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  1. She did something to her stomach for sure, I don’t think it’s just weight loss. Doesn’t look natural, and she has been thinner before too but her stomach never looked like this. I would say she was ~120 pounds when she did Sports Illustrated, and is probably 110 now. People here tend to underestimate weight, not to mention Emily’s upper and lower body looks like it belongs to two different people.

    I find Jordan so unattractive, and he looks like a total mess here, but i still find him more pleasant to look at than Emily.

    • Jordan is seriously gross looking in real life, he photoshops his photos like crazy. Remember how hot we all thought he looked when he just came to the scene?
      Emily has an ugly stomach indeed!

      • i know he is not good looking at all… francisco lachowski claims jordan is one of the most beautiful men he’s ever seen. i think francisco was confused and was talking about himself.

  2. All of you being petty and jealous, her waist is the smallest I’ve ever seen and her stomach is not ugly or weird, it looks indeed very nice and has an unusually super low fat percentage, despite her not looking completely starved as I surely would to reach that size, and that must be due for a good part to genetics. Welcome different bodies shapes and sizes: she is very thin, but this trait of her body is distinctive of her genetics and can look appealing and unusual, especially when styled to emphasise it. not ugly at all to me.

    • Dude one can easily have a flat stomach and small waist without it looking odd and carved out with a creepy belly button… I am not jealous, I am thin and small-waisted myself lol. Look at her before photo, her stomach looks normal there

      • yeah, candice swanepoel is an example of blessed with a small waist, or alexis ren. emily never struck me as having a small waist, or super toned stomach. it was always her chest/curves that were the main part of her look. i suspect she had an insecurity about her belly area even though it was flat before that’s why she got some procedure done. it’s weird because her ribs oddly stick out but not her hip bones, same thing with kim hmmmm

    • Oh, finally racio. I totally agree, and for the pics someone posted – different corners and light, hello? and anyways, im really similar build to Emily and when im dressed – people think im super skinny, but when in swimwear – no bones or anything, just genes and petite frame. So we are all different. She “gaines” all in her breasts and none on her stomach.

    • She has an awesome body and a very nice stomach. i don’t understand why people don’t like her body. Yes she is very thin, but she also has a very small frame and that is why she can be this thin without looking malnourished. Thus she is not bony at all, this size really suits her frame.

  3. She is tiny and has a nice body but her belly button… man, it is freaky… haha. We all have flaws, yes, but since her entire career is based around her appearance obviously that is what people will make comments on.. her belly button makes her stomach unattractive.

  4. She’s not pretty. She’s so popular because she has big breast and she’s always naked. Stop. Her face isn’t attractive at all, plus she’s boring, plain and meh.

  5. Poor chick has had a full 10 days on front page to be destroyed to shreds. Slow month, aye? But it’s been fashion week so wtf. Hopefully too busy getting non spammy non virus laden “advertisers”, aye?

  6. Why is she famous? Oh, yes, she has big breast and she’s always naked with open mouth. So feminist! She hides her narcissism behind the fake political commitment.

    • Hi Hristina,

      Unfortunately, we have decided to no longer update the site. It’s been a fun 10 years, but we feel it’s time to move on. Really thankful for all our visitors!

      • WHAT ??????? This site has been my daily “silly” break for 10 years and it’s STOPPING ?????? Without any announcement ? With an Emily Ratajkowski last post ?????
        I can’t believe it… O__O

          • I wanted to ease it out by first announcing it in the comment section first – an announcement on the main page felt too sudden for me, but we will make one shortly.

        • Thank you for visiting our site all these years, it means so much. I was planning on making an announcement, couldn’t find the words yet, but it’s coming soon.

        • There are many reasons involved, some financial, some personal. We never agreed with any ad company to allow spamming, so we were upset about the fact that it happened, not because you guys complained. However, the unnecessarily mean comments do affect us, as they would anyone.

      • Please versus find a following who better deserves your time. I can’t read these comments lfmao if I was versus I would struggle not to insult you publicly. Thank you for the last years website running, it sure is a “silly” website and do not cure cancer, but it helped me owning my body at different levels of commitment throughout the years…. from when I couldn’t even bare the emotional struggle of showering naked, to an appreciation for diversity, to a more committed attitude towards my health now that I can think of it as a beautiful matter , and not a moral battle which I’m destined to fail.
        will not miss the trashian posts. lol.

        • Thank you for your wonderful words and support. The absolute best part of these 10 years was receiving messages just like yours.

