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The second big event of the award season took place last night and the celebs paraded their fancy frocks and glam looks on the blue carpet at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California.

Check out our 2018 Critics Choice Awards mega gallery and pick your favorites!


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16 thoughts on “2018 Critics Choice Awards – Mega Gallery”

  1. Just a few observations: Chrissy Metz looks like a house, and I don’t care if people think I’m being mean. To me, she is as bad as Tess Holiday, trying to glamorize and rationalize unhealthy lifestyle habits. I love Alison. Williams dress but I wish she did her hair in an updo, and converse to Chrissy Metz, she should gain some weight back…same goes for Alison Brie, who has dropped weight but yet said some BS about being strong and healthy but seems now to be going back on those previous statements. Olivia Munn doesn’t even look like herself lol. She basically has a new face. Angie also needs to put on weight but weirdly her face still seems healthy looking, tho I’m sure it’s just cuz of great makeup and fillers? Emma Roberts looks effing crazy, and ever since those reports of her and her creepy bf hitting on each other surfaced, reinforces her crazy AF looking face. Octavia Specer looks great.

    • I’m so tired of hearing every celebrity brag about how “strong” they are and how important that is to them…and then they immediately go and lose 10-15 pounds.

    • Olivia Munn face looks just like Megan fox now I seriously think she took her photos to the plastic surgeon and said this is what I want to look like. Put in blue contacts you would not know the difference… and I agree Allison Brie looks terrible, she used to be so youthful and pretty looking. Her and Williams just call them the allisons looking like death and always just there…

    • Angie’s face looks “healthy” yes due to money on cosmetics and lasers and such but also because she has a broad face with big cheekbones and jaw that prevent her from looking like like somebody with a thin face would

  2. Lots of interesting little details on the dresses, some work, some don’t. I think Jessica Biel looks very statuesque. Gal Gadot – effortlessly beautiful, same with Margot Robbie. Heidi Klum- lay off the tan and eyeliner already; why does she keep showing up at these things? Like someone mentioned about AJ, Kate Bosworth is super thin but love her youthful pretty face; Nicole Kidman’s dress – colour is beautiful, but oddly matronly cut. Hate Reese Witherspoon’s crossed leg pose – enough of that already.

  3. Some interesting dresses here. I’ve been loving Diane Kruger’s choices lately. I also really like Sarah Hyland’s outfit, very simple but I like the ballerina skirt. I don’t know what Emma Roberts was going for with that hair, but man, it’s terrible.

  4. Octavia Spencer, Gal Gadot, Margot Robbie and Jessica Chastain (I think Jessica is a goddess, she’s a phenomenal actress, very well-spoken and smart and to me she’s always a vision on the red carpet) look great. I also dig Jessica Biel’s look. Diane Kruger might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I love her guts and often risky red carpet choices.
    Well, then there are those two Alisons. I remember Alison Bree looking great in Mad Men, nice curves. And since GLOW, she looks sick to me. All the freshness is gone. Yes, we all age, but that has nothing to do with ageing. It has to do with being too thin. Same goes for the other Alison. It does not look appealing and in the beginning of Girls, she looked fabulous, then lost all the weight.
    And who on earth puts those clothes on Elisabeth Moss? She looks great with a nice curvy body, but her outfits are horrible. They make her look frumpy and age her 10 years.

  5. Time for Heidi to cut her hair or, ahem, take out extensions. Allison Williams looks like a phantom…but I am intrigued by her dress. Allison Brie is taking herself VERY seriously. Jessica Biel’s face reminds me of Elvis…weird, I know. Emma Roberts: WHAT!? I feel bad for Elizabeth Moss. Reese Witherspoon needs to stop with the southern, country club tea party look. Kailee Cuico’s waist looks tiny. Ok I will stop now.

  6. I like Octavia Spencer’s, Mary J Blige’s and Allison Williams’s dresses (or would if hers was in another color, emerald green or rich purple). I really dislike the fake blond hair on Klum, Blige, Roberts, Cuoco.
    I have no idea what Margot Robbie is wearing, but she’s so pretty regardless.

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