14 thoughts on “Knock, Knock! Who’s There?”

  1. Her features have always been “different.” Her eyes, shape of her teeth, nose…I wouldn’t call her attractive. At all. But, she seems nice.

    Glad she’s dressing and acting a lot more wholesome lately. Maybe she’s put her crazy antics behind her and is ready to embrace a new persona. Also, her hair looks good here, glad she ditched that unattractive elle degeneres haircut!

    • how did i get thumbs down for this….what, you’re telling me miley cyrus is the epitome of beauty? For a celeb she is not cute…can’t handle that opinion huh?

      • I wondering the same thing ’til I got to the Ellen DeGeneres bit. Can’t decide if that was mean ~and homophobic, or just mean, but it was uncalled for. That and coming back to ask why you were downvoted when you’ve clearly already decided it’s because people “can’t handle [your] opinion” is obnoxious.

        • Homophobic?!?! That’s a stretch lol my comment has nothing to do with ED’s sexuality, I was strictly referring to her haircut, not the person.

          It wasn’t meant as a diss on Ellen either…..short hair looks fine on her, but ED haircut on MC? No it just doesn’t work on her sorry.

    • I like the shorter hair better on her. She looks so normal (which is cool).
      The contrast in the pictures makes her bodyguard’s eyes look really trippy.

    • It’s silly to say she’s not attractive; is she Angelina Jolie? No. She’s just cute/pretty and there’s nothing wrong with that.

      • it’s not silly because to me she’s not cute or pretty? (Also Angelina Jolie is sexy but by far not the most beautiful woman in the world and has had major PS.)

        Miley is not attractive, she has small close-set eyes, awful ultra gummy smile, thin lips, bad face shape with no visible cheek bones.

        Someone cute and pretty but not gorgeous is Hailee Steinfeld, Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid, Lauren Conrad etc.

        Miley is trailer parker cute maybe?

  2. oh wow, I just noticed the bystanders in the last pic, lol. That would totally be me too if I noticed I was getting caught in the crossfire between a celeb and paparazzi

  3. She’s adorable, very casual here. I think she’s quite a woman and while Liam is very handsome, she makes him more attractive and he’s lucky to have her. Love her being sane again, but I also love that she was insane at one point too.

    • he’s lucky to have her lolololol. Have you heard her interviews? Not the brightest chick. But I won’t say she’s lucky to be with him just because he’s better looking than she is, because looks aren’t everything, and maybe he’s a total jerk.

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