7 thoughts on “Taylor Swift’s Latest Looks”

  1. I really REALLY like ’em! Omg total style inspiration, especially the second (insert heart-shaped eyes)

    finally something to love about her! looks SO much better than her stick insect outfit days!!!

  2. Wow, she looks great!
    I am happy to see that more celebs and models are gaining a tad more weight nowadays – like Karlie Kloss or Adriana Lima.

  3. Wow! She’s lost weight since her “heaviest.” (I actually thought she looked best with about 5 more pounds). Wish I could lose weight that quickly!

    • Quickly is doable, but the question is whether is it maintainable without extreme, or at least “pain in the butt”-like measures 🙂 hit me up if you’re interested!

  4. Taylor looks really good. And she looks like she’s actually lost a few lbs and I thought her figure looked good too in the bikini pics. I think this size is a nice, happy medium for her.

  5. THis is by far the best she’s ever looked. Is it just me or is the sickly skinny trend slowly dying? just a few models still hanging on…

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