Sophia Bush Outraged Over Urban Outfitters’ ‘Eat Less’ T-Shirt

Sophia Bush Outraged Over Urban Outfitters' 'Eat Less' T-Shirt 1

A month ago, Urban Outfitters released a t-shirt that clearly invited you to… ‘Eat Less’ (see the top above). After receiving lots of criticism, the shirt was quickly pulled from the online store. Sophia Bush was particularly outraged by this message and wrote an open letter to Urban Outfitters on her blog:

Ladies! This is OUTRAGEOUS. I hope none of you will stand for being told such a thing, in such a way. Being healthy, eating right, and staying active is one thing. Being told to starve yourselves by a fashion company? Not cool.


I have been a supporter of your store for many years, but now I’m through.

I am fortunate enough to star on a wonderful TV show called One Tree Hill. I play a fashion designer named Brooke Davis, who started a campaign on the show called “Zero Is Not A Size” and the outpouring of love and gratitude that came my way from girls and women ALL OVER THE WORLD who have body image issues brought me to tears.

To promote starvation? To promote anorexia, which leads to heart disease, bone density loss, and a slew of other health problems, not least of all psychological issues that NEVER go away? Shame on you. I will no longer be shopping at your stores. And I will encourage the tens of thousands of female supporters I have to do the same. I have fought to boycott BP. I never imagined I would also be boycotting affordable fashion.

You should issue a public apology, and make a hefty donation to a women’s organization that supports those stricken with eating disorders. I am sickened that anyone, on any board, in your gigantic company would have voted ‘yes’ on such a thing, let alone enough of you to manufacture an item with such a hurtful message. It’s like handing a suicidal person a loaded gun. You should know better.

I sincerely hope that next time you decide that making fun of serious issues is comedic, or ‘snarky in a cool way,’ that you rethink your decision.

With Sincerity but NO respect,

Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush Outraged Over Urban Outfitters' 'Eat Less' T-Shirt 2

What do you think about this message top and about Sophia’s words?

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223 thoughts on “Sophia Bush Outraged Over Urban Outfitters’ ‘Eat Less’ T-Shirt”

    • My name is Jen and I’ve been a fan of hers since I found out she adopts her dogs instead of buying those “designer pooches” that lead to more animal suffering and overpopulation. One of the dogs she adopted has only one eye but he’s a happy pooch! I thank God there are atleast a few people like this girl in Hollyweird because young people look up to celebrities so much. Whichever man she ends up with will be extremely lucky to have such a catch like Sophia!

      • Sophia is supposedly dating Austin Nichols which also plays her love interest on One Tree Hill, but I don’t know how serious they are. I’m sorry, but I think she could do so much better than this guy. He looks like a Justin Timberlake wannabe – but a plainer more blah version of JT. He’s not good looking enough for her and just seems to be a schmuck. I think Chris Evans would make a great couple with her and Chris also loves dogs and treats his bulldog like if he was his own son! Awwww.

        • i don’t think it has to do with she can do better. you can clearly see by everything sophia stands for she isn’t going to stoop and choose her man according to how he looks. she see’s things for how they are. not that she can do better.

  1. God, I love Sophia, she is so sexy,yet curvy and healthy! Guys drool over her, she is smart and a great role model for women and teenage girls! I totally agree w/ evtn she said, and I’m glad she had the courage to do so. Who would wear/buy a shirt like this anyway? Not only is it really ugly, but just so ridiculous. I feel sorry for anyone who purchased that ugly gray thing. May God bless your poor soul

  2. Totally agree. I also, I’ve hated this t-shirt since I first saw it- who wants to wear something which says that? The way I look at it, either you wear it and people think “yeah, she should eat less”, or you’re thin and you wear it and it looks like you’re pro-ana or something. Also, I just don’t think it looks nice :). I agree with her and find it kind of shocking that nobody stopped and said ‘are we really gonna sell this?’. Or may be someone did, but they managed to justify it. Very silly and irresponsible. saying that- I’ve shopped in there in the last few days, so may be I can’t speak!

  3. Okay, I really don’t see why this is so bad. UO has had A LOT of messages that were as “extreme” as this, if you can even call it that, and no one complained then. No one is saying “Starve Yourself”. Eat less means eat less. It’s a statement. Remember when they had the “don’t feed the models” shirt? WHAT is the difference? This is generalized to the public and it will cause eating disorders? Get over it. There are a hell of a lot worse things out there to “cause” or trigger an eating disorder. This is BS.

    • So because there are worse things in the world we should just ignore their message to young, impressionable girls?
      I can tell from your message you’re no older than 18 – sorry to perhaps offend your peers by grouping them with you.

      This shirt is made in sizes for young girls who are not overweight so one cannot argue that it is not promoting starvation as a trend.

    • You have a point in saying that there are a lot more shirts out there with more irreverent sayings.

      That said, UO is an extremely popular clothing retailer, and we all know that it doesnt just sell clothes but a LIFESTYLE. Messages like this DO have an impact on the subconscious of society and Ms Bush sees it rightfully as her responsibility as a relatively prolific individual to speak out against it.

      • yea right, i don’t know hardly any people who eat those few calories. and overeating is a trend in this country. we have the highest rates of obesity and heart disease because of it. eat less is a message most americans could and should heed, young and female or not.

    • HAHAHA ! R U serious???
      she is in no way related to George W. Bush… wow.
      Hey America – eat less & think more…

      • how do you know she is American?? there are people from all over the world on this site. I actually think most Americans know who his daughters are given that they have both been in the tabloids! I am not even American, although I do live in the US now, and I find this comment offensive.

          • don’t be so naive, she said that because she was assuming the poster was American. Why would she respond by disparaging Americans if she didn’t think the poster was American?? that makes absolutely not sense if you follow the thread.

          • Your upset that she assumed that the poster was American, yet your assuming she was talking about the poster being american…. contradiction much????

  4. Agree. There is no way UO meant it literally but it sends a horrible message. I used to shop there but will no longer. Disgusting.

    • I agree!. I remember Abercrombie & Fitch came out with a shirt that said “Do I make you look fat?”.. i mean this is not the first time tshirts are out with such statements. Its NOT that big of a deal. I know the person that I am, as young as I may be, I know not to get influenced into not eating by a shirt that says “eat less”.

      • Sad how quick some of you people are to judge. Eating disorders aren’t about “not having a brain” or “not being able to think for yourself.” But to someone who is already facing these issues, things like this just reiterate the problem. You might want to get educated on the subject before you speak out again so quick.

        • Eating disorders are also not about what is on a T shirt nor about being thin. It’s about control when the rest of one’s life is spiraling out of their control.

          Most anorexics wind up being 70-80 pounds…something that no media outlet ever has portrayed as attractive. And yet, anorexics will be that weight and will still say they are fat…they have no “goal” in mind…it just keeps going.

          • Partly right, yes it is about control. But it often starts out as something much more simple, such as “I feel fat, I need to lose weight, so I can look like those girls in the magazines.” I can’t tell you how often this happens, especially to young, impressionable girls. (Not JUST girls, mind you, but it’s more common in girls.) The media portrays such a cookie cutter image of what a woman is “supposed” to look like, that anything other than that is perceived as “less than” or “not good enough”. And that’s how kids, these days, are growing up – believing they aren’t good enough. So, to you, it may be just some stupid shirt. To some young, impressionable girl who’s already feeling pressured to look a certain way, it may be just what she needs give herself the “okay” to go ahead and starve herself. You’d be surprised how little it takes, to someone in that frame of mind. “Everybody else is doing it – it can’t be that bad. Look – even these models do it.”

