Girls Aloud’s Nicola Roberts Militates Against Tanning

nicola tanning

Girls Aloud’s Nicola Roberts talks about the dangers of tanning in a new show for BBC – even more, Nicola accepted to have her skin photoshopped to show the damages of too much tanning (see above).

Let’s hear out her motivation:

I tried to cover up my insecurities by turning into a big-time tanorexic.

I had every product from every range. It filled a shelf in my bathroom and no matter how exhausted I was, I needed my fix. I was very young when I was using fake tan and I didn’t care.

I had a very narrow-minded view on what was pretty and what wasn’t. I automatically thought that tanned was attractive. As I got older, I realised fake tan was rather messy and I wanted to look cleaner, classier and more demure. I started looking at women like Lily Cole and Sophie Ellis Bextor – beautiful women with their pale skin, rather than looking at the run-of-the-mill, tanned, average lady.

I began to find it attractive, rather than what I used to find attractive. I grew out of it. I feel that people injecting themselves with a needle to become brown is quite disturbing. One – it isn’t safe and two – it’s not real.

Here is Nicola in her “tanned days”:

nicola tanning 2

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39 thoughts on “Girls Aloud’s Nicola Roberts Militates Against Tanning”

  1. Those girls are unrecognisable from what they are today. Cheryl Cole…?? You’d never know that was her. I think Nicola is very under rated because she IS surrounded by tanned up “beauties”. She’s a very beautiful girl.

  2. are those freckles on her arms and legs? only on her left side. or is it some skin condition?
    anyway, she’s beautiful. kudos to her for being against such heavy tanning.

      • Yeah, they photoshopped one side of her to show the harmful effects that tanning has on the body….I mean really harmful. I am in school to be a PA for a dermatologist, and I recently did a report on skin cancer. I get free tanning at the gym I work at, and I haven’t gone near a tanning bed, (except to clean it!) since I finished that report! Your parents weren’t kidding you…Tanning is HORRIBLE!! I stick to airbush tans

  3. She’s beautiful and really inspiring to me. I’m pale too and it’s nice to see sucsessful people who are pale being really beautiful and proud of it.

  4. I much prefer pale skin actually. Pale is much more creamyier and beautiful in my opinion. Much more like an angels skin would be. Tanning is gross, you always turn out semi orange and disgusting… its sooooo bad for you too. It makes woman look like leather purses by the time they are in their mid 20’s!!!

  5. I’m really, really pale and I refuse to tan. I had to grow up and accept me as I am to have the courage to wear dresses and shorts in the Summer, but now I just don’t care. I can’t tan naturally, I just turn pink and then I go back to white. I prefer to be this way then go to some tanning bed or use lotions that would make me look like a Woompa Loompa. It’s positive that many women are embracing their milky skin colour. It’s healthier and, in my point of you, prettier.

  6. I think, in general, it’s peoples natural skintone that suits them best it as it tends to go with their hair colour (head, eyebrows, eyelashes) as well as their eye and lip colours. I know people with olive skin who would look awful with paler skin, but I know people with very fair skin that just look stupid tanned. I have fair skin myself, and I love it. Although I feel somewhat lucky because I have that milky white skin with some yellow undertones. Fair skin can look bad when girls have pink undertones- they have to be very careful with what colour clothing they wear, and what makeup, otherwise their pink undertones are just emphasised.

    Fake tan should always be avoided. Tandori chickens are not appealing.

    • Lol @ tandori chicken.
      I also think people should stick to their natural color. I love my olive skin and it irritates me when I hear about people using skin lighteners. To me, that’s no different than fair skinned people tanning.

  7. She looks much much better w/o tanning. A lot of people with naturally pale or light skin tones don’t look good with tans – sometimes they look orange and it’s not attractive at all. I have tanned skin – while I don’t think that’s the average (maybe fake tans) – I completely agree w/ neutra. People look their best with their natural skin tones, they should leave it as is – it’s still beautiful.

  8. Funny story! There is a girl at my college and we call her “Tangerine girl” cause she is bright ORANGE!!! When she came into the Student lounge I couldn’t stop staring and when my boyfriend saw her ….he screamed…. lol. I really wonder if she knows her name is “Tangerine girl”, cause every time I mention it – everyone knows who it is! (Also she has bleached out blonde hair – fried to the bone…)…. I think she is trying to be a barbie…

  9. I have never understood why white women use tanning beds. (I know it’s not only white women that use them but they are the majority).
    It’s almost as bad as black women that bleach their skin to look lighter (not going to go deeper into that one right now).

    I can’t bare the hot sun from how many light-years it is away so how women can sit compressed in what looks like an over-sized sandwich toaster is beyond me!

    It’s rare that I see good realistic results. I’ve seen women in their 50s on 10 Years Younger with horrible side effects from tanning beds.

  10. That’s a great idea she’s had to contribute in a tanning damages campaign, really good thing.
    Still, but that’s my own vision of things, I’ve always thought tanned (I mean naturally and not too much) skin is always more beautiful than pale skin … (white complexion speaking 🙁 ! )

  11. Thank you. Tanning is so gross. I’ve always been obsessed with sunscreen and I’ve never been in a tanning bed. In high school my friends used to laugh at me for being pale and sitting in the shade. I’m 27 now and have a flawless complexion. My friends all have wrinkles around their eyes and blotchy complexions. They have the nerve to complain about how “lucky” I am. Haha.

  12. I’m against tanning as well, especially fake tanning (like tanning beds and sunless tanning sprays). Tanning beds are full of harmful cancer-causing radiation and sunless tanning products are laden with harsh chemicals.

    Plus, she looks great pale! I am rocking the pale look right now as I have very fair skin and it’s winter. But usually when its summertime, it’s hard for me to avoid the sun because I love the beach. I think a natural tan from the sun is not as harmful, AS LONG AS you do not get burned. But of course, you still must wear sunscreen and stay under the umbrella. The sun is too harsh nowadays (possibly from our depleted ozone).

  13. Spraytan professionally, when you do it yourself, its always bound to go wrong or be a bit too much. It ist always random, the topic of light gírls going dark, or dark going light, except tans are probably used more than lightening creams, people should be proud of their complexion, changing it will always look very fake! no matter which direction.

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