10 thoughts on “The 2018 Grammy Awards Gallery”

  1. I thought most of the looks were terrible, what’s with the pantsuit it’s not some ladies luncheon…the other dresses just drab. I would think these looks were for one of the lame music awards..but on second thought I guess it fits. Lana looks dreamy as usual though, love.

    • I don’t pay any attention to the Grammys… So many great artists out there and it’s always the same. But I also think most of these dresses are really bad. This is the second time Lady Gaga is one of my favourites which is extremely weird. Heidi Klum’s dress might be too much but I like it and she looks younger here. Someone mentioned Kelly Clarkson’s dress being terrible, which it kind of is, but I think either she lost some weight or the dress is actually good for her figure.

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