Olivia Munn Denies Botox and Fillers

Untitled-31 - Olivia Munn Denies Botox and Fillers

On whether she ha ever considered Botox or fillers:

I want to try to avoid anything like that. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but I believe that we, as women, should embrace our age and have no problem saying it. Sure, parts of my skin don’t feel as tight anymore. But we can’t control the day we were born.

… says Olivia, who looks remarkably different compared to a few years ago, like many of our visitors pointed out,

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60 thoughts on “Olivia Munn Denies Botox and Fillers”

  1. This is ridiculous. Is she not aware that people have the ability to just google and compare pictures? She looks so different, almost like she had a Korean V-line surgery. Hollywood is a very sad place.

    • That really sucks bc that v line surgery doesn’t automatically make someone better looking and yet ppl flock to it to conform to someone else’s standard of beauty. Truly sad.

  2. LIES. She attributes much of her facial change to “weight loss” but even if you look at these pics… Yes maybe she lost a couple lbs but she was already thin to begin with… There’s no way she lost “that” much weight to completely change her face. Stop it Olivia.

  3. Holly molly I didn’t realize she also had blespharoplasty (same a Renee Zellweger) in addition to having her jaw bone shaven and the lip fillers and so on. Poor thing, her surgeon probably promised her it would be “very subtle” and then just butchered her face. It’s more likely she didn’t expect such dramatic results. In which case she must be devastated and traumatized so I mostly feel empathy for her more than anything else :/

    • Ehh. In her 2011 picture, her head is slightly angled and her smile is much bigger. While her 2016 picture she’s looking straight on and her smile is very subtle. Two things that can make the jaw line and nose look different. Here are the differences I see:

      -In 2011, she have a bad spray tan (her face and hands are a lot lighter than her body, which is a bit orange). Her face looks that way since the spray tan is mid-fade. She also has that weird lighter blotch on her neck. Spray tans can make you look great, but they can also give the illusion of weird skin when they are in the process of fading.

      Now she weighs less and she is most likely using serums and product from a dermatologist, which can really change the look of someone’s skin. Plus her makeup looks airbrushed.

      If anything, maybe Botox…maybe. But I think people are comparing to literally.

        • honeslty i wanted to deny it too. like even kim seems to not have had that much surgery in my opinion, i thought it was make up or how she doesnt smile. but olvia……shes ruined. she was soo beautiful before and i was in denial during that post from last week but now i see it. and it suuucks

        • Right??? I have no idea why people deny such obvious plastic surgery in Hollywood “stars”. It is absolutely ubiquitous. If it looks tweaked, it’s surgery. If it doesn’t look tweaked, it’s still likely surgery. Procedures in the industry are seen like teeth cleaning appointments — no big deal.

        • If I didn’t know I’d think those were two completely different people, like, not even related. Honestly, I look more similar to my cousins than Olivia to her ‘old’ self!

  4. Let alone the face shape, how can she claim these changes are due to weight loss when she clearly has double the lips she had before?

    • And the eyelids…this is a good example of how the pressures are so unequal for men and women AND intersect with racism. She looked so unique before, now she looks like everyone else and kind of whitewashed.

      • I don’t know… White people have those procedures too (Renne Zellweger), I don’t know why it would be white-washing.

        • BEcause they’re a feature that doesn’t fit the white beauty ideal, which is open eyes. Just because Renee is white doesn’t mean she didn’t have a feature that fit the white beauty ideal.

          • First, she is half white, half asian. I still see that when I look at her. I just don’t like that whenever somebody with a different ethnicity has a procedure they say “oh, she’s trying to look white”. We don’t know what she had in mind, really.

          • Yeah, all the procedures Koreans do are not to fit western beauty ideal or to look white, it just happens to be features that Caucasians more often than Asians have like the double lid surgery and “small face” (narrow, v-shaped etc.). But not all Asians have monolids anyway. Wanting to be pale isn’t because they would look more white but to imply that the person has certain status. Before it was a sign of that you don’t have to work on the fields. Now it’s meaning is that you have very desirable office work.

            Renee’s mother is (part?) Kven/Kveeni. Hooded eyes are pretty common in Finland and I know several people who have full on monolids too. Maybe Renee has Sami ancestry, idk, probably not or not significant amount. Anyway, while hooded eyes per ce aren’t something one would feel the need to “correct” (though most yt videos suggest that it’s not something you would like to have…) the entirety of her facial features were unlike what western/American industry finds objectively beautiful. She had very prominent cheek bones, very hooded eyes – pretty Asiatic features. In that sense I can see why it can be perceived as white washing.

          • I don’t know, “white-washing” sounds pretty “white-centric” for me, almost derogatory. Not fitting those stereotypes doesn’t make her “white” or less asian. She was mixed before and she’s still mixed now.

  5. Lip fillers and botox for releasing the jaw muscles, if not surgical reduction. She seriously had the dream jawline before, sharp yet not too bulky. Now her face is just… Oval. No edges. Personally I don’t like that look too much. Her overall face has that botox shine. I will never understand why these BEAUTIFUL women do this to themselves. She actually resembles Megan Fox now, or should I say, all the women who do excess plastic surgery to look “perfect”. How very narrow is this perception of beauty.

    • Yes- they all end up looking the same! Same brows nose and lips. All the makeup artists do it too. So boring after he first two or three faces.

    • I didn’t even knew that you could change your jawline, mind blown!
      And i agree, she looks very much like M.Fox now, and I still don’t get it, who in their right mind thinks they look better after?? No seriously, someone must since they keep doing this..someone has to tell them they look great…I just never met anyone who would even remotely think that this was a good look!

