Anne Hathaway: ‘Being Skinny is Not Sustainable, Not Advisable, Not Enjoyable’

then-and-now-anne-hathaway-copy - Anne Hathaway: 'Being Skinny is Not Sustainable, Not Advisable, Not Enjoyable'

Anne Hathaway, whose weight fluctuated visibly in the past years, shares a few weight and beauty image-related thoughts with us:

My identity used to be shaped on my appearance so much. I don’t think I was shallow – I just think I was young. I focus on other things a lot more now. I’ve hit the point in my life where I understand that being skinny is not sustainable, and nor is it advisable, and nor is it enjoyable,’ she said.

‘From the age of 25 to 27 – and this is a little embarrassing to admit – I looked under my eyes every single day, because I thought, “It’s going, it’s going, it’s going! And then I realised the other day they’re not wrinkles; they’re smile lines. If you look at pictures of me from a young age, I’ve been smiling the same way since I was little. And I had that wonderful moment when you realise, “That’s who I am.” Botox would erase that.’

… says Anne.

Do you agree with her thoughts on skinniness?

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75 thoughts on “Anne Hathaway: ‘Being Skinny is Not Sustainable, Not Advisable, Not Enjoyable’”

  1. She’s right. Unless you are naturally very skinny, trying to sustain an excessively thin figure is torturous and has very little tangible payoff at the end of the day. I’m glad she finally learned to embrace her shape and not try to fight weight as if its her enemy.

  2. i never found her very atractive or anythin (just nothin special appearence-wise in my eyes), but all the things she said there r very inspiring… sounds a tiny little bit cheesy, but the whole attitude is just so right… i don’t know if i can totally agree with, “… being skinny is not sustainable, advisable, enjoyable… ” part as i believe it very much depends on what one is tryin to achieve n as a result, what makes them happy, but she sounds very genuine n i actually do believe her

  3. I dont see a huge fluctuation in her weight throughout the years. Obviously in 2004 she was heavier but I doubt more than 10-15(tops) pounds over how she was in 2008 and now she’s somewhere in between the two. Whatever the number is, it seems to be her natural healthy weight line. she’s just lucky that that for her is naturally pretty slim.
    Also, she got a lot of criticism in 08 for being to thin but that was right after her famous break up with that con artist so we cant blame her for being a little down (though I’d have probably gone the other way and balooned up after a week long ben and jerry’s marathon)

  4. I don’t see much fluctuation. She has a delicate figure, but she also suits a little extra weight. Nowhere near fat in any of these photos, so I think she’s right not to want to be thinner. Just be healthy and your body looks naturally good.

  5. Truuuuuuuuuuth!

    I remember at one point where she seemed increasingly skinny in comparison to what seemed like her ‘my body i happy at this weight’ weight…so its refreshing that it seems age imparted some wisdom and she is happy with herself (body wise) now

  6. so true and i love her use of words. struggling to keep oneself thinner than they are supposed to be is miserable.

    and i don’t think too much emphasis should be placed on her smaller figure there for a while because this was right after her big breakup with that crappy guy.

    she obviously has a very small frame, but keeps her curves. i also love the fact that she flaunts her natural pale skin tone and doesn’t tan (sun or fake) to death…it’s so refreshing

    • It is what? Advisable?

      She’s talking about being skinny, not being thin. There’s a difference. I definitely know what she’s talking about. I used to be rail-thin and kept myself that way by not really eating a lot but also not exercising either. I found that it was “sustainable” in that I didn’t have to eat much for the life I was leading. If I got tired, I just went to sleep.

      Now I play a sport and have a real life, and I find that eating is necessary and being skinny does not help me in any way.

      • so true. i feel like doing sports keeps you healthier than just exercising, because to be really good you can’t just burn calories, you also have to be healthy to keep up with everyone else (competitive me speaking here, by the way)

  7. I don’t get why she’s saying that, she looks skinnier now than before. And it’s not like she used to be a lot bigger either, so how is it not sustainable for her?