          • I still disagree.

            I have interviewed many anorexics, and one thing I can tell you is that no media or beauty standard in the world could trigger that kind of disordered thinking in a person who doesn’t already have the disease state, whether active or dormant.

            Things like feeling fat can trigger the start of the disorder in those that have the disease state ready to be primed, but never in normal young girls.

            Therefore, media, fashion, celebrities don’t CAUSE eating disorders. They simply trigger the symptoms in those who already have the disorder due to real causes, such as childhood trauma.

          • One more thing…don’t be fooled thinking all anorexics are that thin. I’ve known both anorexics and bulimics who have gotten down to no less than a “healthy weight” through these methods. On the outside, they looked great, but on the inside, they were nutritionally deficient and slowly spiraling out of control to where they were literally afraid to eat, and when they did, it had to immediately “come back up”.


            If anything, these big clothing industries should be putting out positive messages about health and self-acceptance. Some of the images portrayed in magazines and catalogs are downright terrifying! Look at the whole “h—oin chic” model phase that started up in the 90s.
            That’s SICK! But the industries made a fortune and that’s all it’s about. Greed. There’s nothing…absolutely NOTHING sexy, attractive, or healthy about promoting sickness and addiction (ala, Kate Moss, for example).


            And for those who want to read this posting and get all bent out of shape, I am NOT referring to healthy, slender people. I am referring to UNHEALTHY people…period. People who make themselves ill, simply to become a size their body is not meant to be.

          • @casey: allow me to disagree with you. I’m no expert, though, but I have a friend that almost became full on anorexic so I did a lot of reading on the matter, trying to find ways to help. She was 28 at the time.
            The causes of anorexia are still being researched, as it is a modern disease so to speak. They are very complex. But what it is triggered by is a traumatic event. What I can say is that she has always had body issues. And that’s not because her parents didn’t tell her she’s beautiful as a teenager or that she didn’t have a supporting husband (who has done nothing but compliment her figure all the time). It’s true she doesn’t have the strongest psyche, but it’s exactly this kind of people that are easily manipulated by the media and that are very easily influenced by others. I have explained before the pressure that exists in my home country to be just thin. It doesn’t matter how, or if you’re healthy, you’re not considered to be beautiful and successful if you’re out of the “norm”.
            EDs have increased rapidly and are still increasing at a very rapid rate. Why?
            The media and the influence of society is certainly one factor in EDs. Not the only one, just one of many (somebody else started putting words in my mouth so I just want to make that clear).
            Yes, just one t-shirt won’t trigger anything. But after one t-shirt comes another, comes a hateful comment, comes a person going on tv saying “hey, people, eat less” and so on. Try to see the big picture.

  5. At first I was like “You GO girl! Tell’ em the truth” and then I read this “Zero Is Not A Size” 🙁
    The same crap all over again, can’t people promote body diversity and body acceptance w/o those hurtful-hatefull slogans towards skinny chicks?

    • EXACTLY, that’s how how i felt. i’m a size 0/1, but i am healthy and i LOOK healthy. i’m petite. just because you are a size 0 doesn’t mean you’re unhealthy, and i am proof that size 0 is healthy. i’m known for eating a lot, but i run and take care of myself. i don’t have bones sticking out of my body, my ribs don’t show, i don’t have collarbones that stand out. i am healthy, and i am a size 0. you can be a size 10 and still be healthy. why can’t we EMBRACE ALL SIZES instead of downing one when promoting another? it’s not fair or right.

      • You know, though, I have to say that I think you’re missing the point. No one is saying that there’s anything wrong with being size zero. No one is criticizing you. They’re criticizing an industry that tries to make zero the NORM. You’re an exception. Exceptions are ok. But to expect that a 5’10” woman fit into a size 0 is unconscionable. To expect anyone to fit into a size 0, if its not their natural size, is ridiculous. I’m about a size 2. I feel pressure to be smaller. It’s ridiculous, and one has to wonder when it will ever stop. That’s the point.

        • i disagree. there are plenty of women who are size 0s, naturally, but are getting accused of being too thin and sending bad messages. we know how the media is when it comes to size but don’t you think the media does the same thing to girls who aren’t shaped like a coke bottle and making it ideal? size 0 is a small size but it’s still a size and for someone to make a campaign out of saying “zero is not a size” how do you think girls who are that small feel?

          • You are still missing the point. Size Zero is not the standard, it is the exception to the rule. Yes, of course there are size zero woman out there, no one disputes that at all. It is however, disputable to make size zero the standard because the vast majority of women will never be that size. I disagree with the whole “say no to size zero” campaign but I also disagree with the whole “starve yourself so you can be a size zero” bit.

          • No 5’10 model is naturally a size 0 , I guess that is what she is really talking about.
            Of course If you are petite (about 5’4 and under) it is no problem at all to fit into this size – that is why I always say there is a need for tiny sizes but if I with my 5’8 ever wanted to fit into a size zero I would have to be non existant. I already am pretty skinny and have a narrow bone structure but I’ll never wear anything smaller than a 2 to 4. But still there is the pressure on all women to be so small.

            Don’t feel insulted girls, you are naturally that way ,be happy about it , I’m sure you look great in your size zero ;). She isn’t referring to you but to those who have protruding bones everywhere and eat maybe a grape and half an apple all day.

          • If they are a size 0 naturally, then they look fine and shouldn’t be accused of anything. If you’re talking about a celebrity (e.g. model), they usually get criticism for the way they look, not their size. (have you ever read comments saying “OMG, I can’t believe she’s that size!” or comments saying “OMG, I can’t believe she’s that skinny!” Skinny is not a size, it’s a look).
            You’re twisting things again.

        • No, I think that’s reading too much.
          “Size 0 is not a size” means “size 0 is not a size”, not “artificially achieved size 0 is unhealthy” or anything like that.

          If the campaign really did mean what you are saying, then it’s been inappropriately named, which is a mistake that is up to its authors to correct.

          However, that’s a fake campaign, which belongs in a TV show, and, if anybody should be responsible for it, that is not Sophia.

          Sophia never shared with us her thoughts on the campaign in this text, nor has she specified what it was all about. All she showed here was gladness for having made some people feel good, which is okay.

          It’s not impossible for her to think something like “size 0s are disgusting”, all I’m saying here is that, from this letter, that is indetectable.

      • I agree. You can tell when someone is an unhealthy 0. I’m small, but I work out and take care of myself too. I don’t think I look ill at all.

      • Size zero is healthy if you have a naturally high metabolism, or if you are very short. It isn’t healthy, though, for many women who are designed to have a little fat on their bones, but who starve themselves to be a size zero. People just need to know their healthy weight and maintain it.

      • I completely agree with you. I felt offended by the “Zero Is Not A Size” campaign. I’m a size zero, or one in some stores, 5’3.5 and 115 pounds. I exercise and I’m an athlete, I don’t go on fad diets, and I’m definitely NOT anorexic. I just have a small bone structure and dense muscle mass. My whole family has small bone structures: my mom is 5’3.5 and about 105 pounds and a size zero at age 47, and I have cousins that are size 0 or even 00 at 5’7 and 5’8. They are also in no way anorexic. To say that we don’t exist, our sizes should not exist, or to imply that we are anorexic is unscrupulous and the idea should definitely not have been aired in national TV.

