Tess Holliday Does Cosmopolitan

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On changing her attitude:

I was angry and sad that people kept commenting on my pictures saying, ‘You’re too fat to wear that!’ or ‘Cover up! No one wants to see that!’ And then one night I was lying in bed and thought, ‘F*ck that!’ So I posted an image with four photographs of myself wearing things that fat women are often told we ‘can’t wear’, and encouraged others to do the same.

On once being a size 16:

I was a US size 16 to 18 my entire life before I had Rylee [her first son, who she had at 20]. I look back on those photos now and I don’t wish I was that size, but what I wish is that I loved myself 120 pounds ago. I’m at the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life now and it took me being the heaviest to finally love myself.

On her critics:

I have had people say to me: ‘Shut up already with your diversity. You’ve already made it.’ But I’m not talking about me and my career. I’m talking about the tonne of models out there who don’t have the opportunity because they don’t have three million followers on social media.

… says Tess in Cosmopolitan.

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5 thoughts on “Tess Holliday Does Cosmopolitan”

  1. I really don’t care what she wears. The only thing I’m mad about is that (apparently) she doesn’t care much about the fact that her weight greatly increases the chance of her kids losing their mother to a heart attack etc. at a young age. It’s really selfish and unfair to them.

    • even worse is the magazine and media outlets that allow her to waddle up onto her soap box (that can miraculously withstand the weight of a small car in human form). cosmo idolizes the diet industry (most of their advert money comes from those hawking pseudo-science “diets”), anorexic models, flat tummies, and “summer bods”. this is sickening. this being 1) tess holiday; and 2) a media giant’s eager willingness to promote her for the sake of selling magazines on a “fat gimmick” and increasing their ad-list-rates as a result. BURN COSMOS everywhere!

  2. I misread and thought she said she was 120 pounds at one point. I understand that people come in different shapes and sizes. While 120 pounds can be too much, just right, or emaciated for a person depending on the person’s height, bone structure, body type etc. However, under no circumstances is it EVER healthy to gain 120 pounds. I can’t stand Tess. She is truly an awful person, and that is not even considering all the ridiculous I’m morbidly obese but I love it garbage that she spews. She actually scams her fans.

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