Meet Miss Universe 2017: Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

miss-si - Meet Miss Universe 2017: Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

Name: Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

Age: 22

Nationality: South African

Height: 5’7”

Title: Miss Universe 2017

#ootd Day 1 at @missuniverse 💜

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Meet Miss Universe 2016: Iris Mittenaere

Iris-Mittenaere-1 - Meet Miss Universe 2016: Iris Mittenaere

Name: Iris Mittenaere

Age: 25

Nationality: French

Height: 5’8” / 172 cm

Achievements: Iris was crowned Miss Universe 2016 on 30 January 2017 in Manila, Philippines.

FFN_vcv_52349182 - Meet Miss Universe 2016: Iris Mittenaere

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Miss Canada Siera Bearchell (Size 6) Responds to Body Shamers

Miss-Canada-Siera-Bearchell-5 - Miss Canada Siera Bearchell (Size 6) Responds to Body Shamers

Name: Siera Bearchell

Age: 23

Height: 1.74 m (5 ft 9 in)

Title: Miss Universe Canada 2016

Miss Canada Siera Bearchell has been under fire in the past weeks for gaining too much weight prior to her participation in the Miss Universe pageant. The beauty queen is currently being labeled ‘plus-size’ although she is just a size 6 at 5’9” – and here’s her message to her haters:

I was recently asked, “What happened to you? Why have you gained weight? You are losing points” This was a reference to my body of course. While I am first to say I am not as lean as I was when I was 16, 20, or even last year, but I am more confident, capable, wise, humble and passionate than ever before. 🙋🏻As soon as I started to love who I was rather than always trying to fit what I thought society wanted me to be, I gained a whole new side of life. This is the side I am trying to bring to the @missuniverse competition. The side of life that is so rare to find: self-worth and self-love. We always focus on the things we wish we could change rather than loving everything we are. #missuniverse #bodydiversity #IMG

With so much focus on the external, it's no wonder we suffer so much internally. 💭 I've seen the photo on the left circulating through media online (the changed image). The photo on the right is directly from the @missuniverse Press Website (the real, raw image). It's so sad that us women face this kind of criticism and hatred in a world that needs positivity now, more than ever. We need to uplift the women in our lives rather than belittle them for their appearance. We need to celebrate the diversity and uniqueness that we all exhibit. There is beauty beyond size. There is beauty beyond walking on stage in a bikini. There is beauty beyond looking a particular way. It's time to realize that true beauty, self-worth and validation start from within. #beautybeyondsize #bodydiversity #confidentlybeautiful #misscanada #missuniverse

A photo posted by Siera Bearchell (@sierabearchell) on

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Miss Universe 2017 Pictures

miss-universe-2017-pictures-5 - Miss Universe 2017 Pictures

Beauties from all over the world are currently preparing and rehearsing for the 2017 Miss Universe contest that will take place at the end of this month. At request, here are a few pictures featuring the dolled up beauty queens  of different heights and shapes in swimsuits.

miss-universe-2017-pictures-8 - Miss Universe 2017 Pictures

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Miss Grand International Founder Told Beauty Queen Arna Ýr Jónsdóttir to ‘Stop Eating’

too-fat-pageants-arna - Miss Grand International Founder Told Beauty Queen Arna Ýr Jónsdóttir to 'Stop Eating'

Trending body image story: Stunner Arna Ýr Jónsdóttir, a 20-year-old former gymnast from Iceland, was literally told by Miss Grand International founder Nawat Itsaragrisil that she was too fat for pageants and that she should stop eating. Arna refused the unhealthy request and she stated that she thinks she is “fine as I am”.

More details from The Sun:

Arna Ýr reportedly received a jaw-dropping message from Nawat ahead of the competition’s grand finale, which takes place in Las Vegas on Tuesday. It read: “Stop eating breakfast, eat just salad for lunch and drink water every evening until the contest. “[Itsaragrisil] is telling you this because he likes you and wants you to do well in this contest.”

A stunned Arna Ýr told The Iceland Monitor: “If the owner of the contest really wants me to lose weight and doesn’t like me the way I am, then he doesn’t deserve to have me in the Top 10. Yes, my shoulders are a bit broader than the other girls’ but that is because I was a member of the Icelandic national athletics team and I am proud of that. Of course, I don’t take these comments to heart, but to do my best then hear this… Personally, I think I’m fine as I am.”

The Miss Grand International contest is one of the world’s five major international beauty pageants.

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