Teri Hatcher Gave Up Botox and Posted the Pictures to Prove It

Teri Hatcher Gave Up Botox and Posted the Pictures to Prove It 1

45 year-old Teri Hatcher is determined to prove that she doesn’t use Botox, implants or other modern enhancements – so she decided to post a few makeup-less pictures of herself on her Facebook page. The words that accompany her ‘mad, confused, sad and tired’ pictures:

“Thought about all those damn critics of my face. Love it or hate it, my face that is, [it’s] no surgery, no implants… no matter what ‘they’ say. Decided I’d shoot myself in to reveal some truths about “beauty” and hope it makes you all easier on yourself. Did I every toy with fillers or Botox over the years? Yes. Tell me does this look Botoxed to you? Yes I am alone in my bathroom naked in a towel on behalf of women everywhere trying to make a point. Women YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. I can be mad, or confused, or sad and tired. Julia Roberts had that same vein in her forehead in Eat Pray Love. Proud of Julia for being a real woman on a real journey.”

Teri also gives us a few tips on how to look our best in photos:

“Just me wanting to teach that all those glam versus trash pictures of celebs are about LIGHTING. It’s not makeup, it’s not surgery or Botox…. Flat front light in your face, especially sun setting [or] 4pm light blows out all wrinkles and imperfections. Overhead light [and] sun… casts shadows under your eye from your brow, making you look tired. Shoot all family reunion photos [with] the camera man… holding the camera a little higher than your eye line.”

Teri Hatcher Gave Up Botox and Posted the Pictures to Prove It 2

What do you think of Teri’s brave initiative?

See Teri’s other emotions on the next page, then share your thoughts!

Teri Hatcher Gave Up Botox and Posted the Pictures to Prove It 3

Teri Hatcher Gave Up Botox and Posted the Pictures to Prove It 4

Teri Hatcher Gave Up Botox and Posted the Pictures to Prove It 5

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44 thoughts on “Teri Hatcher Gave Up Botox and Posted the Pictures to Prove It”

  1. I freaked out when I saw the first photo. Thought it was the crypt keeper for a second.

    Great concept, but she’s too skinny.

    • Too skinny for your tastes. I LOVE her body type and she has proved she is more than fit by doing a marathon. Teri has never had any bones sticking out because she has a small frame and pixie bones. I absolutel love her as “Teri” and “Susan” on Desperate Housewives and have always thought she had the best legs I have ever seen. They are always thin with no jiggle but sill have nice muscle definition. Teri if you are reading this I say you are real and FABULOUS!

      • I also wanted to add the reason she has never had any bones popping is probably because she has always maintained a healthy body weight.

    • I agree Kim,

      She is too skinny IMO! But im still trying to figure out why some one would think she got botox, her forehead is always so wrinkly(sp?) lol.

  2. Bravo! women need to see this, not botox faces without any expression and photoshoped pictures that make them feel like s—.

  3. Nice try, I guess. I still feel stuff like this is very trite. I’m supposed to feel better now because some actress I don’t like is naked in her own bathroom, making goofy faces for the camera?

    Good for her if she has really found out a few things about herself since getting Botox, but that thought aside, this leaves me cold.

  4. i really really don’t understand why she had to photographed herself all wet and wrapped only in a towel to prove her point. Would it have been less effective if she was fully clothed and dry??? anything for a little publicity….

  5. So she bares all and goes natural without botox, and she’s called the “crypt keeper”?!! But then, pics of Megan, with her “so called botox and surgery”, go up and people say she looks “wax” and “plastic fantastic”!!! No wonder these celebrities are always making comments like these….they are constantly being picked on no matter what they do.Some women are soooo horrible to each other…we are our own worst ememies and will always put each other down. Soooo sad!!!

    • Agreed Pixie!

      Remember Heidi Montag pre-surgery? Everyone used to comment on how ugly and manly-face she was. Then when she got surgery, everyone said how ugly she was and how she used to be beautiful before.

      Same with celebrities and weight too. Like Micha Barton. If she gains weight, she is “letting herself go.” If she loses weight, she is “giving into Hollywood pressure.”

      I can honestly say I am not jealous of any celebrity, beacuse I don’t think I could handle being critcized every time, all the time.

    • damn never looked at it that way but you are so right. women love to put others down whether they are natural or fake. you don’t have to like them but why criticize others because of your insecurities? and i’m glad that teri is showing what she looks like without botox and if anyone has a problem with it i wonder what the hell you look like.

    • I totally agree Pixie:) I’m glad you made me see that. I will need to keep that in mind on future posts! Women unite! 😀

    • Pixie….YES YES YES!!! totally agree. This woman did a brave thing and people automatically dub it as a publicity stunt. SMH…its really sad. Annnyways…She looks great expecially for her age! No make up too? wow…can’t even hate.

  6. It’s so cool that she did this! How many 40 + year old celebs are willing to do this, especially when they’re part of a show where they’re supposed to be the hot MILF type? She looks great, kudos to Teri!

  7. I like her but I think she’s pathetic and this is just another way to be in the spotlight for a moment.
    Plus, she would look so much better if she hadn’t lost all that weight over the years. I bet she would look younger regardless of botox injections.

  8. I love her for it, if only more people did this. This sure beats those so called ‘without make up’ shops in magazines, where they STILL look flawless because they use either lightning or photoshop.

  9. Ive always liked Teri but this is kinda just strange…like she’s gone off the deep end being in hollywood for too long. Who gives a s—, really…that she has botox or not…celebs are suppose to look good, thats their job, and if they do get botox to look better for a film, then it seems fine to me. They have to be in good shape for movies, so why shouldnt they make their faces look just as good? idk, seems like she is trying too hard to prove a point thats pointless. She should just ignore these comments cuz the press will just keep coming up w new rumors about her anyway, thats the life of a star, get over it or quit! I bet shes got enough money to leave the movie/tv bizz anyway.

  10. i LOVE her for doing this, but at the same time, i bet she would look even better if she had never touched plastic surgery in the first place

    • She was actually hoping that her being half-naked WOULD take some attention away from the wrinkles on her forehead.

      I wish I had something nice to say about these photos but I don’t. Helen Mirren looks 10 x better than this woman and has about 20 years on her.

  11. OMG! please i bet she was seeing herself at the mirror as we all do after taking a shower and had an spontaneous moment and decided to take those f… photos!…if she was fully dressed people would coment about how she probably had conselour on her face or something…what ever, i think she looks great for her age.

  12. Actually, I DO feel better! 😀 THANKS TERRI HATCHER !!!! I came upon this b/c I was feeling bad about a bad photo I took w/ no make up… I looked like a starving Poomba. 🙁

  13. why the hell did she decide to do this when she got out the shower??? was it really that much hassle to put some clothes on first?

    • Completely agree, just had to show some cleavage I guess. And no make-up? Come on, the eyeliner and mascara are visible from miles… I’d respect her for doing this if it wasn’t just another trick for gaining some attention and she really was au naturelle like she says she is.

  14. Oh please, why did she not post these pics as soon as people commented on her frozen look because of botox. She had to wait till it wore off to do this and say she never had botox. As much as janice dickinson is an annoying bi*** atleast she says it lie it is as far as stuff she has had done. Teri probably ran off for more botox as soon as she took these pics.

  15. To answer one of the commenters, she did this out the shower because afterward she would have had makeup on– thus negating the au naturel look. I thought that would’ve been obvious. And for people who think she’s wearing eyeliner or mascara, have you never seen Nestor Carbonell from lost? Or have you not seen people in general? This is completely within the realm of normal human appearance.

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