Gigi Hadid on Wanting to Become a Model: “I knew I wanted to make pictures better”

gigi-hadid-hair - Gigi Hadid on Wanting to Become a Model: "I knew I wanted to make pictures better"

Gigi Hadid meets romantic pink ruffles with a glimpse of patriotic underwear on the cover of Allure magazine this month, where the supermodel opens up about her ambitions, hard work and style.

On how she doesn’t consider herself a style icon:

“I never really had a great sense of style. I was wearing what I wanted to wear. I don’t really know what my style is.”

On the fact that she always wanted to be a model:

“I don’t know why, but I just knew. I knew I wanted to make pictures better… I was obsessed with photographers and where models were supposed to fit in. Obviously, I’m not taking iconic pictures as a six-year-old, but I studied models as part of an image, not just as a model, if that makes sense. I first got inspiration for energy in a photo looking at those Tommy Hilfiger family-picture ads, where there were so many people and it looked like so much fun. I guess I saw what a lot of people don’t see in models, which is that it’s hard work, and you’re not just another object in the photo… I don’t know if I got it from riding or school or volleyball or my mom or all of them. But I’ve always been the person to self-alarm at 4 a.m. to finish a school project.”

On the claims that nepotism has helped her career:

“I always want to prove myself and to let people know I’m a good person. A lot of people don’t realize they’re typing this stuff, and that’s a lot of negative energy—regardless of whether we see it or not. People just don’t realize the power of their judgment.”

On her future plans – she wants to be an actress:

“I think I’ll only do one or two movies in my life, so I want them to be good.”

More of Gigi dressed in romantic ruffles in Allure inside!


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Bella Thorne’s New Hair – Makeover or Makeunder?

bella-thorne-bra-hair - Bella Thorne's New Hair - Makeover or Makeunder?

19 year-old Bella Thorne said bye-bye to her strawberry blonde locks and went for a creative haircolor recently: fiery red on top and yellow extensions – and her sister did just the same.

Pictured: Bella on her way out of the gym in Hollywood the other day, wearing no makeup and just a sports bra on top.

A while back, the young actress opened up about struggling with acne – read all about it here!

Bella Thorne’s New Hair – Makeover or Makeunder?

See more of Bella’s yellow extensions before you decide!


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Miranda Kerr’s New Lob at the Pre-Grammy Party

FFN_vcv_51970650 - Miranda Kerr's New Lob at the Pre-Grammy Party

Miranda Kerr debuted her new asymmetrical lob hairdo at the 2016 Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party at the Beverly Hilton Hotel the other day, while also rocking a long white dress.

On her long bob do:

“Well, I’ve been wanting to cut my hair now for at least a year. I’ve often fantasized about it but I haven’t been able to do it because of the contracts that I’ve had, but now I just got clearance from all the clients that I work with, so I was like, “Let’s just do it!” And everyone’s like, “Oh, we should do it for a special event, but I just wanted to cut it—I’m ready. I’ve been looking at different pictures, like one of my friend who’s always had really long hair but cut it really short. I’ve had long hair pretty much my whole life. I’ve never cut it this short before, except maybe when I was like, four years old, I guess I had this haircut. Not this exact haircut, because I used to have bangs and I obviously didn’t cut bangs today. But it’s really nice for a change—it feels really fresh. When I’m not working, I generally let my hair air dry. So I just dried it and then he put wave in it which I quite like and I was like, “Oh, this is perfect.”

… says Miranda.

kerr1 - Miranda Kerr's New Lob at the Pre-Grammy Party

How do you like her new look?

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