Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016 – Mega Gallery

And there you have it, the sexiest fashion show around! A mega collection of photos featuring this year’s models and supermodel Angels that walked the runway at the Victoria’s Secret Runway Show in Paris last night.

From Gigi Hadid’s massive weight loss to Irina’s new curves and from Adriana’s new muscles to Kendall’s new lips, they’re all here in their sexy lingerie and kitschy accessories.

Who looked best this year? And who do you miss most? Doutzen, Karlie, Candice, Behati? Or maybe old-schoolers like Marisa and Gisele?

Browse though our sexiest fashion show gallery and pick your personal favorites!





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46 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016 – Mega Gallery”

  1. Kendall looks terrible. Bland and not even especially pretty. Gigi’s got an adorable smile and I love her stomach, though she’s lost so much she looks a little haggard. Alessandra looks like she always does: ie great. Adriana also looks terrible. Very hard and cheap and old, don’t know what happened to her here. Out of all of them I like Devon Windsor and Ming Xi best.

  2. “Yes, I have boobs. I have abs, I have a butt, I have thighs, (…) Your mean comments don’t make me want to change my body, (…) I love that I can be sexy. I’m proud of it.”

    Where did your pride go, Gigi?

    It’s truly sad to see how she looks now. She really lost a lot of weight. Looking back at pictures from last year VSFS, the difference is crazy. And it’s not just the weight loss, it’s the way she looks. Something is off. She looks completely shapeless, no hips, no boobs, no ass. And her face…. She looks like a different person. I can only hope she did it the healthy way, because, by the looks of it, it looks more like she “just” restricted heavily….

    But besides that, I do think Gigi is a good fit for the brand. She has a gorgeous smile. And has that cute and sexy look they are going for.

    • Gigi looks very beautiful. She has a perfect body, is at a perfect weight, has nice legs, the whole package. Good for her as her work has been working for her.

    • I can honestly say I preferred her body before, VS or no VS. Her face too, by a mile. Whatever it was that I found special about her, she lost it. She fits in now, but I think she stood out in a good way.

    • She was heavily criticized when she was heavier. Being told you’re too “fat for the runway” from fashion fans and even being called out for her weight by models like Blanca Padilla will obviously affect your self-esteem. I don’t blame her for losing weight and she still looks good.

      • People wouldn’t mind her losing so much weight if she hadn’t taken her IG to write a massive text standing out for herself and encouraging other people to do the same… and then backing down on every single word.

        Obviously she has all the right in the world to do whatever makes her happier with herself, but being a public figure she should’ve carefully thought about the impact and consequences of her speech VS her actions.
        The message she sends, basically is “it’s ok to be heavier as long as you’re fighting to become skinny” and that can be a very dangerous message to every single aspiring model or young girl looking up to her.

  3. Stella Maxwell looks borderline unattractive to me. And she is very, very skinny. And Devon Windsor is just unattractive imo. Never understood that pick.

  4. Gigi looks haggard and tired in the face since her drastic weight loss. I remember her quotes regarding being curvier as well, clearly the pressure got to her to drop. Even last year at her first VS show, she had already gotten thinner, but at least not to the extreme that her face completely lost all life.
    Jeeze. Crazy how awkward Bella is face-wise and her walk is not much better if you have seen video of her and the Weeknd.
    Kendall has horrible skin/a lot of acne scarring and her lip injections are way obvious in the no makeup/pre-glam VS shots ha ha.
    How come the three youngins look the oldest/most worn out?

    Irina looks gorgeous, even though they gave her all covered outfits due to her being pregnant. Adriana slays despite them giving her the ugly lingerie LOL (most of VS lingerie I guess but ugliEST).

    Overall a really odd cast/doesnt really all fit or mesh. Devon? Odd. Bella? Odd. Kendall? Wtf. Stella? She literally had one face the entire show… so boring/bland.

    I miss Candice, Doutzen, Behati… at least they are not dead fishes and have some liveliness/do not look as though they are about to pass out from undereating.

  5. Herieth Paul is gorgeous! Very small framed and thin, but with really pretty face and she rocks her haircut.
    For the rest, I have a feeling they look better in their everyday life.

  6. Considering that Gisele, Naomi, Doutzen and Karolina used to be at the Vs Show 2006…ten years later it’s just nothing more than a Brand promoting brats. I do know that Vs is a trash lingerie Brand anyway but at least they booked Supermodels with personality and unique features.

    Hands down. None of these girls can beat Gisele’s walk and body ten years ago.