      • idk if you watch the show. but on the show it was for girls who feel like they need to be smaller, they still had tiny models on the show, and alex is still a size zero. but it was for girls to realize you dont need to be a zero. it’s not that were like you need to gain weight, just encouraging girls who aren’t a zero that they don’t need to be a zero to be beautiful, but girls who are zeros are beautiful.

    • I love UO, have forever and this doesn’t change anything.
      I’m see it the same way as Priscila. I’m 5’8 and a size 0. Am I anorexic? Hell no! But 0 IS a size. It’s mine.
      And I really don’t appreciate that.
      Besides, it’s not tell you to go starve yourself. I actually find it kind of funny that everyone is so mad when 99% of America really could benefit from eating less.
      Besides, I really want one of the “please do not feed the models” shirts… They aren’t mean or sending any message, they’re just funny and stupid.

      • I agree with all that sophia said, and she said it very well. In regards the “zero is not a size” thing I agree also. This whole size 0 trend is stupid and has placed so much emphasis on size, not just something that makes women who can never be that skinny feel bad, but it has created backlash towards naturally petite women who can’t help being a 0 – there never used to be such a thing as a size zero, the same size garments existed, but they weren’t labelled a zero. What is a zero now would have been like a 4 or 6 in the past. Its vanity sizing, its stupid, and it places too much emphasis on size – period. UK/US would be better off adopting euro sizes, where it is just measurements, and not a number like where someone can say – “you’re size zero? Your anoerxic!” or “you’re size 10? You must be FAT!”. If that makes any sense…lol

      • The “ZERO is not a size” campaign is not anything against skinny people. Sure you wear a size that is called zero, but why the hell it is called zero in the first place? Think about it… It is basically saying a size 0 is size nothing, size 0 women are so small they are 0. Then to push this size is basically saying the less of women there is the better. I am also naturally thin and will never ever have curves even if I gained 40lbs. I am strongly against saying that any body shape or size is either “ideal” or “real”, but I honestly don’t think that the “zero is not a size” idea is saying that. I admit when I first saw it my heart did sink and I thought “ugh here we go again…” but actually I don’t believe that this is what was meant by it. Of course I might be wrong – I haven’t watched one tree hill in years so haven’t seen how it is used in the show.

        • That’s quite a good point. Come to think of it, size 0 is a marketing invention. I should really be a size 6/8 US (according to conversions), but I wear a 4 lol. Then the size 0 should really be 2/4…
          just saying….

        • Yeah, but the people who use the slogan “Size 0 is not a size” are not doing it because they are trying to change the size labels on clothes, but rather trying to make the statement that women shouldn’t be forced to be a size 0.

          So in a way, it is a jab at those who are a size 0, very much like the statement, “Real Women Have Curves!”

          And I saw the episode; one of the characters felt too “fat” for the runway, so Sophia’s character came up with that slogan and used larger models to show off her new clothes line.

          • They added size zero about ten years ago to US sizing, during the beginning of low-rise pants (I worked retail when it happened). It was mostly due to pre-teen girls shopping in the juniors or “ladies” department. There was a shift in clothing in this country (US) where 12 year old girls were no longer “girls”. It’s kept up and evidently there’s enough skinny (not petite) women in the world to keep it going.

        • Really? A size 0 is nothing? Because I’m pretty sure I’m a size 0 and I’m real. I’m also 5’0 and a big eater with a fast metabolism. Isn’t there a way to promote body acceptance without putting other down?

      • You’re right that America needs to loose weight, but not to the point of size zero – many women are not designed to be that thin. There are some genetically skinny women who have high metabolisms and are healthy at a size zero – like yourself – but a lot of causacian and African women aren’t. No one is healthy over weight, but most women need a certain amount of body fat in order to be healthy, particularly for their bones and fertility. Size zero shouldn’t be seen as the bench mark size for women to reach, because it isn’t healthy for a lot of people. Natural size zeros shouldn’t be peanilized, but women women who aren’t shouldn’t feel pressured to become one.

        • While I agree with you shell, I just want to point out that high metabolism is a medical condition that is not the same as being “naturally thin.” Hyperthyroid (aka high metabolism) may have to be treated with medication, which would make the person put on some weight.

          Naturally thin people have normal thyroid and metabolism levels. The difference lies in the fact that their body will not build itself up. They have very thin bones and naturally petite muscular structure that is highly resistant to change.

          Also, naturally thin people usually have a normal body-fat percentage.

      • I’m so sick of people bashing the United States for high obesity. Sure, it’s high. It’s awfully high and it’s embarrassing. The rate is about 30%, last I checked. And while that’s miserable, if you do some basic math, it’s pretty clear that the vast majority of us aren’t fat. So don’t say “99%.”

        What’s more, there are at least 10 other countries not too far behind the U.S. People seem to forget that…

        • I agree with you, but I just want to make sure you understand that 30 percent is the OBESITY rate, not the overweight rate. Meaning that there are a LOT more overweight people. 34% more according to stats. That’s 64% of America being fat. Not 30%, not 99%, but 64% ish.

          That’s still a whole lot if you ask me.

    • I think in the context of the slogan, it would make more sense.
      Sophia works with models on the show who are required to be very tall. Thus to be 5’10 and a size zero is very unhealthy but unfortunately a trend.

      But i do totally agree – skinny girls are not necessarily unhealthy, and it is important to promote body diversity.

    • Okay, here’s the thing about the no-size-0 campaign… My sister-in-law is Chinese, so I know a number of size 0 people, who are naturally that way… BUT they are 5’4 and under in height! NO ONE in the world is naturally a size 0 if they are over 5’8″ – yet most models are, and the way they get to that size is through starvation and excessive exercise. THAT is what the campaign is against, NOT size 0 people who are naturally that size.

  6. I love her for this. It doesn’t matter how UO meant this, it’s disgusting and disrespectful. If it was targeted towards overweight people, it’s rude and disrespectful. If it’s targeted towards thin people, it’s rude, disrespectful, and dangerous. I’m NEVER shopping there again.

    • Exactly! And that is the point! If anything, they should makes shirts with POSITIVE affirmations. Saying things like, “BE HEALTHY” or “HEALTH COMES IN ALL SIZES” or something along those lines. Simply saying “Eat Less” IS rude towards heavier people, and can be outright dangerous to underweight people. There’s just no use for a shirt like this!

  7. thumbs up, sophia !!! “eat less”… i can’t believe someone brought such a stupid “idea”… especially when you know a lot of people have to deal with anorexia, etc… i don’t understand. “eat five to nine portions of fruit or vegetables every day” : this means something lol 😉 but “eat less” doesn’t make sense at all !

    • Vastly more people have to deal with obesity, which could be resolved by “eating less,” than with anorexia. We shouldn’t have to tiptoe around and avoid speaking the truth because it might upset someone else.

      • There are MILLIONS of women who suffer from disordered eating patterns in North America… MILLIONS! So saying that “vastly more people have to deal with obesity” is an exaggeration and a mistruth.
        Furthermore, many scientists believe that restricting ones intake can lead to overweight and obesity because it disrupts your appetite regulating mechanisms.

        Urban Outfitters is a store marketed at young women – so a graphic t-shirt is hardly the place to promote healthy eating to those who may be overweight or obese.

        Sophia Bush is wonderful. She makes me proud to be a woman.

          • So you really think obese women will listen to what UO is saying with these T-Shirts ? No it will be the already thin and disordered girls that get hung up on such statements. And these girls then end up eating less and less because they think they never will be skinny enough to be accepted by the fashion industry or by society or whoever they try to impress.
            That shirt isn’t raising awareness on obesity it’s just plain stupid, especially when you look at the girl promoting it.