          10 years ago, we started the website as a silly entertainment site like you say, but lots has changed since then. Body diversity became a mainstream movement. Many years ago, the now-famous model Robyn Lawley actually wrote to us and expressed her appreciation for featuring her before most did – back then, it felt like we made a difference – a tiny one sure, but a difference in the way women of different shapes were perceived. There have been major shifts in the way society perceives female bodies since 2008, we have all witnessed them – and because of that, some days, the very title of our website doesn’t even make sense anymore.

          During the years, we received so many comments just like yours from women, saying the site has helped them with their own issues just by featuring plus models or other body types less showcased in the media back then. Of course, we also had comments from the other end of the spectrum, saying that all we did was destroy women’s confidence – and we always struggled to hear that because that was never the intention. We were accused of being pro skinny, pro ana, pro obesity and everything in between 🙂 We were told that we sold our soul for cash and that we are morally corrupt for running a beauty-focused site… and so many more. I know they all come with the territory of putting anything online, but at one point you have to wonder if it is worth it: is what you’re doing still relevant, does it still make sense (financial and otherwise) and are we still enjoying it… ultimately the answers led us to our decision.

          Thank you again for all your support!

          • I do not care about celebrities per se, but I gew out of an ED with this site. I hope you find success and pleasure in your future endeavors, Versus!

          • Wow, that is amazing! Your comment actually made me tear up… Thank you so much and all the best to you too!

          • I also grew out of an ED with this site. It has meant a lot to me over the years, even if not as much the last couple years. I totally understand the reasons for stopping it. I really appreciate that you ran it this long. I remember in the past the comment section was a much better place, with regulars that felt like a real community. It became less enjoyable when that community seemed to fall apart due to trolls and people’s general change in behavior on the internet, and all the regulars disappeared. But I really appreciated it at the time, and still came back for fun once in a while more recently. Thank you for being a part of my life, Versus! Wishing you all the best.

  7. I really enjoyed this site, although too much ads made it a bit difficult to navigate. But still, it as a great daily fix of celebrity body image, health, fashion cocktail. I don’t know any other site like this. Does anyone else know?

  8. I really enjoyed this site, although too much ads made it a bit difficult to navigate. But still, it was a great daily fix of celebrity body image, health, fashion cocktail. I don’t know any other site like this. Does anyone else know?

  9. Nooooooooooo! This site has been my relaxing 10-minute guilty pleasure! I don’t care about the ads! Can you not think about it again… 🙁

  10. Ah, shame to hear this site is closing down. It’s been a fun ride but it did certainly seem like you were getting tired of it during these last few months. Good luck with your future projects whatever they may be!

  11. Guys, I am in shock. We might have been looking at MALE celebrities all along. Please do you own research, don’t believe me. Start with Mr E’s archive videos on Youtube on how ALL A-listers and supermodels are in fact transgender. I laughed out loud when I first read this conspiracy theory, but the more you go into it, the more sense it makes. There are skeletal differences between men and women and dozens of typical traits and even if the theory is not true, then it’s a huge coincidence that so many celebs have lean muscular bodies, V-shaped figures, very wide shoulders, thigh gaps, no cellulite, long torsos, narrow hips (yes, there are natural women with some of these traits, but the percentage of celebs with ALL these traits is very off). Start with this video and go from there, tell me what you think:

    • I heard about this theory about a year ago and it left me completely speechless, I really don’t know what to think. There is too much evidence and that is scary… but at the same time, we can’t know for sure. All I know is that the basis of it has a religious explanation which to me, as a Christian, makes perfect sense based on the Bible. Never thought I’d bring up the Bible on SVC, lol! But yes, it might be true that they are all men… if so, think of how evil it is: making women feel like they should strive to look like men – that can’t happen, we are set to fail from the start! I honestly hate to think about it, it’s too disturbing.

    • We are 99% women here, not “guys”. We can flood your inbox with used tampons if necessary. Even if it were true, great. Men dominate fashion and hollywood, it’s only fair that the “women” they abuse and exploit are in fact “men”. Whatever. Jet fuel does not melt steel beams!

      • It wasn’t about you, the visitors being men, it was about the female celebrities being trans men. It’s a theory that’s been going around for a while.

  12. This is a public service announcement.
    Go to YouTube.
    Search: transvestigation.
    All these celebrities are secretly transgender.
    You are looking at male to female trannies.
    God bless you.

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