLER bod. argh this is so stupid.

  109. Men don’t like lumps and wobbly bits in general, they like a very specific organization of lumps. They like large perky breasts and firm round bums. No cellulite, no flabby wobble. Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian both have lumps and bumps but only one of them will get the oggle-eyes from men. And between Khloe and Gwyneth; I promise you men would prefer Gwyneth!

    There’s a difference between what men will tolerate in a woman they love, and what men prefer in a woman they oggle. Yes, men will happily tolerate imperfections in a good woman but they will oggle Gwyneth I can bet on it.

  110. Lots of great responses to a mostly mean-spirited article. Shall we acknowledge that the new icon of what is healthy and very attractive in a female [C. Hendricks] has breast implants, besides the extra addipose tissue. The “new” normal shape is almost impossible to achieve naturally… and sigh… then there is photoshop too. We are adults. We can hopefully be rational. How about the young people who are being innundated with this stuff. I guess they will keep the plastic surgeons happily slicing and dicing away.

  111. I saw these pics of her in the latest womens mag and i have to say she does look like shes obsessed with her body-ive read many comments shes made about her diet and exercise and it sounds like if she let herself go she definitley would not look like that-yes she naturally has a slim figure but not that skinny as she is now-i have seen her a little bigger and she always looks great-it looks like she has been owrking out like a demon and dieting like one too-i saw the front on pics of her and she does look mighty skinny i must say-let me just say the way she looks now no one is naturally like that espiecally a mum of two-you cant be you have to work at it-and very hard!! i think she has high standards for herself and good on her!

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