Model with Vitiligo Chantelle Winnie: “I think I’m beautiful”

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Chantelle Winnie is best known for appearing on the last season of America’s Nex Top Model, where she had placed sixth. The beauty, who has a prominent and unusually symmetric form of the chronic skin condition Vitiligo gained more popularity after appearing on the reality show – she became a Vitiligo spokes-model, started her career as a runway model and was hired to represent the image of various brands. Recently, 21 year-old Chantelle spoke at the 2015 Women in the World event about beauty and body confidence:

On her unique look:

Everyone asks me what the turning point was but it was just me making the effort to focus on my opinion on myself. I was like, wait I don’t actually think I’m ugly – I think I’m beautiful. So where did I get this idea I wasn’t? From someone else. Now I’ve learnt to just listen to yourself.

On how she became a model:

I never wanted to be a model. It was a hobby. I posted to social media and was discovered.


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Ashley Graham: “No matter what size or shape- your body tells a story of you”

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On the new Plus Is Equal movement:

Be proud of who you are and how you were made! No matter what size or shape- your body tells a story of you. ✨Be You, Be Real, Be Authentic, Be your favorite kind of woman- don’t let anyone else take that job!✨ Be a part of @lanebryant’s movement and use #PlusIsEqual to tell your story. 💋

… says plus-size model Ashley on Instagram.

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Tess Holliday: “When I first started modeling I wasn’t as comfortable with my arms or tummy”

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On the use of Photoshop in pictures:

This is my body with very minimal photoshop, but make no mistake that I think photoshop is an essential part of my industry. When I first started modeling I wasn’t as comfortable with my arms or tummy but now, I love all of it 💯! Most of the images you see daily in the media, magazines, etc have been photoshopped & you would have no idea. I don’t believe in using it to distort someone’s body or make them slimmer, but to smooth lines in clothes, or amping up the colors.. Hell yes! Have any of you ever used a filter on Instagram? *gasp!* Thats the same thing. As a model I have ZERO control over how a photo is edited or the final result but work with the best in the industry & stand by my work👌🏽 So yes, you can #effyourbeautystandards by using photoshop, makeup & a wind machine. At the end of the day, I’m doing the impossible by even being a model in the body I’m in. It’s about being unapologetically YOU..

… says Tess on Instagram.


Olivia Wilde – 1 Girl, 2 Outfits

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Always-pretty Olivia Wilde attended lots of events this past week – here she is all dolled up at Hamptons Film Festival and promoting her new film ‘Meadowland’ in New York.

How do you like her chosen looks here?

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Sofia Vergara: ‘Once they hit 40, women shouldn’t put their hair up again until they’re 60’

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On what her wedding look will be:

Personally, I don’t like the natural look that some brides do. I’m 43; I don’t really need to look like a virgin getting married. I want to look sexy… with a bold lip.

On her bridal hairstyle – up or down?

Down! I think women, once they hit 40, they shouldn’t put their hair up again until they’re 60.

On her favorite make-up products:

Concealer. I don’t wear foundation every day, sometimes just bronzer. I fill in my eyebrows. Blush. I’ve never, ever been without lipstick and mascara. I never do five minutes, but I can do it in 10…

… says 43 year-old Sofia, who is engaged to Joe Manganiello.

Step Back in Time – a young Sofia during her modeling days:


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