      • Uh yeah, a lot of people are too fat, but can’t we agree that both are problematic? How many people have to die before it’s a “real” problem?

      • right! and the way not to be obese anymore is to “eat less”?!? Do you even know how dangerous that is?
        No, if someone is obese, needs to see a doctor first of all, have a full physical and have a diet recommended and tailored for them!
        Eating less (when you take it ad literam) leads to more obesity, eating disorders and serious health risks on the long run. You don’t need to eat less, you need to eat better!

  8. Even though I stopped watching OTH a loooong time ago, I still love Sophia Bush. She’s just so beautiful, talented, smart and healthy. A very good role model. And this statement makes me love her even more.

  9. what a great role mole she is they should be disgusted with themselves you dont put that slogan on clothing even as a joke.

  10. I love UO.
    They are quite tongue in cheek and should not be taken so seriously.

    Also, for some reason her outrage at the shirt makes me want to buy it.

    • I agree, I love UO and though I think the shirt is a little weird and I’d never buy/wear it, I don’t find it offensive. But maybe that’s because I’m thin.

  11. i think it was just intended as funny. while it isn’t, i don’t she needed to go to such extent. if you don’t like it just don’t buy it.

  12. honestly i don’t think it was meant to say “girls should starve themselves.” i’ve seen shirts that say “feed models” or anything else but no one says anything about that but the minute it has something to do with losing weight, everybody throws a fit. and i disagree with her saying “zero is not a size” when it fact it is. no not all girls should be that size because of their body type but there are girls who are size 0s that do exist. i get what she is saying but if a shirt is suppose to make girls have eating disorder then i guess anything a person does will make girls feel ugly. and i agree with priscilla, if she wants to promote positive images of women and make girls feel good about themselves, why bash thin women to get a point across? don’t you think maybe, just maybe they have their own issues too? or that doesn’t matter? hmmm.

  13. It’s a silly shirt in the first place, but Sophia Bush, what kind of an idiot are you? “Eat less” and “don’t eat at all” are two very different messages, and the fact is that the vast majority of the American population COULD stand to eat less. Must everything become a crusade for the protection of anorexics these days?

    • What a pseudo-intellectual comment. The company IS responsible for what it puts out on the market. Ever taken a course in business ethics?
      The t-shirt is not modeled by an ‘average-looking’/average-sized’ American — nor does claim to be a public service announcement geared towards the ‘vast majority of the American population’ — which could also ‘Recycle More’ and ‘Buy Less.’ Yet the topic is food.
      The manufacturer of the shirt is not the American Heart Association — but a clothing company that feeds on the insecurities of young women. It may be ‘silly’ to you because you do not understand topics like business, economics, and mental health — but it is definitely not ‘silly’ to those making millions off its sales — nor it is ‘silly’ to young women (especially pre-teens and teens) who take such ‘silliness’ very seriously.

      P.S. Using Ad Hominem statements in your argument makes YOU look like an idiot.

      • Aww how cute Amarige, using big words and trying to sound intelligent. First of all, NO ONE cares about how someone sounds in their comments, it’s just a online site.. So get off your high horse. REMOVED

        Second, it is absolute bs that they pulled this tshirt off. Does it say ‘eat less and be skinny?’ NO it just says eat less. I don’t find that offensive whatsoever. Nor does it make me want to starve myself or go on a diet. You know what does make me want to starve myself? Seeing ugly chubby or even average models and celebs being transformed in magazines by altering their bone structure, making them skinnier and giving them a skin flawless beyond ridicule. Making their b❆❆bs bigger and making them look like some sex goddesses, while everyone knows how they actually really look. Now THAT depresses me body-wise, not some tshirt which says ‘eat less’. Insecurities? Really? So all the fake photoshopped pictures and all the surgeries they have, don’t those work more on insecurities than some tshirt? REMOVED

        Point being, why whine and b#tch about a tshirt, that does NOT promote anorexia or bad self imagine whatsoever and yet continue this ridiculous photoshopping in magazines? I hadn’t seen this tshirt until i read this post so only people who shop at urban outfitters would have seen this. Magazines? Everyone sees those, whether it is online or in the shops on the shelves.

        I think that people should stop being such tight asses. If not, then ATLEAST do some good and get rid of things that really bothers 99,99% of the people aka things like photoshop. This tshirt is just a tshirt, in fact, just to make a statement, imma have a tshirt printed with the ‘eat less’. REMOVED, i’d like to see and hear from people who actually get offended by this so i can bash their faces in.

          • amarige, apparantly “no one cares” how you (or others) sound, and apparantly you’re a tight ass. Did it make you lol reading those things in a 4 paragraph rant? I know I did. Irony.

            You’re right, logic seems to have taken a vacation for some!

            P.S – apparantly you are soley responsible for photoshop and the distorted image of women in the media, and it’s your job to sort it out, untill then then you are not allowed to have an oppinion on anything else! Shame on you.
            He he 😀 sometimes really we can only laugh at what people say

        • Totally agree with you.

          It’s magazines and media generally speaking who promote skinny models and emphasize the idea that only skinny women are beautiful. No, women with curves are really beautiful. Fat women aren’t. That’s nothing beautiful about layers of fat on a woman… sorry.

          Young girls are influenced by TV, the music they listen to, the movies they watch. They go fanatic for their idols and I’m sure they try to look like them.

      • Your comment is remarkably vague. Just what I expect from someone who has absolutely no idea what she’s talking about, and yet tries to sound smart!

        Maybe your ego should eat less; it’s awfully big.

    • I totally agree with you Alexa, it is amazing how stupid people are. Before you know it being skinny will be a crime and everyone will wear tshirts saying ‘STUFF YOUR FACES’. You;d think they’d have something better to do than whine about some tshirt, that does not promote anorexia or cause insecurities whatsoever. Sure, world hunger and world peace can wait, first let’s make sure all these 14 year olds don’t go starving themselves because they see a tshirt that says ‘eat less’.

      • Ha ha. I LOVE both of your comments, I couldnt have said it better myself! I can SO imagine a shirt saying “Stuff Your Face” and everyone praising it… like people need to get over themselves. I’m TIRED of the fat praising and the skinny bashing. But eh, thats me. Everytime I say that people go into their anorexic and bulimic talk.

  14. eh, whatever. Some of us do need to eat less haha kidding, but, apparently we consume an average of 300 more calories a day that what our grandmothers would have.

          • Calorie needs are dependant on amount of lean mass and activity level. So if a 5ft8 preson and 5ft2 person both had the same level of lean mass and activity level then they would require the same amount of calories regardless of the height difference.

  15. wow! she is brave, i love her because of this. this is promoting anorexia on young girls. it’s happy that an actress is not promoting anorexia on girls. she is so beautiful

  16. AWESOME letter. Good for her.

    I wish the hype over UO would end. Making bukus of cash selling cheaply made and purposefully “ugly” clothing? I don’t get it.

  17. That shirt is so ugly I wouldn’t want it for free. I wouldn’t even walk around house in it. I’m skinny and it has notin’ to do people and weight, but that shirt is just soo ugly. There’s so many hot clothes out here, who’d buy it?

