47 thoughts on “These Thin Legs Belong to…”

  1. easy easy.. can recognize those legs anywhere! however, whats up with the hair? i think she needs to dye it or cut ir something!!!

  2. I guessed right! For once, ha! ^^
    I envy her body, she looks amazing…she does look a bit too thin sometimes, but overall, she’s got an amazing body.

  3. That Robert Pattinson-head scared the s— out of me.

    Her legs look good here, though I prefer some more cushion for the.. eh, yeah.
    Her push-up bra seems to be hard at work, hmm?

  4. Very pretty and she reminds me a bit of jessica simpson in the face.

    I hate the teeth though, I hate all these fake teeth celebrities have but some have better one’s than others, this model’s teeth are really obvious and big and “plasticy” looking (I know they dont use plastic for veneers, or I assume they dont, but they look that way) like hilary duff.

  5. I figured it was a VS model. I was going to say Ale.

    I love and hate Marisa. She has such an enviable figure…skinny with big b❆❆bs without being an apple shape.

    But she just looks so…dried up. Not just her skin but everything about her looks frizzy and dehydrated.

  6. Best body in the world! My fav model, I just recently realized I like her body so much more than Candice’s b/c of Candice’s huge broad manly shoulders!

    • Whoa! I just typed the same thing without reading your post. Her eye color and eyebrows (even if they’re not that natural color) suggest that red would be perfect! The blonde washes her out.

  7. She’s a pretty girl. I finally realized what’s off about her every time I see her–she shouldn’t be a blonde! I know that she’s sort of the token blonde for VS, but how great would she look as a redhead???

  8. I knew it was a VS angel, thought Ale though. Disagree about her not suiting blonde, I think she does. She always comes across as dirty though; but I think its just her complexion and colouringl Lindsay Lohan is the same. disliking the dress though, and the hair style. Thin, but nice, figure.

  9. nice legs, but that’s the only good thing I can say about her from these pics
    I usually like her style, but not this time
    she should go for a slightly darker haircolour imo

  10. i wish she would lay off the spray tan and dye her hair darker, like a rich red or maybe a light brown. i think it would make her look so much younger. she does have a great body but the dress is so unflattering in my opinion. her b❆❆bs are all squished together and pushed up as far as they can go and the dress completely disguises her waist. i think this is one of the worst looks ive seen marissa rock.

  11. She probably wears the new VS push up sexy bra. I have around 9 of those and they all do the same thing. Push them together and up. Her legs are very nice and her dress is cute.

  12. when is easy to guess i say… but this time i tought is miranda…
    i love this woman’s body shape [just shape, not skin too]

  13. Do people not believe in real big breasts anymore? Has it become a myth like the Easter bunny, so that every time there is any picture of a woman above a B cup, it’s normal to assume she could only have big breasts due to plastic surgery?

    Come on. Marisa’s breasts don’t even LOOK fake to warrant such accusations. And they’re not even that big.

    Girl just genetically stores some fat on her chest. It happens to some people.

  14. I thought it was Blake Lively or one of the Victoria’s Secret girls…. I was right about the latter. Marissa Miller is ok, but Candice Swanepoel is the only VS girl whose figure i really admire.

  15. I’m going to go against the grain and say that I think she really suits the blonde & that I don’t think she looks particularly old, not that she looks really young but certainly not heaps older than she is

  16. She has amazing legs … skinny but with muscle tone. I don’t know why everyone says she looks old, because her face looks pretty fresh here – it’s the freckles on her arms and neck that give the sun damage away.

  17. I did think she had some b❆❆b work done. I heard some anecdote that she only made the cover of SI when she suddenly grew breasts overnight; before that she was just one of the catalog models in the background.

  18. She seems to be a really lovely person and I’ll miss her when she’s not around any more, but something really just doesn’t sit right when I look at her. The very teenagerish hair, the sun damage, scary stomach, very round hips. She just doesn’t stand out to me the way some of the other VS models (not even just angels) do. I guess I like her more for her personality than her looks.

  19. I love Marisa’s personality but I’m not digging the legs. They are thin and long but her knees are disturbing, not to say saggy.
    I also don’t like the dress and the long, bleached (and damaged) hair. Too bad she always looks the same…..very boring.

  20. To me, Marisa always looks the same. I would like to see her mix it up a little. I don’t like her b❆❆bs here. They don’t need to be mashed together!

  21. I though it was someone much shorter, her legs (due to the angle I’m thinking) seem much less longer than they normally do.

  22. PERFECT legs in my opinion. I wish i had legs like that! She looks great and has an amazing body. Really toned. It looks like she puts a lot of work into getting/keeping it that way.

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