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Victoria Beckham Plans to Follow “The 3 Bites Diet” During Christmas

FP_4179442_GOFF_Beckham_Victoria_120909 - Victoria Beckham Plans to Follow "The 3 Bites Diet" During Christmas

Victoria Beckham will be following the ‘three bites rule’ over the Christmas holidays.

The singer-turned-fashion designer is determined to maintain her size zero figure and is said to be panicking at the prospect of eating a traditional roast turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Victoria doesn’t want to relax her strict diet and has come up with a plan to enjoy dining with her husband David, their three sons and chef Gordon Ramsay and his family on Christmas Day.

“Victoria is regimental about her food. There is barely a day when she isn’t controlling and counting calories. But she knows it would be pushing it too far to request steamed turkey or sea bass and vegetables at Christmas dinner,” a source told Closer magazine.

“She will join everyone in tucking into the big turkey, but will only have three bites from everything that is on offer – from three bites of smoked salmon on blinis to the turkey and mince pies. She has joked she would have a heart attack if she ate a whole Christmas dinner. Even thinking about it gives her a panic attack.”

Victoria is believed to work out for 45 minutes every day and limits her daily calorie intake to 700-900 calories. The 35-year-old star is so concerned about piling on the pounds during the festive season she is considering splashing out on an expensive piece of gym equipment.

“Victoria said she was thinking of having a Power Plate machine delivered to her home and joked she would be doing squats on it during the queen’s speech to burn off calories before the meal,” the source added.

Source: Herald Sun

I know there have been lots of rumors, but I can not possibly believe the 700-900 calories / day, every day part – even a tiny woman like her needs at least 1600 calories (Daily Caloric Needs Calculator) to maintain her weight, especially since she is also exercising. Also, I am hoping that the “thinking about food gives her a panic attack” is a complete exaggeration as well.

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