  18. Oh and i would like to say, only people who are OBSESSED with weight would be offended by a tshirt like this 🙂

    If i saw someone wear this tshirt i wouldn’t think anything of it. It’s like seeing someone wear ‘Small boobies rule’ or ‘i’m with the idiot’. No one ever says ‘omg that tshirt is promoting small boobies, us big chested ladies are so insecure now’. People who get insecure, offended or link this tshirt with anorexia should get themselves checked. It’s not the tshirt that is the problem.

    As for sophia, i think she simply has nothing better to do. Very very sad. I’d like to see her in a magazine without her precious photoshop.

    • RAchel … You are reading and commenting on a post on the skinnyvscurvy website, incase you forgot.. Stop pretending that you are not “OBSESSED” with weight… ANYONE who reads this BS has some weird obsession with weight and celebrity (myself included).. There are obviously more important and stimulating things we could all be doing with our time..

    • I personally find all of those t-shirt slogans tasteless, along with “Eat Less.”

      No, I don’t think it will encourage anorexia. Anorexia does not work like that. But if I saw a person wearing that shirt, it would make me jump to certain conclusions about their personality which aren’t nice.

      Wearing any one of those t-shirt slogans would make me really self-conscious about the persona I’m projecting to others.

  19. mmh, think its an ugly shirt, but I don’t think its supporting being anorexic.
    think it just should be provocant and thats all.
    If somebody is wearing this, would you feel adressed?
    maybe 50% of people could eat less, but still its their own opinion if they take some shirt as an serious influence. If somebody is wearing a shirt with”shut up” you feel adressed to shut up?
    or “save the whales” save them after read it?
    I once had one with ” eat me” but I never expected anybody to eat me.

    you could better start writing letters about starving celebs/models, the tv industrie doing casting shows where they only pick the skinny ones (and in germany the candidates of germany next topmodel all lost much weight during the show, a coincidence – not!)
    and not some bulls— shirt

  20. i totally agree! that shirt is terrible, you should NEVER encourage people to eat less/more, as long as you’re healthy, that’s all that’s important! The only thing is that zero may be a small size, but never the less, it is still a size. Why make girls who are a size zero (naturally) feel bad about themselves? I understand trying to make people feel better about not being skinny but not all skinny girls are comfortable with their body, I’d love some curves! We should be worried about ALL girls, skinny and curvy, being comfortable with themselves and healthy.

  21. probably no more insulting than a shirt that says EAT MORE- which I get told most days, even though i’m not really skinny. i wouldn’t buy the shirt, but it does go along with how you lose weight, eat less move more.

  22. I am now officially a fan of Sophia Bush. (I watch One Tree Hill every so often when I’m bored and I had no idea she played Brooke. I also remember the episode about “zero is not a size”) I’m very happy that she stands up for what she believes in and is a very powerful writers. She is also a very beautiful and good actress.

    Though I think she is overreacting.

    That being said, I don’t see what the big deal with the t-shirt is. Must everything about weight be criticized? It seems there are rarely any situation where everyone can be truly happy about one’s size. There’s always that “Oh, you have a little chub on your tummy.” or “You need some more meat on your bone.” Can people just however they are without someone commenting on it? I guess it is just the way of this society. People can never be truly unbiased as everyone has opinions.
    I first laughed when I saw the shirt and honestly considered wearing it myself but thought it went horrible with the skirt. (Long shirt + skirt just doesn’t look right to me.) If someone wore this to my school, everyone would laugh and joke about it. It’s not obscene. It’s not hurtful. It’s no big deal. People just twist things into something it’s not and make it seem harmful.

    I also understand that there are a lot of people that suffer from eating disorders but there are more people (especially in the U.S.) that suffers from obesity and other diseases that are weight-related. And just because someone is really skinny does not mean they are anorexic. People make assumptions because they can’t possibly of think of any other way for a person to be that skinny.

    Don’t take matters like this so seriously. There are wars going on and oil spills (if you live in the U.S.). More lives will be ruined or lost because of bigger matters, not a silly t-shirt that is sold somewhere a lot of people can’t even afford to go to in this economy.

  23. mm well, i am a 16 yeor old girl, and i started with anorexia since i was 13 or so. Maybe this t.shirt isnt promoting ED but it is making fun of it, it is touching a sensible theme in a lot of teens. I mean, i am sure that if i asked my mom to buy me this shirt she would think it twice, just imagine, if you are overweight and u buy this shirt u are a joke, if you are skinny people would think u are pro ana or something. I think she is brave for making such a strong statement, maybe noone said anything about the “dont feed the models” or “do i make you look fat” thing, but there is allways a first time

  24. It’s only a T-shirt, it’s just a slogan, it doesn’t say “Pro-ana” or anything does it? Did Urban outfitters intend for it to be pro-ana? What if the T-shirt had said, “Stuff your face”…. Would that have been equally as bad? I think that people are reading into possible connotations this “Eat less” slogan might have, and possibly they’re not there.

    • Oh, and i forget to add….. This is coming from someone who used to have an eating disorder …. Not full blown anorexia, but i exercised excessively, restricted my diet and became underweight. I needed therapy and i had to see my GP every six weeks. All i am saying is, if no one had assumed that this T-shirt had anything to with eating disorders, that it was anything more than just a pointless slogan, i would never have felt offended or thought anything of, tbh.

  25. I think Sophie needs to get off her high horse. Most americans are heavy that is a fact and they want everyone to say “oh its ok to be fat” no its not and some people do need to eat less. Sophie for starters.

    • Overweight people should eat less and exercise more. Underweight people (that’s an epidemic, too!) should eat more and ALSO watch their health issues more. Sophie looks like she’s got it right, so that comment towards her was completely unnecessary! It just goes to show, people are so used to seeing “super-skinny” as the “norm” that when someone of healthy weight comes around, they are perceived as “fat”. That’s downright scary!

      • Yes, agreed! Some people have a completely distorted perception of what a healthy amount of body fat is! I mean, there are certain ethnicites of people in the world who are genetically very slender, but there are also many other people who are not designed to be so thin. Women like Sophie are perfectly healthy, she is nowhere near overweight, and you could ask any health professional to declare that. You’re right, it’s worrying where these people who think that if you’re bigger than a size zero, you are overweight, have got their ideas from.

  26. All it says is EAT LESS. It does not say “starve yourself” or “throw up everyday” or whatever. When, what, more than half of the country is overweight and/or obese, crap like this NEEDS to be said. I imagine that if there was a shirt that said EAT MORE, and somehow it was implied to be aimed at skinnier folks, then I can only assume the smaller peeps would be a little mad, too…

    • Sure it needs to be said, but a T-shirt is an extremely ineffective way of doing so. I mean, just look at the backlash it’s received: people are quick to interpret the slogan as one that is making fun of eating disorders, not one trying to cure obesity.

  27. I, personally, find it ironic that they would put an “Eat Less” shirt on a girl who looks like she already has an eating disorder. She’s skinny, pale, and has no expression. No look of “life” in her eyes. No curves, either.

    Now look at Sophia’s pic – she looks like she is positively glowing inside and out. THAT is the depiction of HEALTH and BEAUTY. THAT is SEXY!

    As far as UO is concerned, I couldn’t care less. I don’t shop there to begin with – I feel they are just contributing to the eating disorder CRISIS that this country has fallen into. Yes, CRISIS. It seems like most people, these days, have some sort of eating disorder – either being underweight or overweight. And the few that seem to actually have it all together and are in the healthy weight class, how many of them are actually happy with their looks? I have yet to meet anyone, man or woman, who is satisfied with their body as they are. And I find that truly sad. Society, media, business industries, commercialism – they play a HUGE role in this! It’s about time someone speaks out against this madness – you go, Sophia!

