30 thoughts on “Knock, Knock! Who’s There?”

  1. wow first? haha no but yeah she usually looks skinnier probably because her upper half is bony…and she usually wears heels and jeans. My legs are like this too except thinner, im surprised she has that much thigh!

  2. i want this david bowie tee!
    weight-wise, she’s slim, a pear shape i guess?
    and i wish there was sun where i live. i’m sick of winter clothes.

  3. Skinny upper half, with bigger legs, yep, just like her. She looks great though. Can’t say I guessed it was her though.

  4. Wouldn’t have guessed, I’m also surprised about the legs, but it’s because her upper body is toooo thin most of the time. She looks nice (but a bit trashy as always, commenting or her style)

    • welcome to the wonderful world of getting older. i’m dealing with it too, as i’m about to celebrate the big 2-5. suddenly i’m gaining in places i never gained in before. that’s why people are always saying things about models having “little girl” figures. for most women, the skinny skinny legs only really happen in adolescence. notice i said for “most.” congratulations to you skinny skinnertons for life. we’re very happy for you.

  5. Wouldn’t have guessed it was her, but it seems like she gained some weight especially around her thighs. I like it a lot though.

  6. I KNEW IT! This is like the first one I got right. Haha, anyways she looks hot…NO CELLULITE!! What the hell. I’m jealous.

  7. I thought it was Mischa Barton.I t really sucks when you gain in the legs area.It makes you look fat even if you are in a low weight.

  8. She keeps getting hotter. I actually love her body very much, but that’s also because i can quite relate to it. I’m the same, people see my upper body and call me scary skinny and they see my legs and their like wtf. But of course i am nowhere near as gorgeous as Audrina

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