Victoria’s Secret Hotties at “What is Sexy? Bombshell Edition”

Victorias-Secret-Hotties-at-What-is-Sexy-Bombshell-Edition-4 - Victoria's Secret Hotties at "What is Sexy? Bombshell Edition"

Miranda, Rosie, Candice and Doutzen made a colorful and smiley appearance at Grove shopping center in Los Angeles yesterday, where they celebrated the “What is Sexy? List: Bombshell Edition”.

At the event, Olivia Wilde was named the sexiest, Taylor Swift was named the celebrity with the sexiest hair and Zoe Saldana as the celebrity with the sexiest style.

Victorias-Secret-Hotties-at-What-is-Sexy-Bombshell-Edition-2 - Victoria's Secret Hotties at "What is Sexy? Bombshell Edition"

Who’s YOUR favorite Angel?

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Lily Allen in a Bikini!

Lilly-Allen-in-a-Bikini - Lily Allen in a Bikini!

Weekend bikini treat!

The one who’s wearing the miss-matched number this time is Lily Allen.

She must have a great waist-hips ratio!

In case anyone is wondering, Lily is 24 and 5’2”.

Lilly-Allen-in-a-Bikini-2 - Lily Allen in a Bikini!

This is not the first time we see Lily in a bikini – see her HERE and HERE!

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Christina Hendricks on Embracing (and Dressing) Her Curves

FP_2029979_RIJ_TV_GUIDE_PARTY_032409 - Christina Hendricks on Embracing (and Dressing) Her Curves

Here’s a great interview from Marie Claire Magazine featuring Mad Men’s curvy girl Christina Hendricks – she shares her love for curves and tips on how to flaunt it!

As is often the case with celebrities, Christina Hendricks looks a lot smaller in person than she does on TV. Sans the bouffant hairdo, long-line-waist bra, girdle, stockings, and slip she dons as the smoldering Joan Holloway on Mad Men, it’s natural that she’d shrink a little. And yet, even off-duty, Hendricks is very much a womanly woman. “I can’t just throw on a backless dress or flimsy top with spaghetti straps,” the 34-year-old declares. “I need a bra!” As for that fiery red hair? “I’ve been dyeing it since I was about 10” – a result of an obsession with the Canadian TV series based on the Anne of Green Gables books. Here, she shares her tips for dressing a Hollywood figure that’s more Monroe than Moss.

MC: Are you cool with people making such a fuss about your figure?

CH: In the beginning, it was odd to have so much attention brought to my body type. I thought, “Uh-oh, brace yourself.” But everyone has been so positive. During the first season, a woman came up to me at dinner and said, “I just want to thank you – watching you has made me proud of my body.” I thought, What an amazing thing for someone to say! To make anyone feel good about themselves makes me feel good.

MC: How has playing Joan Holloway affected your sense of style?

CH: I’m definitely learning from Joan. My personal style is very romantic. I’m drawn to things that have a feminine flair, whether it’s a ruffle or an embellishment. Joan is much more streamlined, so I’m learning how that works on my figure. I’m a fan of the pencil skirt now. I used to think they were so conservative, but then I realized if you wear one that’s tight enough, it’s really sexy.

MC: What is your mantra for dressing?

CH: Highlight the things you like. I like my small waist, so whenever I wear a dress or blouse, I always make sure you can see my waistline. It gives me more of an hourglass shape.

MC: What would you say to women who want to minimize their curves?

CH: Instead of trying to downplay your curves, find a designer or style that glorifies them. There are designers who simply don’t design for people with shape and there are those – like L’Wren Scott or Roland Mouret – who do exactly that. Once you find what looks best on you, stick with it.

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