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Gillian Anderson Talks Plastic Surgery and Sex Symbol Status

gillian-anderson-plastic-surgery - Gillian Anderson Talks Plastic Surgery and Sex Symbol Status

On her sex-symbol status and her daily insecurities:

‘I never understood that. I had no clue what anybody was talking about. And it suddenly hit me… there is no relevance to me whatsoever. It’s just outward projection. Sometimes I don’t think about [ageing] for long stretches. And then I’ll go through a few days where I feel particularly old, ugly, whatever. And then I’ll either get some sleep and it’s passed or I don’t care.’

On how she feels strongly that she won’t opt for plastic surgery:

‘At 47, I feel quite strongly that I wouldn’t do plastic surgery, but also, I know that I am a vain woman. Talk to me in ten years – they may have invented something which feels less invasive, and then it’s possible that the line will be easier to cross. I don’t want to say never. I don’t want to be hypocritical about it.’

… says the actress.

Despite Gillian’s words, the tabloids have been hinting for a while that the actress already opted for a wide range of plastic surgery procedures – here’s what Daily Mail’s ‘specialists’ think:

gillian-anderson-plastic-surgery-photo - Gillian Anderson Talks Plastic Surgery and Sex Symbol Status

Throwback – Gillian in her younger years, rocking the redhead look:

gillian-anderson-redhead-young - Gillian Anderson Talks Plastic Surgery and Sex Symbol Status

Photos of Gillian on set next!


gillian-anderson-sex-symbol - Gillian Anderson Talks Plastic Surgery and Sex Symbol Status gillian-anderson-sexy-status - Gillian Anderson Talks Plastic Surgery and Sex Symbol Status

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I don’t see any plastic surgery tell tale signs – although Chemical peels don’t count as plastic surgery to me, atleast the ones like lunch time glycolic peels


imagine being pulled apart like that in front of the whole world, unjustly.
She’s a great actor, and a genuinely interesting person, why bother? save this crap for the Real Housewives bunch who love any kind of attention


my thoughts too, the lardashians, housewives, instgram ho’s are pretty much asking for it. serious actresses and singers though, i’m much less inclined to criticsize or scrutinize their appearance.


We’re still calling injectables surgery, right?


Her insecurities are exactly my own, some days feel old and ugly but most it’s just like who cares? She’s one of the very few women I find admirable in the industry–not obsessed with their look and forcing themselves down our throats with pathetic selfies, but still admittedly does care. And hasn’t given in to the plastic surgery, but won’t completely rule it out.


There ARE lines on her face, wtf. She didn’t do anything. Even her lips are the same, and were the same, all the time. She didn’t ruin her unique and perfect look. I always had a big crush for her. She is lovely! I call that surgery stuff BULLS—!