    • Yes ! All I could think of was Megan Fox. I mean their nose and entire face is identical, less the eye color. And that same wispy body.
      All carbon copies in Hollywood…I can only imagine the pressure to look a certain way. She must of thought she was not attractive before or she was so unhappy in her looks. Shame.

    • It truly is…this is what happens to the women in Hollywood and then Elijah Wood just came out saying there is an organized pedophile ring in Hollywood pretty much…

    • True! The results are actually much uglier than the ‘before’ version…I can’t understand their beauty standards

  6. Honestly, if it was just weight loss her cheeks would be sunk in but the frame of her jawline would stay the same. This isn’t the case. Either she got injections to reduce jawline muscles (common in trend in asian women) or had jaw refining surgery…. ALSO definitely lip injections or something with her lips (maybe instead it’s new teeth that are giving them more “oompf”). Most importantly, the eyelids: maybe a blepharoplasty or just lipo on top eyelids to remove the puffiness above the eyelids.

    In no way a surgery shamer, I think everyone should do what they want with their bodies… If you’re happy, hey- good for you! (Source: worked for a plastic surgeon)

    • I feel like either she didn’t get the blepharoplasty at all, or the effect of the blepharoplasty showed up more on (her) left eye than her right. Her right eye still looks the same. Where as the left one is significantly less hooded. My eyes are not as hooded as Olivia’s, although they could get that way once Im as old as she is. Sometimes when a mosquito bites my lid, the lid folds differently and it looks like it’s not as hooded so I feel like MAYBE that’s the case here, considering its so uneven? But I have always sort of wanted to get a blepharoplasty done once I was older. I don’t know how I feel about it on Olivia yet. I HATED it on Renée, it was terribly done, they removed too much for her to still stay recognizable. But with Olivia, her lips and jawline give it away more than the eyelids. The weirdly smooth eyebrow shape also contributes to the plastic look.

  7. She was beautiful then. She is still beautiful now. But she must think we are blind to say she hasn’t done anything. Her face shape, her eyelids and her lips definitely aren’t the same….

  8. I think that’s a chin implant I see. Her original chin is smaller, more pointy and more feminine. I wouldn’t have recognized her if nobody mentioned her name.

  9. She might not have gotten her jawbone shaven, it could have been a combination of a lot of botox to the masseter muscle and fat loss from weight loss. She’s definitely had skin resurfacing lasers, lip fillers, cheek fillers and an upper eyelid blepharoplasty.

    I think she looked better before, not because I’m against plastic surgery but because the new changes ruin the harmony of her face. Reducing the jawline makes her nose look too long and her cheeks are too full and make her eyes look too close together. The lips are also overdone. She should have just had subtle work done to maintain the look she had in her twenties. That’s what smart celebs like Miranda Kerr do.

  10. She looked so exotic and unique before, she even got rid of her freckles unless the makeup is covering them. So sad that people have to mess with their already gorgeous faces.

    • But..how? I’m honestly curious, to me she looks like an alien/weird doll, there is nothing even remotely attractive in her face now (for me), I can’t see what is looking better.

    • I actually agree…I prefer her new face shape…I would get that surgery done too if I could afford it, tbh!

  11. She used to be SO beautiful, it actually pains me to see her like this, i don’t know why but ever since the Oscars I’ve been really bummed every time i see a picture of hers…she was one of my favorites, not only looks-wise but she seemed down to earth and totally NOT the person who would do this to herself (as opposed to Megan Fox, which i expected)..I know it’s her decision and all that, but i feel really sorry for her, she must be really insecure..
    I keep looking at side-by-side pictures and it’s disconcerting, there is not a single feature that looks the same, she has different eyebrows (no big deal, but still), different eye shape (how???), slimmer nose, different cheekbones, slimmer jaw, bigger lips….so sad 🙁

  12. This truly makes me really sad. I think she was one of the prettiest girls in Hollywood, she had a natural beauty, a girl next door kinda thing. I hate how she looks now and I can’t imagine how scary it must be to have your face change so much. She thought that procedure would make her look slimmer, but it just completely changed her face, her features. She didn’t even have a big jawline to begin with 🙁

  13. I must be the only one that doesn’t see all of these changes that everyone thinks is so obvious. She honestly looks the same, just with different makeup and a slightly slimmer face due to weight loss.
    If she has had plastic surgery then I think it looks great coz she is still gorgeous.

    • Honey, no one loses weight on their jaw (I’m not talking about morbidly obese people with 4 chins, she was a slim weight before as well). It’s ok, though, just don’t ever write “attention to details” in your resume.

        • Face and jaw are different. Your jaw – not double chin, not fat, not chubby cheeks – the jaw, the goddamn bone, does not get smaller. Also, 10 lbs for someone taller than average is not enough for huge differences. Again, if you can’t see it, whatever, but please, stop arguing against basic facts.

          • So you know for a fact that she had surgery… Her jaw line does not look that different… I think it’s pretty funny that you know for a fact

          • I don’t know for a fact that she had surgery, I know for a fact that your bones don’t get magically smaller. And yes, stupidity angers me. It is what it is.

          • You dont know if her bone are smaller.. You’re speculating based on one photo and have no facts… Stupidity angers me…

  14. I can’t even tell that that’s her….her teeth and shape of her mouth are the only things that are slightly recognisable

  15. I wonder what she actually, really had done? This is just like Megan Fox when she started messing around with her face and now the two look eerily alike! They both were such exotic, dark haired beauties with unique faces. I wonder if they regret it too or do they think they look better now?

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