13 thoughts on “Knock, Knock! Who’s There?”

  1. Looks like she is in pain from being malnourished. Just a guess. I thought she was slightly healthier before but she likely tries hard to maintain.

  2. She is about 10-15 pounds underweight. Easier to gain that weight than to lose over 50 pounds. That’s why skinny models are not as bad as obese models. They are always closer to the ideal weight.

      • Most plus size models are more than 15 pounds overweight. Let’s stop pretending plus size models do anything other than bring size diversity to the industry because the plus division is as bad as the straight size division. Straight sized models are always told to lose even if they are underweight and plus sized models are pressured to gain even if they are obese. Neither Ashley graham or Martha hunt scream health, but let’s not go to extremes and compare Martha hunt or jourdan dunn to tess holiday. The skinny equivalent of tess would be Eugenia Clooney

      • 15 lbs on a taller woman is not the same as 15 pounds on a shorter woman. Gaining or losing 15 lbs on a 5’10” frame is only a slight softening and one inch on the waist (you easily gain or lose an inch throughout the day anyway)

    • Obese models may be “bad” but they also serve a purpose of showing obese women what clothes look like on their body shape. I often get the impression from comments like yours that you secretly think by only having models a say 10 or less that obesity will no longer exist. Should clothes aimed at seniors be modeled by women in their 20s because they have healthier bodies than a 70 year old? Spoilers: modeling is about selling clothes to different markets, or would you prefer obese women to be naked?

      • No they don’t. fat accumulate on the body in so many different ways and no they aren’t represented by plus size models. Plus size models (other than tess holliday) are still selected for their pleasing fat placement and thin face. Something else i noticed about plus size models like ahsley graham is that if you cover her face her body does not look attractive. Her face makes the clothes look so much better than they would on someone with the same body and an average face.

  3. It must be nice to be this skinny in the summertime. A lack of extra fat to keep you cool in the hot sun LMAO

  4. I like her outfit. Very cute. Not trying to be mean or hate on her because she’s very pretty but she looks painfully thin to me.

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