5 thoughts on “Knock, Knock! Who’s There?”

  1. I don’t know what she’s wearing but I wouldn’t say she looks “awful”. She looks happy, healthy, and like she isn’t depriving herself. She has enough money, a husband, and a family who seem to love her for her. She doesn’t have to play skinny minny, and probably isn’t looking for someone to please. It’s not like she is pushing around a body like Ashley Graham, she just looks more bodacious. Personally I don’t feel I have the luxury of indulging but she seems to if anyone. And even if she had to “worry about pleasing her man” she has enough money to not care that much haha.

  2. “Awful” is quite an overstatement. If I saw her walking down the street and didn’t know who she was, she probably would not turn my head. But the first thought would not be “Awful.”

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