15 thoughts on “Who’s Wearing This Outfit?”

  1. Horrible. The Hadid girls and Hayley somehow have the same quality about them, is it just the plastic surgery? Or is the model trend just something I don’t get just now, they all look weird but not delightfully alienesque, not very beautiful either or anything like that. They’re the human form of Kim K’s absurd wardrobe to me.

  2. I knew it had to be some instagram model. The jacket is too small, it looks weird on her hips. And she’s wearing a scrunchie? Maybe I’ve watched too much Sex and the City but a scrunchie at a red carpet (or wherever she is) doesn’t seem right. I still can’t find her face appealing.

  3. duck face! She’s pretty girl, but I don’t think she’s model material, there’s something a little boring about her as a model 🙁

  4. Amazing legs but her face looks so plastic and not very beautiful, can’t move or express anything. And she seems short for a model.

    The make up is tragic.

  5. She has lost some weight sadly. Her legs used to be lean, but toned. Now her knees area looks bony, so at first I guessed Alessandra Ambrossio. Besides weight lose doesn’t help her face. I mean she strong bone structure, which is good. But at this weight she almost got a men jaw.

  6. Hilarious how these insta/nepo girls try and lose weight but they still look awful. Fillers, followers, and crash dieting doesn’t make you a model, it’s great proportions, high cheekbones, and being actually interesting.

  7. A strong jaw can be nice ala angelina jolie or magdalena frackowiak but haileys jaw looks more masculine that most mens jaws.

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