17 thoughts on “Who’s Wearing This Outfit?”

  1. Yuk, she was always so unconvincingly n fashion police, she has horrible style. Nkt a lick of tslent. Luckily too short and pudgy to be considered a model lol.

    • I’ve never understood why some of the most unattractive people with absolutely no fashion sense are chosen for fashion critique shows. I do think that she got a tad full of herself when she lost all of that weight initially. She did look half way decent back then but she has gained quite a bit of it back and reverted back to that off-brand style she use to have.

      • It must suck to yo-yo that drastically. I think she still has the “half decent style” you’re talking about but clothes look different at a higher weight. I actually like her bald, her face looks more oval than pear that way. What I don’t like is her blush/contouring, I think is missplaced and dragging her cheeks down.

        And I hate how she’s carrying her dog like if it was a fricking handbag. Sigh… Dog people ?

        • We dog people don’t like that, either. All that strange people doing that should get a cat instead and trying to hold her as long like the dog. I am curious how they would look after. 😉 If dog would have the claws cat have, it would be a totally different story. Anyway, I liked her style and haircuts always. It isn’t sexualized and she stays herself true.

          • Yeah, I’m picking on you. I saw a picture of Taylor Swift carrying her cat the same way, it looks retarded. It’s something more particular of… Basic people, lol. They should at least carry them correctly, otherwise it could really cause the animal back problems (if they do it often).

            I agree, cats have the fame of hating their owners, but dogs are just as annoyed by similar things.

            I like her hairstyles too! I can’t say she’s smart but I think she’s quite ballsy on the style department. It also doesn’t seem like she’s had plastic surgery, I like that.

  2. i like this style. The skirt with the blouse and the shoes – unexpected and quite nice. The tatoo is cool as well. She does not look normal and normal is boring.

  3. I’m not really a fan. I think her mum Sharon is really pretty though. Edit: okay I take that back. She’s had too much work done. Yikes.

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