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From feathers to fringe and from fishnets to lace, the Victoria’s Secret show brought it all, complete with models ranging from ultra thin and toned to slim and fit.

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  1. as much as i like Lais and think she definitely deserved the FB after all her years of hard work with the brand, i’m surprised taylor didn’t get it. taylor is by far the most popular angel, but i guess her awful personality probably is the reason why she didn’t get it. and for people saying Lais didn’t deserve it because plastic surgery, well Elsa has lip injections, and no Lais never had a nose job …

    my favorite is probably maria borges, she is so stunning and i like that she doesn’t work for the brand regularly because VS is trash. ming xi is so irritating, so i do not feel bad for her about what happened. romee looked gorgeous, will always like her because she’s such a nice person and just glows. adriana is still so gorgeous to me … but overall the show is a big fat NO for me

    • oye.. what an honor. Wearing a multi million bra that represents consumerism excess without even hitting stylish, only gaudy.
      Where do the diamonds and gems even come from?

      I love Lais, I wish she’d leave the brand and go on to bigger things. VS should have never brought in the fantasy bra. Its beyond tacky.

      • lol I agree the fantasy bra is trash, but getting to wear it would be equivalent to opening or closing a major show except it’s all over the news so it’s a big deal for the model. At least it’s no longer worth 10-15 mil but “only” 2 mil. I wish they did something good like charity with that money but that’s not VSs image

        I would love for lais to do bigger better things too but honestly don’t think she will. She’s not super smart or creative, hard to transition to other commercial work or acting because of her height and accent, also not super charismatic like Adriana. The only one I see doing things other than VS/modeling is jasmine. Anyways I’m happy for her she can send her son to a good school and such but yeah still don’t like the brand she works for

  2. eff this show, eff the native american appropriation, eff the patriarchy that runs it and all who support this heinous company. i respect the artistry of fashion (and the spectacle of the show itself) but this is less about that more about names, bodies on display for consumption/scrutiny, sexism, and capitalism at the cost of exploiting cheap labor in 3rd world countries. all for a crappy bra. itchy, constraining, and just plain silly. i bought one bra at vs when i was 15. wore it a few times. being an A cup (still, 14 years later), have the luxury of not needing support. haven’t worn a bra since. and i’m glad i don’t have to support this company in particular. if i did have to wear bras i would refer to this site… a list of fair-trade brands.

    • While I’m not sure any fashion house could exist without cultural appropriation, or that all forms of patriarchy are inherently evil (though, here it certainly is), or that capitalism is inherently evil because look you’ve just posted some great *ethically capitalistic* brands! Thanks for that!
      I don’t buy things that are made in sweatshops or in places where there’s no environmental regulations and it’s sooooo difficult to find things. Awesome links!

      • cultural appropriation is not the same as cultural meshing, no modern art form would exist without the later. cultural appropration is just cheap copying for commerical reasons- like iggy azalea,

    • Thanks for sharing fair trade brands. Yeah seriously, what’s sexy about a bra made with slabe labor. They only pay their employees 95 cents to make a bra but charge 50 dollars. IMO 50 for a bra is not that much but it’s how little they pay the people who make them and the brand in general that disgusts me

    • love your comment so much. i always dread the VS show, it’s probably one of the cheesiest silliest icons of a time well out of date

    • i agree, and this show is cheap and tacky as hell- like a bunch of second rate drag queens got together and said- how are we gonna make these women look as horrible as possible?

  3. Without Adriana and Ale this brand will be dead. Hopefully.
    Is this Josephine Skriver in picture 52? What is that lollipop head on this tiny body… disturbing.
    Hard to tell, but it looks like there are a few more muscular girls on the runway this year. Taylors body (or rather legs) strongly remind me of Doutzens after her weight loss.

  4. it’s not hate or anything, but oh boy… Bella has such unfortunate legs and butt 🙁 she looks a thousand times better when smiling and defrosting her frozen face, but still, I think she’s just a pretty girl, not model material.

    And dis anyone else notice how Candice’s belly is looking kinda different? A lot of people are speculating she’s pregnant with baby #2.

  5. i’ve always hated the vs fashion show…like all the design are always so cheap-looking and uninspired. i do however like seeing so many black models rocking their natural hair, that really warms my heart.

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