Chrissy Teigen Brings the Quote of the Day

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30 year-old model Chrissy Teigen is not afraid of telling it how it is, even when she receives backlash for it. Recently, the new mom shared a few thoughts on attaining that ideal Hollywood body and how celebrities have it way easier than regular people, since they have entire crews helping them achieve their weight loss goals.

On how regular women should not compare themselves with celebrities when it comes to getting in shape:

Anyone in the public eye, we have all the help we could ever need to be able to shed everything. We have nutritionists, we have dietitians, we have trainers, we have our own schedules, we have nannies. We have people who make it possible for us to get back into shape.

… says Chrissy.

The model less than 4 week after giving birth to her first child:

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More shots of her inside!


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Elsa Pataky: “Even when other people say, “Oh she’s too muscly” I always like it”

263F382900000578-2977031-image-a-1_1425370342172 - Elsa Pataky:

On getting back in shape fast after having twins a year ago:

It’s definitely part genetics. I was always the little one in school,” she says. But she also happens to be mad about exercise. I mean, I love fitness, I love sports, I’ve been into it since I was 15, working my body and just building it.

On her favorite female body type – athletic:

I always admire sports bodies in women – that athletic look. Even when other people say, “Oh she’s too muscly” I always like it. I’ll never be an professional shape but I like to get as close to that as I can.

On having fitness competitions with her husband Chris Hemsworth:

He’ll hold the pads for me, although I won’t for him as he’d smash me into the wall. When he was training for Thor, he came home with this bodyfat measurer – you know, where you clip the parts where you accumulate fat? So it became a competition between us. If I had some fat somewhere I’d be like, “Grr, I’m working that part.” It’s fun, it’s just like a challenge, for no other reason that I like to challenge myself.

… says 38 year-old Elsa.

462591072_10 - Elsa Pataky:

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New Mom Mila Kunis: “All of a sudden I’m busty!”

462687106_10 - New Mom Mila Kunis:

On her post-baby boobs:

Oy did these things grow. I don’t know how to deal with them because I’ve never had them. So, I always dress for a flat chested girl and all of a sudden I’m busty and I’m like “whoa check it out!” this is amazing for me! It’s a whole new world.

… says new mom Mila.

Pictured here: at the premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures’ ‘Jupiter Ascending’ at TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

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