Beyonce with Short Hair Versus Beyonce with Long Hair

beyonce-with-short-hair-versus-beyonce-with-long-hair - Beyonce with Short Hair Versus Beyonce with Long Hair

Here is one Beyonce with short hair in a yellow / golden dress and one Beyonce with long hair in a golden suit (talk about a theme color).

Not that it will come as a surprise, considering the wide range of hairstyling techniques that are available on the market today, but both Beyonces were photographed last night, at Conde Nast Media Group’s 5th Annual Fashion Rocks event.  

Not a typical battle, but still fun: Beyonce with short hair versus Beyonce with long hair – Which one do you prefer?

Versus’s expert verdict: Gimme Beyonce with long hair any day. Why? Cause she’s waaaay younger.

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Heidi Montag as an Aerobics Instructor

heidi-montag-as-an-aerobics-instructor - Heidi Montag as an Aerobics Instructor

Heidi Montag hasn’t given up on her drowning musical career. The proof? Here she is shooting a new video -and this time, she’s not in a bikini running on the beach, but in sparkly, shiny and tight aerobics costumes that mandatory come with a big and curly pile of Barbie-like hair.

heidi-montag-as-an-aerobics-instructor-2 - Heidi Montag as an Aerobics Instructor

P. S.: This is definitely one girl that can afford to wear white stockings.

heidi-montag-as-an-aerobics-instructor-3 - Heidi Montag as an Aerobics Instructor

Let’s hear your comments!

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News Online

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Christina Aguilera’s Look and Body Analysis

christina-aguileras-look-and-body-analysis - Christina Aguilera's Look and Body Analysis

What’s new with Christina’s look? Umm, nothing. The Marilyn Monroe’s phase (with a darker twist) overcame the status of a phase and seems to have installed for good. The overly-blonde hair is still on Christina’s head, just like the overly-done make-up (that probably keeps Christin’a makeup artists busy for 4 hours) is still on Chrsitna’s face. So you see, no news there.

christina-aguileras-look-and-body-analysis-2 - Christina Aguilera's Look and Body Analysis

Body wise, Christina looks like she’s found a compromise between her baby weight (that implied shapelier legs and curvier curves) and her thinner former self (that meant skinny legs and less curvy curves). And how is this compromise looking? Leaving the unatural areas out of the discusion, it’s looking close to the ideal.

Photo credit: Wenn

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Hilary Duff with Her Hair in the Air

hilary-duff-with-her-hair-in-the-air - Hilary Duff with Her Hair in the Air

Sadly, we’ll have to admit that Hilary’s all black outfit and sport shoes are definitely less entertaining (trying to avoid “boring”) than the outfit she presented last time. Sadly, this time we’re not getting any pink bra in sight, nor any surprising, sexy and revealing element.

What we get is Hilary’s locks flying in the air, as she rushes out of a Barneys, together with their big and funky shopping bags.

Photo credit: Fame Pictures