  7. Of course the first thing I noticed was how Gigi is soooooooo skinny now… shapeless. I get it, she’s a model and that’s what they do, be skinny and pout… but I thought she brought something different to the table with her curves which are now sadly gone as well as the special quality of her face. Something is off. Nice lips, Kendall. She is so boring. And I’m sure it’s “lip liner” like your delusional sister wants us to believe. Why do these girls change the way they look so much? They became famous with a certain look/style and then instead of working with that they go and completely ruin it? I want to love all the new-comers but I can’t. I miss the personality from the VS greats. At least Alessandra still looks amaaaaaazing

    • She is stunning indeed! And a great fit for VS. Can’t believe she didn’t make the cut last year, while looking like she does and having walked the VSFS 2013 and 2014….

      Judging by the few pictures I saw, she should relax her face a bit more though. She is doing some kind of duck face in every single pic…. She has a beautiful smile. And she is sexy as hell. She shouldn’t even have to try making those ‘hot’ faces. LOL.

    • Agreed. None of them should really pout that much, but oh well. I follow Kelly on instagram, she’s really into working out, maybe even too much sometimes? Like her anyway!

      • I can’t deal with the outfits… it literally looks like the VS team just went into a store, grabbed a handful of their bras and spent the rest of the budget on wings, accessories and other weird things like whatever was going on around Elsa in one of her outfits.
        Being Brazilian it reminded me a lot of the Carnaval costumes we have every year… VS changed so much, I miss the elaborate bras, panties and whole outfits (the way it was until like ’05/’06).

  8. My favorite is Elsa Hosk, however she too got lip injections. It is very clear on her Instagram page. I love her because she has such a windblown / pulled face and kinda looks similar to Frozen’s Elsa too.

  9. I don’t mind as much Kendall&Gigi as Bella, Devon (who looks…masculine in the face), Stella and Sara, I’m always surprised when i see the last one, she is so ugly, not just for modeling, but like…’normal people’ ugly.
    Sanne looks like she was on her way to church and someone asked if she could help xD
    But I think they made an excellent choice with Elsa, who looks just like everyone’s favourite Candice, and Martha, who really surprised me as I never found her interesting, but she looks really great for VS!

  10. Everyone says Gigi’s walk sucks but Kendall’s was awful, check it out.

    Most are underweight, but wow, Gigi must be like at 17 BMI tops. At least Adriana looks strong and not malnourished. Irina looked the best here. And Lais Ribeiro looks like the only one with actual boobs. For a lingerie brand, I would expect more than 2 out of all of the models to have a slightly bigger cup. Still, too cookie-cutter.

  11. maria borges, ming xi, and harieth paul are by far the most authentic beauties that stand out. the rest are clones–copies of copies–wearing recycled bs with their tired/expired “sexy” looks. good for them for being paid like mad but the femmi-ninja in me aches for all of these women. (use your brains! if you want to get paid for being thin and modelesque, good for you–but use that publicity to catapult important and pressing ideas)!! [ex. women’s reproductive rights–donate to planned parenthood or write a letter to your senator or our–unfortunately “elected” whitehouse representatives].

  12. Love Maria Borges — so cute and beautiful at the same time.

    Lais Ribeiro has the most beautiful body I have seen. An absolutely gorgeous woman. I find her breathtaking. That’s a model.

    Alessandra looks amazing and I’m usually not a big fan.

    Not feeling these basic white IG girls. No comparison.

  13. Why do 90% of the girls have the exact same shape? I don’t mean skinny (they all obviously are); but the straight up and down shape with narrow hips and no a– and muscle definition. Only the Asian girl and Irina have a bit of a waist, most of the others are straight from hip to chest. Adriana has the most gorgeous face of them all but the least appealing shape imo. Doutzen has (had, since she is not in the show anymore) the exact same shape; overworked abs with no waist.

    Why does Bella look so depressed in every pic.. Like she doesn’t want to be there.

  14. Everybody looks a hot mess. Just caricatures of what VS models are supposed to act like. I think Jasmine Tookes looks the best body and face wise. Not too tall or amazonian with no hips or a– or boobs. She looks the least “starved fit”. From here’s there are girls that workout and eat and girls that crash starved themselves for the past year just for this show and it shows. Especially Gigi,thats not a honed and toned body but a starving body. No curves anywhere and it looks haggard. Adriana does look ok but also very different and feels like she lost that extra oomph, if you know what I mean.

  15. On pic 34, Herieth Paul looks like an African queen, her body is amazing, wow ! With that being said, I’m not a fan of any of the outfits and I think if Gigi hadn’t lost all this weight, she would be a lot better suited for VS or at least for what VS used to be.

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