15 thoughts on “Who’s Wearing This Outfit?”

  1. Wow I guessed Gigi!! She has amazing legs especially for her height (I’m the same height as her). Looking great! Not obsessed with the outfit but I love the new items in House of Harlow.

  2. I remember 10+ years ago when she dominated this site. She was so unhealthy back then. Now she looks fantastic and I’m glad she sorted out her issues and got healthy.

  3. I will never understand the admiration people feel for her. I don’t dislike her but neither there’s nothing outstanding about her to me.

  4. I guessed Samantha from Sex and the City… Now seriously, her face looks good but to me it seems like she’s getting too thin again. I don’t really know/remember her body type but those are some skinny legs and her hips are also really narrow.

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