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    • She looks exactly the same as she always does. Her legs are always thin. She has never been all that curvy. She looks beautiful as always. How does she look like Renee Zelliger? Thats insane. My LORD you people! Now Megan Fox isn’t pretty enough for you because she maybe lost one pound? Get a life.

  1. OMG my guess was totally wrong! she was soooo pretty and beautiful and now she looks fake too thin no sexy curves anymore!!! But that shouldn’t suprised me ’cause she wants to be as thin as keira knigltley just because she wants to play more serious roles thats too sad..

        • Nope, nothing like it there. I doubt that she said anything of the sort. Most no Hollywood start would ever say she wanted to lose weight even if she did. Not with a bunch of crazy fat ladies who want everyone to agree with them that its really, really attractive to have fat rolling over your belt line. I think being curvy is just fine. But I do know that the biggest health problem in the US for women is obesity. Even for very young women and children. Not by any means is it anorexia. So just why we are all worries about the “message” that a think star might send is escaping me. We should be worries what young girls that are eating at McDonalds developing diabetes are thinking. Especially if they decide it is the way to look good.

  2. I got it right! Her leg shape is unusual and quite unattractive. Her knees are bony, but her calves looks bigger than her thighs. This is not a healthy, or natural, weight for her.

  3. I would have to say one of her best features is her legs. She has very nice legs and they show nicely in the jeans that she is wearing.

    • i think she looks SO different from just two or three years, its so strange. she still SO young but she looks like she has aged so much in the last few years. she was so beautiful and healthy and youthful in 2007/2008 and now she just looks different…i dont know what it is either

    • not necessarily. My friend has superthin legs and her calves are bigger than her thighs, and believe it or not, she is perfectly healthy, and looks healthy.

      Megan I think naturally is heavier than this.

      • Yes, but I think your friend doens’t have a pear shaped body.
        My friend has also that type of legs like Megan on photo, but she’s a V-shaped.

  4. Oh goodness her legs make me really uncomfortable and not in a good way. They are way too thin. I’m sorry, but they remind me of my legs when I was ten o___o

  5. yees. i was right. her leg shape is so defined in the those jeans. i don’t know another celeb having this shape

  6. Is she leaving some kind of photoshoot? Coz her outfit is very casual, typical megan style, but the hair and make-up is very over-done (and gross).

  7. She does looks so short and I thought it was Natalie Portman. I love Megan so much! She is so pretty, she use to be a lot prettier till she lost weight. He face has gotten so much older looking then it should be. But, I still love her!

  8. Aww she’s so pretty.<3
    I'm always on the skinny side , but I kinda miss the old Megan.
    She looks unhealthy[when she's not wearing 5 pounds of make-up].
    But her body is awesome.If she didn't get there by starving herself or whatever she does , she'd be perfect.
    Btw, could she be over-excercising? I saw lots of pics of her going to the gym. I used to excercise over 5h daily and I got the exact same odd leg shape.

    • i would have thought over exercising like that would bulk your legs up? even with cardio? moine always bulked up even when i was thin and doing heaps of cardio…especially when i was dancing

  9. hmm you may be right but her whole figure is skinnier than in the transformer movies!!why does she want to be as thin as keira knightley??? thats kinda shoking for me cause i allways wanted to have a figur like megan

  10. I guessed it right! (like duh, it really isn’t hard for a hardcore Megan fan like myself) I love her legs and everything about her 😀

  11. It does look like she’s leaving a photoshoot or something, the head doesn’t match the body at all, and she hardly ever seems to do her hair and make-up just for the sake of it, like Christina Aguilera etc. Her legs seem very skinny, and the shape of them is what makes it unappealing to me, her calves are the same size as her thighs which makes me think skinny legs aren’t that natural for her. But i do think she looks quite alright, she dresses in a teenagy way imo, and the skintight tops and all that only looked more tacky imo when she had a fuller figure. Not that being skinny is elegant or that curvy couldn’t be, but i just think she looks less like a half-brained overly made-up teenage now. Maybe it’s the clothes i’ve seen her in lately also.

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