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  1. I knew it! She carries weight very well, but her arms are very thin compared to the rest of her body. I wonder if it’s a Dutch thing since Romee Strijd, and Maartje Verhoef also have very thin arms for their frame. I know Candice is not Dutch, but I believe she is of Dutch descent (Afrikaans).

    • Never thought of it before, but could be. I definitely have thin arms for my frame too and I’m dutch aswell. Doutzen has thin arms too. Will check on the streets from now on.

      • Just my observation from seeing famous model. Seems to me that out of European/White models, the Dutch tend to have very thin arms in comparison to the rest of their body. Long lean arms are also pretty common in African women like Oluchi Onweagba, or Maria Borges. Maria got muscle, but you can tell if she didn’t those arms would be tiny. When I went to Africa, I did see a lot of women with that body type

      • How silly! Being THIN is a model thing (excluding plus), but having thin arms in comparison to the rest of your body has nothing to do with being a model. While Kasia Struss has thin arms because she’s thin overall, her arms are not thin for her frame. Her legs are like sticks, and she tends to carry the very little weight that she has in her arms instead. It’s all about body type. Some people need to be emaciated to have the same arm size as Romee.

        • Why is this being voted down? How was this offensive to anyone?

          All I’m saying is yes you can have arms that are much skinnier than the rest of your body, no you don’t have to be thin, or a model. Unfortunately society is numb to outrageous proportions and doesn’t blink an eye at a Kim Kardashian booty on a 22 inch waist with triple Ds. In a way we’ve become desensitized, so people don’t notice things like Candice having thin arms and think it’s just because she’s thin overall that her arms look like that. I’ve seen women with the same body type, but their arms look more like Hilary Duff’s. Yes, genetics play a role in how our bodies look, and how we carry weight.

          • I don’t know why you’re getting downvotted I understood perfectly and english isn’t even my first language. I’m thin and fit (workout regularily) and carry my weight in my love handles, sidebags and upper arms, that’s the way my body is.

          • Maybe you’re being down voted because your comments are just…..huh???? the HAdid sisters are half dutch..but they have thicker arms..it must be those darn Palestinian thick-arm genes interfering with their thin-arm Dutch genes!!..hmmm

          • They have thick arms? Haven’t really noticed … I did notice that the Hadids have tiny calves, smaller calves than some anorexic people laying in a hospital bed. I’m not saying all Dutch people have thin arms. I’m just saying I’ve noticed a lot of Dutch models who have unusually thin arms – that’s all! It’s like saying Asians in general have smaller frames, which is true, but there are plenty of Asian men and women who have the same frame size as westerners or even larger than average.

            Who said anything about Palestinians having thick arms? That’s you projecting your own issues, honey.

          • Ignore the troll, all they want is attention and will debase themselves with increasing insults to get it. Stop feeding them and they’ll go back to the yahoo comment section or reddit when they stop getting drama nutrients.

  2. 1. That looks painful
    B. So she doesn’t actually swim, or paddle or sit and read at the beach…just stands around in expensive accessories being ‘surprised’ by photographers?
    3. What a world??

  3. Something about her has always comes across as unpleasant to me. Can’t place it exactly but I just don’t like her very much. Not that any of the new or mid crop of VS girls are anything special either though, looks or personality wise

  4. those two marks/scars she has – bum and near her crotch area- are pretty similar to liposuction scars. My aunt got nip/tucked nearly a decade ago and her scars are just like those of Candice after healed.

    • It almost does look like that doesn’t it? Especially on the front though both front and back are placed at the same exact spot on either side, hmm… IDK what else it would be.

    • Naaw, I have that same dimple in one of my buttocks, is from a childhood injection.
      She also has high hips, similar to Bella Hadid, which tells me they’re natural. BBL hips are way too round looking and artificial.

  5. Lol to the silly Americans here thinking all Dutch people have comparatively thin arms to their frame. You base this judgement off 3 models and one anecdote from a stranger online?? I am Dutch and living in Amsterdam and I can assure you arms come in all sizes and shapes here, lol.
    And yes, Hadids especially Bella have fat arms compared to the rest of their bodies

    • I said “maybe it’s a Dutch thing” not all Dutch women have thin arms. I’m Asian and can tell you that I have NEVER seen another Asian who I thought had thin arms compared to the rest of their body. Kiko Mizuhara has tiny arms because she’s tiny everywhere, her legs are half the size of anyone else mentioned here. I just see this body type more in Dutch (out of Europeans), and it’s even more common in African women. I did not mean to make generalizations about nationalities and ethnic group based on an observation. At the same time, it’s like saying being blonde is a Swedish thing – a lot of Swedes are indeed blonde, but you can see all hair colors (and races) in Sweden.

      I fail to see how any of this is offensive. Welcome to 2018, where there is still poverty, war, injustice, racism, and you want to sit here offended over body discussions.

      And no one brought up the Hadids, that is 100% you. I don’t think they have fat arms. They definitely have tiny calves though.

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