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Halle Berry

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Halle Berry

golden-globes-2011-mega-galleryHere’s a quick summary: Sandra Bullock has a new pair of bangs (makeover or makeunder?), Giuliana Rancic and Jayma Mays are looking very, very thin, Olivia Wilde looks like a super sparkly princess (with bangs, too!), Sarah Hyland and Diana Agron are super pretty, Halle Berry’s figure looks hot in a very leggy and cleavagey number, and many, many more!

Check out this mega gallery of fabulous dresses, hairstyles and dolled up looks from the golden Globes and pick your top favorites!

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62 thoughts on “Golden Globes 2011 – Mega Gallery”

  1. I’m not blown away by any of the dresses, but…


    Olivia Wilde – It could be too much, but imo it isn’t, and I love sparkles 😉
    Dianna Agron – Always a favourite for me.

    And I think I might put Leighton Meester on faves as well – I wasn’t sure, but somehow I really like it.

    Angelina is also one of my favourites, even though I don’t like the shape of the dress, the colour suits her well and hair and face wise she looks radiant.

    Like Megan Fox’s dress and body, but not face.

    Am disappointed i Mila Kunis – this dress isn’t up to her usual standard. Besides the dress she looks as good and cute as always, though 😉

    And why is Catherine Zeta-Jones wearing a lawn?!

    Oh yeah – and J.Lo’s body is sooo hot! Dress could be better though 🙂

    • And did Scarlett Johansson lose weight? She looks washed out compared to how she normally looks. She’s usually one of my favourites…

        • Well, maybe since she separated from Ryan… I know thet say they ended up well.. with love and all that.. but it’s a divorce and we all know what sadness and the media do to these people..

          She’s bery beautiful tho.. .And i really like her dress

  2. Olivia Wilde was my personal favorite – her dress was truly breathtaking !
    Apart from her, I liked Natalie Portman’s, Leighton Meester’s and Scarlett Johansson’s dress

  3. I love Heidi Klum’s dress! It’s so unusual without being too edgy.
    Leighton Meester looks great. I think she’s the only one who looks good from head to toe.

      • I watched one episode of her RS in wich she said she was having problems getting pregnant and her doctor told her she needed to gain 5 to 10 pounds to make it easier for her to have a baby, because she was too thin and that was stopping her from getting pregnant. She complained to her husband that she couldn’t do it, because if the gained weight, the clothings she used in E! would not fit her anymore!
        That was the only time I saw the program, so I don’t know what happened nexte, but its quite obvious she didn’t follow her doctor’s advice. Maybe the way she looks in clothing (it is awful iMO) is more important to her than having a weight that allows her to fulfill her “dream” of having a baby…
        Some women can get pregnant easily even with very low weight, but in general, a too low IBM does difficult pregnancy.

  4. Favorites:
    *Olivia Wilde: I’ll be honest I don’t know who this is, but her dress is gorgeous! I don’t like her hair or makeup tho’
    *Elisabeth Moss: I love this girl! Fantastic actress! Love that green color on her, not sure about the highlights in her hair, but overall she’s fabulous.
    *Angelina Jolie: The most beautiful woman alive! She can’t do no wrong! Everything is fabulous on her!
    *Scarlett Johansson: I love the dress, and her makeup is flawless!
    *Catherine Zeta Jones: That dress was made for her! she always looks good in autumn colors!
    *Mila Kunis: The hair,makeup and jewlery is perfect, not so sure about the color of the dress but it fits her perfectly.

  5. I actually have to disagree with everyone saying they like Olivia’s dress! I think it looks like a cheap prom dress, she could have done better.

    Angelina Jolie- ravishing as always

    Everyone looks lovely but what the HELL happened to Christina Auguilera?! She looks absolutely awful. This is a girl who needs to stop yo-yo dieting.

  6. I love Emma, Olivia, Mila, and January. But Halle was just a knockout in her dress! When she came on TV I was like WOW, she has such a good body! And the dress really accentuated that.

  7. I liked Dianna, (maybe im just bias cuz glee’s my fave show) She’s so beautiful always! I also loved Oliva, I just LOVE sparkles. Halle’s body is AMAZING. Mila’s always pretty. But my favorite was JANUARY! I loved that red dress!

    P.S. : What was Tilda Thinking? Was that even a dress?

    • I love Lea’s dress too…so pretty and everything about it suits her!
      Yep, I think Milla did gain weight…suits her though. Always thought she had a lovel striking face

  8. I loved all the pink at the Globes!

    My faves were Dianna and Emma Stone. IMO they were the most classy and beautiful of all — though I’m still adjusting to Emma’s blonde hair.

