Who’s This Girl?

whos-this-girl - Who's This Girl?

Didn’t guess yet? Then here is what you should do:

1. Remove the red hair.

2. Remove the bangs.

3. Insert long, blond hair.

4. Remove this dress and insert better dress.

6. Also insert model-like attitude.

Still didn’t get it? Girl’s name is Petra Nemcova – click here to see her former self!

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Victoria Beckham’s Ultimate Makeover (or “Makeunder”?)

victoria-beckhams-ultimate-makeover-or-makeunder-2 - Victoria Beckham's Ultimate Makeover (or "Makeunder"?)

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that with the above position, Posh is actually trying to add an extra long & slim effect – because she needs one, that’s right. But that’s not the point here.

Just notice how Posh’s shoes are 2 sizes too big. You got me… that’s not the point either.

With such a tight dress, with such a fragile figure, super high stilettos that are barely staying on her feet… I just wonder how she’s managing to walk AND look like a diva at the same time.

victoria-beckhams-ultimate-makeover-or-makeunder1 - Victoria Beckham's Ultimate Makeover (or "Makeunder"?)

OK, OK, onto the pint now. Major news (considering that Posh was beginning to bore us with her bob): a new hairstyle is on (Posh’s head)!

So, let’s all decide: Posh’s got some new hair! Is it a sucessful makeover or rather a “makeunder”? Have your say!

Britney Spears Looking Pretty Flawless at the VMAs

britney-spears-looking-pretty-flawless-at-the-vmas - Britney Spears Looking Pretty Flawless at the VMAs


And here comes silver dress number two! Classically paired with silver shoes, as well.


And may I say: Wow! Not so much for the dress, but wow, Britney cleans up really well when she is stimulated enough to do so.


britney-spears-looking-pretty-flawless-at-the-vmas-2 - Britney Spears Looking Pretty Flawless at the VMAs


And in this case, everything seems in order (unlike last year VMAs): the hair, the skin, the smile… and last but not least, Britney’s slim, fit and definitely improved figure.


Photo credit: Getty

Rihanna on the Red Carpet, Front and Back

rihanna-on-the-red-carpet-front-and-back - Rihanna on the Red Carpet, Front and Back


What else can we expect from Rihanna, if not a funky outfit (that is intentionally mismatched on many occasions) with a funky hairstyle and an innovative combination of colors? Here she is on the red carpet at the MTV VMAs last night, looking just as described.


Body-wise? From both perspectives, we get to see a pear shape figure with a pair of strong and healthy-looking legs. How do you all find Rihanna’s red carpet look?


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