Victoria Beckham Brings the Quotes of the Day

Victoria Beckham Brings the Quotes of the Day 1

On her looks

“I’m not a supermodel. I make the best of what I’ve got. I work out to look the best that I can, but I’m no Gisele.”

On what she eats

“I’m a very, very healthy eater. I eat lots of fish, lots of vegetables, lots of fruit. I don’t eat junk food. I work out.”

On wearing high heels

“Absolutely [heels make my feet] hurt. Absolutely! I’m not going to lie. But no pain, no gain, as they say. I don’t mind. I will suffer. I don’t wear heels every day, but when I’m out, that’s how I feel confident.”

… says Victoria in Glamour Magazine.

2 more pics from the same spread after the jump!

Victoria Beckham Brings the Quotes of the Day 2

Victoria Beckham Brings the Quotes of the Day 3

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74 thoughts on “Victoria Beckham Brings the Quotes of the Day”

  1. she does look good but does anyone else think that the photoshoot is just a little over the top? I mean posh on her hands and knees scrubbing? with a puppy? come on.

      • Hahha, what? Are you like Mentally MENTAL?
        Just because she’s thin, doesn’t mean she starves herself.
        Plus, she said it herself that she eats really healthy, last time I checked that was a good thing.

        • She might eat healthy food but I’m not sure that she eats enough of it! Plus she’s spoken about her work-out regime which would need a whole lot of calories to maintain a healthier weight.

    • Yup- you’re right and anyone who thinks this is her “natural weight” is delusional. Truth is, she was a binge eater when she was in the Spice Girls (she’s talked about this). Personally, I believe she simply traded one aspect of her eating disorder for another.

      There’s nothing wrong with working out and eating healthy, but it’s quite obvious that she burns more than she takes in. I’m just amazed that she’s managed to do it this long…

      • You guys really believe that she starves herself? All I see when I look at her is a woman who is amazingly fit, (seriously I would be willing to bet most of the chicks on this site could not do one minute of HIIT that she does) and eats EXTREMELY disciplined, therefore she keeps tight and lean. That’s it! I don’t see “too skinny”, or “underweight” when I look at her. I always got confused when people say that about her, I’m like “Really? Have you SEEN her muscles?”.

        Yes I am aware about her eating habits in the past, but she is grown now, she moved past that stuff, it’s pretty obvious just from looking at her, she’s not wasting away or looking drawn. I don’t know… and this is coming from a fitness enthusiast who enjoys looking at fit people, and she looks good to me.

        Bottom line: V eats disciplined, some would say TOO disciplined, but she eats clean and healthy, and she does SMART workouts.

        • I agree. How would she have the energy to pic up her kids and raise them.
          I dont see no Rachel Zoe when i look at her. She actually looks healthy.

        • You you so right, i agree with you 100%. She does have a really good body, and she is really unique looking. Love Her!
          Finally a smart person making comments lol.

        • Just curious, but how can people speak about celebrities as if they know them intimately? How do you know what she has and hasn’t moved past?

          In person she does not look good, to me at least.

          • Well you are right about that, of course I do not know V intimately. But it can go both ways, people say she suffers from an eating disorder, so how would they know that, right?

            All we go off of is the facts we are given… And in my opinion, as I stated before, she eats disciplined, does intense workouts (HIIT) and to me it shows. I think she looks pretty bangin’.

            Each to their own though, everyone will of course have differing opinions.

        • Hey girl- I just don’t see what you see, I guess.
          When I look at her, I don’t see muscles at all and the ones I DO see are showing because she has no fat- not because she’s strong. But we’ve all got different opinions and point of views.

          And a person can certainly survive and exercise intensely off limited calories- I’ve seen it happen with my own eyes.

  2. Love the pic with the puppy.
    Finally she admits that she’s very hard to herself. She should relax a bit and let herself go once in a while just like every normal person does. Anyway, her lifestyle proves she’s a very very strong woman.

  3. Gosh I love her!! She is funny, hilarious in fact – her personality is what gets me, she is awesome. She looks HOT in the first photo!! Go Vicky!!

  4. She looks good, but still way too skinny for my taste. I find the first pic very tacky. Let’s be honest, no “normal mom” scrubs the kitchen floor in hotpants and heels. Normal clothes really suit her, I think they make her look younger (not just because of photoshop, in candids too).

    • mmh, why? I would argue that there is always more than one truth. She comes across as nice and approachable, yes – but is this who she is? How do you know? It might me nothing more than an image her RP consultant has told her to portray. And as far as “she doesn’t really care what other people think” goes, I think the fact alone that she choses to wear high heels – even though she is in sheer agony because of her malformed toes – could be interpreted as a sign that she very much cares how she is perceived in public.

      • Just out of curiosity, have you ever watched a youtube video interview of VB? She DOESN’T care what people think, she’s FUNNY – I would bet that you would come around to her if you watched an interview of her’s. She will have you cracking up!

        • She DOES care what people think. Otherwise she wouldn’t be doing shoots like this one which make her seem more accessible. She is not known in America for being warm, rather many consider her cold. She is trying to change her image here and this is a part of that.

          Every celebrity cares what people think.

          • I accept that this is your opinion. But I must disagree… yes of course to a certain extent she does care what people think. What person truly doesn’t care at least a little? I meant more that V dresses how SHE wants to dress, she eats right and works out to feel and look the way SHE wants to look and feel.

