Teri Hatcher: “I’m Not Just Defined by My Form”

FP_4988445_Hatcher_Teri_NYC_051110 - Teri Hatcher: "I’m Not Just Defined by My Form"

Teri Hatcher (45) just launched a new website for women and she wants to share something with us:

“It’s about embracing that as a woman, I’m not just defined by my form, if my breasts sag or if there is any cellulite on the back on my legs, if my knees and elbows have droopy skin or how many wrinkles I can find on my face… I work in an industry that seems to care a lot about all of this, and frankly makes lots of money off making everyone in the country care, too.”

… says Teri.

See a head-to-toe pic on the next page!

FP_4988442_Hatcher_Teri_NYC_051110 - Teri Hatcher: "I’m Not Just Defined by My Form"

10 thoughts on “Teri Hatcher: “I’m Not Just Defined by My Form””

  1. She is so fabulous and lovely!

    I remember a few years back when she got very thin, and looked much older and harsh. It’s good to see that she seems to of found somewhat of a happy place with herself, and she is glowing.

  2. lol now whenever i see a ‘skinny’ picture of teri hatcher, i get reminded of her bikini pics where her tummy was where everything went to. she’s lucky – i wouldn’t mind not wearing bikinis if i could have skinny arms and legs 😀

  3. I just saw a rerun last night of that Seinfeld episode that she was on and man, she looked soooo beautiful! She is definitely someone who looks best with some extra weight.

  4. She was so gorgeous in the 90s when she was on Lois and Clark, when she had more weight. She does look better now then she did when Desperate Housewives just started

  5. Really, Teri? All the work you’ve had done on your face says otherwise. Maybe she’s learning a few things about herself. If she is, that’s great, it’s just unfortunate that she had to nip and tuck her face to death before that.

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