  8. she is such a nice girl!! It’s always been a struggle to me, to fight my dna!! Even the food’s smell can make me gain weight! And at the end of the day it’s not really that worthy to be so skinny. I found a middle and I’m happy with it, and it’s nice to see this happen with someone like Anne.

  9. I love her look in 2008 but I realize it’s not her natural body type so she shouldn’t be forced to look that way. She has a good attitude towards weight, but I just don’t like when celebs say being skinny is no fun, requires a strict diet, is miserable blah blah blah … because although it might be true for them, it creates this stereotype of skinny girls that they are all control freaks on some sort of diet.

  10. Sure, for her and anyone else who has to push their body in unhealthy ways and deny themselves real food in order to maintain a certain level of thinness, striving to be skinny (or even just slim) is NOT the right choice. Take good care of your body and your health first. Most people won’t be rail-thin if they do that, and they will still look good IMO.

  11. yeah I’m not seeing much fluctuation either. she’s always been very slim to me and I’m not sure that saying ‘I’m okay being borderline underweight so I don’t push myself to be very underweight’ is exactly a message that I can really cheer about. It sounds like another celebrity saying what she is supposed to be saying rather than what is real. she clearly watches her weight, is concerned about her appearance and has no intention of slacking off. you can argue about the degree to which she does this, whether it is healthy or unhealthy, but she’s not being entirely truthful, that focus is still there. I understand that, i’ve fought issues of body obsession most of my teenage and adult life, I still do ( why i am here) but I believe that looking good and feeling good are intrinsically linked and unlike alot of girls on this site I look at some one like Anne Hathaway and I do see a skinny girl, not some one who should ‘tone’ up. the favourite phrase of many on here. No she isn’t emaciated, no I’m not saying she should be heavier but it takes effort to be slim, why are people suddenly ashamed of admitting that? Does it go to her first statement, is she afraid of seeming vain or shallow?

    • I don’t think she’s saying that she doesn’t do work or restrict her diet to maintain her diet. I mean I wear a size 6 and I work out every day and restrict my calories to maintain that. However, I do a half hour of cardio and a bit of strength training. When I eat meals, I make healthy choices, rather than a burger and fries. And simply doing that can help you maintain a slim figure. If I wanted to be down to a size 2 or 4 I would have to work over 2 hours a day and restrict my calories to under 1200 a day. (For my own personal body – some lose weight more or less easily than others.) So I don’t think she’s necessarily lying or hiding anything.

      And I do see quite a bit of flucuation. Also take into account that Anne is quite tall. But it’s clear to me that she was the heaviest in the first picture, and the final picture is a happy middle between the first two.

  12. its easy for her to say that- she has a lovely natural shape that would look good at a variety of weights.

    for those of us who gain weight in the spare tire area, its not so simple.

  13. The question is, does she really feel that way, or did she just give up?
    I myself had a period of time when I became quite thin (via a very strict diet) — and then I gained the weight back. But I gained it back unwillingly. It’s not like I said, “This isn’t worth it.” If I could have sustained that level of discipline, I definitely would have. I still wish I could be skinny, and I still struggle with my weight (which is normal — BMI of 21-22).
    So I always wonder about her and Jessica Simpson and the other celebrities that say “I used to diet but now I embrace my natural figure” — is that really true, or did they just give up the fight after an unsuccessful struggle with the extra lbs?

    • As you said, your thin figure came by a “very strict diet.” People have different values in life. For you, you’re willing to give up food and perhaps work yourself very hard with excercise. But perhaps for Anne (and I personally myself feel this way) I’d rather eat moderately and excercise moderately and maybe not be a size 0 or 2. For me, I’d have to restrict my diet very much and work out for hours a day to simply lose one size, and for me that is not worth it.

