43 thoughts on “Knock, Knock! Who’s There?”

      • How on earth are they “shapeless” just because they are slender doesn’t make them “shapeless”
        who you prefer? Beyonce ?

        • Nope! I love thin legs, I just like for there to be certain proportions with the thigh and calf and knee. I think her calves are too small IN RELATION to the rest. But thanks for assuming otherwise. I actually find Beyonce’s shapeless as well, since they narrow too much.

  1. Before seeing who she was I wanted to say “perfect body, ugly shoes”. After I saw it was Doutzen, I even like the golden shoes 🙂

  2. sometimes I think she looks havier by being thinner at this weight..she lost a lot a 1-2 years ago and I have the impression her proportions(ex. silouette of her legs) got “”””worst””””. maybe im wrong.

  3. I really love the outfit with the white shorts. The top, the hair, the shoes. Pigtails have held a special place in my heart ever since I saw Wednesday in The Addams Family as a kid though, so I’m biased.

  4. Did NOT get that one.
    I thought ‘it must be someone young, those shoes are hideous.’
    Usually younger stars (and Leanne R.) wear the most terrible shoes, but obviously I was wrong.
    She’s too cute though, I love her.

    • I loved her body pre pregnancy too, she was a bit meatier than most Angels and she had curves to die for, now she’s skinny and her torso is more in a V shape. She still looks amazing but I’m nostalgic of the former Doutzen.

      • I am so sick of hearing this about how she used to be “sooooooooooo much bigger” everyone says it on every Douzen post it’s so predictable. all she did was tone up a little. plus it’s her body she can do what she likes with it. Before I even read the comments I knew there would be tons like this one such a cliche ans so predictable.

  5. So sad i will Never have this legs nomatter what Weight,i have wird and Short Shared leg’s,Selim warst but if i Couleur Chose i World go for this leg’s and no butt

  6. she is perfect! i saw “the wolf of wall street” last night and i was so flashed by margot robbie’s beauty! that girl is beyond beautiful!

  7. wow! great body probably 5’8 135 lbs??! what do i all think of her stats?not too skinny maybe even 130 lbs.she is on the taller side

  8. This girl defines my version of white, blonde perfection. (I specify this, because I don’t want to articulate that being white and blonde is the ultimate perfection; rather, of the white blonds in the world, she is the most perfect in my opinion. There is no such thing as beauty perfection, as we live in a world with so many different kinds of physical differences, that are beautiful in themselves.) That being said, she looks awesome and I am beyond jealous!

  9. She’s gorgeous!!! Love Doutzen, she totally grew on me over the years. I always used to think she was so plain! Her personality is what swayed me though.

  10. Ahhh If I hear one more predictable comment about her preprecnancy body being so much “larger” and more “womanly” etc..I am going to scream. It would be nice to actually open a Douzen post without reading the same cliches from the same posters. How many times do we have to read the same thing over and over? She doesn’t even look THAT much different. I have been reading the same thing for the past few years.
    But hey it’s her body, she doesn’t have to keep it any way to please other people. I bet if she gain 50 pounds she would be applauded and called a “real woman” etc.. Anyway she looks amazing as always. Body and face is gorgeous

  11. she’s sooo pretty! I follow her on instagram and she post pictures of herself without makeup where she still looks perfect. life is so unfair

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