Taylor Swift’s Animal Print Look

Taylor Swift's Animal Print Look 1

Taylor Swift rocked double animal print with studded heeled sandals and a black lace top as she stepped out in New York City the other day.

How do you like her look here?

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Taylor Swift's Animal Print Look 2 Taylor Swift's Animal Print Look 3 Taylor Swift's Animal Print Look 4

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    • gwen stefani could rock it because she’s gwen effing stefani and doesn’t have that smug “better than you” face. oh, she also doesn’t make horrible music (ok…GS has downgraded since no doubt but it’s still not as stupid as swifty’s auditory puke).

  2. I dont like the look but i like that she tries new looks ! And she does look healthy. Good for her !

    For the ads it stopped on my phone. For now.

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