Sara Sampaio Does Maxim and Brings Today’s Quote

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On her biggest goals:

“I’ve always had very high aims for my life and for my career, for anything that I do. If I do something, I want to be the best. And one of the best things you can be is a Victoria’s Secret Angel; for me, that’s always been a goal.”

… says VS model Sara.


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Gisele: “I Was Told My Nose Was Too Big”

April 29, 2016 in Gisele Bundchen by Versus6 Comments »


On her past insecurities:

“I remember some people telling me my nose was too big or my eyes were too small, that I could never be on a magazine cover. It wasn’t easy to be 14 and hear that kind of criticism. It made me feel insecure. I told my dad, and he said, ‘Next time, tell them, I have a big nose and that comes with a big personality’. At that point I felt, if I kept working hard and giving my best, it would all work out.”

… says Gisele.


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Priyanka Chopra Doesn’t Work Out Because She Is ‘Genetically Blessed’

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On being able to eat burgers and not work out because she is genetically blessed:

‘I’m actually not a big fan of working out. I have genetically blessed Indian genes where I don’t need to train. I have genetically blessed Indian genes where I don’t need to train, but [Baywatch co-star] Kelly Rorhbach has been trying to convince me to train with her, and every morning when she tries to get me to go with her, I’m just like, “Oh, can I just get a half an hour more sleep? Or I say my tummy’s hurting and make excuses. They train like beasts! I just try and hide out with my burger.’

… says 33 year-old Priyanka.


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Ellie Goulding Is in a Bikini

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29 year-old singer Ellie Goulding looked happy on the beach in a pink bikini as she took some time off in Miami this week.

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Tracy Anderson: “I love Lena Dunham as a client, (She Is) so Beauiful”

April 27, 2016 in Tracy Anderson by Versus21 Comments »


On when we learn to stop hating on ourselves:

“When we give ourselves permission to celebrate our own beauty. It’s one reason why I love Lena Dunham as a client. Her objective is not to become a size 2. It’s to feel more connected to herself and to feel healthier and be balanced in her life. If she wants to have pizza with her boyfriend, then she’s going to have pizza with her boyfriend. She’s not in a race to be something that she’s not, and that’s one of the things that make her so beautiful.”

On giving in to cravings:

“I just can’t eat lean protein and vegetables every day of the month. I love french fries, I love pasta, I love food—there’s not a potato that I do not love.”

On starting to work out later in life:

“It’s never too late to show up for your health. You can be in the best shape of your life at any age.”

… says trainer Tracy.


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