  9. MILA KUNIS LOOKS STUNNING! Her dress fits her perfectly, love the color and the dress itself! Her face blows me away her skin looks perfect , love the makeup so natural yet so pretty! Love the hair

  10. Carrie Underwood- Is it just me or did she gain a bit (maybe 10lbs) of weight?

    Catherine Zeta Jones- She looks good for her age! Wish I could look that good when im her age!

    I like Mila! She looks thin and beautiful.

    Christina Aguilera- She looks pretty for her age and with kid (s) although Im used to seeing skinny Christina, there is a big difference in her weight.

  11. Love Sarah Hylans dress! It’s beautiful!

    I also like
    Milla Jovovich
    Mila Kunis
    Catherine Z
    Megan F

    I hate how Sandra Bullocks bangs look. Off!

  12. megan fox looks great…trying to diet my way down to her figure……
    scarlett has lost and she looks good
    jayma looks great
    lover angelina…
    Anne is a stand out
    Emma S looks great…this weight and tan/hair suits her..though ill admit she’s slightly orange

  13. I love J.LO dress,i always liked white on Jennifer and i love that healty lookin sexy body!
    I liked the dress of Cathrine Zeta Jones,Ann Hathway, Mila Kunis and Scarlett Johansson.
    Megan knee why she showed it,looks kinda scary all bones?
    On the other hand Christina looks bloated especially her face,what happend to her??
    And the best sexy body of all times goes for Halle Berry for sure!

  14. I was going to ask who was standing behind Lea because that dress is awesome. Emma Stone, very nice. I also liked Olivia’s, so cute. I think Halle & Jlo both look trashy as usual.

  15. Wow, sooo much to comment on….

    Did Gabby Sidibe lose quite a bit of weight? either she is wearing a flattering dress and its a good angle, or she’s lost quite a bit of weight!

    Helena Bonham Carter, I would love to see her try and look nice – I’m sure she has it in her. She looks like she’s in character for Bellatrix LeStrange here!

    Angelina Jolie, the green looks fantastic on her, best i’ve seen her look in ages!

    I don’t like Halle Berry’s dress but she looks sensational in it, she’s so gorgeous!

    JLo looks fantastic, though i don’t like the sheer poncho thing on her dress

    Almost didn’t recognise Scarlett Johanson

  16. Oooo, b—ing about award-season dresses is my favourite time of the year!

    Here’s my verdict for what it’s worth:

    Dresses I love…
    -Olivia Wilde.
    -Maria Menounos.
    -Dianna Agron.
    -Mila Jovovich.
    -Mila Kunis.

    Dresses I dislike…
    -Jennifer Love Hewitt.
    -Angelina Jolie – the cut of the dress is horrific and I particularly hate the flappy back part (seen in pics on other sites).
    -Halle Berry – is it just underwear with some mesh thrown on top? What a banging body, though.
    -Julianne Moore – wrong in so many ways.
    -January Jones – the fringing creeps me out.
    -Emma Stone – she probably pulls off that peach tone better than anyone, but it’s still too gross and plain for my liking.

    Dresses I’m unsure about…
    -Kyra Sedgwick – I love the colour, but the cut around the straps is weird.
    -Helena Bonham Carter – love her odd shoes; the dress is not my favourite but it’s her style so I can’t complain.
    -Megan Fox’s dress – love the top half of her dress, but hate the bottom.
    -Jennifer Lopez – I think I like it.
    -Sandra Bullock – dislike the fringe a lot.
    -Scarlett Johansson looks so sad 🙁

  17. gabby sidibe SERIOUSLY needs to lose weight, she looks like a giant balloon, it is not healthy at all and just as unhealthy as guilians thinness.

