5 thoughts on “Knock, Knock! Who’s There?”

  1. You can see this is her normal body weight when she’s not working as a model/restricting.
    Pretty sure she’ll lose a ton for her wedding, but hopefully she’s enjoying this relaxed part of her life.
    She’s done very well – worked the model thing while she was young, but got an education afterwards, which i find very commendable, since many women in her field do not, just marry a guy with money and play the trophy wife thing. She also is into programming, which i think is extremely cool

  2. I find her very unattractive. Shoulders are wider than her hips. Small lips. Hooded eyes.

    And she’s so excited to be sister-in-laws with Ivanka Trump!


    • nothing wrong with hooded eyes but everything wrong with the last part, pity because I really used to like Karlie but that’s unforgivable

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