28 thoughts on “Knock, Knock! Who’s There?”

    • lol i was thinking the same thing.
      they seem to be trying to feed off this “sister sexuality” thing thats soo weird. like how arian does the lolita “child sexuality” thing

      • they have almost the same exact body. Bella has the bigger t–s though I think. BMI has to be exactly the same between them too.

          • You’re projecting your gross ideas on two rather young sisters holding hands who happen to be sexy and showing off their hot bodies because they can. I repeat: SISTERS HOLDING HANDS. It is sordid of you to say such things. But you’re obviously jealous and that will make people say the weirdest stuff.

          • how is ‘A’ obviously jealous? while it is normal in many cultures for close friends and family members to hold hands while walking around, it is not the cultural norm in the US where they are from and live. so it is a bit strange here.

          • Because when someone affirms that someone else has degrading intentions without having the slightest clue they’re just trying to make themselves feel better by belittling others (consciously or not). And judging by their popularity I doubt it could be something else. I had people making up all sorts of gross lies about me as a teenager so it’s very familiar to me.

          • Not jealous as much as probably has other deep seeded issues she’s projecting onto aisters…weird

    • Ew that’s such a p—ified view of sisterhood. Women, related or not should be able to show affection to each other without people saying gross things about it. Same goes for men but the reaction is usually different. (I haven’t seen any of their instagrams or anything so if they are cashing in on it the way Kendall and Kylie were when they made out (barf), you can ignore my comment, however I don’t think they’re like that from what I’ve seen).

  1. excuse my casually draped black satin teamster jacket – i just find it so comfortable to wear it half way up my back like this.

  2. Guessed right, it would either be them or substitute Bella with Kendall. Gigi looks better when she smiles.
    I think they would look better a bit heavier, Bella’s head looks too big for her body, even if she has broad shoulders and big breasts.

  3. I used to like them but they’re both such hypocrites, Gigi lost a ton of weight after posting a whole message regarding her “different” shape and Bella has changed her face.

  4. I guessed Kendall and Kylie lol Although the b❆❆bs should have been a giveaway – Kendall is smaller than Bella in that department

  5. Bella looks scary when she smiles, you can really see the work that’s done. Gigi looks almost endearing when happy. Outfits are weird and they holding hands is also weird.

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