      • I agree with you. For me it’s just not worth the pain to be skinny – I know I never will be unless I am very hard on myself and I just think life is too short! I want to enjoy good food and enjoy being active – as long as I am happy and healthy, then not being skinny is no big deal. In fact, I’ve honestly never wanted to be very thin – I like being curvier and I prefer that body type in celebs too. I guess I am lucky that I don’t want what I can’t have in that way – it must be hard to be a naturally curvier or average sized woman, but really want to be a thin woman.

        • This post had some awesome comments!

          I agree: it’s where your values lie.

          I used to runrunrun for an hour a day, and think all day about what I could and couldn’t eat. I was size 2, great figure, everyone complimented me, and it kept me on the treadmill.

          Then I started traveling, and hiking and biking. I got muscles, and didn’t look so lithe and thin anymore. I started eating whatever I wanted, (and I don’t believe in eating trash) and now am a size 4-6. I’m so much happier now that my life doesn’t revolve around food!

          • Anne Hathaway has really strong values and is gorgeous in all of the pictures and has gotten super strong when she did grueling workouts for the catwoman role!

    • Have you read the comments when a celeb is not skinny or is showing a bit more weight than they have in the past?! That’s when it gets nasty. I haven’t really seen many comments blasting skinny people – unless those people are unnaturally thin and look unhealthy.

      Anne is just saying that for her trying to be very skinny was very hard and not worth it. That’s not saying anything bad to the naturally skinny women of the world – just trying to warn off those of us who aren’t naturally thin from pushing our bodies to unhealthy extremes to attain a weight that is not natural for us.

      So nobody is bashing skinny people! Many of the comments putting people down on this site are aimed at bigger women, as far as I have seen. I’ve seen plenty of comments, most moderated and removed, thankfully, that compare bigger women to animals and use the words ‘disgusting’ etc. I really haven’t seen that as often for the skinny women.
      So, there’s really no reason to feel that skinny women are unfairly criticised here – but I’m sorry if you take it that way.

      • OK, I agree with your point, but I feel that there is almost as much, if not just as much, criticism aimed towards thin/boyish-shaped women. If you don’t believe me, go to the post on Agyness Deyn. She’s not unnaturally skinny – there weren’t any bones sticking out and she didn’t look like Nadine Coyle – yet people are so quick to call skinny women prepubescent boys or “unsexy” or “unnattractive.” And thankfully, this doesn’t happen so much on this website – (thank you so much Versus for creating this! I don’t know any other site quite like it) – but I’ve gone to other sites and I have read all the criticism towards skinny women. If you’ve ever read anything the Daily Mail posts, 99% of the commenters bash skinny girls. And yes, people do call skinny girls disgusting. I know I’m coming off as really strong about this but I’m seeing how there’s a recent trend towards bashing skinny women, and it only seems to be growing.

  14. Oh sure, she shuns botox NOW, but just wait until those “smile lines” actually do become wrinkles. Then she’ll be runnin for the botox!

  15. There is nothing wrong with her 2004 weight, just the styling! – ick!!
    She actually seems to suit all three weights, but don’t believe there is a dramatic difference between the 3.

  16. I don’t understand why some of you people become all worked up and angry with quotes about how skinny isn’t healthy because these quotes are not aimed at EVERYONE. Anne’s is OBVIOUSLY SPEAKING ABOUT THOSE WHOSE NATURAL BMIs ARE NOT 18 AND BELOW AND HOW THESE WOMEN GO TO UNHEALTHY MEASURES TO GET SKINNY. Seriously, think things through before you post stupid comments on how everyone picks on skinny people blahblahblah. Guess what, everyone gets picked on. Bar Rafaeli isn’t thin/pretty enough to be a supermodel according to people on this website. Gisele Bundchen is ugly and looks like a man apparently, but she IS skinny enough but that’s not good enough? Blake Lively has an OKAY body and her face is kind of ugly and very generic, right? Nikki Blonsky is happy with her body, but some of you are apparently her doctor or psychatrist and point out the fact she’s obese and hiding her depression; she seems a lot happier than some of you judgemental beasts. Sorry for this, buttttttttttttt get over it. Anne is speaking to certain women who are struggling with America’s idea of beauty; she is not saying “f**k them skinny b**ches they are lame and uglyyyyyy and we’re all JEALOUSSSSSSS!” her quote speaks to certain women, she means no harm to the prideful skinny women of the world. Ladies, you need to learn to love your bodies because life is awesome and beautiful and people really forget that. You have one life to live and there is no point in obsessing over numbers and crap. Eat healthy foods or dishes you want but in the right quantities and walk to excercise and to see the world and forget the Hollywood standard because it’s just a bunch of bullocks; beauty comes in ALL shapes and sizes, just travel outside of Western culture to see this.

