9 thoughts on “Knock, Knock! Who’s There?”

  1. Looks laid back and normal. Probably at a very health weight, too. I love Megan 🙂 she is very kind and intelligent and seems to be happy as a mom.

    • Intelligent? That is quite generous – have you ever read or viewed an interview with her? Anyway. She has always had horrible/no fashion sense so I could have guessed this one. She seems to be at a normal/healthy weight right now.

    • I’ve never seen any interview of her’s that wasn’t cringey. She may be pretty, happy, and a good mom but let’s not devalue the word “intelligence.” She never seemed nice either–she was always trying to be sarcastic or sassy but never pulled it off (lack of wit/intelligence).

  2. Mediocre. Her only relevance was 9 years ago and she has no talent to back anything else up, and a large catalog of ignorant and desperate quotes to add to her detriment.
    In short: she was the last generations Emily Ratatats but swap the chest for a genuinely pretty face.

    • In one of her GQ interviews she uses the word “r_tards” to describe men who ask her out, not to mention her calling Micheal Bay (Transformers director) “a Nazi” to the press. Stunningly eloquent and intelligent women.

      • Michael Bay actually is “a anzi” (in the way people misuse that term today); he’s incredibly misogynistic and did terrible what he calls “casting tests” to his models. NO one has anything good to say about him

        • a nazi is a german national socialist, not any old a$$hole.

          She didn’t articulate herself well at all and has trashed many of her movies in the press. But I guess *she* gets a free pass to say things like “r_tards?” I’m sure Hitler would approve of that language.

  3. Looks pretty and casual. Way better than looking like you’re trying too hard in my opinion. Cute how she’s buying a pack of beer by herself.

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