Who’s Hotter? Rachael Ray or Jennifer Hudson?

whos-hotter-rachael-ray-or-jennifer-hudson - Who's Hotter? Rachael Ray or Jennifer Hudson?

What do we have here? Two very curvy ladies (who might be called “chubby” instead of “curvy” by some, but they still qualify), both with voluptuous hips and extra roundness & softness than 95% of Hollywood’s stars.

Now the question is: Who’s hotter? Who rocks her curves? Who makes the most of her curvy body? Who is dressed better for her body shape? Rachael Ray or Jennifer Hudson?

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Skinny Versus Curvy Battle Time! Victoria Beckham or Jennifer Hudson?

skinny-versus-curvy-battle-time-victoria-beckham-or-jennifer-hudson - Skinny Versus Curvy Battle Time! Victoria Beckham or Jennifer Hudson?

Before you rush to say that Jennifer Hudson does not exactly have the ideal curvy body, let me just remind you that Victoria Beckham is not your average skinny girl either. This competition is about comparing different body shapes – and these ladies sure are different! The competition only refers to the above picture, and not to the way they look on other occasions (since their weight and outfits vary).

So, let’s hear it: whose body would you rather have? Whose body would you like your girlfriend to have? Skinny versus curvy battle time! Victoria Beckham or Jennifer Hudson? Choose your side!

Kim Kardashian, Front and Back

kim-kardashian-front-and-back1 - Kim Kardashian, Front and Back

While to some seeing Kim Kardashian’s back is a privilege, to others it is plain horror. So I guess the above picture… you either love it or you hate it. Regardless of your feelings, you must admit that Kim’s assetsare looking less “super-uber-extra” bumpy here, but that is probably only because we got a front view, a back view, yet not a profile view.

As we established in previous posts, Kim is definitely on top of the curvy territory, yet some say that she is dancing on the line between curvy, which stands for shapely and chubby, which stands for “almost fat, yet not quite”. What do you say? Should Kim lose a few or enjoy everything she’s got right now?


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Kelly Clarkson in a Suit. A Bathing Suit.

keely2in1 - Kelly Clarkson in a Suit. A Bathing Suit.

Now I think we can all pretty much agree that Kelly Clarkson is not skinny. And she is not thin either, “not thin, not fat”, yet not quite chubby (tummy looks quite flat). Am I getting close? While we do get a curvy perspective from the back, Kelly isn’t the Hollywood-standard of “curvy”.

One thing is for sure though: Kelly probably didn’t stop eating chocolate when she was 13, like the rest of Hollywood.

What do you all think? Do you like Kelly’s body? Why or why not?


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