  18. Sandra Bullock has a new pair of bangs (makeover or makeunder?) Makeunder – looks like mcgee bombshell (or what is her name)
    Kelly Osbourne. Very refreshing look and person. I liked her before and now eihter. I just hope she will not fall too bag into fashion addicton, including skinniness, anorexia.
    Helena Bonham Carter wears a red and a green shoe. It’s funny. 😀
    Gabourey Sidibe lose some weight?! Or it’s just seems to me?
    Christina Aguilera look very pretty. Just … I think she’s not very happy. That puffines of her face. It isn’t good at all. Her body is not managing very well that plus pounds. Also I like her figure very much. Just, her bone structure cannot carry that body weight without problems.
    Anne Hathaway make a good choise:, sparkly backless long evening dress with long sleeved on fit and well formed arms looking good.
    Natalie Portman is beautiful and looks amazing. I think she choise a maternity evening dress – best of all times ever. I never see a dress like that for moms.
    J.Lo is amazes me every time. She allways used accessories that make the dress deseve to be dressed by her body and make a difference in the world of fashion. A simply white dress is enchanged by that silvered tul (or chiffon) bolero (i don’t know exactly how it’s named) into an astonishing look. Ok! We must accounting and the jewelries too, which worth 5 mil
    Christina Hendricks figure is one of the most appreciated by me. She’s a natural beauty. Her fashion choices lately are bad. Plus material flowers and plisee – frequently used above or below her bust are not flattering for her.
    Tilda Swinton. The dress. I have a question about the “dress”: somebody designed that dress or piece of cloth for an evening? If it’s true, than that person is a retina killer. Or Tilda had a bad day.
    Scarlett Johansson. Simply beauty. I just … expected a little much more from her. She is considered a sex simbol. But instead, it’s seems that she chose a classic line.
    Nicole Kidman. Looks a little bit fade in that dress.
    Julianne Moore. I like her. The dress: no, no, no!
    January Jones. The dress looks good, she looks well too. But this kind of dress I will put on women with toned body. She is slim, but not toned.
    Emma Stone Very flattering dress, good suitable colour.
    Halle Berry. Looks like that woman find the elixir of youthness. She is allways glowing, smiling, fit. I know it is a hard work to maintain that body and I appreciate her most beause her illness. It’s take time and patience and power of will of making and to maintain a life like her.
    Catherine Zeta Jones. Beautiful like every time in the public appearence. I loooove that shade of green.
    Leighton Meester – too much uncovered skin

    My favorite (in alphabetical order) are Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Natalie Portman.

    (don’t throw stones at me: that is my opinion and i have written extensively. Sorry!)

  19. For me:
    ~Olivia Wilde: It might be like prom dress, but it’s so great. OMG, movie star glam.
    ~Leighton Meester: Love it. Delicate and modest.
    ~Jennifer LH: Looks old, but the dress falls gorgeously.
    ~Dianna Agron: Head to toe, perfect. The dress suits her look, and her face is just amazing.
    ~Christina Aguilera&Megan Fox: Love the dress, not
    the face.
    ~Anne Hathaway: my all time favorite!!! Never fails walking the red carpet.
    ~Mila Kunis: Somehow the dress looks ugly. It fits her well, but the texture looks like tree roots squeezing her.but the color is great for her skin.
    ~Catherina Zeta Jones: Beautiful color for her, but yeah…the texture is like grass.
    ~Angelina Jolie: Okay…Bleh, BORING.
    ~ Sandra Bullock: LOve the bangs. Looks like Egyptian princess. Dress is great.

    Somehow, Scarlett looks like Maggie Gylenhaal here. The weight doesnt suit her AT ALL. MAkes her face look plain and lose its character.

  20. Wowww. Jayma Mays is getting thinner and thinner. Her pale skin makes her look so skeletal. I always thought she was so pretty…

    No one said anything about Jenna (forget her last name!) from Glee…i think her hair and dress/colour looks GORGEOUS!

  21. How has no one mentioned Amber Riley? I know she’s a big but god I think she looks gorgeous ! Perfect dress for her!
    Leighton Meester looks beautiful 🙂 So does Diana Agron!
    Jayma Mays has always been tiny to be honest… i think she looks gorgeous here!
    Lea Michele looks beautiful! I love her dress!
    Sarah Hyland looks lovely!
    And Olivia Wilde was definitely my favourite dress! So gorgeous!

  22. I like Gabourey Sidibe’s dress and Olivia Wilde
    Don’t like Kelly Osbourn’s arms and face
    I like Julia Stiles’s dress and Sofia Vergara
    I don’t like Angelina Jolie’s dress at all
    Mila Jovovich arms look bigger
    Don’t like Halle Berry’s dress
    Don’t like Megan’s Fox dress
    Don’t like Heidi Klum’s dress
    Christina Hendricks always looks great in red dresses and this one makes her look thinner.
    Scarlett Johansson lost so much weight looks like she’s suffering although she has nice dress her face is in agony.
    Lea Michele is annoying.
    Don’t like Emma Stone’s dress.
    Catherine Zeta Jones looks like a princess.
    Leighton Meester is wearing my granny’s dress.
    I love Sandra Bullock’s dress and hair,she looks stunning,maybe she’s the best looking out there,all natural.

  23. I definitely love:
    Olivia Wilde
    Amber Riley
    Jayma Mays (except she is looking RAIL thin. Yikes.)
    Dianna Agron
    Eva Longoria (even though she tripped)
    Angelina Jolie
    Christina Hendricks
    Emma Stone (except I wish the dress were a different color or if she were more pale)

    My worst dressed would probably be Halle Berry, Heidi Klum, Tilda Swinton

    Helena Bonham Carter would be a what-was-she-thinking, except it’s HELENA BONHAM CARTER. I love her.

    Also, Lea Michele looked like Golden Globe Barbie. Not cute.

  24. Scarlett Johansson looks beautiful!
    I did prefer her with a bit more curves (while still being toned). But she’s still cute.

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