23 thoughts on “Knock, Knock! Who’s There?”

  1. Got it right!! She could really use some strenght training, her legs looks like the typical leg of someone who only runs, and eat little.

  2. I think she is sooo pretty. Prettiest girl in Hollywood right now. Even was far prettier than Megan Fox in that movie they did together imo, but she never got recognition for it. Such an unusual but doll like beauty.

    • She’s a little bit like Gemma Ward I think. Who just has to be one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen, no doubt why the industry was so infatuated with her.

      Amanda is pretty, and looks similar, but hardly anyone compared to Gemma in my mind.

  3. She has incredible legs, but for some reason I thought they would be way thinner. Not that they aren’t thin now, just assumed they wouldn’t be so shapely, maybe because her arms are very lean.

    • I’m pretty sure she was much thinner for awhile, but I’m not positive. This weight looks good on her, she’s slim but not too thin for her frame.

  4. I thought it was her because of the dog leash! shes always walking her pooch 🙂 I like her, think she is very pretty and has a nice figure. also not a try hard.

  5. I think we all can agree that she has the most amazing canine species. Got to love them fuzzies!! I just adore dogs and cats, any shape and size. They are truly two of the loveliest and loveable animal species, amongst many others. Such loyalty, especially pertaining to dogs, as kitties have independant character behaviour, but just as loveable. Back on topic, she does have really nice legs, agreed! Very beautiful face, her doll like eyes are truly stunning.

    • he he I totally agree with your comment! They are so precious aren’t they! I never know why people think I am so crazy when I have to say hello and pet a dog when I see one in public! I’m just thinking ‘how can you NOT want to say hello!’ ha ha

  6. she is 5’3 so id guess more like 105-110ish. my friend saw her and said in real life she is TIIINY. sp prob like 105 lbs or so

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