      • I pointed out my reasoning for it. If she was just on the thin side, but HEALTHY, she should look more alive and bright. Instead, she looks expressionless, washed out and weak (to me, at least.) I’ve seen thin and healthy – this isn’t it. Again, this is my opinion.

        • I also don’t think the girl in the picture looks ‘healthy’, not to say she has an eating disorder. Sophia also doesn’t look healthy. She looks slighly overweight and the only glow I see is her makeup. And so what if she has ‘life’ in her eyes and is smiling, that could just mean she’s happy. Happy doesn’t mean healthy.

          I also find nothing wrong with the shirt. The shirt isn’t the problem, it’s America. We can’t walk on eggshells, afraid we’re going to offend someone. Also, why is everyone always so concerned with underweight women and not overweight women? It’s absolutey rediculous that Precious ( sorry, can’t remember her name) gets applauded for her confidence but miranda kerr does not.

          *sigh* The world is so screwed up.

        • Her expresion-less face has nothing to do with being healthy. You said you dont shop at UO, and I can tell, because if you did, you would know all their models look like that. Thats how most teen retail clothing stores model their clothes, the girl that wear them have weird poses with next to no expression on their face.

          I’m just saying that the model wearing the shirt and the shirt itself cant really be associated. Go to their site and look at the girls modeling all their clothes, no matter who wore it, you could misconstrue it to say they are “not healthy”. But my and your idea of unhealthy are also obviously 2 different things. That girl looks healthy.

          • I understand what overweight means, thank you. I said she looks ‘slightly’ (please read every word so I don’t have to repeat myself) overweight. Slightly, as in not much and you can say she isn’t all you want but I still believe she is.

        • any person with a specific body type can look dead and plain in the face. so i don’t see how can anyone determine healthy just by looking at them? maybe if she was dolled up she will look a lot better.

  28. oh please, to people who are saying this is a necessary message, since many Americans are overweight! That may be true, but there are better ways to promote a healthy lifestyle than on a t-shirt.. and for that matter, simply “eating less” isn’t the key to health. I find it quite infuriating, that UO would choose to send this message to the young women who shop at their stores.

  29. I support the “Eat less” slogan. After all, the worldwide epidemic is OBESITY, not anorexia. Millions and millions of people would benefit from eating less.
    And I kinda like the irony of UO. They know their costumers are mostly thin, so they’re appealing to their vanity, don’t you think? Whoever decides to wear this t-shirt, will be feeling narcissistic and important if he/she is indeed thin, and funny and confident if he/she is overweight.
    Whatever lol I love Sophia and I like the fact that she speaks her mind, even though that shirt isn’t a big deal.

  30. I don’t think this shirt will persuade young girls to become anorexic but I do think it is irresponsible for them to use this slogan. Of all the things they could have chosen…

  31. lol this again. Who cares, it’s a stupid piece of fabric. I don’t care if everyone and their brother is a fatty, chances are people like that aren’t going to see a shirt and decide that they should put down the fork. Some people won’t even listen to their doctor’s advice, what makes anyone think they’ll listen to a shallow corporation?

  32. I think she’s taking it a litttlllee too far. A lot of people can benefit from eating less. There would be less waste, and the obesity epidemic would probably diminish. Personally, I could care less about the shirt, it’s neither cute nor ugly, just kinda bland. I also think America could benefit from changing sizing from 0 and up to ACTUAL sizes. For example, I’m a size 25″, it’s sounds a lot healthier than being like I’m size “0”. 0 technically doesn’t’ exist… nothing more than a wisp of air! lol

    • Anna – I agree about clothing sizes, whole-heartedly.

      “ZERO” technically is not a size. And no, that’s not a shot at naturally slender people. It’s a shot at the industry, because their sizing charts make no sense. Someone shouldn’t have to say “I’m a size 0” – that’s equal to saying, “I’m a size nothing. I have no size.”

      At the same time, no one should have to say, “I’m a plus size”, either. Who says? It’s not like they have “minus sizes” for underweight people, so why “plus sizes”, implying all who wear those are “fat”?
      Not all “plus-sizes” are overweight. (Just as not all size 0’s are underweight.)

      I think it would be a lot healthier, not to mention, a lot more ACCURATE to use actual sizes for clothing. Because that’s another thing I’ve noticed in clothing – sizes are NOT universal. You can know your approx. size and buy from different lines – one outfit being too tight, the other being too big, and them both being the same “size”. That’s frustrating! Sometimes it’s even worse – buying a size under what you normally wear, and having it fit (or even be too loose), and/or buying a size above what you normally wear, and having that be too tight. The range is just too big – they need to make clothing more “true to size”. But that’s another issue, altogether.


      Bodies come in all shapes and sizes and depending on your height, bone density, muscle mass, etc…your weight should be in harmony with THAT… People don’t come from cookie cutters – diversity is what makes us beautiful and unique to begin with. (Just had to add that – off my soapbox now.)

    • I bought jeans at the Gap that were 00’s and I was like, umm… Whatever fits, I guess, but it’s weird to see that number on a label. I like when they label jeans w/ waist sizes too. It’s less embarrassing to say you’re a 24 inch waist than to say you wear size 0! I always feel like the people at the store are judging me. lol. :\

  33. I think she may have gone way overboard with this letter however the message on the tshirt does seem wrong to me AND they could use at least a healthy looking model but come on this girl does look like a walking campaigh pro anorexia, even her face looks ill!

  34. It almost seems like they did it on purpose as a publicity stunt I mean i’m from south america and I’ve never heard of the brand until now. My point: I don’t know what their intentions were but sure wasn’t innocent and clueless of people’s reaction

  35. UO obviously meant this to be provocative. What they are trying to do is promote themselves as edgy. Controversy is trendy right now because it garners so much attention.

  36. The shirt would only make it easier for me to pick off idiots (after all, whoever wore that, is probably one).

    It also makes it easier for me to avoid companies that would use such inflammatory words to sell a shirt. They KNOW it can be interpreted as pro-ana. And they did it anyways. I’m all for furthering your business, but if there’s a hell the designers are going there.

    • Oh please, they’re going to hell because they said “eat less” on a t-shirt?? You’re overreacting like the Sophia chick.

  37. outrageous indeed!!! these suggestions are pure garbage! OMG i can’t believe this t-shirt is actually going to be available in shops! outrageous!
    PS: and the girl from the advertisement…she looks bad, exhausted, with black circles around her eyes, if that’s what “eat less” means, who the effin’ would wanna look like that?

  38. While her view of eating disorders is rather mainstream and flawed (anorexia is not caused by shirts telilng you to eat less), I do agree with her. The idea of the shirt is rather tasteless. And I don’t quite understand who would even buy it. If a chubby person buys it, it’s kind of sad. And if a skinny person buys it, you’d think they had an eating disorder. I don’t know about most people, but I don’t like being pitied nor being accused of having a mental disorder that I don’t have.

  39. The slogan “Eat Less” on a T-shirt is the cheapest and quickest way this brand has found to be in everybody’s mouths….. and the objective is totally fulfilled!
    I don’t think it’s a big deal and it certainly wasn’t meant to create awareness about overweight in the US, it’s nothing more than a marketing move.
    Regardless, I liked Sophia’s letter a lot…. wow! That’s a woman with balls 🙂

  40. I have to agree with some that Sophia goes a little overboard with her letter. It is after all only a T-Shirt so no need to get quite so worked up over it.