            And anyone who thinks she is a cold person usually is not a fan of Victoria in the first place, and has surely never read or seen an interview of her’s. I am sure any Victoria fan would back me up on that too. She laughs at herself so much and she thinks it funny how people say she is a cold person. I don’t really want to get into it because clearly you aren’t a Vicky fan and don’t know much about her (which is fine!). I just wanted to clarify what I meant.

  5. Uhm,i like the second picture; it’s nice to see her in a casual outfit, for once, not all glamoured up and freshly taken out of the box. Or even better, never removed from box. On her quote, yeah, sure, whatever. Where are my hiking boots is all i have to say.

  6. one thing i do have to say about posh is that that B*TCH IS FIERCE. Also she knows how to fix herself up and I don’t think she’s shabby yes she’s no giselle but come on WHO IS NOWADAYS? I love girls who instead crying themselves to sleep and wanting to look like someone else work with what they got it’s really cool. I don’t think there’s not one time i see posh and she looks a mess. She always has her nail/feet done flawless makeup or shades to cover up her fresh face and is dressed to a T and is always switching up her swag. Guys notice that and love it but I’m sure she does it for herself. No wonder David adores her. The pics are lovely especially the second one!

  7. i think she looks very young and fresh in those pictures.. and they don’t look photoshopped as so many ads she did… of course, they are overexposed but at least no doll like skin etc.

  8. The pictures look wonderful.

    However, ‘healthy eating’ is relative — especially regarding someone her weight…
    ‘Lots of fruit’ may mean she chews fruit-flavored gum and snacks on orange tic-tacs. Leafy greens contain protein, so eating 10 spinach leaves, is technically, ‘lots of protein.’

  9. I think her b/c she is funny and seems honest about herself…..also for those attacking the pics as not “normal” it’s a photo shoot, I think its meant to be ironic……..

  10. I think she looks really good here, even her body. In reality she is kind of boney, but the photoshop makes her body look really good here.
    I respect her a lot though, she is really talented and fashionable.

  11. She looks fantastic here. It’s hard for me to say that because I’m aware of how underweight she is but I don’t know…there’s just something about her that’s adorable.

    • How can you be so sure that she is under weight??? Do you know how much she weighs at the moment??? She looks tiny I mean she is 5.4″ with a very small build. If she weighs no less than 108 she has a healthy bmi. Im sorry but imo I don’t think she weighs less than 108.

      • I agree with you Julie, I seriously do not think she looks underweight. I think people just enjoy saying that about her, it’s like dude, Vicky has muscles, she is fit, she is TINY 5’4″!

      • I weigh 102 at 5’4″ and i probably look huge next to her. She looks like my sister who weighs 90 lbs at 5’4″. Neither of us is skinny fat.

        • Yeah but just because someone looks thinner than someone else doesn’t mean they are. People have different body shapes and I know you know that but did you know people bones weigh different as well. Im just saying that I know people who look really skinny and when I have seen how much they weigh on the scales im surprised. Also my mum is a 5.3″ and weighs around 105. She is a very healthy, very fit, VERY thin pear shaped woman. I have a friend around the same age who is maybe an inch shorter and at 105 she looks almost double my mums size. She is also very healthy and fit but I think the diffenece is that my friend is an apple shape with teeny tiny bones. We are all built different which is all im saying.

          • “Yeah but just because someone looks thinner than someone else doesn’t mean they are” what im refering to is weight not measurments.

          • Julie i know that; and that’s why i brought out the fact that we are not skinny fat, because that would already imply i look bigger than i weight. And fact it, i am also a small pear shape so my lower body will definitely make me look bigger than i am, but on the other hand Victoria does appear to have a tiny bone structure and is petite all over and yes she is toned and fit but definitely not ripped, so that her muscle would add a significant weight on her. I just don’t think Victoria weighs more than 100lbs, she is really really tiny. I mean cute tiny, not scary, but still.

            I always wondered whether the lighter/heavier bones is a myth or not… I mean sure if you a smaller bone structure – which is clearly noticed on the wrists, ankles, collar bones – you will weigh less but other than that, i don’t know. I do have small bones, everyone in my family does, maybe that’s why i weigh so little even though i definitely don’t look scary skinny as my bmi tells.

          • Bone weight is not a myth, it’s obvious that a smaller bone will weigh less than a bigger bone not to sound rude or like a know it all. Look it up. A good way to tell wether someone has small bones is by their wrists. You take your middle finger and thumb and wrap it around the opposite wrist. If your fingers overlap your small boned, if the tips of the fingers touch your medium boned and there is a gap your larged boned.

          • I know that test and it makes me very small bone structured. I can actually wrap my hand around my ankle – thumb and middle finger so yeah.. i got your point! Thanks 🙂

  12. She is miniscule in live-action (I’ve been watching American Idol) and she looks kind of like an alien when she pulls her hair up tightly BUT she is a very beautiful woman, and she has a very nice body, AND she seems like a interesting, clever person. She deserves her hot, hot, hot husband and beautiful kids. People need to stop being means and jealous.

  13. One reason why she doesn’t look unbelievably tiny is because the photoshop took away her fake-and-bake tan. She looks much better with paler skin. It makes her look younger.
    But she does always look good anyway 🙂

  14. It’s kinda funny that she says she is a very healthy eater but then poses with chocolate frosting… why not pose with… asparagus & artichokes? ha ha!

  15. I really love her. She has style, she has class, and she´s much funnier and friendlier that people say.
    Of course it´s hard work to maintain a good body, so why not admitting it?

  16. she looks very good in these pics,and i dont think she starves herself,i think the “secret” is healthy eating and working out,like she her!!

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