    • well that’s easier said than done because it seems celebrities say the same thing that being skinny is not all that, etc. you shouldn’t have to be skinny to feel beautiful but understand that there are women who are naturally skinny. i don’t see many skinny women making comments about women with curves saying, “you don’t need a booty or b❆❆bs to be beautiful or feel like a woman.” i wouldn’t be surprised if that was to caused some controversy.

  17. Whats funny is that she was never ‘scary skinny’. She carries most of her weight on the bottom half of her and thus since she trimmed up a little, a few photos of her only showed her top half and all the magazines began calling her ‘scary skinny’. This happened for a few months until she started being photographed full body and she all of a sudden “gained needed weight” without actually gaining anything.

    As the above photos show, she is about the same weight now as in when she was ‘scary skinny’ in 2008. I feel sorry for her as it is so easy to be called unhealthy for being healthy.

  18. Oh please! How come actresses never say this when they actually become skinny always after they gain the weight back?

    You just know two minutes from now they’ll find some supercleanse pilates seaweed diet that changes their entire body shape and then start preaching about how they did it.

    Until the next one then, Anne.

  19. She’s a bit of a &&&&, so who cares. I would, if she gave me one reason to empathize with her, but she doesn’t. She epitomizes everything that is wrong with American women (get away from me!)

  20. Ahhh, these young women who say they’ll never use Botox. 🙂 They will eventually. She’s only 28, I predict she’ll be using Botox on or before age 35.

    As for skinny, it’s not necessary for the film biz for her to be any thinner than she is now, but if she wants to be a fashion plate wearing designer clothing, skinnier is, unfortunately, better. If she’s going to just be thin instead of skinny, she should be more careful about cut and fit, the dress in the right photo makes her look like she’s got a protruding tummy. Standing up straighter would help, too.

  21. I actually think that Anne looks fantastic when she’s at her thinnest, but if she can’t remain there naturally then it’s more healthy for her to stay at a weight that she can maintain. She seems to have a healthy attitude towards her body image, which is good.

  22. Why are fat girl always hating on skinny girls, being overweight is unhealthy. Some people find it attractive, but being fat is just as unhealthy as being too skinny.

    Also, some girls are NATURALLY thin

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  24. She is a beauty in all three pictures and now is as beautiful as ever. She keeps herself in great shape and dresses so beautifully, and has a big beautiful smile.

  25. Anne is so beautiful in all of them and she’s more beautiful than ever now and she’s is such great shape with super strong arms and legs and everything else! She has a great figure even by tough Hollywood standards and she has the most beautiful smile ever!

  26. Anne was incredibly beautiful in 2004, even more beautiful in 2008, and even more beautiful in 2010. She’s most beautiful of all now in 2018 and has one of the most incredible bodies I’ve ever seen! She’s among the most beautiful women in the world!

  27. Anne has always had GREAT legs and a gorgeous body in incredible shape and very beautiful but she’s getting even more beautiful!

  28. Anne Hathaway is beautiful in all and is now more beautiful than ever. Those heels are incredible on her and show off her long beautiful legs! She’s at least 6 feet tall in those gorgeous heels!

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