    But what irks me is the model wearing the shirt having “eat less” scibbled over her already skinny body. It doesn’t matter wether she’s anorexic or not – for only she really knows – what matters is what young girls with body issues would think when they see it.
    A girl with a strong attitude and some confidence won’t be influenced by that at all no matter her size. But if there is some form of insecurity that slogan is no fun anymore. They might just take it serious.

  41. Okay,im a 5’5 and naturally a size zero.And you CAN see my bones protruding.But i eat like a monster.Im really sick of the media saying “ZERO is not a size””Curvy is sexy”and all that!what about us women who are naturally skinny?Are we less of a woman or less sexy?I seriously am HATIN on sophia bush,i mean like if ZERO is not a size,then what am i?bag of bones!

    • I completely agree with you. I hate the ‘curvy is sexy’ ‘real woman curves’ comments. I also hate the skinny comments that people make. I want all bodies to be excepted and seen as beautiful. Unfortunately, whenever someone supports one body type, they end up putting down another.

      About the ‘zero is not a size’. I don’t think they’re saying if you’re that skinny, you’re a ‘bag of bones’. Zero is technically nothing. It’s society that’s the problem. A size ‘o’ could be a size ‘2’. It’s all how it’s worded. I hope I made sense.

    • Have you been checked for hyperthyroidism? Seriously, if you truly “eat like a monster”, but still see bones protruding, that could be a sign of something serious. You might want to check into that.

      • um thats kinda insulting to the many, many women who naturally have visible bones in some places, despite being completely healthy. Visible bones is not equal to some serious underlying health problem…its just the way some people are….

        • It wasn’t meant to be insulting – the fact of the matter is a lot of people aren’t aware of the possibilities.

          To see some natural bone structure (like, say, for instance, collar bone) is fine and normal, but the image of “bones protruding” doesn’t sound healthy to me. I’ve known several people with hyperthyroidism, so as a cause of concern, I’m just putting it out there as something to maybe look into, just to be sure. Better safe than sorry.

          (Man, people are awfully defensive on this board, even when someone speaks with the best of intentions.)

          • hi,let me tell you the reason why i am skinny and bony.
            1.Genetics, my dad is skinny.
            2.I have a high metabolism rate,therefore i burn my calories really fast.
            3.Alot of people dont think i eat,because, u can see my ribs, my arms look like poles from far and my legs are really really skinny.
            But the doctor says im fine, im sure many women share the same body type as me.

      • to think something is wrong with her because you see bones doesn’t mean she has a problem and there are plenty of women that have bones showing but still maintain a healthy body. so in a way that was insulting.

        • Read my comment above. I explained my point. Seeing bones, in itself, does not portray a health problem. But for someone to sit there and say, “I eat like a monster, and I still have bones protruding”, to me, that doesn’t sound healthy. There’s a difference between seeing a natural bone structure and actually having them protrude.
          It COULD be that there’s absolutely nothing wrong, and if so, that’s great. But isn’t it better to be safe than sorry? (Seriously, I wish people would read before opening their mouths.)

          • dang chill out. don’t need to get all bitter about it and i know what you said and i disagree. maybe to you it doesn’t sound healthy but you can’t make assumptions that she needs help when you don’t know her health but whatever.

          • Btw, i understand your good intentions and i agree, people take everything in the negative light because this is more like an arguing post.HAHA. 🙂 Thanks for your concern love,

    • I think Sophia is just sad because she BALLOONED. she claimed she was a size “2” in health magazine when she is clearly a 6-8. Seems as if Sophies got her own problems to worry bout and shouldnt be writing some lame letter.. seems like a defense mechanism or a desperate cry for publicity, in my opinion..

  42. Why don’t we think for a second what “eat less” actually means.
    Let’s think of all those women that have yo-yo dieted all their life and as a result they are obese, or developed an ed or pushed their daughters into it unknowingly. People don’t know what a diet really is and who should advise them on it.
    A diet is supposed to be healthy and address health problems. Therefore it should be given by a nutritionist who knows your health problems, lifestyle etc. and tailored to you. Eating less, is not a diet. Eating less means eating less calories, I believe we can all agree on that. But it’s not the calories that make us thinner or heavier, it’s what we actually put in our bodies.
    You can easily eat less, but still eat burgers, chips and drink lots of sugary drinks. But this won’t make you lose weight. It will make your body even more deprived of nutrients, which means it won’t be long before you’ll be binge eating (again). In this time, your metabolism rate has dropped massively because it did not receive the nutrients it needed and tried to store as much as possible from the little it received. As a result, you’ll put even more weight on.
    This is an yo-yo diet.
    The message to obese people, shouldn’t be eat less, it’s extremely irresponsible and dangerous. It should be eat better! And address your health problems with a professional (whether that professional is a doctor, therapist and/or fitness instructor).
    And yes, the same goes for anybody who is not obese, but would like to lose weight. See a doctor first, then eat better, not less.
    Saying “eat less” just shows a big lack of knowledge and big irresponsibility.

    Let’s say the t-shirt would have said “eat less sugar”. Wouldn’t that have been a lot better?

  43. i’m just going to skip the controversy and ask: why the hell is that girl modeling the shirt even a model? the industry baffles me, i mean seriously.

  44. oh and LOL at ‘affordable fashion’ — $28 dollar t-shirts is a crime in my opinion. but yes, it’s ‘affordable’

  45. Most shirts with writing on them are stupid anyway. I have never seen a shirt with some slogan or brand name on it that I thought “I need that!” Unless, I am getting the shirt made for a team, group, or an inside joke with a friend.
    But, I do have to hand it to Sophia Bush. She was hurt by what Urban Outfitter’s shirt was marketing, and she fought back in a respectful manner. As for the whole size 0 isn’t a real size, it isn’t if your natural body shouldn’t be a size 0. People come in all shapes and sizes. But, seriously, they should make all of womens clothing in waist sizes (28 inch waist, ect) like mens. Enough with the size 0, 2, 4, 6… on and so on.

  46. HAHA ITS JUST A T-SHIRT!! Who takes orders from a t-shirt anyway?I probably should eat less but would I after seeing somebody wear this haha NO!!

    They shouldn’t have discontinued it thats a very powerful tool now haha i’d buy it just to wind people up!!

  47. why are people getting so uptight about a t-shirt? am i the only one who doesn’t see it as a way to make young girls starve themselves? i know we all have opinions about this t-shirt but the ones who are making it a big deal are the people who think it could cause some kind of damage to girls. many shirts have a lot of messages on them yet no one says anything about them or assume it’s bad. i know that obesity have risen and some should eat less fatty foods and more healthy foods but we can’t assume some shirt with a slogan will start something but i guess that’s me. if you don’t like it then i suggest don’t wear it. it’s that simple.

  48. I’ve always liked her, without knowing much about her. I think she has the sexiest voice on television and I enjoy the characters she chooses to play, even when I don’t necessarily enjoy the movie/tv show that character is in.

    It’s nice to know that beyond that, she’s also a good person and such a passionate advocate for women. Yay for celebrities who don’t disappoint!

  49. I really don’t see the huge deal over the t shirt. I understand the point she was trying to make though. I like Sopia but she may have went a tad overboard. And Sophia is by no means fat or even close!!!

    • if the model was big then yes she can wear the shirt but she’s skinny so i understand her point i have alot of respect for her now finally some body is brave enough to speak about it

  50. The model is stick thin wearing a shirt that says “eat less” THE VERY things like these trigger young girls and guys into anorexia and other compulsive disorders! You saying its not a big deal….well, you have no idea.

