7 thoughts on “Knock, Knock! Who’s There?”

  1. Jenifer Lawrence. That’s incredibly HOT !!! A good looking Blond chica, with incredible thighs
    posh black boots, taking a spliff break. Am not Jimmy Cliff, but that sure looks like a spliff. Why else
    would anyone be smiling with all the addictive poisons they put in commercial tobacco. C’mon
    I’m not one of the Beverly Hillbillies you know…

  2. Yeah that totally looks like a joint. Either that or she doesn’t know how to roll a cigarette and it ends up looking like that, happened to me every time. I’m not her biggest fan but I think she looks good here, I love that haircut on her. I took a picture of her haircut on Passengers to my last appointment. Of course I have straight hair and lack the patience to use a curling iron every day but still ended up looking pretty good.

  3. I thought it would be Bella because of thin legs, cigarette and oversized jacket. But their shape actually looks nice from what we can see. I love this coat and hair on her. I found the hairstyles she wore a couple of years ago quite unflattering for her.

  4. I like her style here, but every time I see someone smoking I think they definitely won’t be aging well. Sure she has the money for any cosmetic surgery she might want down the road, but wouldn’t taking care of herself and preventing damage to her body be better now?

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