Nina Dobrev Does Men’s Health

nina-dobrev-mens-health-2016_1 - Nina Dobrev Does Men's Health

At request, check out 27 year-old Nina Dobrev in a racy pictorial in Men’s Health Magazine, complete with a wide range of sexy ingredients: silver leotards, bikini shots, latex leotards, the mandatory butt shot and a gorgeous girl.

How do you like this spread?

nina-dobrev-sexy-5 - Nina Dobrev Does Men's Health

See how Nina’s weight fluctuated over time in our post here!

And check out how this brunette beauty looked in a bikini back in February 2016 in this post!

And see more photos filled with sexy ingredients from Men’s Health NEXT, of course!


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Heidi Klum’s Halloween Costume: Supermodel Clones

supermodel-clones-2 - Heidi Klum's Halloween Costume: Supermodel Clones

Heidi Klum (43) goes all out on Halloween and this year was no different, although in 2016, the star took a more… self-focused approach, as she stepped out ahead of her party surrounded by a bunch of lookalikes: an army of supermodel clones! Dressed in leotards, fishnets and sexy thigh boots, the supermodel clones each wore prosthetics on their faces in order to resemble the blonde beauty… and blew kisses to the cameras, in true Heidi style circa her Victoria’s Secret prime.

What do you think of Heidi’s Halloween ‘costume’? Super fun and creative or… a letdown compared to last years? Heidi Klum’s Halloween Costume – Love it or Hate it?

To compare, Heidi’s past Halloween costumes – an old lady and Jessica Rabbit:

supermodel-clones-4 - Heidi Klum's Halloween Costume: Supermodel Clones

supermodel-clones-5 - Heidi Klum's Halloween Costume: Supermodel Clones

See more of Heidi and her supermodel clones next!


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Shay Mitchell’s Fit Legs Cover Self Magazine

shay-mitchell-fit - Shay Mitchell's Fit Legs Cover Self Magazine

29 year-old actress Shay Mitchell showed off her fit legs and flawless skin in the current issue of Self Magazine, where the Pretty Little Liars beauty embraced the cover in a strappy bandage-like leotard. In the magazine, Shay talked about how she prefers to have an active lifestyle and on how she won’t feel pressured to forgo her pizzas and ice-creams.

On her ‘all in moderation’ diet and preparing for the Self Magazine shoot:

This cover isn’t just a cover — it was an honest eye opener about lifestyle vs. diet. Prepping for this cover made me feel strong and healthy, and that if I really set my goals to do something and followed through, I would see results — and I definitely did. I will always be the girl that can get in some exercise and not feel guilty about eating a slice(s) of pizza or a scoop(s) of ice cream. It’s all in moderation!

On having a healthy, active lifestyle and lots of interests:

I have so many different interests and love trying new things, which is how the YouTube channel came about. Next I’m doing a series on my workout lifestyle. I like to switch it up so I don’t get bored. Sometimes I’ll just go to the UCLA track and run up and down the bleachers.

… says Shay.

Check out some of her workout moves in this video:

See more of Shay and her fit legs in Self Magazine on our second page!


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Beyonce’s Looks at the GRAMMYs

465283585_10 - Beyonce's Looks at the GRAMMYs

Beyonce performed onstage during the 56th GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center in Los Angeles last night… after making a lacy white appearance on the red carpet in a risky dress.

How do you like her chosen outfits?

465320667_10 - Beyonce's Looks at the GRAMMYs

See more of Beyonce next!


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