      • It can (and will, I guarantee) be seen as a societal judgment, directed at anyone who is larger than the woman wearing the t-shirt. In this case, the model has the waist circumference of a 12 year old, so most women are bigger.

        For a girl with eating disordered thought patterns (which are necessary but not sufficient for a full blown ED – many, many women have them), being shown this from such a well known brand 1) tells them it is a widespread belief and 2) puts pressure on them the become that size in order to remove the perceived weight of that societal judgment.

        Eating disorders are mental diseases. You do not have to (and, perhaps, cannot) understand the logic behind them, but you should understand that your ‘not getting it’ doesn’t make it any less of a reality for many other people.

  51. I’m a women, and I am not offended by this at all.
    In fact I think it should only come in sized large and extra large, because if you are that size you are FAT, and should EAT LESS.

    • Since when does being a size large or extra large automatically mean you’re fat? I know tons of people who are size large because they’re tall, or curvy, but at a perfectly healthy weight. Your comment was more offensive than the t shirt ):

  52. Have any of you actually suffered from an eating disorder?
    Everybody is different but leaving the pro-ana lot out of it, eating disorders are an emotional, mental illness.
    Comments like the one on that t-shirt cannot cause someone to develop an eating disorder but it does play into the anorexic mindset.

  53. IM SORRY.. i think Sophia is kinda lame.. i think shes fake and has nothing to do, and searching for publicity. she is quite big herself so might have taken the dumb shirt to heart.. opinions are like a$holes.. everyone has one.. bumperstickers, lame statement shirts… right now alot of people are wearing “legalie Arizona” about immigration law.. this is AMERICA.. freedom to say what you like as well as wear it.. If dumb, tasteless girls wana buy that fug shirt its there problem.. sorry sophia.. fail, as usual…

  54. I’m really happy someone in the public eye took a stand over this, I’m not a One Tree Hill fan so I didn’t pay much attention to Sophia Bush before but now I think I might. This is a well-written letter which addresses the issue.
    Also, I think ‘Don’t Feed the Models’ might’ve been a post-modern style protest against tiny models…I’m probably wrong but that’s how I actually took that older slogan (in my mind the world is not crazy haha)
    THIS shirt however leaves no room for misinterpretation, this is just an AWFUL slogan, the way a person eats is up to them & their perception of what’s okay, that might not be great but we can’t control people and we should try to stylise others by wearing a T with such a blunt and discouraging slogan, I’m glad that Sophia wrote this, actresses have HUGE influence over their young demographics, hopefully Sophia’s fans will take note from her example. This is one actress who’s completely formed her own identity without skewing them to fit the mold.
    I don’t know if this will sound … right…but, I feel like looking at Sophia, who is obviously very healthy judging by her body, that it gives the letter more …credibility? I’m not trying to dog on larger or thinner girls, I’m just trying to say that it’s obvious she actually believes in her opinions and it helps get the message across. That’s really not supposed to sound mean, please no one take it the wrong way, I can’t explain it very well but I think you can get what I’m trying to say?

    • Since when did shops decide what is a healthy size and what is not??
      Retailers will do anything to make money regardless of the public’s health. They also make tiny sizes so kids buy them.

  55. A thin, pre-pubescent model wearing a t-shirt telling people to eat less? And people wonder why there are so many women with eating disorders…

  56. I don’t have the nerves to read all these comments. I read a couple and that’s more than enough. I just cannot believe this is real! America, you are the number 1 country in the whole world in point of obesity. Doesn’t this mean anything to you?? Does anyone care about what’s going on in this country? If this Sophia Bush wants to do something good she should promote healthy eating instead of this absurd campaign. I really doubt that Sophia Bush eats pasta, fries, fried chicken, biscuits and gravy every day. I am really sorry that this t-shirt isn’t sold anymore. I would wear it every day, wherever I go. Cause I see huge women every day. I was shocked when I first got here. I still am. I haven’t seen so many fat people in my life. I mean fat is a too delicate word. They are huuuuuuge. And I see them buying fast food, eating greasy food, I see them buying all kinda bad stuff at supermarkets. I cannot believe it!!! It’s outrageous. This t-shirt has nothing to do with anorexia. This is about obesity and the really bad eating habits of the American people. Huge portions, lots of deep-fried food, lots of butter, HFCS in everything, meat with hormones….. Eat less, people. Eat less and eat better food and you might live longer and happier! I think most of the people who feel offended by such a t-shirt are obese and maybe jealous. I am lucky to have a good metabolism, I am around 90 punds and I am not skinny for my height. Just because I weigh that much, it doesn’t mean I’m anorexic. You should read the book “Why French women don’t get fat”. It is a very good book. You should wonder why European people (Except for England inhabitants of course) are in better shape than Americans.

    I come from a country where people cook at home (and yes they have jobs, too), where we have natural food, no HFCS, no eating out all kinda junks. You won’t see 400 pounds people in the street, trust me.

    Just think about it! Before it’s too late…..

    • “If this Sophia Bush wants to do something good she should promote healthy eating instead of this absurd campaign”

      …she IS doing something to promote healthy eating by speaking out against this absurd piece of clothing. How the hell is a t-shirt with “Eat Less” helping? What is shaming a ‘fat’ stranger into starving themselves doing, other than increasing intake numbers at eating disorder clinics?

      You want to wear a t-shirt that promotes “healthy eating”, go find one with the food pyramid on it. Until then, stfu.

  57. I stopped shopping at UO long ago once i learned a two things
    1) my money was going to a company that backs homophobic politicians
    2) the the “vintage” shirts i was paying $45 and more for, where from mid west flea markets

    This here just makes me know i made the right choice every time i pass right by that store in gallery place.

  58. My God, the model wearing that T-shirt is HIDEOUS. I thought models had to be pretty? Or at least plain? That girl could stop a clock.

  59. Irina Do some history. RomanIrina banquets have a vomitorum so they could eat more. Eat less is a speech and too many are going to eat themselves into an early grave. Not to mention being unhealthy. Sophia is way off base. Eat less is cool Notice i did not rad anything about the newer findings that the plastics we use leech chemical into the body that encourage fat gain.

    • …what?

      Why are you talking about ancient Romans vomiting? (which, btw, has NOTHING TO DO WITH VOMITORIA. YOU do some history. Google it. It takes 5 seconds and encourages ridiculous comments to be left unsaid, as they should be.)

      And chemicals – I’m not sure I see your point with that one either. I’d be fine with a t-shirt that said “Use fewer plastic containers made with BPA”.

      So, I repeat: …what?

  60. Urban Outfitters didn’t commit a crime by selling this shirt. In a country ruled by free speech, why should they have to stop selling this shirt? Nobody is being forced to buy it. If there’s that much outrage over it, then nobody will buy it and it will become an unprofitable venture and they’ll pull it anyway. Forcing them to stop selling it is is violating the most basic point of freedom of speech and press. Maybe this shirt is, instead, directed at the ridiculously large number of obese people in the United States. One shirt is not going to change a whole mindset–if you’re really trying to attack eating disorders, the way to do it is not to force a private company to stop selling what it wants to sell.

    • Same way they can sell the t-shirts, Sophia have the rights to think ans tell them what she wants. Is not that she MADE them remove the t-shirt, she just sent a message, wich i support by the way, explaining her point of view.
      “Eat less” is not a message for a t-shirt next time try with “Eat healthy”

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